Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff in a Casual Outfit, Front and Side

hilary-duff-in-a-casual-outfit-front-and-side - Hilary Duff in a Casual Outfit, Front and Side

It’s always fun and gossip-worthy to post Hilary, since she’s changing her clothes and style as fast as she’s changing her… socks. One day, we get to see her on platforms, tiny short and baggy tops and on another occasion, she’s lost some inches and in down in sport shoes and comfy pants (which are uniquely paired with snakeskin bags).

How do you like Hilary this time?

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I really admire her hair. Her dressing style is neither bad or special, but at least she looks like a real person to me.


yepp. shes every guys dream girl. laid back and not complicated. plus shes cute.