Sofia Vergara Is in a Bikini, Too

Sofia-Vergara-Is-in-a-Bikini-Too - Sofia Vergara Is in a Bikini, Too

Heather Graham isn’t our only bikini treat today: busty Sofia Vergara was also spotted on the beach in Italy this weekend.

How do you guys like her bikini body?

Sofia-Vergara-Is-in-a-Bikini-Too-2 - Sofia Vergara Is in a Bikini, Too

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Sofia-Vergara-Is-in-a-Bikini-Too-51 - Sofia Vergara Is in a Bikini, Too

Sofia-Vergara-Is-in-a-Bikini-Too-3 - Sofia Vergara Is in a Bikini, Too

spl194476_018 - Sofia Vergara Is in a Bikini, Too

Sofia-Vergara-Is-in-a-Bikini-Too4 - Sofia Vergara Is in a Bikini, Too

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  • Zaza

    Hmm that’s not quite the bikini body I pictured she would have, I thought it would be more toned, no cellulite, you know, the way many celebs somehow manage to miraculously look. But I think she still looks fabulous..and pretty damn ‘real’, I mean many many women have cellulite etc like her and she just looks real. And real sexy! I mean, this IS Sofia Vergara we’re talking about.

    • Melania

      I agree with everything you said. She gets a freebie for some cellulite too, for having such a perfect face.

    • thebestguest

      This wasn’t what I was expecting. Her bust is amazing though! Do you all think they’re real? They have a nice hang to them, but just sooooo huge

      • Melania

        I was wondering that too! I think they are real, they never really looked fake to me. I didn;’t expect this to be her body in a bikini, but she does have kids and looks amazing in clothes.

        • chels

          yes, she’s had natural big breasts her whole life, and a smoking hot body when she was younger, it still looks great and she’s keeping it nice now that she’s in her 40s??, i know she married young and had a son that’s now twenty something

  • Dave

    Well, she’s definitely not lacking in confidence but I really think she should keep it under wraps.

  • Kristin

    I think she looks great. Her stomach looks like she might have had lipo? Anyone else agree?

    • Golden Girl

      I agree… I think she’s pretty and hot overall but her stomach is really weird…

      • snoops

        I was thinking the same thing, the weird lumps and uneven surface area on her belly just does not look natural, I have only ever seen that kind of thing on some celebrities like tara reid, or beyonce. I dont know who this girl is, but she looks like she had a naturally attractive figure which she has messed up with surgery because she couldnt be bothered to work out.

        • kate

          She probably had some work done on her stomach…most likely a tummy tuck plus lipo to create flatter more defined abs.

          Is anyone that surprised….really?

    • JenP

      Haha, definite lipo-tummy going on. Lipo looks better when a person has clothes on. Without clothes it looks a little odd.

      • lowa

        i think she had a tummy tuck because she is a mother, right?

        you cannot get rid of that extra skin on your belly (from pregnancy) unless you go under the knife

  • JEN

    I think she looks great! Other pics I have seen don’t have as much of whatever is sorta going on with her stomach but still- I think she looks awesome!

  • Annie

    I love her and think she’s a knockout. I do wonder about her abdominal area. I’m curious if she got lipo there because there’s literally no fat and there’s a rippling (much like Tara Reid’s). It seems pretty impossible to have breasts and legs her size and have absolutely no abdominal fat. Even when she’s sitting down her stomach remains pancake flat.

    • Casey

      Well I don’t know, Kelly Brook for example has big breasts and thighs, but a flat tummy.

      Perhaps it is lipo, but it might also not be. I do admit it looks weird. But perhaps she just tones out her stomach a lot compared to the rest of her. Marisa Miller’s stomach looks the same…kind of stringy. But I doubt MM had a liposuction.

  • shell

    She’s pretty and her figure is good, but her stomach looks odd for some reason.

  • i think she looks great!certain lighting and angles can make skin look a bit bumpy as well tho. don’t think shes had lipo, i think shes aging and the collagen and fat in her skin is changing.

    her body shape is fantastic! shes got amazing boobs too. i would not complain looking like that at her age.
    mind you i could use a few sessions in the gym atm, im developing cellulite and mines gonna be alot worse than hers if i keep eating mc donalds 🙂

  • AlexD

    99% of girls i know look better in a bikini than her. and im pretty sure i saw her on top hottest curvy women list. her thighs are way too lumpy and her stomach looks really tampered with. i dont get the appeal at all

    • Casey

      I think her main appeal is that she is hourglassy with big breasts.

      I personally never found her attractive. She is kind of flabby and stringy at the same time, and her face is very masculine. But to each their own.

    • Cleo

      99% of the girls of her age?
      I don’t know where you come from!? Remember she is almost 40.

