Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic – Super Thin at the Emmys

181580212_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys

39 year-old TV host / reality TV star Giuliana Rancic paraded in a strapless blue gown on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards last night, showing off her very lean figure.

How do you all like her look?


181640559_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys

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181579514_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys 181579534_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys 181579537_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys 181579624_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys 181579824_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys 181579826_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys 181579830_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys 181580211_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys  181640555_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Thin at the Emmys

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  • Taylor

    This isn’t just thin, this is unhealthy. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t intervened–she looks positively ill. I don’t want to speculate on what it is, whether it’s a mental disorder, physical, or a mixture of both, but she clearly needs help.

    • Gabriella

      You know, I usually advocate in favor of skinny girls who are targets of such medical speculations, because being a skinny girl myself, I have been wrongly accused of being anorexic countless times. That being said, I think those bones on the back her shoulder are out of control! I too struggle to keep my weight up, but when these bones start pointing out like this, I know I need to eat a sandwich or find a doctor.

      • Cristina

        I get what you’re saying. It’s also that she is always handing out ridiculous “advice” on how to be as thin as her…saying things like “JUST DON’T DO IT” in regards to eating a cookie.

        • Lisa

          And saying how her generosity inspires other people when she passes the plate of pasta around the table. lolz.

          • Cristina

            Stop. She didn’t. Lol I’ve never heard that before! She is nutty.

      • Kristen

        She has Scoliosis. That is why you can see the bones in her back. Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine. She had rods placed in her back. I also have Scoliosis and was made fun of in highschool because the bones in my back stuck out.

        • snorky

          hawww so that’s what it is, Scoliosis! I knew there was something wrong with this woman’s body but just couldn’t place what it was. Now I know.

    • She look horrible

  • malika

    too bad. I like her, hope she is not sick or sth

  • Bo

    How do you know she’s unhealthy? Are you her personal physician?

    God help anyone if they dare comment that an overweight person is “unhealthy”. That’s not allowed. But thin women are fair targets because they dare to watch what they eat and exercise.

    • serena

      Haha you must be kidding, fat people are constantly called ugly and unhealthy, look at the last rebel wilson post, every comment called her unhealthy, including myself, bc she is obese.

      Giuliana has cancer, infertility, and posted a food diary online revealing she eats very little and we’re not allowed to suggest she may be unhealthy…talk about double standard…

      • tequilla

        yep, rebel and juliana both look very unhealthy..

    • tequilla

      how you know? oh, come on, annybody with healthy eyes.. its one thing to be skinny but this is like the other extreme from obesity, none of that cant be good for health!

    • Lola

      Oh please. People here comment on overweight people ALL THE TIME saying how unhealthy they must be. In fact, they even comment on people who aren’t overweight. One need not be a personal physician to look at someone and tell if she or he is underweight. And, despite what many fanatics may spout on this site, one cannot be severely underweight and be “healthy.” Just like one cannot be severely overweight and healthy. To maintain being underweight, one must be eating pretty consistently in a calorie deficit and / or exercising one’s way into a deficit. Giving the body too little healthy fats / too little energy units AKA calories / too little nutrients is (wait for it) UNHEALTHY. Do not confuse one’s personal capacity for strict diet and exercise regimes for one’s health status. They are not the same thing. Can you be thin and healthy, yes, of course. Can you be overweight and healthy? Much less likely. But there is a difference between thin and frail. There is a difference between overweight and not a size 2. There is a difference between health and strict dieting. Now, I’m not saying Giuliana looks frail, I won’t comment on her body, but what I am saying is you don’t need to be a physician to get a general assessment of someone’s general health, and weight is often a good indicator of one’s general health. Please note the term general and do not nitpick at me.

      PS No one is a fair target on this website. Nothing about this website is fair for any of these women. It is not fair to be picked apart by strangers. No amount of monetary compensation (omg! They’re rich! Famous! They should’ve seen this coming! It’s part of the job! They deserve it! LOL OMG!!111!!) can excuse or soften the blow of many of the cruel, excruciatingly over-analytical comments people write here. There’s nothing fair about wanting to go out to the beach in a swimsuit without 1,000 faceless Internet users complaining about the width of one’s hips or the knobbiness of one’s knees. There’s nothing fair about being judged to such an extreme simply because one is successful and in the public eye. That is not fair, and never will be. If this woman were your daughter, sister, wife, cousin, mother, friend, etc I would be curious to see how many of you would continue to comment on the frivolous things you like to comment about otherwise (I once read one bashing a woman because her cheekbones were too high, as if one has ultimate control over the structure of one’s cheek bones [aside from cosmetic surgery of course]). I feel as though the number would be significantly lower. But because these women are in the public eye and because they are (often times) extremely successful, it is forgotten that they are women and people. And that, my friends, is not fair in the slightest.

