Hilary Duff – Then & Now


A positive example of a new mom that took her time to lose the baby weight slowly and healthily: Hilary Duff!

Left: Hilary in May 2012, 2 months after having her baby.

Right: Hilary after a 30 pounds weight loss in March 2013, 1 year after giving birth.

Back in December, Hilary got all excited for fitting back into her size 26 skinny jeans – see the story here!

And back in October, Hilary shared:

There are some women who look the same right after — I think they are freaks of nature! I don’t know how that happens,” she told Parents magazine in October. “I’m not one of those people. It takes your body nine months to get there — really 10 months. So I’m trying to be patient but I’m working hard. And I think now more than ever, I appreciate my body and what it’s done for me.

See more shots of her next!


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59 thoughts on “Hilary Duff – Then & Now”

  1. I haven’t been here in a while but woooh the difference is clear haha, she looks fantastic! Congrats to her for losing the baby weight! 🙂

    • she looks amazing, but there is no way she’s a 26, i don’t care how many pictures of size 26 jeans she shows, there is no way, she’s like a 28 at least based on lags alone. she’s super cute though, never got why they lie about sizing

      • 1. Welcome back Misscheeks 😉
        2. I agree Cloud9. Hilary looks really good but it’s hard for me to believe that she’s a size 26. Maybe American sizing is different?

      • Okay I’ve read all the comments so far on this post and i’m confused, are the 26 jeans in America tiny?? I have 25 True religions but Australian sizing 8 is a 26 in american and all my Australian bought jeans are size 8 and I wouldn’t say i’m as skinny as people are implying size 26 legs should be?? Because i think she looks quite slim and tiny and could easily be a 26 given she is so short and probably has tiny hips.

        • i live half-time between America and Europe and the sizings can get really confusing (particularly american sizes which differ so much by brand). According to the most accurate looking calc. I could find, an american true religion 25 is equivalent to an australian 4 or a us 0, so a 26 is a aussie 6 or us 2. sounds tiny, but I have a 26-27″ waist and have in my closet jeans from a size US 2 up to 10 so the brand makes a HUGE difference. i’m also short so i can sometimes wear a child’s size 16 (just in case you werent confused enough! 🙂

        • I’m an Aussie size 8 and wear size 26 jeans and I’m pretty sure(no, really sure) I’m thinner than Hillary here so it is definitely hard to believe she wears a 26 but then again, she’s suppose to be quite short, isn’t she? So she may well fit a size 26 but still look bigger. You can be short and plump and fit into a size 8 or you can be tall and thin and fit into a size 8. I don’t know, as was said somewhere else, it depends on the brand.

    • Hi misscheeks – we missed you!
      I agree – she looks great and it’s nice to see a truly big difference. Unlike the celeb mothers who say ‘I lost/need to lose 50 lbs’ and they don’t look much different once they have achieved this staggering goal within a couple of months – you can actually see the 30lbs weight loss with her and it all seems genuine and healthily achieved.

  2. I really appreciate her for having taken her time to lose weight,but I don’t agree with her when she says that she doesn’t know how many new hollywood mom lose weight quickly.
    They have very strict diet-with strict I mean almost nothing to eat- and work their hell out at the gym.
    Hilary obviously choose a healthier way,so chapeau!

    • I think she means women like Gisele or Alessandra Ambrosio.

      They are photographed less than a month after the birth of their children and they look virtually the same, minus a little tone. I don’t think that’s strict dieting or working out because there wouldn’t have been enough time for that to make an impact; some women simply don’t gain much weight during pregnancy and shed it very quickly without effort.

      My sister was like this. She gave birth to two children, and aside from a little extra skin on her stomach, she looked the same right after giving birth.

      But she is right, most women are not like that. Most women struggle to lose the weight and it’s not because they overate or didn’t take care of themselves; sometimes it’s just about how your body and metabolism reacts to pregnancy hormones.

      • Ok,there are several blessed woman who lose weight easily,since during the pregnancy they haven’t gained too much weight,but most of them(Adriana Lima ,Victoria Beckham) admitted that to have done a lot of sacrificies to get back to their pre-pregnancy body in a short time ,working out twice a day and eating very small portions of veggies.

