Hayden Panettiere, Makeover or Makeunder?

Hayden Panettiere’s New Look – Makeover or Makeunder?

Haydens-hair - Hayden Panettiere's New Look - Makeover or Makeunder?

Not a dramatic change, but enough to be noticed: Hayden’s got new bangs and a shorter, ash blonde do.

Hayden Panettiere’s New Look – Makeover or Makeunder?

Looks pretty either way!

FP_4017986_RIJ_PANETTIERE_111509 - Hayden Panettiere's New Look - Makeover or Makeunder?

See Hayden’s full look after the jump!

FP_4017985_RIJ_PANETTIERE_111509 - Hayden Panettiere's New Look - Makeover or Makeunder?

hayden-panettier - Hayden Panettiere's New Look - Makeover or Makeunder?

FP_4017987_RIJ_PANETTIERE_111509 - Hayden Panettiere's New Look - Makeover or Makeunder?

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  • Casey

    I think the new hairstyle makes her look even younger. It is cute, but I prefer her old hairstyle.

  • maggie

    I disagree. She def looks older…even though she´s pretty and slim, this hairstyle makes her face chubbier. I would pref her previous look.

  • Sidney

    I think it’s a makeover. The slightly darker shade suits her and the bangs are cute too. I think it actually matures her, idk if she looks any older or younger, just her age, but the look is less like that of a teen-ager.

  • liza

    makes her look more sophisticated

  • vkat

    I don’t like it. Maybe it’s the heavy eyeliner…don’t like the bangs, either- looks like a wig.

  • Jordan

    terrible, it does look like a wig… and i dont like her

  • AE

    I actually hate her tan, usually I think a little color makes people look better but in her case I think she looks way worse. I’m not a fan of the bangs or the color, but I like the length on her.

  • Kristy

    Wow she looks totally different. I prefer the old style. For some reason she looks like she belongs on a Disney show now?

    • gigit

      That was the first thing I thought of–I think she looks kind of like a Hannah Montana type. I think make-under because I thought she looked much sexier before.

  • Gigi

    i dont like them at all. bangs could work for her but because of the way theyre cut, they make her face look too round. they should have been cut into a thicker and longer shape, like anne hathaway in the devil wears prada or zooey deschanel.

  • artemis

    definetely makeover 😀 why is her tongue green??

  • lola

    ugh that new haircut and hair color are just… ewwwww!!!…she looks way older and the bangs make her face look like a chipmunk.I say makunder

  • Kelli

    I like the new cut, it seems to bring attention to her eyes!

    I HATE the color, the golden blonde was much better.

  • lc

    Her face is fat, her body is no prize either. I just don’t like her though. Makeunder. Nasty tongue btw…

  • Stella

    Makeunder.What´s up with the oily face?

  • K

    I think it makes her face (and nose) look wider.

    But she’s still very pretty.

  • Sanzida

    is that a wig?

  • Valentine

    I think the colour looks amazing on her, and the new style is a bit more sophisticated, but I did like her hair before too, it was definitely a bit more flattering on her face shape. I really do love the colour though. She looks so cute in the second picture though, and HOW flawless does her skin look?!

  • Casie

    you can totally see that this is not her real hair. it´s a wig.

  • suzushii

    It’s a wig, you can see the edge in the last pic.

    But if it was her real her I think it would be a HUGE make-over.

    I didn’t find her that pretty before, but now she looks so much cuter.

  • lizz

    she looks so old! the hair dulls her look. i dont like the bangs cuz she has a great face/forehead… hoping its a wig.

  • Uma

    I hope it is wig, too. It is quite unflattering. Hides her cute face, makes her look plain and silly. Eww.

  • cherry

    a much classier look, but not enitrely sure that it suits her…

  • Instant

    The color suits her, but the bangs broaden her face, and oddly enough makes her nose look bigger o.O

  • sara

    I love it!

  • CoffeeGirl

    Makeunder. Her face looks wider

  • Milly.

    urgggg clean your tongue girl!

  • rebeca

    her tongue is brownish/green! That’s one unhealthy gut!

    • Casey

      I think she just ate something with blue food coloring in it and that’s why her tongue is that color. She probably didn’t realize it changed the color of her tongue.