      For the inevitable argument many of you use, “What?! So I can’t have an opinion?!” Of course you can. If you want to obsess over the broadness of a stranger’s shoulders you are so entitled. And you are entitled to share your opinion if you so please. But do not think that exempts you from being rude, or mean, or harsh. Do not think your entitlement to an opinion entitles you to a free pass if you’re being an asshole, for lack of a better word. If you have nothing nice to say, and if it isn’t something that is both un-nice yet important for the progression of the world or society as a whole (ie sometimes one must speak out harshly against injustices in the law), then why bother? What is your writing how offensive the width of CELEBRITY X’s waist line contributing? Nothing. It’s so unproductive. It’s negative. It’s unnecessary. And being harsh without real reason is just being mean.

      This turned into a really long rant, but I suppose it’s been building up for awhile. This is directed at most everyone on this website, so don’t think all my rage is just for your comment. In summary, however, to you all, think before you speak (or type). Words hurt. GOOD DAY.

      • Lola

        Additionally, I think Juliana’s smile is radiant and the blue suits her quite well!

        • Satya

          You’re awesome. Been waiting for someone to say that.

      • Adele

        I completely disagree with you.
        Here’s why:
        Celebrities do receive a lot of criticism for all kinds of things including physical, but they also receive an enormous amount of compliments, admiration and support. Do regular people receive this admiration at the same scale? NO. Do regular people get compliments every minute of the day? NO. Do regular people have fan clubs, receive thousands of love letters and have people fainting over their beauty? Again, NO. Celebrities do. All these things, I bet, are quite flattering to the celebrity. They feel important, they feel loved and the love they receive in no way comparable with the love a regular person receives. A regular person is lucky if they have 5 people who love them, a celebrity has millions of people who appreciate them.
        So considering the quantities of support, the admiration, love a celebrity receives, I think the amount of criticism is pretty fair… actually, I think that proportionally, a regular person receives 70% criticism and 30% admiration and the scale is completely opposite in the case of the celebrity (unless of course, we are talking about those insufferable celebs that everyone dislikes).
        If anything is not fair, it’s for us regular people not for the celebrity, who have much stronger support systems and hear a gazillion more compliments than we do.

        • I agree with you Adele. I have thought about this concept of ‘fairness’ plenty of times. Of course it’s not *nice* for anyone to be criticised, but if anyone should be able to take it, it’s a celebrity!

          As you say, they receive a huge amount of compensation for the relatively small amount (if very public) criticism they get – both financially and emotionally they are well taken care of. Most people do get some compliments in life, but can you imagine how much of a confidence boost it is to have people fawning over you as much as most celebrities are fawned over? When people probably tell you (either directly or indirectly through social media, etc) that you are beautiful and wonderful everyday, it would be a little easier to take the negative criticisms that go along with it. I’m not saying this excuses the extremely rude and offensive comments aimed at celebs – but picking them apart a little bit and stating your opinion about their appearance (when they obviously put a lot of their time and money into it) is not unwarranted, imo. If you put it out there, you have to be prepared to hear and consider the opinions of others – that is not to say it’s okay to be bullied or cruelly criticised because you ‘asked for it’ (that is something no one ever asks for or deserves, no matter how they dress/behave), but a few negative opinions are just part of having a public persona.

          Giuliana gets plenty of admiration for her appearance and her personality and she also dishes out plenty of judgement on her fellow celebs herself on Fashion Police, etc (and is an accomplice to the very mean-spirited Joan Rivers!). I don’t feel sorry for her, personally.

          • Candy M.

            Oh please, joan rivers is one of the smartest, funniest and most accomplished women in history. Just because she isn’t p.c doesnt make her mean

      • Lau

        And, despite what many fanatics may spout on this site, one cannot be severely underweight and be “healthy.” Just like one cannot be severely overweight and healthy.

