Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff in InStyle Magazine

hilary_duff_instyle_mag - Hilary Duff in InStyle Magazine

One gorgeous girl after another!

Hilary posed prettily for InStyle Magzine’s camera and we’re looking at the final result: she looks stunning & stylish… but also a little slimmer than in reality (the “elongate” effect).

How do you like the smokey make-up? Check it out closer after the jump! (plus 2 more)

hilary_duff_instyle_mag_2 - Hilary Duff in InStyle Magazine

hilary_duff_instyle_mag_3 - Hilary Duff in InStyle Magazine

hilary_duff_instyle_mag_4 - Hilary Duff in InStyle Magazine

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Juliette

    She looks awesome! Great pictures of her.

  • sara

    do I hear photoshooopp! the toottally made her look thinner…

    • samba

      lol! they photoshop EVERYBODY! even a lot of candids =o) people just tend not to question it when it’s a model shoot…but with model shoots they are likely to add a tiny bit of hip and thin the waist and smooth out bones from their arms and legs and chest and ribs…oh and they add boobage! and completely play with their faces!

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    She looks amazing, so beautiful.
    Its her face I notice, not the photoshopped body

  • Bruce Johnathan Fick

    From previous photos, I can tell she has the body type to put on weight quickly which will be a real problem for her in later years because once the growth hormone wanes in her 30s, 40s, and 50s, it will be very difficult for her to shed the weight once the metabolic set point has become too well established. The best thing that can happen to any person is to learn how to substitute inferior food choices for superior food choices, and to make that a way of life that anyone can relish. One of our Current.com Internet news community put it plainly when he said the best way to forever guarantee control of one’s weight is to stop making our bodies into cemetaries for dead animals. High protein, oily foods like sesame/almond cakes you could eat for any meal, be full within 20 minutes, and get lots of oil soluable vitamins even as you walk down the street. Eating meat
    dumps more health problems on people over a lifetime than you can count.
    For Hilary Duff, balance is likely likely a very important consideration. Because she wants to be in the public eye as her occupation, consulting a vegan nutritionist expert in making healthful food taste realy great should be important to her. It made a world of difference in Belinda Carlisle’s life.

    • Peta Sucks

      Weight is about calories in versus calories out, it has nothing to do with your moral opinion. You can get fat by being vegan and you can be as thin as Kate Moss in the 90’s by eating animals.

    • Alyssa

      PEta crap… bunch of criminals, terrorists and death machines. Waste of money give your support to THE American society for the prevention of cruelty against animals. ASPCA they put their money towards helping animals, not paying celebs to take off their clothes and similar wastes of funds

  • Flori

    She looooooks amazing! and this pics are old, so they are when she was a bit slimmer so they didnt photoshop her body! she looks sooooooooooooooooo great

  • anna

    SPAM above me! we are not buying your products!

    ANYWAYS look at her thigh thats to our right! its SO photoshopped it looks like glass…wow;theye really overdone it.

  • anna

    i want to correct myself…it isnt spam,i saw the website and automatically thought of spam..sorry:)

  • pia

    nice jacket in the last photo! she looks pretty 🙂

  • Jordan

    she looks great in the photos, it would be a good weight for her. except it’s super photoshopped.

  • nabile

    beautiful face with out any question but not her actual body…!!!

  • machmalow

    Beautiful, as usual. The smokey make up suits her well too 🙂

  • Lana

    I cannot view any pictures on this site , can anyone help me pleaaaseee ?

  • Elena

    Gorgeous girl

  • artemis

    she is so beautiful 😀 i love her eyes….too bad her body is photoshoped 😛 she would be just perfect this way

  • Ellia

    her face is so pretty; her cheekbones don’t look like that though (anymore)

  • Sarah

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. Her shoulders are much broader in reality, but hey she’s looking beautiful here so I won’t knock it.

  • jjj

    She looks great. Hopefully photos like this will give her some incentive to slim down to her previous weight.

    • Instant

      Why should she? She’s healthy at her current weight, no need for her to do that to herself again.

      • jjj

        Well, why did the magazine photoshop and thin her so much?

