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  • Rita

    This (perfect) bikini body belongs to Gwyneth Paltrow!

  • Maggie

    Wow! I never liked her, but WOW – this body gave birth to 2 children! She looks amazing, like 20 years old girl!

    • Elina

      Well there’s not even many 20 year olds that can look like that!

    • brainlessblogger

      I know, I actually thought it was one of the 90210 girls or something. I never would have guessed that this body could belong to someone over 25.

      She looks fantastic!!

      • Eliza B

        Someone over 25? lol what? Yes 25 signals the onset of saggy old age. sheesh.

        • Casey

          Well yes. After 25-30, things do start sagging unless you’re genetically lucky or take good care of yourself. It does not signal old age but it does signal the beginning of sagginess. For someone with kids and her age, Gwyneth looks amazing and much younger than she is.

          • Eliza B

            I’m not arguing that Gwenyth looks phenomenal for any age, especially 38.

            25 though seriously? I’m 22 and an athlete, and unless you’re inactive and unhealthy I think 25 sounds a bit young for beginning to lose firmness. Maybe 29,30? Perhaps because of the general ill health and inactivity of the American culture (I’m assuming your American) that’s become more the norm, but it shouldn’t be.

          • Casey

            Well in general, things start changing once you enter your 30’s, regarding your body, in terms of muscle definition, protein storage, skin elasticity…etc I’m not saying all of a sudden you start to sag like you’re in your 50’s, but the process does start at that age and then continues over the next few decades.

            I live in America, but I was not born in America, I was born in Europe. The majority of people are of ill health, and are less active than they should be, whether they are Americans or otherwise. and it’s only getting worse in all countries. But I’m not necessarily talking about that, I’m talking about the natural decline of the body through a natural aging process.

          • Casey

            Oh I’m sorry, I missed the part of your comment where you said 25 is too young, and you’re thinking more like 30. I agree with you on that. I think the things I mentioned start happening around the age of 30, so I guess 25 would be a little too young.

          • b

            Shuttup, Eliza B.

          • I don’t think there is more inactivity in America than in Europe. I’m European, but I’ve been to America, and I see a lot of people running, biking, skating…

        • Kimberly

          I have to agree with you. As someone who’s in her late 30’s, I can tell you that the only thing that makes a woman sag before the age of 35 is having children or losing an extreme amount of weight. Other than that, sagging shouldn’t occur until your 30’s, IF you are taking care of yourself.

          P.S. I’m not including breasts though. Many things can make breasts sag in your 20’s.

          Gwyneth looks great by the way.

    • Rebecca

      she looks like that because she can afford a good trainer and probably personal chef

      • ajt

        She also looks like this because she puts in the work. I bet that if many women suddenly came into money they wouldn’t put the work in even if they could afford it.

        Being fit and healthy isn’t something that takes loads of money or trainers. It takes dedication to a certain lifestyle. As long as you are eating fairly clean and moving your butt you can look like this. Yes, having the money to do it and having the time (because it’s your job) makes it easier, but doesn’t give you the drive.

      • Katheryn

        she does Tracy Anderson Method—I got the dvds and my body shaped up like Gwyneth’s! It’s really the type of exercise you do. Oh, and the diet—very clean eating. Check out her website “GOOP”

  • lucy

    looking good. how old is she now?

  • Natalie

    Lucy- she’s 38 and has a body to die for! Seriously, she looks better than many girls in their 20s!

    • mia

      Dang, this 23 year old needs to get her butt in gear after looking at Gwyneth’s bikini bod. She looks stellar!

      • Eliza B

        Haha! Agreed (though I’m 22), love it when this site motivates me!

  • mel

    wow. perfect body.

  • snoops

    wow she looks AMAZING whatever she does to stay fit – I want to do it too!

    • emy

      Her trainer Tracy Anderson can crank out perfect bodies. I really think I need her books.
      But she does have some workouts up on her site so you can check it out.

      • snoops

        thanks emy! 🙂

    • she does look AMAZING. did not expect this 😉

    • Eliza B

      Start taking some ballet and pilates classes- that’s pretty much the basis of the Tracy Anderson method- a modified dance work out. I’m sure she has a DVD or place (website) where you can find her specific moves.

