Halle Berry

Halle Berry Shines at Spike TV’s Scream Awards

Halle Berry Shines at Spike TV's Scream Awards

Halle Berry looked fabulous at Spike TV’s Scream Awards, where she wore a eye-catching short dress with a generous cleavage and lots of shine.

How do you like Halle’s look at this event?

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  • Alex

    She just have one of the most enviable bodies; she’s beautiful. She probably works really hard for it too. I’ve always liked her, and when you listen to her talk she doesn’t sound like an airhead.

    I do like her look better when her hair is longer, though she is one of the few people who can do short hair well.

  • Jen

    Absolute perfection! I would love to know her workout routine.

  • Sims

    She’s so beautiful and thin! I’m wearing a Catwoman costume for Halloween because when I saw the movie again this past weekend I was like “I’m going to TRY to be as fit and sexy as Halle is!” I love her gold dress, she’s just beautiful and classy, I hope her daughter will be the same.

    • artemis

      i love catwoman too <3

  • udkcoco

    She’s so gorgeous and has a great body 🙂 I love that you can tell she’s fit.

  • wohoofiona

    absolute beauty

  • P.

    I LOVE her body, what do you think is her weight right now???????

    • Well.. she’s 5ft 6 .. so i think her weight is about 130-135 pounds. she is thin with muscle. very toned. very beautiful.

      • Cristina

        130 lbs? no way!! 120 sounds more likely, and even that i am not sure.

        • Moi

          actually it is possible that she might be around 120-125
          i’m a black girl and to be honest we weigh way much more than we look.

          • Ysatis

            It has nothing to do with being black or red or blue, and to be honest Halle is mixed raced anyways.

            Halle could weight a bit more than she looks because she is toned, she does have a nice bit of muscle mass in her legs.

      • C’mon people. Berry’s looking hot here! Let’s not spoil it with aimless guesses as to how much she weighs.

  • Vivi

    I would go gay for her. Just putting that out there.

    • Sands

      ha ha yes me too 😀

      When I saw the pictures I was thinking holy crap she’s amazing, hotter than women half her age.

      • princessdi

        yep, me three…she is a total babe! she has curves in all the right places…way better then any skinny young girl in hollywood…and her face…to die for…she would look good w no hair at all!

    • Debbie

      Well, I wouldn’t go gay for her, but I’d def go bi. LMAO

  • EllaLaLa

    I always find her beautiful and think she is one of the few women who can truly pull off short hair without looking a bit boyish in the face.

    Would you lot agree she is an hourglass, or would you say she is a vase or something else?

    • Ivory

      I read on one website she is a skittle? But I’m not sure if thats true, but she does have some curve to her legs.

  • Princess

    What a woman! she`s so pretty and that body is just perfect.
    Love the dress and those Louboutins heels

  • MNG

    I hate the dress by itself, but she makes it look great!

  • oh yeah she does shine, in every sens of the word; she’s a talented, beautiful actress who blows you away as much on screen as in that sparkly golden dress.

  • Sidney

    I don’t really like her as an actress, it has to do more with the crappy movies i’ve seen from her than her talent though. So that takes some of my admiration off, but she’s still a truly gorgeous woman. Her body looks so in proportion and feminine, meaty yet thin and muscular, it’s genes of course for the most part, but still, i admire her looks bc it’s easy to just get skinny. I like the dress, on her, with her dark skintone and shorthaircut it somehow doesn’t look overly sparkly to me, i think i’d pretty much loathe it if i saw it hanging on the rack.

    • Sidney

      (sparkly as in girly babriedoll, the haircut doesn’t have anything to do with the actual sparkliness 😀 )

  • sirtet

    looking at all these comments, she is possibly one of the only celebs that is universally appealing. usually on this site, there is always a fraction who will think the person is kinda bleh.

    • Erica

      That’s true – she’s hard to criticise even for the most judgemental of us!

    • padme

      Well I’ve always thought she’s seriously overrated. Not ugly or anything, just averagely pretty.

  • Katy

    her body is perfect, and I love her with short hair!

  • lc

    She looks okay. Nothing spectacular, but not hideous.

  • Calro

    She is beautiful, and naturally so (she looks great without any makeup too) and a great example of healthy curves even though her body type and size is most likely the genetic lottery.

  • she looks gorgeous!!!

  • nannou

    Nothing wrong with that! 8D

  • CK

    she’s beautiful, her body is amazing
    i am not a fan of this haircut, she looks good with any hair length but if it comes to short the best version of hair cut was the one she had in Cat-woman movie.