  • justme

    She’d look smokin’ hot in a retro one piece, but the bikini isn’t doing her any favors… Nice rack and overall figure, but sometimes less skin is more sexy – no matter how much you paid for your tummy lipo.

  • Dr. Truth

    Not sure who she is but I’m guessing her line of work doesn’t involve her being half naked, considering her body type (soft, cellulite).
    I do, however, commend her for going on the beach and being proud of her body. I rock a bit of cellulite myself and haven’t worn a bikini in 5 years because of it 🙁

    • Aww! But you should! Look at today’s bikini treats, Sofia Vergara, Heather Graham! Look at many of the bikini pics on this site! The most gorgeous and slim woman can still have cellulite! Don’t let some little dimples down there spoil your summer!

      Besides, when I see guys parading around the beach like they own it, with their often less than perfect bodies, I always think like women should be so much more proud of their assets! 😉

      • *that*

      • Dr. Truth

        Well thank you! You’re right and I’m working on it. Just very hard on myself, as I imagine many of us women are

        • Casey

          I agree with miss polyglot, I saw you get in a bikini and go enjoy yourself at the beach!

          Chances are, most people don’t even notice your cellulite except in extreme lighting, and chances are, they don’t care. I know I have a little bit of cellulite, especially if I don’t go for my regular walks for a while or don’t wear shorts and therefore become paler than usual. But nobody has ever commented on it except for this one person, who had issues with her own body and exaggerated faults in everyone so she could feel better about yourself.

          Basically, you probably have nothing to worry about, so enjoy yourself. Enjoy life while you still can and you’re still young. When we’re all 80 and wrinkly and are too sick to walk, we’ll wish we had worn bikinis when all we had to worry about was cellulite.

          • Casey

            say not saw

          • You have to wear a bikini. Nearly everyone has a litte bit of it and I think that there is no need to hide it. Look how many guys walk around the beach. They don´t look good as well, but they don´t care.:-D And I´m pretty sure that your cellulite is not that bad. so go to the beach, wear a bikini and enjoy your life. I´m sure, you are a beautiful woman!=)

          • The Other Leah

            AMEN!!! <3

      • so true! im not so insecure about my shape but its the cellulite that brings me down.

        does anyone know what kind of excersizes you can do at home not the gym to lift your butt? i dont want to have a small bumm cuz its quite roudn and shapely but i’d like to give it a bit of a lift. and also would toning up ur butt and thighs make ur cellulite less obvious?


        • chinadoll08

          very clean eating helps with my cellulite but if i slip even a tiny bit on my diet then it becomes more obvious….try donkey kicks on all fours for a lift and chair squats to lift the muscle….

  • Natasha

    I deff expected her body to be more toned than what it is and her stomach looks like she had lipo….But I still thinks she’s gorgeous and has a nice body. And as for people wondering WHO she is she’s a famous model/actress from Colombia she’s bigger in Latin America. Also she was on ABC’s Modern Family if its still on…

  • Mark

    She has a great body but it looks like she doesn’t work at all.

  • Ninian

    Hot!! Her tummy is a bit weird, yes, but she is still smokin’! Great boobs! =D

    • Ninian

      BTW, I googled her, and she is 38 years old and have a kid. Now I think she is even more hot.. 😉

  • Polly

    Her body/shape looks amazing in clothing. She looks good here, she’s almost 40 and has had one kid ( I think it’s the man taking the photos). Maybe she did or didn’t have lipo, I don’t know. My stomach is flat but has weird lumps/bumps and no way have i had lipo or children.

    • Annie

      I’ve had two children and I’m 44 and there’s no way my abdominal area looks like that. The fact that she’s had a child and she’s 38 would make her MORE likely to have more fat in her abdominal area. Literally she has none – it’s skin and muscle.

  • wow, her body surprised me. not that it is bad, i guess i just thought she was a little smaller and more toned.

  • CLD

    what body shape would you guys say she has?apple?hourglass?

  • Ivory

    I googles her and she looks amazing! I love her in this dress:
    I can’t believe she’s almost 40, she looks amazing above!!
    in an interview she said she was a 32D, that seems too small to me!!
    Also one source says her measurments are 37-28-39, I thought her waist looked smaller than that and her hips/butt don’t look that big in the above pictures?
    She looked kinda top heavy in these bikini pictures to me.

    • kate

      She deffo looks smaller than those measurements, but she may have lost some weight more recently. She used to be thicker.

      But I agree she doesn’t and never did look a 32D….32F might be more on the money!

  • mel

    She looks OK but I expected her to be more toned – she would look really great if she put on some muscle. I also don’t know what happened to her stomach – it looks really strange.

    • mel

      I also think her heels are ridiculous – I’m impressed that she’s able to walk in them, but it looks a bit over-the-top when combined with a bikini.

