Solange Knowles in Honey Magazine

October 5, 2009 in General by Versus


If you’re in the mood for a super colorful shoot combined with funky leggings, ice-cream, puffy sleeves and fur, this is just it: Solange Knowles in Honey Magazine.

But the spread is not just about funky colors and playing dress-up – Solange talks about peoples’s negative reaction to her new hairstyle (she went bald):

The first picture of me when I cut it off – I had no idea that there was any photography going on. I was looking like someone taking their kid to school at 7 o’clock in the morning in jeans and a top and no makeup on, no earrings, no nothing. That reaction was very harsh, very negative…

As a society we equate beauty with the images that have been placed in front of us since we were little kids. Every Disney movie, every fairy tale, every pop star typically has a certain aesthetic and look. I think that anytime we see something different, it freaks us out.

The more people warmed up to it, and they saw more images of me with it and dressed up with my earrings and a little something, something on my face, I think then people were more willing to conform and accept it.

Now, it’s interesting how the first day I had it, I had nothing but negative, evil, cruel things in my inbox and then yesterday [after Oprah aired] I had 300,000 people saying ‘Oh my God, you looked amazing, so beautiful, and you made us proud.’ People were able to hear my reasoning, which is good and bad because we should be able to just express ourselves.


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