Viola Davis Is Losing Weight on the ‘Wolverine Diet’

180438805_10 - Viola Davis Is Losing Weight on the 'Wolverine Diet'

All the details from People Magazine:

When it comes to shaping up for her latest role, Viola Davis (48)  is turning to one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood for inspiration: Hugh Jackman. The actress says she’s following the so-called “Wolverine diet” to play Susie Brown in the upcoming James Brown biopic, Get on Up.

“[I’m] losing a little weight. When I say ‘a little,’ I mean ‘a little,’ ” she told PEOPLE Saturday at the Los Angeles Hammer Museum’s 11th Annual Gala In The Garden. “I’m not a weight girl much.”

Jackman’s diet for the Marvel Comics franchise calls for limiting food intake to a period of eight hours every day while fasting the remaining 16 hours, according to the Oscar-nominated actress. However, she adds, “For eight hours in that day, you eat anything you want. They tell you not to binge, but you choose those eight hours.”

On the menu for Davis: “I’m a former ‘big girl’, and I like the fat burgers, the turkey fat burgers and the ‘skinny’ fries,” she says. “That being said, I eat a lot of low-carb pasta.”

Her extreme diet may be running its course on her body, but it’s not affecting her emotions.

“I’m not a cranky person,” she says. “I’m one of those people that will wake up in the middle of the night and dig through my drawer for some candy – and put it in my mouth and chew it as I go back to sleep.”

How does this diet sound to you?

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163848033_10 - Viola Davis Is Losing Weight on the 'Wolverine Diet' 163848601_10 - Viola Davis Is Losing Weight on the 'Wolverine Diet' 165887611_10 - Viola Davis Is Losing Weight on the 'Wolverine Diet' 165887616_10 - Viola Davis Is Losing Weight on the 'Wolverine Diet' 180438783_10 - Viola Davis Is Losing Weight on the 'Wolverine Diet'  180438806_10 - Viola Davis Is Losing Weight on the 'Wolverine Diet'

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  • Liv

    I love her smile…

  • Iana

    This is one of the stupider ideas or a diet I’ve heard: eat anything than let your blood sugar and energy levels plummet (while presumably still being active). Yeah, no thanks.

    And all I could think of about eating candy as you’re trying to sleep is how BAD that’s for your teeth.

    • HB

      Apparently a lot of body builders recommend this. I think it’s what they call “intermittent fasting.”
      Definitely not for me, either, but there are worse things she could be doing. I think some people do it accidentally sometimes (Breakfast at 10 am, dinner by 6p.m.).

    • hanan

      well, it work , i mean some people fast a month from sunshine to
      sunsit (for religous reason ) < and by the end of the month you would
      lose few kilos and unless you have some serious chronic diseases like diabetic or … i think it is harmless , but defintely difficult

      • hanan


      • Magda

        I fast for relgious reasons and I actually gain weight at the end of the month. Like 2kg/4.4 lbs.
        Maybe I am the minority.

    • blueberry

      Is it really any stupider than ‘eat every two hours’ or ‘eat three meals’? Its just a way of eating. You can eat small six meals and eat anything you want, are you only going to choose to eat candy?

      And keeping your blood sugar constant is exactly what people are questioning. Why should blood sugar stay constant when its never been constant in our history? We developed in an environment where we ate a lot when food was there and nothing when it wasn’t. If you think your body won’t survive (and perhaps flourish) when it goes without food for just 16 hours, half of which are sleep, then you must not have a very resilient body.

      • Iana

        Well, when I’m active (ie. not sleeping) if I don’t eat small meals every 3-4 hours I have lower energy and I find it harder to concentrate on mental tasks (I’m a programming major and I need to keep sharp all the time). Maybe it’s different for other people, but for me I wouldn’t want to have a drop in productivity for the sake of some silly sounding diet. And my body resilience is just fine, but thank you very much for your concern for my welfare…

        • annabanana

          thats becuase you’re sugar burning instead of fat burning… if you limit high-glycemic foods (especially wheat) your blood sugar and concentration will not fluctuate. It’s still best to eat regularly , but if you dont, it wont ruin your day/your productivity

    • Mariah

      Starving yourself because you gotta struggle HARD to be skinny and count your cucumber calories…yeah, one of the stupider ideas. Don’t hate on things you don’t know about. She’s doing I.F as the next poster said, I’ve been doing it for months now, and am 5’5 and 120lbs with a 15% body fat, I train hard, sleep well, and yes I wake up during the night, not for candy but definitely for a handful of almonds, or some cotttage cheese with some chocolate syrup or some sugarfree trident gum.
      I wish women would stop believing that the way to a perfect body is through depriving yourself and then moaning about it on the couch. -.-
      Also to the person asking about low carb pasta, that’s basically squash or seaweed noodles, with a low carb sauce and a good dose of protein either through meat or vegan sources.
      she’s basically doing I.F and a low carb diet
      stuff you can eat while low carb-ing:
      lots of veggies
      all sorts of meat and fish
      etc etc
      things you can’t:
      starchy veggies
      high carb fruits
      muffins bread etc
      also, everyone’s low carb is different. someone heavy and tall could have 15o grams of carbs a day and that’d be low carb and some can only manage 40 grams a day due to their height and weight etc.
      but love this woman for not hurting herself lol
      also, she’s a stunner!
      more so because she’s got stretch marks she’s not going nuts over and that smile!

