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Gwyneth Paltrow Is People Mag’s ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ in 2013

goop - Gwyneth Paltrow Is People Mag’s ‘World's Most Beautiful Woman’ in 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow was declared ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ by People Magazine – let’s hear their explanation:

She may be PEOPLE’s 2013 Most Beautiful Woman but Gwyneth Paltrow insists her kids, Apple, 8, and Moses, 7, don’t see her as anything but mom.

Around the house, I’m in jeans and a T-shirt. I don’t really wear makeup. That’s what they’re used to,” she says. As for her husband, Chris Martin, “He’ll make a joke about it. If I’ve gotten fully dressed up, he’ll be like, ‘Oh, wow! You’re Gwyneth Paltrow!’ Because he’s used to seeing me in like baggy shorts and frizzy hair.”

And Paltrow wouldn’t have it any other way. With her second cookbook, It’s All Good, debuting at No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list and her next film, Iron Man 3, hitting theaters on May 3, Paltrow credits her workout routine for keeping her looking youthful and less tired.

“It makes me look younger and feel strong,” says the actress, who does the Tracy Anderson Method five days a week. “When I first started, I thought, ‘I’ll never be good at this. This is a nightmare!’ But now it’s like brushing my teeth, I just do it.”

More importantly, she hopes to instill a good body image in both her kids, especially now that her daughter is starting to become interested in things like makeup. “When we’re home sometimes, she’ll put on mascara. And sometimes I’ll let her wear something out to dinner – but just a little dab,” she says.

“Also having a father who adores you the way that he adores her is very good for your body image. The more we can love her and let her be who she is, the more confident she’ll feel.”

Quite an interesting choice, considering that Gwyneth was recently selected by Star Magazine as ‘The Most Hated Celebrity’!

What do you guys think?


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  • Pixie


  • Avelyn

    -end of comment-

  • HB

    I know she’s annoying, but she’s truly beautiful. I watched Shakespeare in Love recently and found her stunning!

    • cloud9

      truly beautiful? come on, even if she WAS even kinda pretty, her inner ugliness makes her unbearable. the fact that she isn’t even cute and ages really poorly makes this magazine utter shite. ew. she is gross.

      • HB

        Different strokes for different folks 🙂

        • Magda

          Yep totally !
          My parents come from Algeria and where I live in Paris everyone is around 5’3, brunettes with black eyes and olive skin.
          She looks Norwegian to me, especially on the cover.
          Tall blondes with blue/green eyes, freckles and fair skins are the best to me.

          • Leanna

            That’s funny, I’m from Norway (brunette though), I guess there is a lot of tall, blonde girls here.. I’m used to seeing them everywhere, don’t think about it untill someone mentions it. But after living abroad for some years, I’ve realized it’s REALLY easy to spot the Norwegian tourists, always wearing a raincoat, preferrably by Bergans or Norrøna 😮

          • HB

            Yeah, for me there’s just something simply lovely about the way her features come together. Her brow area, eyes, lips. Plus she has a really long neck, which you see in profile a lot in the movie I mentioned.

    • Dee

      I watched her recently in View From The Top and thought she was stunning. Her body looked great in that movie.

  • Liv

    Um I just laughed so hard I pooped when I read the headline… I believe that sums up how I feel, in all ways.

  • Emily

    Amanda Knox in the top right corner is more attractive.

    • mary

      agreed, in fact she far better looking. hilarious.

    • Deni

      I’ve always thought Amanda Know is absolutely gorgeous.

      • Deni

        Knox* :@

      • serena

        Haha I agree with both of you – Amanda is quite pretty – not saying I’d want her as a roommate, but Goopy is pretty annoying too 😀

  • 22franzs

    What about Charlize Theron, Olivia Wilde or Adriana Lima? Gwyneth’s pretty but come on. This is all publicity crap.

  • Natalia

    An ex. of what I said before…the magazines know the majority of women are average, so they tout an average celebrity as ‘most beautiful’, hence, selling a lot of magazines, making a lot of money. Just comical.

