Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere’s Tight Jeans Look

163427402_10 - Hayden Panettiere's Tight Jeans Look

At request, here are a few shots of 23 year-old Hayden Panettiere at The Paley Center For Media’s PaleyFest 2013 honoring her show ‘Nashville’ – on this occasion, the 5’2” star wore a pair of tight dark jeans that showed off her shapely legs matched with a warm sweater and pink lips.

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163425604_10 - Hayden Panettiere's Tight Jeans Look 163425607_10 - Hayden Panettiere's Tight Jeans Look 163427329_10 - Hayden Panettiere's Tight Jeans Look 163427364_10 - Hayden Panettiere's Tight Jeans Look 163427377_10 - Hayden Panettiere's Tight Jeans Look 163427382_10 - Hayden Panettiere's Tight Jeans Look  163427412_10 - Hayden Panettiere's Tight Jeans Look

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  • tellmewhatyouwant

    lalala first 😀

  • Mia

    she is so TINY. She looks like a little gymnast – super cute. The lipstick, on the other hand, is a terrible shade on her.

    • Sharon

      Not to mention she needs a better makeup artist if she doesn’t want to be this shiny (looks like oily) when she’s posing for cameras. On a side note, I can’t shake the feeling that she’s eerily close to being her character from her current show in real life

  • Ella

    Not the most flattering outfit tbh. The sweater is just throwing her proportions off a bit. But she looks great otherwise.I kinda like the minimalistic makeup and it seems like she has been able to keep the weigth off so far.Nice legs also.
    ps I need those shoes

    • ary

      minimalistic? you’re kidding

      • Ella

        okay sorry…for some reason I only focused on the picture of her profile so it seemed like the makeup was barely there. I admit I was wrong but still it’s not like she is wearing Kim-Kardashian-like makeup

  • Not a good look at all, imo. The shoes are absolutely hideous and combined with the jeans make her legs look like they’re two feet long – and the top is too busy and loose and makes her look chunky. Her face looks very pretty, although the make-up looks a little heavy in the close up.
    I like Hayden – she seems fun, warm and confident – but her style is so often a miss for me.

    • Agree about everything you said Erica. I like her and I always found one can easily relate to her but this isn’t a good look for her. She needs open pumps and jacket that’s cinched in at the waist for those jeans.

    • Heather

      I totally agree. I like her but her clothes are very often a bad choice 🙁 she also looks best with minimal makeup. I love her on Nashville. So good!

    • annabanana

      I think the outfit would look much much better on her if the jeans weren’t cuffed. Makeup is definitely a bit odd though.

  • Liv

    What are those shoes!?

    • PS

      A little elephant lost his slippers and Hayden found them…

    • CK

      i already saw these pics today on some other website, they said she was wearing Koolaburra “Katelyn” boots.

      • Liv

        I think they are ugly, this woman in my office wears them… big black ones and she can barley walk… not to mention they look stupid… other than that, I think her outfit is pretty cute, wish the sweater wasn’t too bulky… other than that she’s adorable!

  • anushka

    Im a short girl too , and jeans like that are very unflattering on us.
    Nevertheless, shes cute 🙂 always liked her.

    • Adele

      Hear hear. I’m her size and jeans like that make me look like really short.

    • Adele

      I really like her outfit, it’s casual & cute. But it’s not the best option for her body type, it makes her look short-legged and bigger on the upper body than she is. But I feel her, I’m her height & size and like to wear clothes like that as well.

      • anushka

        I understand. I know about how we should all choose flattering outfits and stuff, ( especially us short girls ) but sometimes its hard to resist cute stuff 😛

        Though im not too keen on her outfit.

    • 98 lb

      You might be right, but even im only 5’5” and jeans dont make me look chunky, then again maybe its because im thin……….
      btw, anushka, are you indian? I am…..

      • kateuk

        5ft5 and 98lb? Nothing’s genna make you look chunky lol. I think this style of jeans will always make a person’s legs look shorter and thicker than they are. However, if you have longer skinny legs, then it will probably just give them a bit more shape, if anything.

  • mary

    she lost a lot of weight, what happened to her ass? lol so much for her saying how she loved being “curvy and around curvy southern women” on that stupid new show shes on. anyways, not crazy her body (now or before) reminds me of hilary duff. always thought she had a cute face though, but she’s not lookin so hot here with that shiny face and ugly pink lipstick

  • lexy

    she’s very pretty and i think the look is really cute, i would wear that outfit

  • lichinka

    she was way more skinnier few months ago…. now she looks like she gain few pounds. I like her more like this and not with chicken legs .