      • mariah

        also! Forgot to add this!
        Eating a piece of candy, NOT chocolate but the high glucose wonka ones etc is actually a good idea after a hard cardio and/or weight training session. Helps glycogen levels AND helps your body absorb nutrients faster, from other foods that is.

      • Saige

        “I wish women would stop
        believing that the way to a perfect body is through depriving yourself
        and then moaning about it”

        Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing by starving yourself? Most healthy people I know eat moderately throughout the day. Personally if I don’t eat for a while It triggers migraines and makes me bloated and miserable. I typically eat 4 small meals a day. Interestingly my body height/weight/body fat is nearly identical to yours!

        • Mariah

          Honestly, I really do i.f just because it sort of fits with my daily schedule and i feel good on top of that. its basically a feeding window and not a calorie reduction so for a few hours when I eat, I eat my full, quite literally. I guess I’m just a big eater and like stuffing myself or something but it works well.
          saying that, there;s nothing wrong with eating 4 or 6 or even 8 times a day as long as you’re getting in the right amount of calories ^.^
          All I meant is that women need to stop being so hard on themselves when they try to lose weight or something because it hardly works and well, its painful. Following a random fad diet, or this actress or that…

          • Saige

            Well yes I agree women need to stop fad diets…everyone needs to find a way to eat that fits their lifestyle and body issues.

            Just curious, what kind of candy do you eat after working out? I have never heard of anyone doing this. After working out I typically go for protein.

            If I’m ever really hungry around bedtime I go for a spoon of peanut butter. The fat/protein in pb keeps me full for so long, and it’s delicious IMO.

          • Mariah

            I didn’t mean candy alone! I’ll usually steal a sour punk strip from my sister’s backpack 😛 And chew on it with my whey shake. Honestly though if you don’t have a busy day ahead you don’t really need to, its just a good spike for me, psychologically, since I’ll be on a run right after. Also, some suggest that it increases your body’s protein uptake. Be careful with the nutritional values though, since it has to have no fats, just like 3 to 4 grams of carbs and sour punk has that so 😀 Also, I’ve found it keeps my sweet cravings at bay, since I have a major sweet tooth!
            I love peanut butter before bed! But I cant find natural in my country, so I stick to Almond butter, tastes quite nice 🙂 I’ll have that or just plain almonds sprinkled on cottage cheese lol

          • Guest

            Mariah, on the Irina Shayk post you said you were “32.5-25-35 at the moment” at “5’5 (122 lbs)” – yet wanted to get down to 30-23-32. Now, 5 months later you’ve only lost 2 pounds? My point is, average women like you, shortish and average weight, mesomorph/endomorphs etc., NOT naturally thin women – can never become naturally thin. If so, you’d have reached your goal. You can’t reach your goal, because you are not a naturally thin ectomorph. Starving yourself, won’t help you get there. Eat real food, maybe you’ll stop waking up in the middle of the night, to eat ‘candy’ and ‘chocolate syrup’ lol. Regular women, will always be regular women. Thin, ectomorphic, genetically blessed women – will always be thin, ectomorphic, genetically blessed women.

          • Guest

            Actually, you would have never had a goal to reach in the first place…you would have already been thin. Point is, regular sized women need to focus on something other than trying to be thin, something that is impossible for them anyway. Let thin women be thin, and the rest of you, just stay the way you are – regular. Focus on other things, babies, career, school…to many eating disrdered people here I’ve noticed. Not a good site for casual observers and people looking for celebrity gossip. Not stickin around, looks like a place for the ‘girls with weird food habits’ lol. Don’t bother to reply, any of you, you all sound nuts!!!

          • mariah

            “Thin, ectomorphic, genetically blessed women – will always be thin, ectomorphic, genetically blessed women.”

            And THAT right there is your problem. LOL. Just what makes you think that being an ectomorph is a ‘blessing’. I’ve lost weight from 165 lbs to this, and I feel quite blessed thank you.
            Average woman? Oh yes, because average women squat 120 pounds and average women maintain a 15% body fat. And you would know so much about true strength, and who is genetically blessed because I bet you are ohsoblessed. Regardless, what is wrong with an average woman anyway, do you really hate that? Don’t be so hard on yourself love. 🙂
            Stalking and remembering things people right 5 months ago, just to bash them. There is a thing, its called change of ideology. I turned my back to women like you and started eating and lifting and training and being happy and finding some inner peace.