      Just think long, tone, lean, not heavy duty muscle bulking excercises. Also, these types of things work the inner and smll muscle groups, not the outer large groups, so it improves the way you look and move with balance, posture, strength in the right places, etc.

  • burckybear

    Fantastic figure, fantastic face and stunning bum
    What a women!

  • She looks perfect – waaaaay better than I do, and Im 23, I work out, eat healthily and have not given birth to 1 (or 2) babies… Not fair! 🙂

  • chelsea


  • Lynnn

    Nice body, look lean and natural, not too awkwardly toned, just naturally shaped.

  • emy

    a lot of her comments bug me but you cannot accuse this woman of letting herself go. She honestly has it all, great body, good family, acting talent, and now an amazing singing voice.
    Her trainer Tracy Anderson knows whats she’s doing. I’m picking up a copy of her book asap. She trained Shakira too, who also has a close to perfect body.

  • She looks good.

    I always thought she was a column but from these pics she looks like she’s built more along pear shaped lines (though it could just be the angle).

  • pixie

    Best bikini body i’ve seen so far. She looks amazing.

  • Mia

    she looks a lot stronger than I thought she would. With the amount of energy she puts into her body though, I would expect no less.

  • Britt

    Damn, didn’t she say she let herself go while shooting for that Country Strong movie? She looks amazing. Seriously thought this was someone in their early 20’s.

  • Sanne


  • Ophelie


  • k

    Holy God. Her body is unreal.

    I cannot believe she’s nearly 40 and has two kids. That’s it, I’m officially getting in shape for summer

  • Ximei

    OMG I thought it was some supermodel.Nice body !

  • Elina

    I thought it was AnnaLynne McCord. I should have known that it wasn’t though bcuz she is much more muscular. Anyways, Paltrow has a great body, very lean!

    • Hazal

      I thought it was AnnaLynne McCord too 🙂

    • mel

      I thought it was Annalynne too (or three)!

  • Sidney

    Awesome. I’m very surprised by her body, i was thinking something along the lines of Diane Kruger. I knew Gwyneth is / has been very particular about her diet and excercise, but she has always seemed like the more fragile, lanky type to me, maybe mildly toned but not this fit.

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    I wish I looked like that and I’m under 20. D:

  • Kate

    She works really hard with both diet and exercise. She also does in fact have model proportions. Love her and her website Goop.com.

  • Grey

    She must look good. Not a single negative comment so far ON THIS SITE.

  • st

    she looks amazing, seriously i feel ashamed and i’m 19 years old, god! this woman rock. i am jealous of her.

  • Priscila

    Amazing, wow.

  • kell

    wow that surprised me! she looks fantastic! not too toned, but looks in great shape! love when women look fit, but don’t look like they spend their lives in the gym.

    • jasminechz

      But she does spend her life in the gym. 2 hours/day, 6 days/week…

  • Kate

    woohoo go Gwyneth!

  • I’m surprised, what a great body! I guessed it didn’t belong to a model, but expected a younger celeb with a consensually fab body, haha.

  • Nina

    She looks good from the side but from the front she lacks waist definition. Anyway, I hate this women…so pretentious.

  • She looks amazing! Her body is pretty much perfect!

  • Annie

    Good for her, and way to represent us mommies, Gywneth! It IS possible to be over 40 (although I think she’s younger), have given birth, and still be in shape. It takes eating clean, lifting weights and doing some cardio. I look better now than I did in my twenties.

  • So great! I’m very very impressed! How tall is gwen?

    • Lia

      I think she’s around 5’9 or even 5’10 …I remember reading that in some sort of magazine (;

  • amazing i thought it was anna-lynne o0, she looks fantastic, im gna do whatever shes doing lol… does any1 know what that is!!!!

    • Elina

      She’s trained by Tracy Anderson and I’m sure her eating is very clean and healthy.

      • ooo thanx 😉 im sure its crazy difficult to get where she is tho lol but she really looks fantastic!!!

  • she looks amazing! didn’t think it was her at all

  • k

    It’s so silly, but I literally just ordered Tracy Anderson’s new book online because of these pics!

