Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff in the Shortest Shorts, Part 3

hilary-duff-in-the-shortest-shorts-part-31 - Hilary Duff in the Shortest Shorts, Part 3

The fact that Hilary is wearing the shortest shorts fir the third time (in a matter of days) is pretty boring, right? Okay, we’ve seen her legs, they’re healthy and they’re fine, good for her for not sliding down the skinny route.


What’s not boring in this picture is the matching of the clothes, you’ll have to agree. Let’s see: brown boots, striped green top and animal print purple bag. How do you like it?


Photo credit: INF

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Elizabeth

    I find the purple bag & green top cute together. However, I personally would not have paired them with brown leather boots, but anyway.

  • ce bon

    I like it.

  • ajka

    I don´t like the bag, but the rest of the outfit looks fine. I miss a dark brown bag that would match her boots.

  • Michelle_DD

    would look better with flip flops

  • kenziee

    i like it, just without the boots.
    but i do give her props for wearing
    short shorts like that,
    her legs are not fat but arent
    super skinny either