          • Guest

            Hey don’t blame me cause you couldn’t get to 30-23-32…most average women cannot. Kind of my whole point thought.

          • Guest


          • Cara

            I agree most women will never be ‘ectomorphic thin’ as you put it. It’s just not in their genes and yes most women will spend their entire lives starving, dieting, exercising compulsively trying in vain to look like that. I don’t agree that it needs to be rubbed in people’s faces however.

          • Mariah

            Does anyone here realise that maybe, just maybe, these proportions aren’t healthy for everyone? Yes, a few months ago I absolutely craved to be this way and i STARVED for it and ‘cardio-ed’ my life off. Was I getting there? Yes, my hips went down to 33, waist 24 and my chest is 31 right now even, but is it healthy or desirable? Not necessarily. Perhaps I could have, but my point is, why the bashing?
            I weight train now, and when I checked yesterday I was a 31-25-35, but you could look at me and I appear leaner than I was before, and I get told to ‘gain weight’ a lot.
            I’m not ranting here, Im trying to say that the way you put it, you make average seem like trash and glorify a runway model who is probably not as ‘ectomorphic’ as you have led yourself to believe and is thus just average as the next person but only working super hard and starving on some level.
            regardless, I don’t even want to be 30-23-32 anymore.
            P.S: Thank you, i just got reminded of why i don’t make a lot of female friends lol
            i’m sorry but women just LOVE to bash,
            Just please don’t reproduce because if you’ll be teaching your child what ‘average’ is, I pity her…

  • M.Jay

    can someone please fill me in on what “low carb” pasta is?!?!

    • cache

      Made with shirataki noodles perhaps?

  • B

    GAHHHH I LOVE HER! so talented, and what a beaut!

  • Sidney

    I couldn’t do it, i know some people aren’t affected by long periods without eating, and there are differences in how our bodies react to low blood sugar levels (that and some bodies can regulate the levels more effectively than others, so that your sugar levels might not even drop much), but i know from experience the 8 hours a day eating habit wouldn’t do anything good to me. But she does look spectacular atm.

  • lexi82

    Seriously, whatever happened to eating different foods in moderation and exercise?

  • sara

    She just gave me all the encouragement I needed to eat candy while I sleep.

  • ayu

    I love her smile and hair. It’s really chic!

  • blueberry

    There’s nothing about this that’s “extreme”, as the article says. I think everyone is just reacting to it without thinking about it. If I get up at 8 or 9, have breakfast or branch at 10, a few snacks then a late lunch at 1 or 2, few more snacks then a nice dinner at 5 followed by dessert, I’ve eaten all my food within 8 hours. The average person probably eats all of their food within 10 hours anyway. And you fan choose any 8 hours, according to the post. Do if you hate breakfast and love late night snacks, you just shift your window in that direction. Feel breakfast is essential and like to not eat after 5pm? Then just shift your window in that direction. I fail to see how that’s extreme.

  • SA girl

    Interesting. I initially thought the dieting style sounded similar to the moslem holy fasting month, where you are forbidden from eating or drinking anything, from before sunrise to sunset. Ofcourse, I stand to be corrected. A friend of mine told me it’s an excellent way to detox your body. I was also quite surprised that an actress would adopt an actor’s diet initially. Didn’t Hugh need to gain muscle and weight for his role as “Wolverine”? Of similarity to so many Marvel and other comic actors, I.e. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Caville, Guy Pearce etc… Unless he was overweight prior to shooting the movie. Well, I clearly donot know. I like think Viola is really talented anyways.

  • tequilla

    she is beautifull, very interesting and exotic.

  • wonderwoman21

    Love her skin, so fresh and dewy.

  • Jen

    Her skin color is gorgeous. It’s weird to me how lighter is the ideal worldwide. I think dark skin is beautiful. Like any color, it’s only going to look good without pimples and scars.

    • Channy

      She has pretty skin. But do you really think white is considered the beauty standard now? I am irish american, I wish I was darker. Viola gets more positive response & compliments than Lena Dunham, who is snow white. Even Freida Pinto gets more compliments than Miley & Lena. Miss America is a pretty indian woman with dark skin. I think in the real world its like that. I rather watch movies with Viola in it, than trash lena or miley. She is prettier to me.

  • Eve

    She is pretty. One thing I will neve rbe able to understand how it is possible to wake up in the middle of the night to eat anything…and a candy really?! I am curious how much she has lost already.

  • Endless Infinity

    she’s gorgeous. beautiful smile. and a fantastic actress.

  • Katie

    It’s called intermittent fasting. No limit on calories but you fast 16 hours of the day.

  • Marike

    if you eat rubbish all 8 hrs, and dont eat 16 hrs, u still get fat if you not working out & eating diet stuff, rite? dont u eat more in 8 hrs if u dont eat at all, cos u hungrier than usual?? i think its more about what you eat, then how much. if u eat healthy but filling in 8 hrs, u will lose weight. viola is a cool cat, confident & friendly smile. she rulezzz!!!!