  • Trisia

    Personally, I have never understood the appeal of super big boobs on a super slim frame.. Looks so unnatural.

    • Cathy

      Same here. They look so overpowering on her small body.

  • Mehh

    Her stomach is dusgusting
    She isn’t attractive and she looks like she could fall over with those boobs!She is alright in clothig but clothing can hide flaws and suck in fat etc etc, she looks good in photoshoots and red carpets but one word PHOTOSHOP

  • nannou

    I can’t wait for summer to be over…yuck…

  • rosie

    count me among the surprised. in modern family she looks smoking hot in skintight dresses and form fitting jeans. i thought she’d be more toned! not bad though.

  • lalalaaaa

    err guys, it might be lipo, but its probably due to the fact that shes had kids and therefore her stomach has stretched like that :S not sure but my mums stomach is like that too..

    • kate

      If the stomach stretches, you get sagging muscles and loose skin. Her stomach is taught like it’s been pulled tight……..

  • molly

    I just googled her..DID NOT recognized her in this photo
    WOW not what I expected…guess for someone who’s had a kid is great I’d be happy with that at her age…Im sure she has more to think about then making her figure perfect….its great!

  • Kimberly

    Nice shape but she’s obviously had lipo on her tummy and it looks weird.

  • Sasha

    The woman is smoking hot, she has a sexy face and body who cares if she has cellulite or whatever. point is many guys would have sex with her and not care about the imperfection in her body

    if you have a pretty face you get away with almost everything

  • laura

    you people need to stop judging celebs for not being toned i bet half of you dont even visit a gym either.

    plus sofia is gorgeous!

  • Brittany

    Her stomach looks like a “liposuction job.”

  • Josephine

    Beyonce’s stomach doesn’t look like Tara Reid’s with the weird rippling. Beyonce’s stomach has muscles. It always has, even when she got a bit heavier one time. If you look at the The Beyonce Experience concert, she wears a midriff. Even though her stomach is tight, it’s not as muscular. Her waist still looks normal and smooth. I can get more defined abs like her, and if I lay off then my stomach just is small and tight like her’s. If she had lipo, her stomach wouldn’t look normal when it changed shape sometimes. Beyonce’s stomach looks normal. Anyway, Sofia looks good overall. I don’t know about her stomach area because of the weird rippling. So I won’t comment on that. She’s got cellulite, but that’s a hard thing to fight no matter if you’re slim or curvy. It happens to most women.

  • Cleo

    She looks curvy sexy and nice. Long thin legs, marked waist, some hips, flat stomach and big breast.
    And for the celluite part I think it also depends on the light and the camera. Im sure even Alessandra Ambrosio could look like she has cellulite in some lighting/pictures.

  • siennagold

    Something is wrong with her stomach area. Looks like she had lipo.

    • Kelis

      yeah it does really weird.

  • april

    who is she and what happened to her?? omg! 😮

  • Laura

    She’s gorgeous and she’s almost 40 years old so a little cellulite and the tummy not being perfect don’t really apply, especially since she’s had kids. Also, her tummy doesn’t look that weird in some of the other photos so maybe it is weird angles/lighting who knows. The fact is she’s having fun so if a one piece bathing suit flatters her more, so what? She looks really happy and physically looks amazing so I think that’s what matters.

  • Nicole

    holy big boobs! lol she looks so good, I loveeee her 🙂

  • Deon

    She looks beautiful.

  • fl4isa

    i never found this woman that attractive for some reason. And those too big boobs simply look off on her body!

  • T. London

    The cellulite doesn’t bother me, I would still hit, I think she had just turned 38 on July 10, and she looks very sexy, and muy caliente!.

    Got MILF!!

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  • james

    she beats out like 98% of girls on earth.Celulite or not she serisouly beats out like over 95% of women i see daily or most of all the time. Id bang the living F#ck out her gorgeous body. my god those breast and her beautiful skin and those gorgeous legs, and face,my god her husband is a lucky bastard

  • Mary

    I think she has waaaay more cellulite than Graham…

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  • Kim

    Most of the comments here are just annoying — don’t you people realize that almost all the photos that you see of celebrities are retouched? That’s not how they look in real life.

    She looks awesome.

  • wify

    Sofia Vergara Is Beautiful girl bikini nice

  • ThatRareGuy

    I think she looks beautiful through and through. Flawless. Cellulite is no turn off in my eyes, to be honest, beautiful imperfections are what makes a woman gorgeous in my eyes. She does not need to do a thing to be more attractive. Honestly I believe she pulls in more fans who can adore the female figure than the ones who want 100% absolute perfect this (on media standards, not the actual norm standards). I really hate what the media has done to this nation as far as beauty goes. The eyes of the beholder’s have been hypnotized… but not mine…

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  • I like them french fried potatoes!