The Stars of “The Young and the Restless” at The Museum of Contemporary Art



The Museum of Contemporary Art hosted 30 Years with MOCA Gala in downtown Los Angeles yesterday and a bunch of celebs from TV shows stepped on the red fuschia carpet.

In attendance, the ladies of the veteran, everlasting show “The Young and the Restless”:

Above: 1. Sharon Case, 38


2.  Eileen Davidson, 50


3.  Michelle Stafford, 44

See all of them up close after the jump!




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  • artemis

    good skin

  • CK

    Sharon – great body and dress is cool, but the boobs need a lift, Eileen Davidson- don’t like the dress but she’s got good body for 50-year old woman. Michelle Stafford – good body , but her face creeps me out a lil’ bit…she kinda reminds me of Nicole Kidman.

  • liza

    they all seem more curvier to me than slim,imo.they all look great

  • ju-ju

    love sharon’s dress, but don’t admire all that make up…

  • Kristy

    I REALLY want to pluck Eileen’s eyebrows.

  • samba

    sharon looks fantastic! those boobs dont need a lift! lol! they just aren’t pumped with silicone! i think breasts that are real; and that size just look that way…they will never be up to her chin! fab waist line and nice dress

  • Ana

    I’m not feeling this dresses at all, but love that make up isn’t heavy

  • beckers

    I love sharons dress, no idea who she is but looks great on her. Classy and interesting.

  • Instant

    Sharon doesn’t need a lift, she needs a dress that has a bodice that is up a bit higher and spaghetti straps that are a bit shorter. That dress is lovely, but where it sits on her upper body gives the illusion of low breasts.

    All lovely ladies, don’t watch soaps so I have no idea who they are 😛

  • ha

    I like that they have curvy but slim bodies. This looks much more natural for older women than the bone and skin thing that Terri Hatcher has going on.

    • Sidney

      I agree with you on that older women look better with a little more lbs than what might’ve looked good when they were younger, but i don’t think Teri is like that anymore, i think she’s at a completely healthy weight now and also her skin doesn’t look too wrinkly or dry or anything (like it did imo when she was mere skin and bones)

      • Sidney

        and the Y&R stars seem to be in great shape, but i find the outfits tacky, and at least the 1. a bit ill fitting.

  • Jemima

    They’re all in great shape,but all of those dresses are ugly D:

  • Claudia

    They all look GREAT !!!! 🙂

  • Lee

    Sharon Case looks pregnant, does anyone know if she is?

  • Today I like to watch The Young And The Restless.

  • Morgan

    Sharon is a bit chubby, but not over-weight or anything…. Michelle has the best body and the dress she’s wearing suits her figure… Sharon’s dress clings to te wrong places, she looks good though. Sharon has a pretty face, Michelle looks strange here and you’re right! Eileen’s eyebrows could use a pluck.. lol

    • Denise

      Sharon is hardly chubby, she looks great, I think all the women on young and the restless are pretty, and I’d love to know what they use on their skin.