  • Emmily

    Make-under i’d say, but she’s always pretty, so whatever. 🙂
    I don’t really like that yellow tongue, though.. 😀

  • bia

    To be honest, I think this is the perfect example of someone whose face shape doesn’t suit the full fringe look.

  • bia

    ..and who looks much better with a center part.

  • bia

    Which is funny because that’s my total dilemma! I think I want a full fringe.. but I’m not sure if it will make my face look too wide. I do have a roundish face, but I’m losing weight and it looks a lot less round when I have less weight on. Full fringes can look really striking when you suit them.. but if not.. they don’t look so good.

  • klara

    she looks more and more plastic with time.. the only natural thing in her is her green tongue 😉

  • Alexandra

    I liked ger better before….

  • Amy

    I think that haircut makes her look trashy (and I think she could stand to lose 15 pounds).

  • ckmj787

    clip on bangs…the first pic…she NEVER looked better than that….

  • sam

    she looks cuter…
    but it makes her face look wider..
    like she packed on the pounds

  • KG

    I love the fuller brows on her . . . & her hair looks nice, too. She’s a universal cutie. She can do whatever & still look amazing.

  • Jemima

    She looks a little aged to me :\ I prefer a brighter, more honey-like blonde on her. I think if she still had her old hair color, I might like the cut more.

  • stajjny

    Is it just me or does it look like a wig? :S

  • xo

    UNDER, not a fan.. makes her look younger when she is already borderline too young looking for provocative roles and photo shoots. Her face is spectacular, so even with the unfortunate hair do, she still looks beautiful!

  • Ms Fabulous

    What a bunch of losers here! Please, the “old pasty pink lipstick”? The whatever shade of blonde we have seen on a bizzillion celbutards???? Oily face? Clip on bangs? Huh~! We like the old look better. Get real! She looks fantastic with the new look to her hair makeup etc…and I don’t care who she is. She has a much newer look. I want all of you who posted nasty comments to take a good look in the mirror or better yet, photograph yourselves… right– ughs every one of you….She looks aged.. right whatever people.

    • Casey

      o_o Relax! There is no reason to be so sensitive. Some people here just don’t like the new look…it’s not because they’re ugly and jealous, they just prefer something else. I think everyone for the most part worded their comments pretty politely compared to the usual, so no reason to get all worked up. 🙂

  • Kelli

    Hold up…I think it IS a wig! WOW!

    • Casey

      Is it really a wig? Versus do you know?

      • Versus

        I really don’t know, the photo agency didn’t mention anything about a wig.
        I guess we’ll have to see later.

        • Susan

          If it was a wig it would look puffier, right?? Why did u comment on the wig, we are now curious hahahaha!!

  • anon


  • Juliette

    Her eye makeup is gorgeous. I can never manage to be that precise.

  • nda

    I like the bangs, not the colour, but I just have to point this out, but what’s up with her mouth, look at the last pic her tongue is green, is it?

  • Serafiina

    Make-under. She looks much older now.

  • jill

    Makeunder – looks like she used “ash blonde #5” from miss clairol for $5.99! hope it’s just a wig

  • lola

    oh my she looks so old. dont like it.

  • Jess

    NO WAY she looks really old and washed out!

  • Susan

    Thank God she used her brain and bangs. Her forehead is huge, she needed one!!

  • Juliette

    I don’t see why so many people care if she’s wearing a wig or not.
    Tyra wears a wig. Beyonce wears a wig. Hayden can’t wear a wig one day out of her life?

  • burntflowersfall

    Ew major makeunder! The bangs cut her face in half making it look so much rounder…she needs to show some forehead to slim her face…Also the color is horrible…ash = old…it looks like a color that would be the best seller for a line of Raquel Welch wigs

  • angelica100

    I think the fringe and slightly darker blonde make her look fabulous. If I was her hairstylist I would have given her a side fringe instead though, it would have looked less young and more sophisticated, but the colour is amazing with her eyes and skin tone.

  • Terrible Terrible Terrible… and what the hell did she eat before going to this event cause her tongue is yellow! ha ha!

  • MissKitty

    Still ugly but atleast she is hiding that HUGE forehead.

  • sweetaboutme

    shes gorgeous with her old hair now she looks middle aged & dowdy. def’ a make under !!!