    • Casey

      I agree with you that magazine covers feature random celebrities as most beautiful, not those who are actually very beautiful, but I disagree it’s because they’re trying to appeal to the average fanbase.

      It’s business and politics. GP’s Public Relations company met with the magazine editors/public relations and arranged this. It’s not a coincidence that “Hottest Celebrity” lists always features whoever is currently popular at that moment (aka has a really hard-working PR team atm).

      I also disagree that average people are more drawn to average celebrities than beautiful celebrities. There is something to be said about average celebrities being an esteem booster, but, I would say overall, people are more drawn to beautiful people, whatever that may mean for them.

      • Natalia

        Hey Casey,,,,,,,,,yeah, was just discussing this w/ lc….

      • serena

        But Casey, Gwyneth is not popular at all – she is one of the most hated celebrities out there! My honest thought was she paid off People magazine.

        And Natalia, Gwyneth is like 5’9″ size 2, she is not average…though I don’t like her, too bland for me. I guess attractive but not beautiful. People is a gossip not fashion magazine.

        • Natalia

          Average looking face & body, not average height & weight….there’s a difference.

        • Casey

          But she has a new book or movie out or something, so her PR team is working overtime. 😛

        • HB

          Yeah, but popular these days doesn’t necessarily mean “well-liked,” it just means… very present, I guess? You see Gwyneth everywhere. I think that’s what Casey meant by popular.

  • LC

    Ok, I’ll give her credit for her last statement, and I admit she’s beautiful, but just SHUT UP ALREADY! She’s becoming more annoying than the Kardashians…everytime I see one of her quotes my skin starts itching. I can’t understand how Chris Martin hasn’t filed for a divorce, he seems so…normal and cool.

    • Hazal

      “I can’t understand how Chris Martin hasn’t filed for a divorce, he seems so…normal and cool.”

      As mean as it sounds: I always ask myself the same question.

  • brebre

    Her publicist must of put in major overtime to pull this one off. Sorry, but no.

  • sarah

    That was a funny joke,but let’s get serious now.

  • I don’t like Gwyneth’s persona at all, I still think she’s pretty though – but in a generic sort of way. It’s just her smugness that makes her unattractive to me – I can think of so many women who are more beautiful both inside and out, to be honest. But these things are always laughable – I rarely agree with them!

  • silvy

    hahah I am now TOTALLY convinced that these most beautiful lists have nothing to do with a womans beauty inside or out, it is all about what big movie is coming out that they need to promote. All media is tied together. Iron man’s production company probably had the last say as to who made number 1.

  • silvy

    should have been kerry washington

    • Aafje

      Yessss she is so pretty

    • Indigo Lace

      Totally agree.

  • lc


    • Natalia

      I know…..I wonder how much is ‘connections’, like, do these celebrities know people at the magazines, or do they pay for this title, or is as my hypothesis postulates……the magazines just know that average people are more relatable and i.e. more profitable for them…..I know some celebrities like beyonce actually contacted VS and asked to be in the magazine, along w/ others, and was declined w/ a letter…I really wonder about this though……is it money? connections? or is it ALL the magazines idea.

      • MerryHappy

        This is definitely her publicist helping get her some press for Iron Man 3

      • lc

        Hmm definitely connections I think! lol

      • Aafje

        It is always this way with “most beautiful blah blah” and “sexiest man blah” lists. It is whoever has a Big Thing coming out + a good PR team

  • Nikki


  • JaneParker

    Knowing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, this beholder doesn’t find her pretty at all. Just plain and boring. Boring body, face, hair, I even think her skintone is boring, and I like pale, but on her… boredom overload. Is she ugly? No. But I think every single one of my friends and most girls I know would blow her out of the water. Including myself, honestly, at least face wise. A lot of celebrities are popping into my head right now, and I find all of them prettier than Gwyneth. Don’t agree with this choice one bit. But again, just my opinion.

  • retrobanana

    eeeeeeew gag and choke….id rather have beyonce and her fake pregnancy making out with amanda bynes strattling lindsay lohan win most beautiful

  • dancer


  • tequilla

    ok she is not even beautifull imo! maybe a pretty milf, but annyway with that personality..not so much.

