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Helen Mirren Reveals The Secret of Her Famous Bikini Photo

helen-mirren-will-make-you-say-i-hope-i-look-like-that-when-im-62 - Helen Mirren Reveals The Secret of Her Famous Bikini Photo

Remember this photo that pushed our envy buttons? Check out this post!

Well, here’s the ‘secret’:

“I happened to be holding my stomach in because my husband was taking my photograph. Three weeks every six months, I decide to work out. I’m unbelievably lazy. If I had any form of self-discipline, I would look a lot better than I do.”

… says Helen.

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  • anabel

    It’s kinda visible she’s sucking in, it’s not some random picture that she wasn’t prepared for. Nevertheless, she still looks amazing, she ages reaaally well I think.

  • Chester

    She still must have an awesome metabolism.

  • snoops

    how modest – she looks amazing in that pic, sucking in her stomach or not!

  • Ella

    She looks great anyway.

    I have to say, I do think people are generally more respectful of Helen because of her age. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if a younger actress had said the same thing, someone would have already accused her of ‘fishing for compliments’.

    • Mizzy

      actually, i totally agree with you, and I’ve been feeling that way about a lot of her quotes lately. It seems like she is on a search for some major publicity lately, because there have been some pretty crazy things coming out of her mouth (not that this quote is particularly controversial).

      As for her sucking her stomache in, sucking in can only do so much! I know people half of Helen’s age who wouldn’t look that thin sucking in….

    • Nay

      That is so true, she obviously know that she looks good and that women her age don’t usually look like that, her body on that picture in a bikini is amazing and she’s likke “I don’t even work out much and i’m sucking it in *wink-wink*”. Whathever, still looks good.

      • chels

        i guess i got something different from what you all read. I don’t know the whole context of the interview, but she just explained the “why” she was sucking in her stomach, and then saying that only 3 weeks out of every 6 months she gets into workout mode, so to me she’s saying the body in the pic is her leaner body when she’s working out, so the rest of the time is not as lean, therefore if “I had any form of self-discipline, I would look a lot better than i do” (to me she’s saying the body she normally has isn’t as good as the one in the pic).

  • woopidoo

    langues de vipères!!! she looks great and she’s such a great actress!!!! lov her^^

  • Katy

    regardless, I think they all suck in to get their photos taken tbh. She looks amazing and I get the whole not working out that often either, I’m a totally nervous person who can’t sit still, I burn cals just because of that lol, I bet she has the same thing!

  • Deyla

    Every star (or even a simple girl!) sucks in… But if Helen had a big tummy, even sucking in wouldn’t help. What I mean is that she’s thin! Great woman, great body and face, great talent…

  • shell

    She does look fantastic for age…. Clearly, she eats healthily and exercises. She’s an inspiration to older women – she shows that if you take care of yourself, you can still look stunning as you age.

    • Casey

      “Clearly, she eats healthily and exercises. ”

      She just said she doesn’t. I swear, sometimes people really read too much into pictures. “Oh she gained weight, that’s why she looks so happy” etc etc

      Anyway, I think she looks good for her age. I think in large part it’s due to genes, as with most aging celebrities. Other than that, I find it incredibly difficult to bring myself to like her, based on her naked photoshoot and its attached comments by her. Everything she says lately sounds like it’s coming from a 20-something starlet, which makes me wonder if this woman ever mentally matured. But that’s just me.

  • gorgeous

  • siennagold

    Even though she was sucking it in, I’m sure it’s just a little pooch. It doesn’t matter, she looks fab for her age! Luv her!

  • Princess

    WOW wish i could look that good when i`m her age.

  • Lisa

    You can tell she’s sucking in.

  • I suck in my belly too, even if it’s flat already, so I don’t blame her. Cute of her admitting so, though.

    Well, I can’t also see how she’d be fishing for compliments here. Her modesty was only expressed on facts which she happens to know better than anyone about (she was sucking in her tummy, she doesn’t work out often) and, therefore, leave little space for discussion or replies based on personal opinion.

    Only it makes us more envious to know that she has such a great body without effort, but that’s all.

  • Sidney

    She looks awesome and sucking in your tummy will help but it won’t make an ugly body look good. Her, i find her annoying, if her comments lately are anything to go by, she sounds more like many other actresses, the vain and airy young ones, than i thought she would. But an awesome performer, that’s what matters to me the most.

  • Tamara

    Can you believe this woman is 65 years old! I hope I look that good when I’m that age.

  • D.

    FABULOUS body for a ‘senior.’ But she’s not what I’d call thin – she’s definitely a more buxom body type.