        @Lola I agree with this. So many women on this website are delusional.

        • Candy M.

          except that 2 percent of the population is underweight as opposed to 2/3rd overweight. Not to mention that about 1-2 percent of people are ectomoprhs. statically speaking an underweight person is likely to be naturally underweight lau, such as myself and most the really skinny people i know. Lets stick to facts and logic- anywhere from half to a larger percent of thin people are naturally thin Lau, nobody is delusional here expect you. IDK if you odnt want to believe most thin people are naturally thin because you think its unfair or what, but your factually wrong.

          • Lau

            Why am I delusional? Just because you defend your body type, that doesn’t mean that certain facts aren’t true. First of all, I never oppose being naturaly thin, if you bothered to look at some of my other comments, you’d know that, instead of attacking someone straight away. Don’t argue with people just because you feel like it. Second, even if you are naturaly underweight, that can still be a health hazard. But whatever, don’t believe me, live your life any way you want, as long as you don’t attack people for no reason…

      • Leo agrees

        Women with a damaged psyche and a lack of self confidence criticise and view others through a microscope lens, very few care to admit it. It can be anyone they target, celebrity or non celebrity, including themselves. This state of mind is both scary and sad.

      • Lori

        Lola MD has spoken but too bad sshes talking out the side of her you know what. Your sentence, ‘to maintain being underweight, one must be eating pretty consistently in a calorie defecit’ I mean gimme a break maybe you would have to do that, I however eat more than most full grown men. And I am 16.8 BMI and in my forties and have always been underweight. I think some women know that some women are lucky and can eat like farm animals and still be thin even underweight BMI, and othhers just really understand how its possible. I know I look at most women and wonder how the hell they are the size they are, ILm genuinely clueless about how some woman aare so darn big, so I can believe that some women are also clueless to how some other woman are just so darn skinny. But its never, ever the skinniees who scream’you must be starving!’. We know bwtter. Point is if you dont know, you should shuttie.

        • Lau

          I think some women know that some women are lucky and can eat like farm animals and still be thin even underweight BMI

          No offense, but this comment just shows your lack of knowledge, perception and down right stupidity.

      • Lori

        Lola I meant, others just DONT understand how its possible.

      • amber

        This diatribe would be more effective on a post that featured a woman who didn’t earn her paycheck participating on a show that bashes and criticizes and rips apart fellow celebrities. And instead of an obscure site with anonymity and an audience of a couple hundred, its televised. So yeah, in this case, if she can dish it out but she can’t take it, she should find another career.

        • soph

          Totally agree with you Leo. There is nothing healthy about going online and ripping other girls to shreds. It’s damaging to both the celebrity and to other women who read it. I’m going to try and stop.

    • Casey

      You know, as someone whose body naturally falls into the underweight category, I tend to get peeved a lot when people bring in health arguments to simply state, “That person is too thin for my preference.” (since I was thin and perfectly healthy). I feel like people should just say that without trying to justify it via health.

      However, I really don’t think it’s outrageous to suggest it for Giuliana. It’s not just one thing about her, it’s everything: her chest, her butt, her thighs, her face, her shoulders, her arms, her shoulder blades…everything about her looks deprived. She may not be unhealthy right now, but she IS putting herself at health risks by maintaining a weight that is clearly not suited for her body.

      And I don’t think it’s a far stretch because she’s come out saying exactly how depriving her diet is…it’s not like she eats 2000 calories and she just happens to look this way like some women (although most thin/underweight women who are naturally so don’t look like this).

      I don’t understand why she does it because it just looks bad on her. She looks so bobble-headed and spindly. She’d look much better aesthetically with another 10-15 pounds.

      • Lau

        If you were so comfortable with your weight Candy, why are you so agressive with your comments sometimes? Also, many people are actualy geneticaly overweight, but are they healthy, just because they didn’t get that way with eating the wrong way? I hope you see my point.

    • snorky

      who said anything out of certainty about her health? Stop being so assuming, BO.

  • mary

    A tad too thin for my taste…shes got the bobble head thing going on, but shes always been super slender. Gotta admit I love those protruding collar bones, also like her hair style

  • tequilla

    i saw her picture from years ago and she was actually a cute, natural girl, stil very slim. imo now she looks like those before pictures of ex-anorexic girls stories you read about at the daily news.

