Spotted: Olivia Palermo’s Beach Body

Spotted-Olivia-Palermos-Beach-Body - Spotted: Olivia Palermo's Beach Body

Bikini swimsuit treat!

Who’s showing us her beach body this weekend? Reality TV star Olivia Palermo, who looked thin in an animal print bathing suit while vacationing with her boyfriend Johannes Huebl in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

How do you like Olivia’s bikini body?

Spotted-Olivia-Palermos-Beach-Body-2 - Spotted: Olivia Palermo's Beach Body

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Spotted-Olivia-Palermos-Beach-Body-6 - Spotted: Olivia Palermo's Beach Body

Spotted-Olivia-Palermos-Beach-Body-5 - Spotted: Olivia Palermo's Beach Body

Spotted-Olivia-Palermos-Beach-Body-4 - Spotted: Olivia Palermo's Beach Body

Spotted-Olivia-Palermos-Beach-Body-3 - Spotted: Olivia Palermo's Beach Body

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  • A

    Wow I’m really surprised that she would wear a one-piece. Her body is thin but kind of boring.

    • judy

      look’s like a 12 year olds body. makes ashley tisdale’s body look curvy.

      • AHAHA
        She does look like a boy, SHE’S a horrible person on “The City”..
        somehow, she got a hot guy to clean her off with water.. hmm..

    • thebestguest

      Olivia usually comes off as really conceited. So, I expected more than this from her bikini body, I suppose. She has skinny legs and arms, but I don’t see many curves, bleh. Which is probably why she’s wearing that style of swimsuit,

      • thebestguest

        Btw, am I the only one who doesn’t love her face? Of course it’s not ugly, but it’s just.. harsh. Especially the jawline, it’s just really bold and square, IMO a small heart-shaped face is the prettiest.

        • alisa

          well, not every woman was born with a heart-shaped face… so should they not be allowed in public?

          • Alyssa

            Heart shaped faced? so archaic… angelina doesn’t have a heart shaped face, she has a square/oblong face and she’s considered the most beautiful woman in the world… at least by media coverage here…

  • Jaisah

    Her body looks so much better in clothes.

    • Gigi

      Exactly what I was thinking. That awful swimsuit isn’t doing her any favors, though…

      • paulette

        The swimsuit is beyond horrible, but her body is really boring… the combination of the swimsuit and rather untoned body makes her look old 🙁
        PS: and she looks skinny, yet pretty with clothes!

  • Asia

    her face is obviously georgious, but her body, although skinny looks so much better with clothes on! I mean, minus her very flat ass, boobs, the biggest turn off about her body to me is the lack of hips, waist and her sticking out stomach. She obviously very attractive still, but I just always thought of her as perfection, I pictured her looking way hotter in a bikini. her bf on the other hand, now that’s a piece of *** lol

    • Jade

      agree.just have to add her fashion sense,which is great.even though this swimsuit is ugly.well nobodyis perfect^^

  • Mayy

    I love that she’s wearing a one piece [:

  • Asia

    Oh, and Versus thank you for this post!

    • marge

      thank you Versus 🙂

  • Where are her boobs?! A one piece is not good for an A cup – they should wear a triangle bikini type. It would help her look a bit more full…

  • Miriam

    I adore her body in clothes but this swim suit isn’t doing anything good for her

  • meghan

    She looks amazing in clothes, here not so much. I love Olivia though and have always wondered how she looked in a swimsuit, I have never come across any ofther pics than these! Her bf is pure perfection, shes one lucky lady!

  • Ally

    she looks like that because she used to be fat and lost lots of weight. That’s why her body just looks kind of blah.

    • kate

      No it’s because she probably didn’t bother weight training to maintain muscle mass.

      Muscle gives the body shape and firmness, she has very little lean mass.

      • Do

        I think it is called skinny-fat.

        • yeah, it’s skinny-fat..

          even though she’s super skinny, she has cellulite.. loll that’s HEE-larious..

          • chickadee

            Well almost every woman has cellulite, and she really doesn’t have much

    • alx

      she use to be fat? are there any pics of her fat.. i can’t picture it.

  • Seems like she sacrificed her boobs and ass to being so thin. It’s a choice a lot of women have to make, I guess.

    • Sandy

      Very well said!

