Suzanne Somers Looks Great at 62

suzanne-somers-looks-great-at-63 - Suzanne Somers Looks Great at 62

New face (and figure) for the site:

Suzanne Somers is 62 years old and she definitely maintained her figure in great shape – here she is in a pair of tight blue jeans and a semi see-through black top.

Check out another picture of Suzanne after the jump!

suzanne-somers-looks-great-at-63-2 - Suzanne Somers Looks Great at 62

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  • sammy

    damn….62…..she looks so great!!!!
    i wonder if its au-naturale or wid some plastic surgery..what ever she is doing iw ould love to find out

    • Katarina

      Saw her on Oprah once, seems like she’s leading an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. I’m sure you can find it on youtube.

    • Ella

      I have a friend who recently turned 59 and looks even better. 100% natural, too. She eats a lot of fruit and vegetables, only drinks water and green tea and makes sure she exercises every morning.

  • Katarina

    Sure, she looks good! Minus the camel toe…

    • may

      ha i missed it why did you have to point it out

  • lala

    yea that’s a nasty camel toe

  • anabel

    Don’t like the outfit (I especially agree with everyone about the camel toe), but she looks amazing! Good figure and her face is beautiful and glowing and not too artificial-looking imo.

  • becca

    This is a woman who’s 8 years off 70??? That’s unbelievable. She looks amazing.

    • Mirabela


  • anna

    I’ll forgive her that nasty camel toe only cause she looks so good

  • Natalie

    That’s the craziest camel toe I’ve ever seen! Holy crap!

    Besides that, she really looks amazing. She’s a perfect advertisement for what it looks like when you lead a healthy life.

  • anon

    holy s**t she looks amazing (once again minus the camel toe….never a good look), but yea well done her.

  • Elena

    sorry, but what is camel toe? :”> 8-}

  • tyu
    • Elena

      🙂 ;)) tnx, i thought so, but i wasn’t sure. maybe it’s because of the jeans 😀

  • Jay

    Was she the one on a talk show discussing the fact that she gave herself a bunch of vaginal injections every day and take like 40 or more pills daily?

  • ms_benes

    I think that’s what 62 looks like if you take care of yourself.

  • michelle

    ah, leave her alone! she’s 62 and has a camel toe (which most people are smart enough to understand she’s 62 and has a slight camel toe.) Let’s see what we all look like @ 62. Anyways though, wow. She does look good, almost better then my friends mom @ 42.

  • Mary

    I’ve seen her up close in person(3 years ago)and she looks really good even IRL. Not fake at all. A lot of the impression people have of her looking fake is from a reaction between lighting and her skin tone-she looked different when you took her pic with a flash, less real. She takes care of herself and it shows. If you even saw her perform though, its no wonder she looks so good-she has a very high energy stage show. Not my taste per se, but still a very active and entertaining show. I think I would wear a different bra with that top, tho.

  • Nice post, love your blog

  • teh_heck

    Um.. her face looks plastic and gross.. not amazing AT ALL.