Singer JoJo Attends Katy Perry’s “White” Birthday Party

Singer-JoJo-Attends-Katy-Perrys-White-Birthday-Party - Singer JoJo Attends Katy Perry's "White" Birthday Party

Here’s a brand new pretty face for the site: singer JoJo. She’s 18 and she’s not part of the majoritary skinny Hollywood crowd. Instead, she looks healthy and pretty toned in this short white dress. What do you guys think of her figure?

There’s one more picture after the jump!

P.S.: “White” because even though all the guests were wearing white, many of them had paint splattered over their clothes.

Singer-JoJo-Attends-Katy-Perrys-White-Birthday-Party-2 - Singer JoJo Attends Katy Perry's "White" Birthday Party

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  • liza

    those shoes cut off her legs and make them look shorter…other than that, theres nothing i can say since its a profile. although she couldve went a lil easy in the makeup department.

    • chechebelle

      i know what you mean! that blush! she reminds me of, like, an astronaut’s wife, or maybe one of the bush twins. there’s something dated and white-housey about this look.

  • Sharen

    Sorry, her legs are kind of big for my taste but I’m not saying they look bad or anything…not a fan of her arms or face either. I love her dress though, but not the shoes or the make up.

  • Milly.

    oh my. she looks like she has put on quite a bit of weight since she was singing a while ago…thats if i have the same person, who else is called jojo. she doesnt look bad though, needs to tone down the blusher though.

    • Anna

      You need to remember she was a 14-16 year old and hadn’t gone through puberty yet.

  • Ash

    her make up is way too dark for her skin tone.

  • Elena

    i love the shoes.hate the make up

  • Karina

    I think she has a good, normal, healthy figure. It’s a shape that suits HER. the only thing she needs to lose is some of that makeup!! Wayyy too much and it looks like she just slapped blush on her cheeks!

  • lola

    wow…that is A LOT of makeup…I think she’s gained some weight since her singing days but she looks pretty cute and healthy to me

  • eve

    OH MY GOD! shes ugly as hell!!!! what happened to her??!! a few years ago i was so jealous because she was so cute and slim..(I’m the same age. 18 now)…..

    but omg…jojo is so fat + ugly! im sorry there are no other words for it.

    • agree with you! a few years ago I used to find her stunning, but she looks hideous now! fat and ugly…

    • beckers

      God i’d hate to know you two in real life. A little more chubby than the usual twigs that we get on here, and yeh her make up is unflatterin, but really theres no need to be so blunt and bitchy.

      • Casey

        beckers, I think I would hate to know you as well since you believe that those who are thinner than this woman are, as you put it very insultingly, “twigs.” Way to be as blunt and bitchy as the previous posters. Clearly it’s the existence of thinner women that are the reason for the rude posts about Jojo, so it’s okay to insult them, right?

        • beckers

          No its ok to insult no one on account of weight, but i belive to call her fat shows a really screwed up version of what it is to be thin/fat/curvy. And please twig is in no way the offence that you are tryin to make it, it was not aimed at anyone specifically and you dont see Twiggy complaining.

          • Casey

            It is a very screwed up version of what thin/fat/curvy means to call Jojo fat. She is not fat. I did not mind the rest of your comment, just your use of twig.

            By the way, twig is exactly the offense that I’m trying to make it. I don’t care what Twiggy complains about or not. Ask any skinny girl on this site if they like being called twigs. We don’t. We get a lot of insults being thrown at us, like twigs, wind could blow us away, skeleton, 12 year old boy…etc. They’re just as hurtful as saying someone is fat, and no, just because thin is favored in Hollywood doesn’t make it okay that people use those phrases because it’s still insulting. Some of us can’t stop being “twigs” because that’s how God made us.

  • jess

    She’s not as pretty as she was. She was always chipmunky but it was cute when she was younger, the weight gain doesn’t suit her IMO.