    • Cathy


      Although building muscle would help with the ass thing. I’d look somewhat like her from behind if I wouldn’t work it out.

    • B B B

      how do you do that??!! exercise? not eating? I’d totally sacrifice my boobs I wish I could!

  • cieli

    i dont like her bod i think she is to skinny and i think she would look much better with a bit more weight because you can see her shoulders sticking out of her back .

    • leonore

      She just had prominent shoulder blades. Mine do that too and i´m not that skinny.

  • harj

    i will probably be a minority, but i like her waif-like figure.

  • victoria

    Has she been bigger? She has a great taste in clothes, but her body is to skinny

  • jo

    I really like her figure. Well, I prefer that kind of bodies (with no plastic surgery)

  • lc

    Her figure is rather boring, and I hate her suit! Sorry but it’s kind of ugly.

  • she looks kinda blah in this bikini. she doesn’t have as much confidence on this piece of clothing as she usually does…

  • Val

    she has nice legs.

  • Bri

    well her boyfriend has the most amazing body! His muscles are huge! I agree with whoever said her one piece isn’t too flattering for her body, it just makes her torso look like one big flat blob.

    • yeah, the first thing I thought was “who cares what she looks like?! Look at that guy!!”

  • suzushii

    I always find her so frail looking.

    Her body is not my type. I preffer curvy (as in shape) and with a bit more weight on (think Candace from VS).

  • Ash

    I think she looks plain and uninteresting to be honest.

  • shell

    She appears to be a ruler shape; a very straight torso, no visible waist, no shape to the butt from side profile.

    She’s incredibly thin and will have a very low body fat percentage, so it makes sense that she will have small boobs – boobs are mainly fat. There are other very slim, small busted women who have shaplier hips, like Candice Swanepoel and Leighton Meester.
    Olivia has a high WHR, and having a good WHR is the one thing that seperates female bodies from males’, regardless of ethnicity and body weight. I’m not suggesting that women who don’t have a low WHR are not real women or anything to that effect, all i’m saying is that, in my opinion, low waist to hip ratios make bodies look really feminine.

    • kate

      Common misconception with very skinny girls that they automatically have a low body fat percentage. Granted she doesn’t have much fat on her, but she clearly has very little muscle either. Therefore the actual percentage of body fat is prob. not very low at all, in fact she it’s probably average.

  • Chillwaves

    body’s kinda boring…although her style is very nice!

  • i am not a fan of Olivia, she is a real b***h on the city. And she is thin enough, but really needs to work out. She has no muscle tone at all. Pretty enough though.

  • Dr. Truth

    It’s sad but she has the body of a child. If I were her boyfriend, I’d be afraid to break here. Definitely looks better in clothes.

    • he seems to like her body, or he would just go out with someone else… and he’s pretty hot…

  • siennagold

    Well, she’s thin but her body is not my ideal. She’s flat chested and doesn’t have a defined waist. Looks like 10 year old kid.

    • Maggie

      I totally agree with siennagold-no waist and childish body.

  • artemis

    oh 😐

  • josi

    I always wonder why everyone thinks that butt and breasts are so important. I always try to dress in a way that makes my butt and breasts look as small as possible..I just think a very prominent butt or big breasts look really vulgar…I guess I am just a fan of the rather emaciated body type..and I think Olivia looks fabulous.

    • amazon

      do you ever stop and think over what you just said, you are a fan OF THE EMACIATED BODY??
      I have bog boobs and certainly don’t display them like say Christina hendricks, but a concave chest with ribs sticking out so you could play on them like a xylophone certainly isn’t ever a look i would go for.
      there is something inbetween

      • amazon

        whooops!! 😛

      • Helena

        Totally agree. The comment before yours speaks of a mental disorder.

    • Minnie

      I agree with you.
      I prefer the skinny aesthetic (emaciated isn’t the word that I look to use. I prefer modelesque) and a more “flat” figure as it looks better in clothes and is more graceful/elegant.

    • gen

      Well to me, the only real use for how I look is to attract guys. And I’ve heard repeatedly that breasts and a butt are things that they like. The whole “thin” aesthetic is something that women and gay guys are into, and I basically don’t care what they think about my body.