  • Neri

    I think she’s really cute. I just wanna pinch her cheek or something haha!
    Her face’s a bit shiny? Perhaps the highlightings are misplaced… Her outfit is OK but the shoes are NOT…

  • lc

    I kind of like the outfit, but it’s not flattering for her at all.

  • Linda

    Terrible choice of lipstick

  • gsl

    Cant believe shes my age I always thought the was older..

  • ChocatoDrink

    no mirror at home huh?

    • PS

      +1 This outfit is a total fail.

  • Amandazon

    Generally, this girl is super cute but I can’t help but wonder if on this particular night, she allowed a blind person to do her makeup? Or a small child? Or perhaps a monkey? Yikes.

  • Candy M.

    Her legs look very short and she has no butt either.

  • Emmy

    shiny face

  • Hazal

    She’s 5’2″? I’ve always thought she’s shorter.
    I like the outfit but don’t find her attractive at all. Can’t believe that she dated cutie Milo Ventimiglia.

    • Cindy

      I think they mean 5’2 with those shoes on…

    • serena

      You’re right hazal, she’s more like 150cm/59″, and those pants are not flattering on petite women. But she is very cute and bubbly, just like Hilary Duff. I agree with you Milo is a cutie! I liked him with Alexis Bledel 🙂

      • kateuk

        I think she just looks shorter because she is long in the torso and short in the legs. I always believed my aunt was shorter than me because of this very trait. I’m 5ft2 and I always thought her to be around 4ft11. But one day we both measured our heights and found we were indeed both 5ft2! It’s like an optical illusion, basically.

        • Cindy

          It is so true about proportions. My daughter is 5 feet7 and our neighbour across the street is 5 feet 5. We always thought our neighbour was so much taller than my daughter..my husband put her at 5 feet 8. My daughter has short legs and the neighbour has these long legs and looks so much taller. I am 5 feet 9 with long legs and my husband has short legs and is 5 feet 10 but people always think I am so much taller.

  • retrobanana

    she looks like wally cleavers girlfriend or something the cheerleader hair, the bright lipstick the puffy sweater..the cutesy thing..bad styling her body is fine to me its cute…she just never does it for me all the way

  • retrobanana

    and hasnt she been 23 for like 10 years …rihanna is older then her?

  • Kimmy

    I find her to be delightfully adorable though I dont like this outfit

  • CK

    this sweater is kinda weird but for some reason i love it, i like everything she’s wearing BUT not on her body type and not together. She has Hillary Duff kind of body though she’s seems to be in great shape and i watched a few Nashville episodes and think she has a beautiful voice.

  • Kelly-Ann

    Is that Connie Britton with her in the 4th pic?

  • emily

    yes it’s her! 🙂 (connie..)
    and hayden is so cute!

  • Sidney

    The shoes are adorable, i really like them. She looks pretty good, the make-up isn’t my favorite and maybe i wouldn’t pair the jeans with a sweater quite as boxy and short as that because of the proportions, but i think she still manages to look cute.

  • KC

    She’s been looking a lot older to me facially lately. I actually like her outfit, asides from the shoes. It’s something I’d wear, except I’d want the sweater longer and wouldn’t want the cuff in the jeans.

  • kateuk

    If she wanted to make her legs look longer, she should have gone for a longer jean length. The ridiculous shoes aren’t helping either.

  • serena

    I like how she wrapped her hair around the hair tie, it looks so much better than a normal ponytail.

  • neutra

    Connie Britton is beautiful! And talented. Love her in FNL and AHS.

  • solaxia

    I think she is so pretty! Cute figure and face.Though I personally don’t like the outfit at all. Maybe it just doesn’t suit her. It looks like the type of thing that would look good on someone tall and thin…not to say I don’t like her figure, or she doesnt rock clothes better than someone tall and thin. Just that some clothes need a certain look to carry them off.

  • bedofroses

    anyone made a ‘im hayden this completely’ joke yet… well there it is!

  • A

    I can’t believe she’s only 23.. I feel like she has been around forever!

    • kateuk

      I know. I guess it’s because she started out so young. I remember her in heroes when she was just 17. And even before that, she’s been acting since she was a little girl.

  • jemima

    Ugly shoes. Would have been a really cute outfit if she’d worn simple black or nude heels.