Hayden Panettiere

How Will Hayden Panettiere Look as a Pop Star?


… And the answer is: just like the above, considering that you are looking at Hayden in her first music video, “Wake Up Call”. Does she have the voice, the talent? No idea. She sure does have the looks though – especially since she’s also pretty talented at flirting with the camera, as seen in photo shoots.

Actress gone singer – heard this one before quite a lot. So, let’s hear your predictions and estimations: Will Hayden make it as a pop star? Will we soon comment on Hayden’s skimpy stage outfits?

Photo source: A class Celebs

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  • pauly

    I love the song and she is very sexy without being trashy, well thats what I think anyway

  • Ela

    She looks a bit like Tula from N-Dubz in this pic. I kinda like the song but it’s a bit Paris Hilton/Heidi Montag. I guess it didn’t do so well as we haven’t heard anything more about her change of career!

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