      • Minnie

        Well, in my opinion the only use for how I look is to feel attractive.
        I could never be as thin as say, Olga Sherer, because I would not be healthy but I would never go out and get breast implants because then I would not feel attractive even if (assuming that they looked real and the ps did a good job) the male persuasion was more attracted to me.

      • Alyssa

        The way I look is for me, not for some guy. If he likes me, he should be attracted to my personality; my looks and lips will deflate when I’m old…. Hopefully my mind will hang around a tad longer 😛

    • suzushii

      They’re important because they represent feminine features. Puberty = widening of the hips, growing of boobs. To say they’re vulgar is like saying hair on men is vulgar. Ridiculous.

      • spot on!

      • Priscila

        I love her legs+ butt :)She looks healthy and thin.
        Her breats are small but I’m happy she does not feel the need to do the “heidi montag”.
        Olivia is a pretty girl and “childish” are those comments about her looking like a boy, etc… Also her boyfriend is gorgeous 🙂

        • Priscila

          –I wish women wouldn’t build their self-esteem based on “what men find attractive” , as I believe men differ from each other, also self-esteem, weight,etc should be based on healthy, well-being and decided only based on the woman feelings. Stop doing what guys want you to.

          • Alyssa

            agreed! You’ll never make them happy!

            Guys are attracted to confidence. If you’re really happy with who you are a) YOU’RE HAPPY b)people (men and women) are attracted to confidence.

            Love thyself!

    • Amy

      Maybe you have a sexual phobia or fear of growing up.A lot of anorexics got that.

  • Sue

    A one-piece does not work for her at all. Admittedly she needs to tone up and gain some definition. Especially flatten and work on her abs, but she definitely has a tiny body that would look perfect in a micro bikini.

  • chris

    forget about her. I want to see more of her boyfriend!!!

  • Eeva

    No boobs, no but and no waist.

    This girl is litteraly as straight as someone can be.

  • Katy

    my Grandma wants her bathing suit and muscle tone back…

    • Nay

      LOL!! (Specially the muscle tone part)

  • Yasmin

    it’s probably because of the swimsiut, but her body looks like one from a 60-year old to me

  • A

    Versus, what shape am I?

    My measurements are 33-25.5-37.5, and I decent-sized breasts, I wear a 32D bra. my shoulders and my hips are the same size. When I gain weight it seems to go everywhere (arms, hips, legs, love handles). My thighs measure 21.5″ at the biggest part.

    • Minnie

      I’m not versus, but I’m thinking vase 🙂

      • marge

        here ( it says that you’re a pear/spoon/bell, but I’m not sure it’s very accurate.

        • Versus

          That calculator isn’t accurate at all – try these dimensions: 36-46-36, it says you are a ruler! In fact, you are an apple.

          • marge

            ahah ok, definitely not accurate!

    • Versus

      Vase is my guess as well, but it depends on your torso and leg length. Vases have curves, but not like hourglasses, they are proportionate, gain everywhere, have big boobs and rounded hips.

  • aimdawg

    okay, body-perfect. boyfriend-gorgeous. friend with the long hair chillin in the water? MY FUTURE HUSBAND. Im spent.

    • Anna

      I love the guy in the water too! mmmm.

    • Mizzy

      the dog is cute too. Apparently being beautiful was a prerequisite for any mammals trying to get on that yacht.

    • OMG I hadn’t seen the guy in the water!! He’s even hotter than the other one! Best boat ever.

    • Mia

      Hahaha agreed! He is gorgeous!

    • HAHAHAH yum-may! Long-haired guys are best, when they can actually pull off that look. But I’ll pass this one, already got mine. 😉

  • kk

    I read in an interview that she used to be thicker, well, she said “I used to be a lot fatter.” if you can believe it.

    I think she would look much healthier with more fat/muscle. She really does have a pre-teen’s body. I used to envy her legs/body (when she wore loose clothing) but I really don’t anymore. I can’t believe I feel bad for her…even though she’s rich/connected & had a smokin’ boyfriend lol.

  • kk

    * “has”

  • Lynn

    Wasn’t there a post about Whitney in a bikini recently and she had the same exact print as the suit Olivia has here?

    Anyways, I don’t think she looks bad! Yes, she is slim and straight…but that leads to looking better in clothes, rather than a bikini. I think she is really pretty.

