Tina Turner Shows Off Legs and Cleavage at Age 69!

December 3, 2008 in General by Versus

 All together now… a big round of applause to Tina for having THAT body at age 69!

Even though the rock diva is almost 70, she didn’t give up her signature glam minidress look that reveals BOTH cleavage and legs – the same legs that made Beyonce say (after she performed with Tina on stage):

“You can’t compare my legs to Tina’s, no!” “Tina’s legs at 68 look better than mine at 26.”

So… 2 questions:

1. Is Beyonce right??

2. Should Tina cover a little more, considering her age… or should she flaunt it because she’s still got it?

Check 2 more pictures after the jump (plus a humongous male “treat” – literally)!

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