  3. Hilary’s natural body type is short and stocky, and she seems to gain on upper arms and thighs. Women shaped like this seem to put on weight easier and have a harder time keeping it off. The women who look the same quickly after birth are usually tall skinny types like Gisele. Plus all those models are paid to look thin, it’s literally their job. I have always liked Hilary, since her Disney days, she seems level-headed. And her baby is adorable and squishy.

  4. She looks GOOD, but I can’t believe she’s a 26. I’m much thinner than her and I usually wear a 28. But maybe I’m wrong and it has something to do with differences between US and German sizes, I don’t know.

    • Yeah no way she’s 26 (refers to 26 inches I assume). That’s like a size 2 and no offense to Hilary but she’s not that small, even taking into account her petite height, I would guess she is size 6/8 which is closer to 30″

      • I agree that she does not look like a 26, but a 30?! At 5’6.5 and 145lbs I still was a 29, she’s really small, so there is no way she’s a 30, that would make her a square!
        However, congrats to her for doing it the healthy way, for obviously spending a lot of time with her cute kid, for looking gorgeous even at a higher weight (she has one of the most “pretty” pretty faces I know!).
        Besides her skinny-phase, she has probably had the most stable post-Disney-time.

        • I hate it when Clebs claim they are in a size that you know dang well they are not. You are bragging about taking the weight off slow my lie about your pants size. and when you suffer from BDD it makes it very hard when you read comments like that. I could only dream of a size 26.

      • No way at all is she a size 30! She’s no more than a size 28. Her legs are lean and her hips look relatively small. We can’t see her waist in this photo but going off her thighs and hips, I would definitely say she’s about a 28. E

        Everyone’s bodies are different.

        • A 26 is a size 2, not size 6. I just looked up a size chart and 25 = 0, 26 = 2, 27 = 4, 28 = 6. So if Hilary is a size 6 that would make her 28. Unless it’s vanity sizing or super stretchy!

    • they must be, ’cause I don’t think she would fit into a european size 26 (I’m Swedish) as that is my size and she probably has 20 pounds on me. or maybe she means like super stretchy “jeans” that are only about 80% cotton? I can wear a 24 if the jeans are really stretchy. that would make sense!

    • It does depend on frame size too. I would say definitely a 28 BUT does also depend on the brand. My fav pair of True Religions are size 25 (I’m Australian so only reference I have to american sizes) and I would say I’m easily a 26 and H duff is a lot shorter than me and probably looks even smaller in person so 26 isn’t a stretch! pun intended.

  5. Im 5’1 and a size 26 or 27 depending on the brand. Im really short so people don’t think thats my size but it is everyone is built differently.

  6. She could easily be a 26. I’m 5’3″, 130 lbs and I wear size 26 jeans but a 6 in dress sizes. When you’re petite proportions are different and things hit you in different places.

    • Completely agree. Im a 29 and 5’9 so even if she has the same proportions as me she would be much smaller because she is really short

    • Even taking into account she is shorter than avg, I doubt she is 26 because that’s size 2/4. Most models have a 24-26″ waist and Hilary has lost weight but she is hardly model-slim. I’m 5’4 115 and wear a 4 and no offense to Hilary but I’m quite a bit slimmer, I would guess she is at least 28. Anyway she does look very attractive at her current size and I hope she maintains it.

      • No model has a waist bigger than 24 inches. I work in the fashion industry and the typical model has a 22-24 inch waist, and are usually 5’8-6’0.

        • I sincerely hope that she is lying about wearing size 26 because I wear 26 and am 5’10” and 110 lbs, and now I’m all worried that I look like her. I love Hilary but I just don’t want to look like her, I’m sorry.

          • If you’re that tall and 110 pounds you are extremely skinny and I will add you will never look like Hilary as she is short. Hilary is slim but it doesn’t look like it as much due to the fact she is only 5’2 or something. If her legs and torso were a few inches longer her body would look extremely different and i’m sure, extremely slim.

        • Jen the model agencies lie constantly about measurements – height weight, bust/waist/hips. Adriana Lima is listed as 5’10 118 lbs but revealed her real weight is around 135 lbs. Alessandra is also listed as 5’10” but clearly 2-3″ shorter than Adriana. Most of them are listed as 34-24-34 even though they have completely different body shapes. Celebrities lie about their measurements constantly too.