  • Susan

    I must have totally different taste than most – I think she looks great! Especially her legs. I even went back and looked at the pics a second time. I do agree with everyone that her boyfriend is H O T. wow.

  • That girl’s face is gorgeous!
    Body-wise, she also looks very nice and has very pretty legs, though maybe just a few more pounds could still do her good!

  • moise

    ummmm………..doesn’t she have cellulite on the 2nd pic?
    usually people on this site are quick to say “she has cellulite” at least if shes curvy

    • Alyssa

      We all have cellulite on this site. 96% of women have it. some you can see outright, some of it you see when they walk only. we all gots it, olivia and all. Except Gisele Bundschen

  • Mizzy

    I don’t know whether she is healthy or not, although at first glace I would assume she does not spend much time at the gym. What I do know is that if one of my friends looked like that I would be concerned for them (both for their mental and physical health).

  • If only she had a waist! <3

  • Alyssa

    She has a pretty face but her body is just so….blah!
    Nothing special

  • Erika

    She is way too skinny. It’s so gross.

  • bunny

    Lawl… no matter how “gross” and “flat” and “unattractive” she may be to the many people here, apparently a very, very, very hot man finds her attractive… a man that probably wouldn’t look at many of us lawl.

    • amazon

      nothing to do with being on the tele??

    • Mizzy

      well she does have a beautiful face, so it’s not susprising that he finds her attractive…not all guys look at a woman’s body, some are more interested in facial features. Anyway, as I understand it she used to be a little heavier, and they have been together for a while. So…when they met she probably wasn’t this thin.

  • Mackenzie

    don’t know bout you guys but all i did was stare at olivia’s bf in these pics.

  • Vic

    iiuuu, ugly body and pretty face, i guess she is a butterbody?

  • Sabrina

    I thinks she is very skinny… I really want to be like her! But i’m only 5’4 and 108 lb 🙁

    • laura

      why would u want to look like her she looks ill at ure height and weight ure already under weight

      • Liz

        NO!!! she isn’t. At 5’4 108 pounds is a bmi of 18.5 which is low but perfectly healthy. Maybe you should do some research before you give medical advice.

        • laura

          execuse me did u weigh her and take her height let me guess NO research ok ure sad if u did u only have to look at her to no shes under weight theres nothing to her her chest bones stick out and twigs for legs and arms its not healthy she looks fragile.

          • Essence

            She’s talking about the commenter(Sabrina) not the pic…. duh dont get smart

        • Alyssa

          BMI is an approximation at best. Its tells you nothing more than your ratio or height to weight. 18.5 is on the low side. Can you hike whole day without puffing? Do you eat well? Can you run without getting winded?

          These are better indicators of health…

          Just be fit and healthy why be like Olivia? No one even LIKES her….

  • Ivy

    Her face is very beautiful, I think that’s why her body is not so appealing. It’s either one or the other.

    • marge


  • blue

    omg she is so horrible and weird. i pity her

  • Elvis

    It’s repulsive to look at and this is what women believe men are attracted too :[

  • Omg, so jealous at her body ! ;O

  • vkat

    Those of you who say her body is “boring” – what a perfect description. Skinny limbs and nice legs, but the whole torso area is just…boring

  • gray

    Horrible. You can clearly see that her thin shape is the result of a very strict diet and nothing else. She’s plain skinny and completely untoned.
    That guy however is HAWT!!!!

  • laura

    she has a really pretty face but she needs to put on a few pounds she’s under weight looks so unhealthy and fragile

  • go girl

    wow..her body looks like one that could belong to an elderly lady, and the bathing suit isnt doing her any favors to add insult to injury.

    she is gorgeous though, its nothing that cant be solved with a change of attire and some adjustment in her posture.

  • Cathy

    I have to admit I am a little dissapointed.
    I always liked her in clothes even though I usually though a few pounds more would suit her. Then again I guess it was mostly the face that did it for me since she is beautiful.

    To me she is as shapeless as you can get. No boobs , no bum, no waist and no hips either. And her legs are just too straight IMO.
    Well, different strokes for different folkes. I just prefer women a little curvier.

  • she looks skinny in the legs and arms but carries most of the weight in her middle. weird huh!! she looks cute tho!