  • Nene

    39 goin’ on 47.
    Her head is bigger than her body.
    Her arms look stringy.
    Her waist and hips are the same width which makes her shapeless.
    The dress makes her torso look boxier than usual.
    I love the colour of her dress though.

    Maybe if she lose a little more weight,she might stand a chance to make the Guniness World record for the skinniest female celeb.
    P.S: If I may ask,who has that record now?

  • Much like the Rebel Wilson post, no one here is likely to care about her health – nor can they know it’s status with any certainty.
    Yes, she’s very thin, unattractively so imo, but I’m not going to get all worried about her health. I think she would look better heavier, but I don’t know if she would be healthier. But, then again, she did post that info about her diet and that didn’t exactly seem healthy (either her mindset, or the nutrition)…

    Anyway, the dress is nice, but it accentuates how thin she is. I like her hair and make-up though. What’s with the ring?!

    • Casey

      Indeed Erica, although this is the one time when I think perhaps a celebrity is gambling with her health to stay thin.

      But I agree that no one’s shedding any tears right now.

      The most important thing that is prompting any lack of health remarks is just how bad she looks from a beauty standpoint. If she looked better, no one would be commenting on her health or lack thereof.

      • snoops

        I roll my eyes when people say they are “worried” for an overweight stars health. But at the same time seeing someone as thin and brittle as this lady makes me feel a sort of revulsion, I’m not sure if my reaction is stronger than other peoples because I used to look that way too, or if it’s just a normal reaction. But she really does make me uncomfortable. Morbidly obese stars like that sibede lady make me uncomfortable too, because she looks like she could have a heart attack at any moment and that freaks me out a bit. I would never say I am “worried” for their health,but I would say that both extremes are dangerous and unattractive.

  • siennagold

    She definitely is skinny but I like her dress. She looks good in it actually, despite the skinny frame.

  • neutra

    Whether she is that thin naturally or not, her lifestyle has definitely taken a toll on her face – she looks much, MUCH older than her actual age.

  • lc

    I know she has health issues (cancer, infertility, etc.), she has stated some in the past. So I’m not gong to comment on her figure. I don’t find her face that pretty, though.

  • marliellala

    I really like her because she seems to be smart and sweet. but she her face is harsh and not attractive to me. Her hair is wonderful and she needs to gain a few kilos.

  • CK

    if the photographs didn’t add some weight to a person i’d say that here Giuliana is too thin for my taste and maybe she has some problems but maybe she’s fine and its natural for her, i mean she has a small frame, however i think had i seen her in real life i’d think smth’s off with her, whether some health problems or she’s going through very tough time or is depressed due to some problems/tragedy in life ( i personally have tough time eating when i crash in another depression and i go from my normal thin to scary skinny), so who knows.
    As for dress as a whole – its ok, but the intricate detailing is beautiful.

  • Alexis Christine

    She looks so fragile… but not in a good way. I LOVE thin woman, but this just looks sad. She does not look healthy and her face looks so gaunt.

  • SoftballMom101

    Bill – for the LOVE OF GOD – force feed her if you have to. She looks like Emily from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.” Being healthy, thin and lean is one thing, but she does not look healthy.

  • Winnie

    i dunno why but i thought of Hopper from a Bug’s life when i looked at these pictures

    • lc

      Her face is kind of bug-gy/insect-y.

    • Alexis Christine

      This may sounds incredibly harsh but she has a praying mantis face…

  • Ale

    Upper body, arms shoulders collarbone all look normal to me, this is what my upper body lloks like. But she looks like shes got a slight stomach pouch and a flabby butt so, the bad kind of erases the good.

    • serena

      I suspect she does a lot of cardio but no strength training/weights. This gives her a skinny, but not fit looking physique, which is why people think she doesn’t look well. Plus she’s recovering from cancer!

  • retrobanana

    she is just looking thinner and thinner i remember she used to make cracks about victoria beckham and now her whole look is a dead copy of her…but she loosk liek a corpse to me and not even a pretty one she is so unattractive to me….too just a hollowed out nobody with a bad personality

  • D

    Sure, there are naturally thin women who are completely healthy. This is NOT Giulianas natural weight however – she has posted her food diary revealing she lives on grapefruit and a kashi bar essentially. There are pictures of her from a few years back where it shows she has always been slim… but she used to be slim in a slim/healthy-looking way… not like this by any means.