  • mel

    Wow! Usually I’m not a fan of curvier bodies (I favor the modelesque type), but I’ve got to say she looks absolutely fantastic. I love how she looks toned and has just enough meat to look shapely without being thick.

  • Gorgeous woman!! Amazing body!!

  • Absolutely gorgeous

  • maddie

    probably the closest too my body type….except i have slightly less boob and thigh……….

    she looks good though…..i actually prefer her with long her but she suits any hairstyle really…

    • mel

      You are very lucky then, I think a (slightly) slimmer/less curvy version of her would be even more gorgeous.

      • CurvesRule

        Amazing that you could look at one of the most gorgeous and sexy women walking this planet, who is relatively slim already, and think that a slimmer version of her would be better.

        Sounds like you have swallowed the fashion and fitness magazine cool aid that says that slimmer is always better.

        I hope that Halle herself never thinks that way.

        • mel

          When did I say that slimmer is always better? I just said that it was my preference – hence the words “I think.” I never said she was fat in any way, I just tend to favor modelesque bodies, and that doesn’t have anything to do with me being brainwashed by the media. It’s just my aesthetic preference. And if you saw my previous comment, I mentioned that although I usually love very slim bodies, I think Halle looks absolutely gorgeous. I don’t see why my comment is at all offensive – I even said slightly slimmer – and by that I meant less curvy, not that she needed to lose weight.

          • CurverRule

            Mel, no offense taken from your comment as it is your opinion. You like the slimmer “modelesque” type of body, so you think that Halle Berry would be even more gorgeous if she were more like that. That means that you think that slimmer would be better, even for a totally hottie like Halle. Is that not an accurate representation of your position.

          • mel

            OK, I don’t think you get what I’m trying to say. I don’t think Halle Berry herself would be more gorgeous if she was like that – I don’t know, she’s somehow perfect as she is. Hence, my comment above saying that she is beautiful, looks fantastic, etc. I don’t want her to lose weight, and I never said that she needed to. It’s like, for example, you think someone is really hot, even though they are totally not your type usually. That doesn’t mean you want them to “change” into your type, obviously, because you think they are perfect the way they are, and it’s even that uniqueness that makes them so appealing. Basically, I like slimmer bodies in general, but not on Halle – saying that I would want her to slim down would imply that she is fat, which she isn’t. Objectively, however, I do prefer body types more like Jessica Alba’s. I never said I thought slimmer was ALWAYS better. In a lot of cases, it isn’t, especially if it wouldn’t look right on them, just like it wouldn’t on Halle. But if someone had a naturally smaller frame (not thinner, just smaller bone structure) that would be fine too.

  • Sheridan

    WOW! She looks amazing!!! And she looks great with short or long hair. She has one of my fav bodies but it looks like she works for it.

  • Sheridan

    I was going to skip the gym today but now i think i’ll go :S

  • nessa

    does this women age? seriously she looks exactly the same as 10 years ago.

  • kim

    she has a perfect body! i’m obsessed and i want to be her!

  • Mirabela

    Simply … Gorgeous! Like always. 😉

  • lp23

    She is 44 as well.
    Has aged well.

  • Minik

    She ages so incredibly well, really she is so stunning. Beautiful face and body! (And her daughter is soo cute^^)

  • ric

    I don’ think I’ve ever seen her look even a little bad. Truly beautiful.

  • gabrielle

    gorgeous. awesome.

  • Casey

    What a woman and what a body! Very proportional, curvy, meaty (but in the right places), and fit. And then a beautiful face to top it off. Is there anyone not jealous of Halle Berry? 🙂

  • She’s always been an ultimate beauty. Amazing body, gorgeous face and sweet personality. She looks great here and I like that she looks good for her age rather than young for her age as most celebs in their 50s are looking.

    • Raquel

      I agree with you. Stop trying to look younger and just be a bangin’ whatever age you are.

  • Raquel

    I hate her! LOL Just joking. I’ve never been jealous of her and could never understand why so many women hate her so much. Sometimes you just have to admit it when a woman looks that good and she does. I for one kind of look to her to judge rather I’d be able to pull somthing off. We have the same shape just mines is more made up of softer curves.(no rolls or dimples just a softer version of her) I just don’t have motivation to work out.LOL She’s beautiful as always in my book.

  • BronzeGlamazon

    Halle has aged beautifully, as many women of color do. Also @Ip23, I agree her muscle tone and weight has nothing to do with her race. Yet don’t be silly in the society to which she belongs, she and they (the U.S) considers her to be a Black woman. Get over it.

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