Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff in Leggings on Set

hilary-duff-in-leggings-on-set - Hilary Duff in Leggings on Set

Here’s a smiley and pretty Hilary Duff, walking around on the set of “Gossip Girl”, while wearing a pair of leggings and a longer top.

How do you all like Hilary on this occasion?

P.S.: Looks like Hilary didn’t follow the producers’ request to lose some pounds and maintained her weight.

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hilary-duff-in-leggings-on-set-2 - Hilary Duff in Leggings on Set

hilary-duff-in-leggings-on-set-3 - Hilary Duff in Leggings on Set

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  • Jilin

    Very pretty girl. The weight gain has done wonders for her face. She looks so healthy, although she’s a few pounds heavier now she still looks trim. Check out those leg muscles! I really hope she’s happy with her body. Young girls need rolemodels like this. Go Hillary!

    • Julia

      I have to agree! She dresses for her age and looks comfortable at her current weight.

  • tulona

    Hilary looks gorgeous. I just hate her shoes.

  • ankuu

    gee i am gla dshe didn’t lsiten! she looks healthy. i like her so much! who says gosspi girl needs to be anorexic?

  • Emmily

    I like the outfit. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    I like the outfit but I think is really unflattering for her shape – it cuts her into a lot of squat, horizontal lines. Regardless, I think she is pretty and looks healthy

  • Rose

    ok, she looks healthy and stuff but i still think she’s too big for gossip girl.

  • Maryna

    Still wish she’d lose some weight, just about 5kgs

    • Nkeon

      ‘just about’??

      That’s like 5 big bags of flour!

  • Uma

    Her upper body is terrible if you ask me. Well, no one did, so nevermind

    • Elena

      Agreed. If she gains some weight it goes straight to her top first. I feel for her… Anyway, she’s cute. I’ve always liked her.

  • pipi

    i agree her upper body doesnt look good. her arms are big and short looking and she barely has a neck. but her face is making up for that. she looks beautiful other than that.

  • Mizzy

    her face is so pretty when she is at this weight…i guess for her, it’s either losing weight and looking like a skeletor, or being at this weight and having a gorgeous face. if i were her, i would choose the latter…not everyone is meant to be super skinny, and anyone who watched Lizzie McGuire would know that this is the same weight she was at as a teenager..

  • nabile

    there’s something about her that I really hate: she is always fluctuating on her weight and the sad thing is I love her looks on the beggining of this year she looked amazing, I hate her when she was just meat and bones back in 2005 I think, but now she gaigned some weight and yo-yo’s diets are also bad for your health.
    the thing that I hate the most is that: I have her body type, the V type and she is kind of my role model in fashion things because we have the same upper problem, and I don’t like her like this makes me feel that I’m going to put some pounds also, if she can’t be on a size or weight how can I, if I can’t afford the best gyms with personal instructers, the best organic food and all that.. lucky for me I haven’t gaigned weight but I’m pro V body type because there are less women like that most women are pyramide type soo I look at Hilary and sayy hey,, she has my body type and looks awesome but not today! )=

    • Sarah

      Uh, that’s a stupid thing to say. Your body isn’t dependent on Hilary’s, regardless of both being V shapes. Of course there are certain limitations if you try to look a certain way, because you have a set body type.
      You didn’t like her when she was skin and bones.
      Now you don’t like her at this heavier weight because you’re afraid of putting on pounds, what??

      Makes no sense.

  • Marie

    I feel so shallow. I love hilary and everything…. but i like gossip girl to be superficial and have pretty people and she doesnt really fit in. I SOUND HORRIBLE SAYING THAT. omg 🙁 its just a guilty pleasure, that show. ugh i hate the way i think.

  • Leanna7

    she’s getting pretty thick. but she’s gorgeous, and I think she is perfectly fine for the show…not everyone needs to be as skinny as blair waldorf 🙂

  • Ruby

    I wish Hilary always looked like this. It’s so great to see someone looking so attractive. I’m getting kind of sick of chicken legs.

  • Andrea

    I think you guys on here that are saying she needs to lose weight are complete morons. Lord forbid someone come through Hollfywood that looks healthy and beautiful. As for you guys saying she isn’t trim enough for Gossip Girl, you’re the reason Hollywood is stuck in this vicious cycle of making women feel like they need to be sticks to fit in. Shame on you all.

  • isabel

    she looks fine!! not thin but not too fat at all!! so stupid they want her too lose weight ;S

  • Elizabeth

    She’s got a fresh face. Pretty girl and she looks comfortable in her body.

    • Elizabeth

      Ha, mixed things up; comfortable in her skin or comfortable in her body