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  • Kim

    those jeans are making her look big..bad outfit very unflattering. she has such a pretty face though

  • Jackie

    She can blame her mother for her bodytype.

    • iry

      Blame? what are u talking about? she looks yummy :d

      • Giana

        She is kind of fattie.But healthy in USA.They are all obese,so I guess she is a slim girl there.Im used to see skinny girls in my country in latin america so when I see Hillary looks fat to me.

        • Juliette

          What a stupid comment to make.

        • iry

          Sorry, but I thought u girls had curves and great bodies. Sorry if it sounds like a bad comment, it’s not; just confusion maybe.

        • Sharen

          Not everyone is obese in the US, there are a lot of thin people too. I think Hilary is an average size.

          I don’t know what country you are from, but the latin women around where I live are not thinner than Hilary, they have no waist and terrible proportions. Sorry but it’s the truth. I do know one brazilian girl who has a great body, thin but curvy, but that is just one of many….maybe you are from Brazil or Colombia..

          • Lara

            lmao – the people you know do not constitute the whole population of latin countries.

            the US is known for it’s high rate of obese people. it’s a fact. that doesn’t mean everyone is (obviously) but you definitely have a good percentage of very badly overweight people.

        • dani

          I would like to see u skinny girl and then comment about her fat!Being a size 2-4 is fat now?its called being normal…

        • lainey

          I think she looks fat, also. Her entire stint on Gossip Girl she looked like a porker next to everyone else– and those girls are not skeletal thin– so she could afford to lose a few pounds.

          • Juliette

            I don’t see it. And this is coming from someone diagnosed with an ED and a pretty warped idea of body images.

            I just don’t see Hilary as fat or even chubby. She looks “normal.” Granted, she is wearing horizontal stripes and those aren’t renown as being slenderizing. Her outfit is not flattering (I do love those glasses though).

          • iry

            ummm… yes, they are

    • Instant

      What is there to blame her for? Hillary looks great, IMO.

    • Anna

      Wow are you kidding me? who the hell do you think you are? you can blame your mother for your idiotic mouth.

      Hilary is a gorgeous girl and her mother must be a great person to have raised a her up like that. Geez I seriously can’t believe some people.

      • Jemima

        “you can blame your mother for your idiotic mouth.”
        Seriously so funny. I LOL’d

        I think Hillary looks good. I think this is her body type and her trying to be any thinner would just be ridiculous. I cannot forgive her for those shoes, though. But her glasses are really really cute and fit her face really well.

  • ladyredlocks

    Her face looks weird here. Not sure if it’s the glasses or she had something done.

    • et moi

      noticed that too. . . think she had her lips injected/filled. . .

  • Juliette

    One thing I like about Hilary is how she seems to have a solid head on her shoulder and never ended up like the other Disney trainwrecks.

  • luvme 2

    i love her glasses. all she needs is that smile and confidence. she is actually a healthy normal size, but maybe b/c she’s short and we remember how skinny she once was it makes her look pudgy. but shes a cute girl

  • Eve

    Her face is so pretty and lovely. And why should she blame her mother?! She has a very nice body.

  • Uma

    I also think she looks good here and chose her clothes correctly and i like the way those jeans fit her. She seems such a happy and friendly person. Not my favorite body, but my problem is usually with her upper body, and this time she covered it the right way. I have never thought her legs to be too thick, they look normal legs to me.

  • cusi

    in the last picture on the right you can see a realy fat person… she is just sweet!

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    I don’t think the jeans makes her look fat or something.
    Quite the opposite: The jeans really fits her. But Hilary’s always had slim legs.
    Love also the glasses. Hilary is such a pretty and healthy girl.
    I think people who call her fat are jealous.

  • LohanNKardashianFan

    I don’t think the jeans makes her look fat or something.
    Quite the opposite: The jeans really fits her. But Hilary’s always had slim legs.
    Love also the glasses. Hilary is such a pretty and healthy girl.
    I think people who call her fat are jealous of her.

  • anna

    she used to be so pretty, when she was thin.
    now she looks off, it doesnt suit her. she needs to lose 20 pounds, or even 15. she does have a very pretty face though, but on gossip girl, she looks HUGE compared to everyone else, its not good.
    but if she is happy with herself and confident, then who am i to tell her to lose weight.
    fat, but pretty.

    • jenn

      Attitudes like that are the reason eating disorders exist.
      Thanks for helping society move forward. Fail.

    • iry

      Do you even know what fat means?!?

    • april

      ha ha! or she better disappears, would that make you happy??

      ok, I don’t find her legs slim eighter but suggesting her to lose 15-20 pounds is just insane, imo.

    • Sharen

      I think she was prettier when she was thinner. But if this is her natural size then she should keep it.

    • dani

      She’s 120 pounds maybe less considering her height.how much thinner u want her to be 105?I think she looks very good and sexy…

      • CoffeeGirl

        Exactly. But this is a thought of the society. We should all be healthy, but unless you’re underweight you will be consider fat

    • Kristy

      Ignore the haters, you aren’t allowed an opinion on this site, unless of course evveryone agrees with you.

      In MY opinion she is pretty but if I were HER I’d lose 20lbs.

      • jenn

        You’re right, that’s totally the issue here! How dare those haters oppose your right to free speech!!!

        Maybe think about what you just said regarding opinions. If you want her to be able to cry “fat!” then you’re just going to have to deal with the subsequent retorts of “that’s a garbage call!”

