Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff in Daisy Dukes

hilary-duff-in-daisy-dukes - Hilary Duff in Daisy Dukes

Hilary Duff and her boyfriend Mike Comrie were spotted while going to Hugos Restaurant for lunch in Los Angeles.

Hilary looks like her healthy-sized self, only this time, we get to see her figure a little better, since she’s wearing short shorts… with flats and a comfy top.

So how do you find Hilary in this outfit?

hilary-duff-in-daisy-dukes2 - Hilary Duff in Daisy Dukes

See 3 more pictures of Hilary after the jump!

hilary-duff-in-daisy-dukes31 - Hilary Duff in Daisy Dukes

hilary-duff-in-daisy-dukes4 - Hilary Duff in Daisy Dukes

hilary-duff-in-daisy-dukes-5 - Hilary Duff in Daisy Dukes

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  • chacha

    LOVE HER!!! She looks amazing! More girls in hollywood need to look like her!!!!!!

    • Mirabela

      true! 😉

      • Nicky

        Yes! More girls need to slimmed down and then gain all lot of weight .Is very healthy! Lol …

  • jane

    Amazing, shes an amazing figure and a role model to women

    • Bella

      So true!

  • lady

    i think she needs to lose a bit of weight and tone up. im not saying shes fat though. if shes happy that way then thats cool.

  • Carmen

    She looks happy!and I think that is the most important thing!

  • Kristy

    She looks fine, but her legs are a bit short to carry off the ..shorts. I wouldn’t necessarily say she needs to lose weight, I just think she needs to dress a bit better.

  • Maryna

    don’t like her look :-/

  • notino

    she looks comfortable and human and very happy. I don’t think she needs to lose weight.

  • rey

    i have those shoes! nice to know she shops at something “lowly” (for celebrities) like steve madden

  • Sarah

    Her body isn’t what I’d like to have, but she looks cute and healthy.

  • Kenza

    She looks happy, and that’s all that matters. I don’t like her body now, but she does look “normal”.

  • tulona

    I always thibk Hilary looks nice and that’s true about this occassion as well. She also has the best accessory a woman can have: a hot boyfriend.

  • mEEE

    I really, really, really like that her body looks normal, attainable and maintainable; I think that it sends a good message that you don’t have to be ridiculously emaciated or toned to look good. Healthy AND happy? What is there not to like?

    • K


      She seems to have found her ‘happy weight’ (I hope!)

  • skirmute

    I like her body but I think these shorts don’t fit her.

  • xo

    SHE NEEDS TO NOT. im sorry, but I really dislike everything from her pale sausage legs all the way up to her huge fake teeth. NOT a fan of the duff… and to mEEE? attainable? who would ever want to “attain” her tragic look. pretty face, kinda… thats all folks.

  • she always goes back to this, looks like this is the way her body wants to be. shes like me. for her to be thinner she needs to really work for it and not lead a natural lifestyle. im trying to get to the way she looked when she was thinner. i feel bad for her and want her to be happy, but considering the money she gets paid to be thin, thats life and shes gotta work for it

  • gabby

    I’m all for people being comfortable in their own skin. But atleast dress your figure appropriately. These shorts just make her appear larger than she is.

  • Lauren

    I don’t envy her body tope at ALL. But she looks happy and seems to be okay with it so I guess that’s all that matters…

  • michelle

    Well, sure the shorts aren’t really doing her legs lots of favors, but she looks happy and cute. She looks hot in jeans, which is all that matters. 😛 As long as you can dress your body to look good, I don’t care if you look bad in daisy dukes. They’re hard to pull off unless you’ve got perfect legs anyways, so it’s whatever. I like the way she looks! ^_^ And whoever thinks she’s got “sasuge legs” whoever said that, well, I am a fan of her body type. I don’t get why people only like perfect bodies. I prefer something more realistic.

  • artemis

    oh wow, she’s gorgeous 🙂 cute boyfriend

  • Flori

    she looks happy, relax and counfortable with her self and thats the most important thing i bet her bpoyfriend enjoys that he dont have to deal with a girl whose only worry is to look like a skeleton

  • Jemima

    Her body/legs are just a tad thicker than mine, and I think that’s why I don’t really care for her figure. I don’t think she needs to loose weight or anything, just saying her body type isn’t really for me.

  • Lindz

    Cute cute!

  • ms_benes

    I would be depressed if that were my body, I’m a lot older but a whole lot more fit and thin than she. Thank goodness. Hey, if she’s happy at that weight, so be it.

  • GG

    Well she certainly looks happy and really in the end, that’s all that really matter!

  • bia

    I think she looks to be at a good, healthy weight, but I don’t think those shorts really suit her.

  • bia

    And she really does look beautiful!

  • Arwen

    She needs to lose some weight, don’t judge me for saying that. Let’s be honest, celebrities need to send a message and being slim doesn’t always include an unhealthy lifestyle. Her body is too stiff for it to support such a weight, she has strong shoulders and no neck so the extra weight makes her look really…fierce. She was gorgeus in 2005, I always loved her. Still do, she has a preety face anyway.

    • molly

      yeah, I agree. She looked a lot better with less weight. Since she is so short the extra pounds show really fast, making her look dumpy, as Amy said.

    • anya

      I respect your opinion but that is exatly what she does, she atually sends out a healthy image. She is not small framed and aren’t built to be skinny and didn’t she had an eating disorder when she was skinny, I mean that can’t be the message you wan’t to send out to people.

  • Amy

    To be totally honest I think she looks a bit dumpy. It’s because she’s quite short (I’m tall, so anyone under 5’4″ is teeny-tiny to me). The thing is, she only needs to lose a tiny amount of weight to look a lot better – certainly no more than 10 lb. I know it’s sad that we live in such a society, but I think losing 7-10 lb would give her so much extra confidence, I don’t agree that she looks confident and happy, maybe in these shots, but in so many other recent photos of her she looks mega uncomfortable and self-conscious.

  • Lex

    Does she remind anyone else of Kat Denning (I think that’s how you spell it?) in these photos?

    And on her weight: I think it’s perfect. I think a lot of people don’t understand how difficult it is for shorter people to look skinny. If you’re under 5’4″ or 5’5″ and any bigger than a size 2 and MAYBE a 4 if you’re closer to 5’4″ you’re going to look a bit stout.

    She may not have the ideal body type of women, but she is most certainly in her healthy weight range, and I think that’s the most important factor.

  • popica

    people,don’t you have eyes?!?!?!? She is cute,i admire ,but in my opinion she is overweight…And i dont like what she is wearing..totaly wrong…she has to loose weight…

    • Instant

      Why does she have to lose weight? She’s not overweight at all. She has a med/large build, that’s how we look when we are at healthy weights 😛 She may need to work on her legs just a bit, but there’s really nothing wrong with her weight wise.

      • if you think she’s overweight what do you think about the average American girl? This is what they should be aspiring to- being healthy & happy– not to being a stick on legs…

  • she looks healthy & happy… good for her!!!!

  • Bianca

    Even if she’s still really cute and seems healthy..i’m not sure these shorts are the most flattering thing to wear for her..Hilary should just tone a little

  • XMC

    wtf?? she looks so fat! why is everyone cheering up for her chubbiness?
    lose weight. i don’t want to see your legs like that 🙁

    • Bella

      is that you gisele?

  • She is awesome, but probably needs shorter shorts to make the legs look longer.


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