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  • I usually don’t say that, but she looks good, indeed… Not too curvy, not too skinny… Perfect shape!

  • HelloKiwi

    She looks too effin’ cute!!!!!! XD!!!!

  • Casey

    I can’t believe people were saying she’s too skinny and lost too much weight in the last post. She looks perfectly fine. Love her outfit!

    • lucy

      that’s because she’s put on weight.

      you can see she’s put on a few pounds by looking at her face.
      it’s definitely filled out a bit.

      but she looks great.
      she looked far too thin before.

  • Lisa

    She looks really good, like her look as well!! Wonder where I can get that jacket..

  • Katie

    love love love her! so pretty and looks perfect.

  • Melina

    I do love her too, she is so beautiful and I just love her 🙂

  • Yves

    She looks wonderful — not digging the shoes though! Figure-wise, she’s amazing and such an inspiration!

  • Kae

    Love this outfit, especially the jacket! Very cute! She’s really dressing for her body type here and she looks great.

  • I COVET that blazer. The tiny shoulder pads are very modern, not bulky and ugly at all. She looks great.

  • Uma

    She seems a bit tired in the face; just an observation, no way a criticism, she is still very cute. And i soooo want those jeans. Simple, nice, well-fitting, plain black jeans are the hardest to find, i swear.

  • artemis

    I LOOOOOVE her outfit 🙂

  • Katy

    I got short legs like her but a little slimmer so I never wear skinny jeans with flats.This makes you look fat even if you are in your ideal weight.

  • Michele

    PERFECT! She is right in between, not too thin, not too curvy. And she dresses nicely! Love it!

  • neutra

    I can’t find her attractive- she looks so masculine with her short neck. Her body isn’t my ideal, but it looks better than usual.

  • Sidney

    She looks cute but the jacket doesn’t fit her. It looks too small everywhere else but the bust area, which is too big for her. But finding a fitting jacket can be hard, i’ve noticed that 🙁

  • Purplebunny

    Cute and slim!
    Always dressed well

  • Elisabeth

    She needs to wear heels. I don’t know how tall she is, but if she’s as short as me (5’3”) then she should be wearing high heels ALL THE TIME.
    Her body looks great knees up though.

    • kate

      Why? Is it a crime not to wear heels if you are under 5ft4?

      I’m 5ft2 and only occasionally wear heels, and then at the most 1-2 inches.

    • wachaka

      quit speaking nonsense. Maybe this goes for you but people don’t need to wear heels 24/7 if they are short.