    • lainey

      again i’m going to agree and say that she does look huge compared to the others on gossip girl. she’s short and weight looks bad on her. she should lose weight. if she were so happy with her short, chubby body, her ads for her dkny line femme would not have been photoshopped to make her look 20pounds thinner.

  • vianne

    she looks great with glasses very beautiful 🙂 her body is healthy and lovely and i agree with jenns comment above about attitudes 🙂

  • dani

    Its funny to see comments about thin girls that are fat and about fat girls that are curvy and they look good and should stay like that!Fat is fat and thin is thin.

  • People are so warped by the media and hollywood that they no longer know what a healthy sized young woman can look like. Being over weight and being underweight are both just as bad for you. To suggest that she should lose 20 lbs or that ppl in your latin america are all skinnier than her is kinda stupid.

    I actually like the glasses, they fit her face. Ppl do get tired of wearing contacts all the time and they are completely safe for your eyes in terms of long periods of wearing them.

    ‘She has her mother to blame’ is callous and bitchy.

    I remember when she was skinnier and looked like a bobble head doll and that wasnt sexy.

  • lola

    I like Hillary, I don’t know why as I’m not a fan of her music or acting. I think it’s b/c she looks happy and normal. I don’t envy her body, but there’s something about her that’s appealing

  • neutra

    I love the glasses, but not on her- she can not pull them off at all. Nor the rest of the outfit. It’s ugly to start with, but looks even worse on her body type. I have never seen her look good.

  • michelle

    i seem to disagree with a lot of people. i think she looks a lot slimmer than normal.
    the outfit kinda sucks, but the glasses are kind of adorable =]

  • Brittany

    I don’t like her slimmer, it makes her face look too long. She’s really pretty and at a weight (whatever that is) that looks good on her. I remember a while back (2007?2008?) when she was kinda going up and down in weight, it’s nice to know that she has been consistent with maintaining her current figure.
    As for the jeans they look a bit tight but overall her outfit looks okay, cute glasses.

  • I’m guessing she is a size 6-8? around 5’3 , weighing in at about 130 pounds. Not too bad, considering she’s a pear shape and carries most of her weight in her thighs and lower extremities, she doesn’t look half bad. She has a nice and totally normal build. Don’t give her so much flak! she’s obviously not naturally meant to be super-skinny. So get over it. She’s a regular person. Go pick on a size 4 super model..

    • Uma

      She is NOT a pear shape. Her arms and shoulders are quite big, she carries her weight mainly in her upper body. Her legs are quite slim compared to the rest.

  • honeybee23

    People seem to think she’s fat (someone even said she looks like a “porker” on Gossip Girl, which is ridiculous!), but i think she looks gorgeous. I usually like thinner body types, but I love her exactly the way she is, and I think she should NOT lose any weight. There’s something about her that just glows, and I think she looks phenomenal–so cute! It seems like this is her perfect weight. It’s not about the number on the scale. Each individual body is different, and the way her curves fall, this works for her.

  • skirmute

    She looks amazing and she is nor fat, neither chubby. She’s beautiful normal girl. Good on her. 🙂

  • Polly

    She looks so beautiful and happy, isn’t that everything one can ask for?!

  • suzushii

    She’s well adjusted and healthy.

    She isn’t wearing trashy make-up and clothes 24/7

    She isn’t broadcasting every vapid thought that crosses her mind and being famous for nothing.

    She isn’t glamorising EDs.

    She isn’t being a hypocrite, saying she luves her curves, and then ending up skinnie minnie, and saying the complete opposite.

    So she’s not the most ideal shape. So fkin what. I’d take her over 99% of the other celebrities any day of the week. People should watch more European movies, where we don’t completely deify the actors, which have a range of looks from beautiful to average to ugly, and the leads aren’t always beautiful, young, and with bolt on boobs.

  • anon

    those glasses are amazing.
    I’m gpleased she’s got them as a quirky accessorie.

    I think hilary is gorgeous (altho some of these pics facialy aren’t too flattering but thats candids for you), and she’s got a great natural body.

    • klara

      first those black square advertiser glasses, now the 80ies nerd style.. whats next? i am bored with people choosing trends over what suits them.
      hillary is beautiful indeed, but those shoes don’t flatter her (or anyones) legs at all.

  • afluffybunny

    she is very beautiful

    • Pharah

      i totally agree.. i think she is soo beautiful

  • Kristina

    I can’t believe some of the responses people are posting. No one here has the right to say whether someone ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ lose weight. Hilary is clearly within a healthy weight range and she looks fantastic! Her size isn’t concerning for her, so I don’t understand why it should concern you. I say, leave the girl alone.

  • TJ

    Hilary is very beautiful! I’ve always been sort of drawn to her – I think because she seems very confident and happy with herself. A few years ago, she was looking WAY too thin. In pictures, it almost seemed like it was exhausting her to be that thin. Now she just seems to radiate health and happiness!

    In NO way do I believe that she is fat. That would be a ridiculous statement. However, with that said, I am going to go out on a limb and say that I do believe she could tone up some. I have watched her on TV and I think she looks normal compared to the other actresses she works with. She only looks “bigger” than the others because they are teeny tiny! I think a little muscle definition would do her good! But I also happen to think a little muscle definition does EVERYONE good! 🙂

    And a random thought – anyone else notice on her jeans it looks like she touched her right thigh with a hand that had flour/powdered sugar? I noticed because I always seem to get something light on my darker colored jeans when Im cooking/cleaning, etc.! Lol.