  • lex

    look at those guys…:P

  • Princess

    The only interesting thing in these photos is her boyfriend 🙂

  • Amy

    Yeah nice legs,but her torso looks like she is 70 years old.Her face is very italian.I dont think she is pretty,just blah and skinny.

  • Padme

    I don’t know who she is but I haven’t seen a girl that flat since grade 5. It wouldn’t kill her to put on a few pounds.

    On the other hand, she does have some sexy dudes hanging out with her.

  • Kimberly

    Nothing special. I actually find her body to be unattractive. She’s got absolutely nothing on.

  • Sanne

    She’s really flat.
    I think she has some body-issues. Why else would you wear a bathing suit if you are that thin?

    • kelis

      so people who are thin aren’t allowed to wear a bathing suit without being acussed of having body issues? that sounds a bit pathetic dont you think.

  • she has such a pretty face, but her body is disapearing… and that swimsuit wouldn’t be popular in Brazil, too much cover up! =D

  • alisa

    if she had bigger breasts…. or fake ones….. i’m pretty sure the majority of those of you saying she is too skinny wouldn’t think she is anymore. so many people just think someone is too skinny if they don’t have “curves” ….maybe if she gains weight she still won’t have big breasts. who cares … she’s enjoying life

  • tehbunny

    Oh, just wanted to add… many men find that look attractive. My bf doesn’t have the face of her bf, but he has a similar body to him, and I am also super skinny [probably just as skinny as her!]. Obviously he finds me attractive, so YES… there are people attracted to this body shape.

  • neonilla

    Well… I would say her boyfriend is as sexy as she is not.

  • ash

    Blah body, crappy personality. Just blah. Some people rock the waif look, but that’s not happening for her IMO.

  • Essence

    This is why I don’t like one-pieces. They totally hide your body. Everyone’s bashing her body, but you can’t even see anything, so how do you know? When I wore a one piece I litterally looked like nothing. But when I started wearing 2-pieces my body looked much better in them. Its the swimsuit people.

  • U.R.L:
    ( )
    y o u c a n f i n d m a n y c h e a p a n d f a s h i o n g o o d s
    y o u m u s t no t m i s s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    She isnt fat in the slightest! She is very skinny, and more than likely underweight…
    And when someone is very underweight, once you have just eaten food, your stomach bloats, because it is so small.
    She probablly just had some breakfast or something…
    However who said peoples stomach’s have to be entirely flat anyways?

    • Erin

      “However who said peoples stomach’s have to be entirely flat anyways?”

      RIGHT? Omg

  • Erin

    Body and bathing suit of a 75-year-old woman. DO NOT WANT.

  • jjj

    From the looks of it, I think she probably has a very nice body. I don’t think she is wearing the right swimsuit. The wrong swimsuit can make the perfect body look bad.

  • Esther

    wow I knew she was thin but here she really looks like a child. She really should eat more..she’s totally flat. I really don’t like her body

  • Sabrina

    for you, how is she tall and weight? i think she is really slim, and i like her but don’t too much the suimsuit; in italy (i live in rome) this is not cool, but she take this in sardinia… uhmm…

    • Minnie

      It’s hard to tell, but I think that she’s around 5′ 4” and 93 pounds.

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  • k.

    my goodness she’s thin.

  • Grace

    I think she looks amazing! She looks absolutely perfect, I don’t think she looks too skinny, just looks like a good role model for younger girls like me, I wish I was skinny like her. How much does she weigh?

  • Anna


  • I do think she should gain a little weight but I also think her body might’ve looked better if she had worn something else… A halterneck bikini would maybe have made her body look better. But ur right, no ass or boobs (though I like small boobs), she should eat a little more, and do some muscle training, but I usually think she is really beautiful…
    and for her personality… I mean, that’s mostly a fictional character, maybe she’s different in real life?

  • Liz

    really cute and kind of romantic and gentle how he showers her 🙂 and i think this guy with the long hair is VERY hot.. 😀

  • Emily

    Why is she wearing a swimsuit anyways… doesn’t water make a witch melt? Better watch out Olivia…

  • Miss S

    That girl’s body is not meant for a swimsuit…not her fault but I’ll stick to looking at her w/ stylish clothes on.

  • GlamDoll

    The guy hosing her down in a HOTTIE!!