  • Ozge

    Do you remember when she became famous for being the girlfriend of Brad Pitt and getting critisized about being so average next to her stunning boyfriend! So even back then, when she was living her prime, she wasn’t considered all that pretty. No way she is the most beautiful now! This must be a typo, correct title should be most annoying!

  • mary

    wow…oh people magazine you never fail to amaze. they are notorious for picking average looking people for their most beautiful list. nothing new here.

  • blee

    I think she is such a timeless beauty, but apparently i am the only one

    • Ysatis

      No you’re not the only one. I find her beautiful. Kerry Washington should have won though, she’s my girl crush.

      • JN1976

        ditto though i think she won more bc of PR and thus Kerry or someone else shlda won, im still a fan most of the time

  • happygolucky

    The worst of this is what it will do to her already bloated ego.

    • Emilia

      same thought haha well let her have that in her little universe

  • Gsl

    My mom is the most beautiful. Take that, Gwyneth.

    • tellmewhatyouwant


  • snugglepup

    Yeah…… she’s alright I guess 😀 I like that last remark about fathers and daughters tho, that’s true.

  • Kik

    When Beyonce was named the most beautiful, no one laughed. Everybody praised her thick tights and bleached hair. Now Gwyneth became a laughing stock, although she is fit and beautiful in her own unique way.

  • Calia


  • Emilia

    hahahaha whats this for a magazin?haha definetly a magazin u cant take seriously

  • serena

    These lists are so foolish, I can never take them seriously. Gwyneth is in good shape and attractive but not what I consider ‘beautiful’ – too bland. I could list 100 women I find more beautiful than her – all types from tall dark Adriana Lima to petite blonde Amanda Seyfried – I guess tastes vary.

    • Debbs

      Adriana Lima has to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. If she topped these lists every year, I would be satisfied lol.

      • Miss x

        Adriana and Doutzen:)

        • Indigo Lace


  • binks

    Okay…personally I don’t get into the debate with these titles. I’ am sure there is a lot of thought that goes into why they pick the person based on not only looks but career/status and power in Hollywood and beauty is subjective so…

  • Debbs

    Great, just what her ego needed.

    • kim

      my thoughts EXACTLY!!

  • TonyFae

    …. Oh god lol.

  • heathers

    I enjoy that she seems hands on as a Mom and thoughtful of how she is raising her children. She’s beautiful to me in a natural way… like the Mom at school who can be in lulu’s and sneakers but still looks pulled together but she’s not like a “classic beauty”. in my opinion.

  • B.

    For God’s sake, she’s not even relevant today…

  • B.

    “Around the house, I’m in jeans and a T-shirt”. Is that supposed to sound down to earth or something? lol

  • Heather

    Why can’t Lauren Graham be the most beautiful woman? I adore her….Gwyneth…not so much.

  • haha

    Wearing mascara at 8? Isn’t it a bit young?

    • Avelyn

      guess that depends on the family/person. my bff wasn’t allowed to wear makeup or red clothing (seriously) until she was 16. my sister and I were pretty “normal” I guess. we’d play dress up & stuff at home as little kids but we didn’t start getting into fashion and makeup until highschool

  • Layla Bach

    Is it just me or do couples start looking like each other after a while? I see Chris Martin in her face. How is Charlize Theron not the most beautiful????

  • Hana


    HATER-ADE in the water…. Unlike average people, I do not get jealous of GORGEOUS, PERFECT, INTELLIGENT, TALENTED and BLESSED women.

    I admire her. She has grace, work-ethic, and just because she comes from privilege doesn’t mean she’s a snob etc…

    That’s the regular person hating on the elite. This woman has inspired me to continue to grow and Perfect myself for over a decade.

    GO GWYNETH. You are the most beautiful (subjective!) and your poise and class are not lost on me.

    Here’s to tall skinny beautiful kind hardworking sweet cultured elegant women everywhere!!!!!!

    Every one else go look in the mirror…

    • D

      Gwyneth? Is that you…??

