Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn in a Swimsuit

goldie-hawn-in-a-swimsuit - Goldie Hawn in a Swimsuit

Looking great for 63!

I wonder if Kate Hudson will look the same in 35 years. Probably, but with a little more booty.

What do YOU have to say?

Check out more pictures of Goldie at the beach after the jump!

goldie-hawn-in-a-swimsuit-2 - Goldie Hawn in a Swimsuit

goldie-hawn-in-a-swimsuit-3 - Goldie Hawn in a Swimsuit

goldie-hawn-in-a-swimsuit-4 - Goldie Hawn in a Swimsuit

goldie-hawn-in-a-swimsuit-5 - Goldie Hawn in a Swimsuit

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • runner_girl

    She looks great for 63! Go Goldie!!!

  • e

    I’m agreeing w/ Runner! For 2 kids and 63, she is rockin’ it!

  • 63 years old? Looking great!

  • tony

    Go goldie,your still beautiful ; )

  • Julia

    She looks so great for 63!

  • Milla

    i’m nurse! and i am able to say….JESUS….she looks stunning! i mean, look at her legs!!!! F***!!! Fluffy hair is better for her, nearly anybody(any woman) looks terrible with wet hair like that! Without make up and airbrush, photoshop, I think she got the cake!!!! ^^