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Halle Berry Brings the Quote of the Day

#6251759 Halle Berry hits the beach with her daughter Nahla Aubry in Malibu, CA on December 12, 2010 where the little Nahla enjoyed the sudden heat wave of Los Angeles, Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

“I see it happening and there’s nothing I can do about it. I want to fight it, I want to punch it out, get mad at it and argue with it, but gravity says, ‘I’m coming and I’m coming to get you!”

… says Halle.

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  • Rebecca

    This is so depressing! I’m 19 and already worrying about the surgery i’m gonna need when i get old!

    • Mia

      how do you know she’s talking about aging? i thought she was talking about doing laundry…I feel the same way about it.

    • you dont NEED any surgery, maybe you want to, but please don’t. You should age naturaly and beautify rahter than become plastic. You think Heidi Montag would look good at her 40,50 or 60s? Don’t think so.

    • kiki

      omg I know right! I’m 19 as well and if someone as gorgeous as Halle is having trouble aging, I worry about how I’ll be lol

    • padme

      The surgery you’ll NEED? lol there is such a thing as aging gracefully. Most normal people don’t get plastic surgery just because they get old.

  • Kt

    well i think that bikini top she is wearing is doing a great job of at least helping fight the appearance of gravity!!
    She looks so good for her age!!

    I’m only 27 and I swear, everynow and then I’ll go, “hey where did that wrinkle come from, wasn’t there before..” or “I’m sure my boobs looked better in this dress last time i wore it…”
    hate to think what i’ll be like at Halle’s age LOL

  • Sagging breasts are actually beneficial which is why when most women have kids their breasts sag, it’s because when you’re breast feeding it’s easier or something to breast feed your child in an easy position. If your breasts were always perky or standing high then breast feeding would be an even more a chore because your arms would be super sore from holding the baby up while breast feeding or the baby would have to be sitting/standing while feeding…which would def be hard since well you know. I think women should understand their bodies and what and why their functions are it would or it could help them and society more accept them and not have unrealistic UNATURAL goals for women.

    • Even her body did sag she’d still look hot.

  • Dookie

    She looks better than 98% of women half her age, so I don’t think she has anything to worry about. Her boobs are less saggy than mine and I’m 24!

    • same here…
      I wish I had her body at her age… her even now, at 24

  • flossy

    I want to look like Halle now before I get to her age she’s amazing and her daughter is soooooo adorable.

  • Nessa

    everyone gets older, everybody’s body changes. You can’t fight it unless you get surgery. She isn’t getting any younger.

  • pixie

    I don’t think Halle has anything to worry about. She has such a great body, and i don’t see any sign of gravity taking over. As long as she keeps taking good care of herself, she will continue to be hotter than alot of 20 somethings.

  • brainlessblogger

    She has the sexiest body type ever! perfect shape and proportions. Skittle I think…

    • Evelina

      Most Defintley!

    • I’ve heard skittle as well but I personally think she’s an hourglass. Her proportions seem very even to me and her thighs don’t steal the show (like mine do!)

  • Emmie

    Her figure is gorgeous. She’s just a gorgeous person though, in my opinion. Face, body, spirit. She’s one of my favourite actresses, certainly.

  • Hell yeah she rocks!! when she’s 170yr and 10x old as me, she will still look 10x as gorgeous as me while im 17. okay that is a wrong estimation, she will look 130^3 times better!!

  • Futon Fighter

    I don’t know, there are a lot of women who never get to look like that. If you’ve had a good 10-30 years just say thank God for the opportunity and move on.

    It’s not like this doesn’t happen to everyone – including the people who never got the opportunity to be Vogue material.

  • I like Halley

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