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  • Courtney

    I have no words.

  • Carla

    Ah Gisele just casually shopping and still looks perfect, every bit the supermodel.

    • A true supermodel in every sense of the word!

  • charlie

    It’s like a paparazzi photo-shoot. This woman is ridiculously stunning.

  • Winnie

    i like her outfit, and her mane lol

  • jennifer

    I don’t get why people love her so much. Too thin!!

    • Ash

      She looks like a dude. No shape, SUPER broad shoulders, strong face. Meh, I don’t see the appeal.

  • mary

    she looks great

  • Em

    Holy…..I want her legs!!! And hair!!! And jeans!!!! 🙂

  • Nina

    Great butt and legs!

    • Fay

      Propably the best in the model world.

  • TonyFae

    … is she posing in pic 3 and 4? :-/
    lol oh brother…

  • anon

    I used to find her pretty, years ago before I knew her name. She had a “leonine” look to her.
    Not so much anymore.

  • Candy M.

    Well well well Gisele Gisele. I mean she is so ugly and weird looking, so thin, such long legs, high stupid cheekbones, long thick healthy mane. I think Mama June and Miley Cyrus are much more beautiful imo.

    • Candy M.

      Just look at the woman in the skirt in the 1st picture then look over at Gisele. Her legs are long and perfect, even with the children her body is still great. Great cheekbones the “vital equipment” as you say.

  • T

    Never found her facially attractive and still don’t, but apart from that she looks absolutely phenomenal here. Like seriously f’ing amazing. No wonder she’s a supermodel. 🙂

  • Polly

    I tousle my hair and arch my back ever so slightly when determining what blouse to purchase as well, don’t we all. Yeah she’s looking good, skinny but not as much as that other woman in the bikini.

  • lc

    Does she ever look bad…?!!?! Gisele you are amazing.

    • Candy M.

      If she has I’ve never seen it, unlike some of the others on here who never look good,

  • serena

    Her body is very tall and like Rosie HW, she has an elegance about her. Facially I was never a huge fan, I think a lot of other models and actresses are prettier. But Gisele is an amazing model. Very few women look good in skinny white pants.

  • Lau

    It looks like her fly is open. 😛

    Other than that she actually looks beautiful here! Wow!

  • Miss x

    She is perfection. I wish I had her hair and body. She is the only model at the moment (maybe Adriana to) that is a true supermodel.

  • SA girl

    Lovely sun-kissed skin. Natural is best, very minimal to no makeup. Perfect figure. Beautiful Giselle, really!

  • Pixie

    Perfection!!!! Except for those jeans, I’ve always hated white denim. 🙁

  • Trickster

    She is striking but as ppl were saying she is not really pretty.She’s attractive enough but she has a really angular face…almost masculine like. Either way she’s an excellent model….like one of the best models ever!!!

  • Kara

    Gisele, is gorgeous, Looks great in white skinny jeans. That shirt though is awful, just tacky looking.

  • swissmiss

    Gosh, she looks great!!! Beside her beauty I think she is a very likable person….

  • Sign

    Ive have never liked her facially, i think along with Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s one of the most facially unattractive celebrities i have ever seen. However, her body is rockin, we have almost the same body, the difference is she’s beeen gifted in the height department, jealous. But there’s something about her, that’s special. She always dresses decently, she’s a great model and always looks effortless, i love that she doesnt pile the makeup on. 10/10 for the outfit!

  • Roxy

    I think the other blonde woman is her twin sister Patricia.

  • anon

    She look hot!

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  • Eve

    Love the style, relaxed, chic and flattering!