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Hilary Duff on Her Honeymoon: ‘I just ate a lot’

hilary-duff-happy-return - Hilary Duff on Her Honeymoon: 'I just ate a lot'

What was Hilary Duff’s favorite part of the honeymoon?

Eating. I just ate a lot. You know we just had a good time together, it was me and him, obviously. Just before he had left it was nice to take those few days and eat and hang out on the beach and be in a beautiful home. That’s it. I think it was pretty much just like everybody else’s honeymoon.

… says Hilary for OK! Magazine.

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  • amyanne

    hihi i’m first
    relly love hilary duff, she’s great

  • beckers

    god, she’s beautiful.

  • Honeymoons sound amazing!

    I’d get married right now just to get to go on one…

    • Mia

      LOL. On my honeymoon we ate a lot, but also walked a ton. But then again, we went to Paris and Belgium, so I wanted to see everything! I think I even lost a couple of pounds by the end of it from all the walking.

  • hays

    why does it have to be all about food all the time.? First it was how she was starving herself for her wedding and now how she’s eating so much on her honeymoon.

    • b


      • Polly

        Well, seeing as this is a diet/weight centered website, usually the articles being posted are going to have something to do with eating or exercising. There’s not going to be a post on how Hilary’s hairstylist did her massive bun for her wedding, no.

        • Mia

          yes, but hays has a good point. HIlary was asked what her favorite part of her honeymoon was, and her immediate response was the food, and the fact that she didn’t have to worry about fitting into her wedding dress anymore. A person who is happy with their body and has a healthy relationship with food would not have responded that way.
          But who knows, maybe she’s using food as a euphamism for something else 😉

          • Mary

            Well done.

          • amazon

            but maybe it isn’t a true refelction of what she is doing, but what she feels the media want to hear about. i think a lot of celebrities feel like their eating habits are constantly under scrutiny and that makes them very self conscious.

          • hays

            that’s exactly my point though. I don’t mean Hilary personally always talks about food, I mean that the media makes everything about food and what people should an should not eat.

  • Lynn

    “I just ate a lot”

    Hot honeymoon…

    • wohoofiona

      for her husband

  • Diana

    She should have burned all the calories she gained doing a lot of sex during the honeymoon and not just have eaten a lot! =D

    • Diana

      Yeah, she sounds like she prefers eating instead having sex. And I think that married people, especially on their honeymoon, should do a lot of sex!

      • Jessica

        They probably did have sex and a lot of it but she wouldn’t mention that because it’s private. And geez, give the girl a break. It’s her honeymoon, she can enjoy to her and her husband’s liking.

      • Effie

        Yeah… I’m not sure replying “having back-breaking sex 3x a day” would have been considered appropriate.
        She seems completely happy and healthy.

  • vivina

    i’m sorry but on honeymoon we don’t eat..we do other stuff…….xxxxx

    • Lauren

      I don’t think she meant she just ATE all the time, like it was the highlight of her honeymoon. I think she probably just casually mentioned it in a interview or something. So it probably got quoted from there. She might of mentioned other things she found great on her honeymoon.

      I don’t see why people are confused? She basically just shed a few pounds for her wedding, a) im assuming so she feels more confedient in her dress b) if she gains weight.. she will go back to how was before, so its better to do that than just GAIN it on top of what she was.

  • Kimberly

    Sounds like she had a great time! Good for her!

    • Mary

      What? Eating and eating on her honeymoon…?

  • amazon

    its not what i hope to be enjoying most on my honeymoon..:-)

  • tink

    To each their own. Maybe she isn’t comfortable saying they were like rabbits on their trip or maybe she had her period or who knows!
    I don’t get why silly women lose weight to be able to squeeze into a smaller wedding gown in the first place.

  • catc

    perhaps she said that facetiously, we are missing the tone of the comment.

    • Effie


  • Victoria

    A lot of the comments on here are really mean. I normally love this website for people being understanding but all I’m mostly hearing horrible comments about her looking like she’s been eating a lot and how dare she enjoy eating. I’m just so surprised…And yes people are allowed to enjoy food when they’re are celebrating their marriage!