    • Debbs


    • lux

      You be trolling…
      no way can you be serous with this post??

      • Hana

        I am serious… Not everyone has to hate on perfect people.

        I feel bad for her that middle America is so insecure they bash someone so gorgeous and wonderful!

  • Teiku

    I cant’ help but roll my eyes every time some tabloid or website calls one woman “the most beautiful in the world”. Even when it’s someone really stunning, like Monica Bellucci or Aishwarya Rai. Those kind of titles are just ridiculous.

  • Sidney

    I actually think she’s quite pretty. Not stunning, not the prettiest, but i wouldn’t hate to look like her. Reading comments on the internet almost makes it seem like she is really unfortunately ugly, but i think that’s in big part because she’s so full of herself and a bit of an annoying person. I doubt people would be so harsh on someone nicer who looked like her. (not that she would be said to be the most beautiful thing ever, but perhaps there wouldn’t be so much of that harsh harsh critique) All that said, i do think she was a really weird choice for the most beautiful woman. I can usually sort of see why they chose a particular person, someone quite popular at the moment and hot stuff bc of their advertising value, and someone quite good looking, often sexy. She seems like a really random choice, she’s been around for forever, she hasn’t become any better looking and she isn’t doing anything super interesting that would peak the interest of the public. Yeah, congrats to her PR team…

  • Flora

    Not a fan at all. She comes across as very unlikeable in everything I’ve ever read about her, and I think there are many much more beautiful women out there. Eugh, poor choice.

  • sophie

    she’s not even the most beautiful woman on that cover, who picks these things?!

  • anon

    i don’t get all the hate with this woman. i think shes a wonderful actress and a good mom and she is pretty with a nice toned body. whatsup with the hate?

    • Hana

      Thank goodness for a sane and secure person! I agree…

  • D

    She has a movie coming out, so maybe hottest in terms of up-and-coming films (her team is trying to generate publicity basically). That being said, hey… beauty is subjective so maybe this is People magazines idea of beauty. Nothing wrong with that. Do I think she is most beautiful? Nope. But who I would put on the cover is going to differ from who my next door neighbour would put on the cover, etc.

  • Lolly

    I think she’s very pretty on a generic way. Like I would see her on the wall in the Sears optical studio sporting glasses.

  • Natalia

    Absolutely……….like ‘black kitty’ btw.

  • LaliD

    I use to love her then I read an article in vanity fair, it was an interview with her and MY GOODNESS she is so annoying and talked about how she “looked like a linebacker” after that I was done with her… sorry but there are much more beautiful women out there.

  • jenna

    I read somewhere that just a few days ago, another celebrity mag just named her the “Most Hated Celebrity” (that magazine went off reader votes).
    THAT seems more likely than finding out that she’s been named “Most Beautiful Woman of 2013”.

  • vanessa

    NO! I don’t have anything against this women, not sure why she is so hated, BUT… come on they couldn’t find anyone else who is more beautiful than Gweneth Paltrow!. It is called “WORLDS most beautiful woman” and yet somehow they decide to chose the most generic looking blonde women ever. Sorry but compared to others who are mixed ethnicity, people who look like adriana lima, or even Christina Hendricks. There are so many others who are more beautiful than this women.
    She is generic looking in my opinion. not ugly, but not beautiful either. Meh.. I think because the new Iron Man is coming out soon that had something to do with it.

  • Miss x

    Where are the lines on her forehead?

  • La la la la

    she makes some really dumb comments, and has some baffling viewpoints, but i also like some of the things she says and find her beautiful

  • ellentjie

    Does anyone else notice someone wins “Most Beautiful something” around the time a new movie is being promoted? Something smells fishy…

  • Angela

    Lol just from glancing at the target checkouts, I see this issue is NOT selling well. Gwyn is by no means ugly, but it was ridiculous to put her on this cover. Obvious PR promotion of her movie

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  • Cory

    She’s so plain and homely. To be honest, this is the type of woman I probably wouldn’t even notice while out and about, or if I did notice, wouldn’t remember. Her acting puts me to sleep too. She’s a dud, lol.