    • I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all. 🙂 And I’m pretty sure you’re not alone!

      • I meant to say silly instead of ridiculous.

        • solaxia


  • Mary

    She really looks amazing! for years I never thought this woman was anything special, kind of plain boring with no interesting looks…but lately i’ve found her really stylish ( I always like her looks) and she looks really young and fit! Her personal trainer is Tracy Anderson, which I googled just this morning (cause I want that body too when I reach 38!) . In spite of the criticism she suffers around the fitness world, most women are very happy with the results of her work. I think I’m gonna try it, she posts workouts on youtube!

  • karla

    she looks amazing .

  • Mrs Darcy

    Dang, I’m shocked too. Gywneth always looks nice in clothes but I’m pleasantly surprised by how lean and healthy she looks a in a bikini too, not emaciated or anything. Strong fit legs, and a taut tummy!!

  • et moi

    wow, This shocked the crap out of me! Who knew she had such a rockin’ body? Wow! I thought Katherine Mcphee. . .

  • Thank you! haha 🙂

  • Wooow! My dream body! damn

  • JEN

    Huh, I am think with larger natural boobs and a regular person butt (with cellulite)…and yes, gravity kicks in 25 or so, at least in my opinion…..

  • i never thought that she was that skinny and bonny ! wow ! she is really thin !

  • amazon

    she is a walking advert for clean eating and hard sweating! i’ve never at any stage ever looked even close to this, but in defense of my fellow 30 somethings I don’t think i can blame age! i have friends with perky gravity defying boobs despite breast feeding, friends with silky perfect skin and friends with gorgeous long lean low fat lines. Everyone has something to feel good about, still looking at Gwynnie it is rare that you get to feel good about EVERYTHING. me, I have nice…feet 🙂

  • gaby

    her name is in the tag 🙂

  • Jemima98

    She looks great!

  • Anne

    wow she has an amazing body,,, too bad about the rest of her 😛

  • mel

    Thought it was Annalynne at first, she looks absolutely fantastic. Perfect skin, perfect legs, gorgeous face. This woman has it all. I can only hope to look like that when I’m 40! I didn’t expect her to look great in a bikini, I thought she was more of a clothes person, but she really rocks both. That color is beautiful on her, she has great muscle tone, and she’s an example of an older celebrity who is slim but still looks very young because she seems naturally that way and therefore still has a bit of meat on her. Perfect.

  • Nina

    I actually knew it was someone around 40 because of the hands.

  • Polly

    I was thinking Gisele?… She looks great is an understatement.

  • Wow, just wow. Her legs look super fantastic. I hope I get to look that good when I’m cose to 40. Crazy!!! She’s so much more tone than her lankiness in clothes let’s us see, even when she rocks the mini’s she always looked vaguely fragile. Now she looks like she could kick some vooty. You go girl

    • LOl, not vooty…booty. Damn hyper caffeinated typing

  • Ashes

    She looks stunning for any age. However, when you consider how old she is, that makes it even more remarkable!

  • Sheridan

    WOW she looks amazing! Perfect body! Definitely my gymspiration for today

  • kell

    SkinnyVsCurvy, post the pictures of padma (top chef) on the beach from this week. She’s 40 and looks AMAZING!!!!!! Better than Gweneth for sure.

  • kell

    I showed my boyfriend these picture to guess how old the body was and he goes “ummm well, the saggy butt is giving it away”

    • Ramie

      what saggy butt? picky picky.

  • damn. never thought gweneth was attractive but her body is looking good. when you stay in shape for years and have two kids, this could be your body. hope i look good in my late 30s, early 40s.

  • ddkh

    tracy anderson is the best workout ever… been doing it just over a month and for sure see awesome results… tracy is her trainer. recommend the metamorphosis to all of you who want gwenyths body.. trust me you WILL get it if you follow tracys method, http://www.tracyandersonmethod.com Good luck!!!

  • Cristina

    Everyone said it already, but i have to say it too, she looks amazing. I had no idea she has such a great body. I still don’t like her, though 😀

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  • She looks amazing 🙂