        • Instant

          LOL, you really have to ask that? Because, dear, they have a misguided belief that women just HAVE to be the skinniest they possibly can to be considered beautiful, their health be damned. I’m sure you understand that, right? You are one that professes a similar belief all the time. Saying perfectly healthy women have to lose weight, that women that used to be thin and gained weight to a healthier size just need to lose that weight again, or ones that were too thin, gained, and lost to be too thin again are doing the right thing.

          • jjj

            All I can say, if you go back through this thread of comments on Hillary, other than she is too photoshopped, there is not a single negative comment about how she looks. Not a single one.

            There really is little argument, but she really looks very good and healthy here. Just because she had an eating disorder at one time, it doesn’t mean she can’t be thin again while also being healthy. There seems to be a very unfair double standard for thin women which really just isn’t right.

          • Alyssa

            i agree with JJJ, although she has to be careful
            She is so so pretty, and with a face like that, who really cares (though i agree her cheekbones arent like that)

            I just wish I were so pretty

          • Instant

            Being thin isn’t her natural/healthy body type, why should she have to strive for that if she is healthy and looks great at her current weight? That up there isn’t her, it’s a photoshopped parody that doesn’t accurately show what she really does look like at that size, which isn’t pretty or healthy for her. Of COURSE she’s going to look good right now, they PHOTOSHOPPED her to look that way, BUT, if she were to actually be that way in real life, she would NOT look good that size(as has been proven when she GOT to that size), thin IS NOT her natural state.

          • Instant

            BTW, for naturally slim women, I have NO problem with them, there’s actually quite a few I find rather stunning and wouldn’t want them to change themselves for “beauty”. BUT to say that a woman who IS NOT naturally slim has to be that way, and should get that way even though the only way she was able to get that way was unhealthily? WTF???????? I can accept naturally slim, why can’t you accept naturally non-slim? I see it all the time, people saying “OH, she’s pretty(and healthy), but….” and then proceed to say a perfectly healthy, but not slim, woman needs to lose weight. WTF? THIN is not healthy. SLIM is. And Hillary does not fall under slim, she’s medium/large built. Not a build that can be “slim” and healthy very easily, and shouldn’t be made to feel they have to be “slim” for some silly narrow ideal. Just accept her and stop pressuring her or women like her to be “thin” when thin isn’t the only way a woman can be beautiful.

          • jjj

            I do not think that anyone on this forum knows poor Hilary enough to know her eating habits. She very easily could be at her current weight because she doesn’t eat properly. If she enjoys lots of fast food, candy, and other unhealthy food while not working out, she can very easily get out of her natural weight. Given her history of eating disorders (yes, over eating is an eating disorder too), I don’t see how you can possibly say that the above photos don’t express her “natural (weight) state” without knowing what it really is. Going by what we do know looking at published photos on the internet, she is generally at a lower weight than she is currently today.

            Now even you seem to agree that she looks better in the above photos when stating “Of COURSE she’s going to look good right now, they PHOTOSHOPPED her”. I agree she looks better. However, I don’t understand how you can safely come to the conclusion that she would be unhealthy at that weight.

            Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. People see it in different ways. Many women try to express their beauty by health and diet. It is just such mixed message being sent to women who work so hard on their bodies to look lean and fit to immediately accuse them of reaching their goals unhealthily. It is unfair and it contributes to the problem of eating disorders rather than rewarding women for the obvious progress they make.

  • xo

    Im normally not a fan.. too short and chunky for my taste.. but these pics are amazing.. they made her look beautiful!

  • neonilla

    such a pretty face…love the make up!

    ps: versus, could you post about the unusually curvy (for the modeling world) Lara Stone? I’d love to know her stats…! Especially her height & weight, or her BMI, whatever you can find… because i didn’t.

  • anon

    She is so beautiful.
    It does look like they have slimmed down her face a little, but regardless of photoshop she has a stunning face.
    I love her eyes.

  • pppccc

    She’s soooo pretty!!!

  • She has definitely grown up a lot and looks wonderful! I remember her Lizzie McGwire days! ha ha!