      • Also, waist-size is not the same as jeans size. I wear between a 26 and 28, and I have a 23 inch waist…but, then again, I have major hips and butt, so…

      • Thanks for letting me know how much slimmer you are than Hilary and that you wear a size 4. That was definitely my point.

    • She could definetly be a 26. im a short girl and am comparatively fuller than my taller friends but I still wear a 26. 28 is not well fit on me. Whereas my tall friend who looks way thinner actually wears a 29.

  7. Not buying it, sorry. I’m not arguing that she looks great and I’m certainly not arguing that she lost weight in a time frame that’s more achievable to most new mothers. I’m just saying she is more like most new mothers than the likes of those who are back in their bikinis a month later. Because, come on guys, what did Hillary Duff have to lose weight more quickly for? The other women lost the weight so quickly because, frankly, its their job to do so and if they want to keep said job they’ll do it. I really don’t understand why housewives everywhere seem to be taking it so personally.

  8. I have to agree with most people. She looks good, but there’s no way she’s a 26. She’s not very tall and her legs aren’t super thin. There’s no way? A 26?

  9. I also agree … while I think she looks FAB and I’m impressed by the hard work she did to get there … she is not a 26. Unless it’s a 26 in the loosest boyfriend jeans around. I’m 5’7 and she and I have VERY similar legs and I’m a 28. I would guess that’s what she is as well – which is totally legit, so why lie? Silly Hilly.

  10. Yes, some women are slim by nature, some put weight fast is different metabolism.
    But i know H. Duff said she took pregnancy as time to relax and eat whatever, forget diet or something like this, so no wonder she had to work more after birth. As long as she is happy who cares 🙂

  11. You guys forget that she’s only about 5’2, she could well fit into a size six. It doesn’t seem that she has that much of a booty right now either.

  12. She may be a size 26 as she is short.People forget that height ,body frame and shape make a huge difference in cloth sizes and fiting.
    At 5’6,38″ hip with medium frame i wear 28 mostly and 29 at a higher weight but a UK size 8 in dresses and 6-8 in tops.I prefer UK sizing as i think they are more stable.
    On another note,kudos to Hilary for losing the baby weight,at least i can actually see the 30lbs difference unlike some other celebs.
    Slow and steady is the best way for new moms who also want to spend quality time with their babies(like her) but many don’t have such patience so i commend her for that.

  13. She has horrible style.
    Anyway, of course women will say good for her because this makes her relateable/not seem like superwoman for dropping the weight so fast.

  14. 26 jeans?! Don’t know about that 😀 maybe there’s a sizing difference, but I wear size 28 and I think – thought – that my legs are slimmer than hers. Maybe the hips of course as I have very pronounced hips. ANYWAY she looks great and she’s just that kind of girl next door that nobody can really hate 😀

  15. I very rarely comment, but I believe she’s a 26. People don’t realize how small shorter people are. I’m 5’3″ with the same build as Hilary from the waist down and wear a 26 in many jeans. I by no means look “skinny” but when standing next to a friend who is 5’6″ and average build, it’s crazy how petite I look (petite is different than thin or skinny). Because she’s photographed alone and wearing teeny shorts and ankle moccasins, her legs look thick. But photograph her next to another girl and it would put it in perspective.

  16. From the J Brand Website size guide:
    Size 26- Dress size equivelent: 6/ Hips at widest portion 36″. I personally find it complete believable that she would fit those size jeans. Especially broken in ones she had previously owned. If it was a top I might question it because she’s always been more top heavy. But jeans? I say give her the small victory of wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans.

  17. I belive 26 in US brands like JBrand and Current/Elliott, but not in for excample Italian brands…Anyway weight guess anyone? 125-130 lbs?

  18. She looks great. Looking god when yours short is had because we look squished haha. I’m only 5′ 2”. She looks like a ten UK sizing. What’s that in US, about 6-8? X

  19. Maybe she is a 26, and it’s just those ugly red high top sneakers that are making us doubt her true size. Sorry, but most girls can’t get away with high top sneakers, and she’s one of them.

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