Hilary Duff, Jessica Szohr

Hilary Duff and Jessica Szohr Make a GG Team

Hilary-Duff-and-Jessica-Szohr-Make-a-GG-Team - Hilary Duff and Jessica Szohr Make a GG Team

Gossip Girl beauties Hilary Duff and Jessica Szohr were spoted arriving on the GG set and they both did so while wearing jeans – Hilary a flared pair and Jessica some skinnies.

How do you like theiroutfits and the way they look on their figures?

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Hilary-Duff-and-Jessica-Szohr-Make-a-GG-Team-2 - Hilary Duff and Jessica Szohr Make a GG Team

Hilary-Duff-and-Jessica-Szohr-Make-a-GG-Team-3 - Hilary Duff and Jessica Szohr Make a GG Team

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  • ash

    Both girls are so beautiful…Hilary looks good in those jeans…Really flattering for her legs…Jessica can wear everything! 🙂

  • Kelli

    I love both outfits HOWEVER I think that Hilary’s face is soooo gorgeous and I kinda think Jessica’s face looks older, like mine and I’m 32 now.

    • nabile

      you hit the nail, I did quite get why to me Jessica look odd, is because her face looks old, you should be looking that mature when you are 24..

  • molly

    The flared jeans really flatter Hillary’s legs, she looks great. And I quite like the huge necklace she is wearing 😉

  • Kae

    Those jeans look awesome on Hillary, they really suit her figure. Anyone know who makes them? Her face is also very pretty. She looks good here.

  • Casey

    They both look pretty and I like both of their outfits. I really like Jessica’s body and Hilary’s face/hair/outfit. You never see people in flared jeans anymore.I kind of miss that trend.

  • Anna

    Hilary looks so classy and sophisticated in those jeans and coat! It suits her body so well.
    Jessica looks quite great too! Love the jacket but not a fan of the bag.

  • Nancy

    Hilary looks really fat, as usual.

  • Juliette

    I will be stealing Hilary’s outfit…sans the 80s sequins.

    I wonder how long until the scrunchies and big hair is brought back…

  • jess

    I don’t like how hilarys jeans go all the way to the floor but they do flatter her legs. And this is the most stylish I’ve ever seen jessica look!!

  • I love that Hilary refuses to go scary skinny to get work. She is still one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood! Check out my EXCLUSIVE scoop on Jayde Nicole’s feelings about Kristin Cavallari coming to The Hills at http://www.Twitter.com/ChristyReports.

    • Versus

      Christy, please do not post any more links in your comment – on other sites, such comments go straight to spam, but we accept the ones that do not have advertising purposes (but yours do).
      Thank you.

  • harlow

    i love hilary and here she looks great. i’m agreeing with most people bout how her jeans flatter her figure. she looks gorgeous as usual. yet there’s still some sad ass who thinks she’s totally fat..

    not a fan of jessica but she looks good here.

  • anonymous

    Both girls are really cute and fit in different ways. They have really good style and can pretty much pull off anything because they’re gorgeous! Jessica does look pretty old for her age, though.

  • Sarah

    Hmm, I really don’t think she looks “fat” whatsoever. Jessica’s hips are so wide, whoa.

  • Jess

    Hilary looks BEAUTIFUL and anyone that would call her fat must not realize what FAT really is. Fat is being obese, which Hilary certainly isn’t. She’s curvy, and those jeans definitely are looking great on her figure.

  • skirmute

    Hilary looks so slim. Did she lose any weight or is this only well-fitted clothes?
    The other girl is too skinny and these jeans aren’t flattering.

  • machmalow

    wow jessica got such thin legs ! I love them ^^

  • Bianca

    Hilary is really pretty, these pants fits great with her figure!

  • brit

    they both look great, love the outfits.

  • fatassoncouch

    i think the long jacket is not flattering on hilary. she should wear a more fitted one made of fabric that does not stick to your body and the length should be shorter, to make her V-shape more proportional. she has great legs and the curve of her booty, a shorter jacket would show it off nicely.
    jessica was a model i think… she looks great and she really does not look old! i guess it’s because she have this exotic face.

  • trixiepixie10

    is it just me, or does Jessica look a tad bowlegged in comparison with Hilary in this picture?

    • fickle

      yeah, at least Hilary’s are straight 😉