  • Gitta

    Her upper body looks fabulous! I too am like this, maybe more toned. But for me it is natural and so easy for me then to see for her it is not. Shame. No backside either.

  • Bonnie

    She definitely looks ill, and less attractive than she should, at this weight. She absolutely has eating issues, it’s all very sad. Just put on 10 lbs already, you’d look great!

    I also have skinny/bony arms and shoulders, since I have a BMI of 17 no matter what I do, but I look twice as healthy and vibrant.

  • Carla

    I like Giuliana and I feel sad looking at these pictures.

  • KMF

    I love this woman. However, she’s lost a lot more weight since she was told to gain 5 (lbs) by her fertility Doctor. She has publicized her daily diet intake & it’s just very little/ unhealthy.
    She’s really losing that natural radiance and looking, sadly, like a skeleton. On another note, stunning dress.

  • Lori in MD

    I think her arms and chest and stuff looks great, she could have a lil more muscle mass, but I agree with some others who say her upper portion is great. Its the bottom half that looks like shes got a lil stomach and her backside kind of looks soft. But I am older than she is, and my BMI is 16.8 and I am healthy and have always been. I would say the concern for who is healthy and who is not should be focused on the fatties in this country. God what a problem here. Everywhere I look I see fat people, I see six yr olds with more fat on em thann I have. But this woman is not natuarally thin. I can spot my own kind, and she is not one of them.

    • Cill

      exactly, I can spot our kind………even at a lower bmi, which means nothing btw. She is not naturally thin.

      • Candy M.

        yeah- miranda kerr, karlie kloss, alessandra ambrosio, alek wek, liya kedebe, hilary rhoda,oluchi onweagba, joan smalls. We work out and eat healthy to maximize our potential, but we all have a propensity for being thin and lean.

  • Lori

    Right BMI, just useless in our case. The nurses the so called health professionals who weigh me and give me a look and sometimes a little remark. Especially at my age I am in my forties. But its the educated good doctors Ive had who dont give it a second thought, they look at me and see Im healthy they dont question it. They are more educated for the most part, they know that everybody is different and are not so ignorant as to assume that a BMI under 18 is reason for hystericss.

    • Lisa

      When I went for eye surgery, I had skipped a few periods in the months before. The nurse eyed the chart then looked at me, and asked if there was “any reason for that?” Maybe the stress of the surgery, lady, not my size!

    • Lau

      So the doctors who don’t say anything or agree with you are smart, and the ones that don’t are ”stupid and educated”?
      This reminds me of high school logic. For a woman in her forties, you sure do act like you were in high school. I’d rather be the weight I am at now any day, than being underweight and not much upstairs.

  • Cristina

    Giuliana lacks so much self-awareness, it’s insane

  • amber

    I love how every time there’s a post of a very thin woman, there’s always a herd of women (gaggle?) exclaiming that its the fatties we should be worry about, because either they’re everywhere, or they’re more unhealthy, or because the kids are fat. Really, too fat people, too thin people, doesn’t matter. Proper diet and exercise will do everyone a world of good. And by exercise, I don’t mean cardio. EFF hours of cardio. More people, women especially, need to do less cardio and more strength training- heavy lifting won’t turn you into the incredible hulk unless you’ve a hidden pair of festivals somewhere, and even then it would take years if hard work and, likely, substance abuse. We, as a society, need to forget bmi, the scale, and all of that. We need to worry about the numbers that do indicate health, like body fat percent, lean muscle mass, resting heart rate, blood pressure. I wish we had more healthy, fit role models.

  • Alex

    To above, could have something to do with the fact that there are more overweight people in the US than underweight, I mean only 2% in the world or is it in the US? Idk, are underweight. 69% to 80% are overweight or obese at least in the US. Thats why some say the focus should be more with them, because there are much, much more overweight ones, than underweight ones. Not to mention being underweight while it does not guarantee health, it usually means less health problems than being overweight.

  • Lori

    I live in MD close to DC and there are so many overweight people here in this region, if I do see someone normal weight, its usually a kid. And even most of them are fat. And the thing is, so many preach this ‘its natural, it happens to all of us, it will happen to you too” kind of thing. I mean their denial runs deep, none of em, none want to do the work or push the plate away. But of course genetics plays a huge role as well, so not everyone is playing with the same hand so to speak. Plus most wome have kids, that also unevens things. But bottom line, most people lack discipline and self control. And thats why they are overweight or obese.