  • Natalie

    She never was skinny and I think she looks good at that weight 🙂

    But the make – up is ugly as hell^^ (I’m not sure if her face is as well as you can’t tell with the make-up^^)

  • Tia

    I usually just read the comments and never join in but on this one I had to. For all the people who are saying this girl is fat, you have a warped view about what is fat. If Jojo is fat, then I must be morbidly obese. WTF? Now I do agree with the makeup being overkill…it looks awful:(

  • zoe

    im pretty shocked to see people say she’s fat too. she started her career when she was 13, so if people are shocked to see her figure has changed its because she’s gone through puberty and may’ve naturally gained weight because of it.
    im not a fan of her makeup, but for people to call a 20 year old ‘healthy looking girl’ fat is pretty low.

  • Taylor

    The shoes do nothing for her short stubby and ugh! oily looking legs.
    The blush is beyond hideous, she looks bruised and maybe storing nuts for winter!!!

  • Alias

    She has a pretty….hair color?

  • Micaela

    1st of all for all the haters saying she ugly STFU and look in the mirror saying she’s ugly don’t make u look no prettier [remember that]

    i think she’s beautiful and yes she has grained little weight, I’m her twitter follower and she working on it so get off her!

    she HEALTHY and happy but i do agree the makeup is alil heavy but other then that she looks great , better then most of you. Love the dress and her shoes are cute.

    The end :]

    • Casey

      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What you think is beautiful is not what others think is beautiful. It has nothing to do with how attractive the people are themselves.

      • Micaela

        so it ok to call sum one ugly and fat when about 98% of the time their insecure about themselves?

        i’m going to say something if anybody calls sumone unattractive in such a hash and hurtful way, so please spare me with the the beauty is in the eye of the beholder BS. Thank you

        The end.

        • Casey

          If you cared about people being insecure about themselves you wouldn’t have said:

          saying she’s ugly don’t make u look no prettier [remember that]

          better then most of you

          That’s what prompted me to add that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, not me agreeing with the other posters.

  • alli

    damn i almost bought these shoes in the summer wishin i did because they are sooo cute!!

  • Natalie

    Holy crap!!! What in the hell happened to her face!?!?

  • Katie

    Holy blush!

    The combination of the shoes and the dress make her legs look too stubby. :\

  • Kt

    Way way way too much make up!
    like her shoes tho!
    Don’t remember how much slimmer she used to be but she looks healthy enough.

  • xAJx

    Body-wise she looks fine. Normal, fit and healthy, but nothing special. The make up is one hot mess though! Like a 10 year-old’s.

  • anon

    hmmm… at least she looks happy.

  • india

    she kinda looks like rumer willis here. these comments are real mean. shes not fat its just that she has a round face. my friends has a skinny body but a chubby face. its just how some bodies are.

  • ankuu

    WHAT THE #UCK? i saw her in some movies and she appeared to be the cute teen. but here her makeup and hair colour makes her look like bleah…

  • jojoLoveYou:D

    OMG she is NOT fat !!! wtf are u haters talking about ?? she has a georgous body and face. okaj, her make-up isn’t the best… but just because she’s famous, sheee doesn’t have to look good everyday.
    and she looks MUCH better than all that skinny girls like lindsay lohan, hilary duff and so on. i lover her body, she looks healthy and lucky. so if you don’t like her body, shut up and stop hating -.-

  • Natalie

    wow i think she looks good. i mean her makeup could be toned donw, but she looks healthy and not like everyone else in L.A, just because she doesnt look like everyone else doesnt make her ugly.

    i love jojo always have always will shes a gorgeous girl. shes alot prettier than the girls running around L.A these days

  • karthick

    removed* and say wowwwwwww!

  • a

    Jesus christ, she is one horrible minger. Alvin and the chipmunks springs to mind.

    I love how she fit on her official website, but not in real life.

    I can’t see her single being a hit any longer

  • OMG! i can’t believe this is jojo she was skinnier than me now i am skinnier than her why did she did that by herself she was so cute teen girl now she looks like 30 years old ewww now she’s ugly i missed the old jojo i wasn’t a huge fan of her but i like her
    WTF she did to her self

    • Alex

      Umm, my guess is she got older and hit puberty. That tends to happen when you’re older than thirteen . . .

      • Alex

        Sorry for the sarcasm, btw. It was slightly uncalled for.