Gigi Hadid’s Pouty Lips Do Vogue Japan

Gigi Hadid continues to be everywhere these days, as per usual in the past2 years – and where exactly is she this week? On the cover of Vogue Japan, together with her very pouty lips.

‘One of my favorite cover stories!’

… said Gigi of this feature while sharing tons of snaps from it on Instagram.

The half Dutch, half Palestinian-American stunner sports cool urban fall-ready outfits that occasionally forgo the pants… or the top, or the bra. And in order to look like a model, Gigi has a simple philosophy:

You find how you feel your best. Whether you feel better when you’re eating gluten-free or whatever it is. I feel better when I eat a burger every other night. Eat clean, and work out to stay fit – and have a burger to stay sane.

Throwback to Gigi wearing hot pink pants HERE!

Browse through our gallery featuring Gigi and her very pouty lips and share your thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “Gigi Hadid’s Pouty Lips Do Vogue Japan”

  1. Love the eye makeup. I really wish i could learn how to do a dramatic winged eye but every damn time it comes out lopsided and I usually get too annoyed and just smudge up the whole thing. Is there some trick I’m missing? I’ve seen a bunch of youtube videos on this and it seems like my eyelids twitch way more than other peoples or something, lol

    • It’s hard to say without looking at your eyes and the technique you’re doing. But I can tell you what I do when I want to get symmetric winged liner, I draw it first with an angle brush and black eyeshadow and then with the liquid liner on top of that.

  2. I feel like the title of this post is directed to me, haha. Yes, if I cover Gigi’s lips with my finger, the photo suddenly becomes good. I’m working on not hating on her so much, lol. It’s not a pleasant feeling.

  3. Makeup is a lie and you look like a clown with it on. Fake is fake. Here’s a quote from a “ladies’ man” I remember from years ago: “I went to bed with a 10 and woke up with a 2”. The truth will set you free! (not to mention save you a ton of $$$ and protect animals from cruel testing).

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