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  • ugh

    pffft boring

  • jules

    She deserves better than this! Might be the look they were going for but this seems super low budget without the stylistic flair of something that is deliberately low budget. Also you never get to see her beautiful face either!

  • sharlane

    Is this supposed to be sexy? she just looks ill in these shots

    • x

      it looks awkward, not sexy at all

  • Tia

    Ugly outfit, dumb video, beautiful girl

  • Monika27

    Its boring! She doesn’t look all that good either! preferred her w/ some curves now she looks blah and boring.

  • Ellie

    She lost too much weight..she used to have the perfect shape! :/

  • alina

    not hot… she use to be prettier

  • Agatha

    Yeap, her sister definitely got the best video. Gigi is now at the same point of what at the time was called “heroin chic”, I even think she looks more boney than Kate Moss then.
    But her style has nothing to do with that, I don’t think it suits her, she just looks sick.

  • Annie

    She looks boney and unwell. And this is supposed to be “goals” (vomits internally)? I wish the media would stop shoving her unhealthy looking a** down our throats. Sorry, but I’m just so sick of seeing her and her sister everywhere. There’s a reason why the video is edited to be so choppy – to hide how skinny she really is, because it really shows in motion.

  • T

    Wow, she looks WAY too thin for her frame. It’s frightening, tbh.

  • jjj2

    I don’t like these shorts, but she does have an otherwise hot body and is at a perfect weight.

    • jjj2

      I mean shots, not shorts!

  • Amelie

    IMHO she looks exactly like Doutzen Kroes… Both lost too much weight.

  • Calia

    The loose skin on her arms is unattractive. Clearly no muscle and not enough fat.

  • Lindsay

    WOW sooooo skinny and bony. Completely lost interest. I used to love her as a
    “curvier” model with moles all over her stomach (I have moles all over my stomach too) but I’m done. No thanks. And the camera adds pounds. SMH