    • Lisa

      Is this a reply to someone? This is a weird lone post, lol.

      • Lori

        Yah reply to someone up there complaining about something cant remember now. But my comment was also what I see in Maryland as I live in the same city Gulianna is from and just felt like commenting because of that.

    • Mera

      Epigenetics plays a role.

      You should study the Dutch Hunger Famine

      Interesting stuff…

      Third trimester fetuses that were exposed to famine developed metabolisms that were super efficient at storing every calorie. Those children, thanks to the high sugar, high fat western diet, are now all mostly obesed and suffering from diabetes.

  • Candy M.

    You know on e where she is interviewing the celebs she looks more healthy and vibrant, plus the actual size of her arms are bigger than sofia vergaras when she interviewing her.

  • Hannah

    I honestly don’t think she looks too thin, she looks good!

  • karla

    Love her!, pretty, classy , a survivor

  • snugglepup

    So thin… Her skin looks like it’s just pulled over the bones. She might be small framed and naturally low fat etc. but this is more than that – nobody can be that thin without trying to be or being very ill. Just because it’s really unbeneficial for a woman to be that thin – may cause problems to reproduce, surviving chance is less and less the thinner you go, it can’t be by nature.

  • Tst

    What a gorgeous outfit. I want the same style for my bff wedding. She looks nice, I like this chick, looks genuine.

  • Pixie

    Luv Giuliana!! She’s a fellow breast cancer survivor!! Yes, she could stand to gain a few, but I still find her to be pretty and she has a great smile. From what I see on her tv show, she seems like a genuinely sweet person. Luv the hair too!!

  • Sheri

    Love the dress but I think she looks too skinny

  • Ajla R

    And yet people still say Victoria Beckham is the skinniest celeb ever..

    • Polly

      Yeah I know right, VB looks heavy compared Giuliana. As a Marylander, I like Giuliana, but I always felt she had body image problems, with cancer and infertility problems combined, she just looks very tired. I wish her well and peace with herself.

      • Ajla R

        Exactly. I don’t get why people still claim that Victoria is crazily skinny – she IS skinny, yeah, but compared to a LOT of celebs she is not that skinny. She might have seemed skinny back in the 90’s, but now she just looks like an average celebrity.

        And yes, Giuliana is pretty and I really like her, I’m just not a fan of her body.

  • LMH

    She has no glow. She looks tired.

  • Lisa

    This is a tired discussion. She’s been this way for years, and her eating habits and refusal to gain weight have been documented several times. I know this is a site about body types, but all of this speculation about her life is boring. We already know what she does, why post long tomes about it?

  • Eve

    I am okay with skinny when it is natural, she is just bobble head, i dont get it how this is beautiful. Just tad scary and trying to imagine how she looks in reality…

  • melt

    just sen her in this on the 360cam and omg those shoulderblades are protruding out of her back., shes beautiful but a lil too thin 🙂

  • GNat

    Lau, I am sorry you are unhappy with your weight. But your comments clearly reflect that and I would assk that you do not comment to me again Thanks.

  • Lora Alexis

    This woman is in dire need of some muscle & a bit of fat. Why anyone would strive to look like this is beyond comprehension.

  • Katie

    No no no no no. She’s do thin and unhealthy. Her cheeks are sunken in and she looks emaciated. Why doesn’t someone in her life help her?

  • raven

    she looks great

  • megs362

    I won’t lie – if I could take a pill and look like her I would sell my car, my house, my organs, and my grandmother to pay for it.


    I know from experience how completely horrific my life would have to become to be that weight again. Sooooo I will keep what I have instead.

  • Ivor Biggun

    I would %+@# Giuliana until my #@%+ fell off.

  • Katie

    My sister-in-law is 6’1″ and 110 pounds. She has always been thin her whole life and has spent countless years trying to gain weight but cannot. She eats a ton and is always hungry. STILL she has a full face. Her hair is healthy looking. She can run and do whatever else. This woman looks emaciated. Everywhere.

  • block

    She looks like a skeleton with skin draped around her.

  • Me

    Her head looks like ET.