Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff – Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

Hilary-Duff-Promos-for-“Beauty-the-Briefcase”-2 - Hilary Duff - Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

Hilary Duff  is a fashion journalist with an undercover job in her latest film “Beauty & the Briefcase” – and here she is looking colorful in the movie promos.

Hilary’s lost some weight since shooting this movie, right?

Hilary-Duff-Promos-for-“Beauty-the-Briefcase” - Hilary Duff - Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

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Hilary-Duff-Promos-for-“Beauty-the-Briefcase”-3 - Hilary Duff - Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

Hilary-Duff-Promos-for-“Beauty-the-Briefcase”-4 - Hilary Duff - Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

Hilary-Duff-Promos-for-“Beauty-the-Briefcase”-5 - Hilary Duff - Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

Hilary-Duff-Promos-for-“Beauty-the-Briefcase”-6 - Hilary Duff - Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

Hilary-Duff-Promos-for-“Beauty-the-Briefcase”-7 - Hilary Duff - Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

Hilary-Duff-Promos-for-“Beauty-the-Briefcase”-8 - Hilary Duff - Promos for “Beauty & the Briefcase”

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  • southerngumdrops

    She’s definitely lost weight. Still, I would rather see someone like her looking healthy vs these stick thin prototypes

    • WELL PUT!!! Thank you so much She looks great!!!!!

    • laura

      i totally agree she looks really pretty and a great role model for young girls healthy and great actress i prefer to see her in a film/tv than the other unhealthy skinny girls.

  • Jaime

    I really don’t like her body type, and I can imagine it would be harder for her to feel good about her body than say a smaller girl, especially living in Hollyweird

    • CéliAmbre

      i don’t like her body type either…but i have the same 🙁
      but she looks so pretty that, if this weren’t a celebrity body website, i wouldn’t comment on her body at all.

  • yeah ! i agree with you jaime , look at her arms carefully , they are too fate , and she has no waist , she’s a rectangle body shape although she had great legs!.

  • Sharen

    I think her arms are definitely her weak point, I tried covering part of them with my hand and it made look slimmer overall.

  • MC

    She is a really cute girl and I think her weight is healthy. I don’t think some of these clothes are very flattering. The first one has a strange cap sleeve, which is just not a friend to anyone who carries weight in their arms. Also, some of these clothes are just REALLY tight. I’m not crazy about the outfits at all…the third one is the most flattering.

    She has a beautiful face and cute body- nice chest, waist, and legs….just needs better outfits!

  • Casey

    I actually like her arms. Sure they are not slim and toned, but somehow they suit her. I guess because they are small; if they were thin as well, it would look freakish.

    I like Hilary but I hate her outfits. The only thing I like is they grey skirt (with another shirt besides that ugly one), and the beige dress.

  • Dani

    I think she is a lot hotter looking fuller than when she used to be skinny.Her round face is a lot prettier than her long skinny face that looks shrinked…

  • Dlicious

    i liked the 3rd picture, the one with the ruffles and the grey bandage skirt. in this specific picture she look slim(er). but the rest (because her arms were showing) made her look untoned. i agree, it seems that she have a rectangle shape, but hey at least shes NOT that skinny.

    Another thing, in gossip girl, she used to have an unproportionate body but manage to have a lean arms and in these pictures they;re the total opposite :S

  • Denise

    I love her body and her face, she looks good to me. Healthy and happy, I would be too if I was engaged and got a beautiful ring!

  • Mayra

    she’s chubby in all those pics, but let me remind you guys that high-waisted style does not suit for avarage and fat girls. Even if the girl’s skinny, it makes her less thin!

    • Natasha O

      what’s average? who died and made you stacy london? just wondering

      • lannabee

        LOL thank you Natasha O!!
        Also- High waisted skirts in my option ARE flattering because they bring the eye to the smallest part… the waist….

    • she is not chubby. her bodytype makes her “bigger” but it is because of her bones. so: that is not fat on her. and i do not think she is average, she is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen.

    • Kae

      Incorrect, she is high-waisted and these clothes bring the eye to her waist. Look at the classic curvy pin-up girls. What was the trend? High-waisted outfits! Pencil skirts with pretty blouses suit this body type quite nicely.

  • Natasha O

    She looks great not a fan of that horrendous makeup in the 1st pic though

  • artemis

    omg that cutie on the left in the 2nd n 3rd pics is from kyle XY w/e!!!
    she’s pretty and looks good to me

  • Edan

    She’s gorgeous. The make up is really brutal in the first pic though.

  • Crittle

    She looks good, like her Lizzie McGuire self again. i remember a few years ago she looked like a completely different person

  • beckers

    She works it. She always looks good, and with that face she’d have to pile on some serious pounds to look bad.

  • niknikniken

    absolutely gorgeous, i love the blue and red dress..:D

  • Serafiina

    She is so pretty and always even prettier when she is a little fuller. And by that I do not mean fat.

  • Padme

    She looks great. I can’t believe people are saying she’s chubby. She’s not a teenager anymore and she has some curves (not rolls).

  • B.

    She’s just a really, really pretty girl.
    She is curvy (no, I don’t mean chubby) and slim. It doesn’t make sense to call her chubby when her stomach is as flat as a board.
    Great body.

  • I don’t think she looks bad. What I think is that she’s short and that everything on her is short as well: short leg, waist, arms, etc… Nevertheless, she looks beautiful, but I do prefer her thinner look that she has now.

  • Aims

    She looks okay. I think she is very charming – but her arms dont look like they belong to her – they look like they belong to a much larger person – its weird cause her legs look small!

  • Doll

    I hate fat arms.That movie looks lame like all her movies.She is a nice girl but her acting kinda sucks.

  • katya

    shes so cute i feel bad dissing her body

  • Dr. Truth

    Am I allowed to comment on her acting? Cause it sucks..lol.
    As for her body, um- not bad but if those were my arms I would definitely NOT be going sleeveless. I’m glad she loves her body (at least she’s not hiding it).

  • Polly

    She has lost weight since these pictures, but she’s engaged…the wedding must be the motivator. She’s got everything going for her, all the people saying she’s a fat and chubby actress, yeah I’ll give you these initials G. S.

  • Valeria

    oh Gosh is that matt dallas????
    I didn’t realize until I read the comment made by some of you! he’s lovely!
    I was so focused on hilary’s arms…

  • Jemima

    LOVE the shoes in the third and sixth pictures.
    I like the clothing, I just don’t think the majority of them fit her well. She looks cute, though, and her hair is lovely.

  • Uma

    I definitely am not a fan of her body type, however i think she looks absolutely stunning. The weight loss never does her any good as it messes with her face. All of these pictures are portraying her as extremely beautiful and with a good body. I honestly think some people are way too harsh…

  • Olivia

    No matter what size she is, she looks gorgeous and comfortable. We’re completely different body types, but I really do enjoy seeing photos of her. It’s refreshing. She’s a wonderful role model.

  • Megu

    She is such a beauty.
    Yes her arms are not exactly thin. I have the same arms. I work out like crazy and I’m thin -But my arms look kind of chubby-I think I pretty much have the same body type as her. But of course not even close to her beauty. She is the pretttiest actress/singer out there in my opinion.

  • Lulu

    I have chubby upper arms like Hillary. I’ve always liked her style, so yay for chubby arm girls!

  • woopidoo

    these arms!!!! but her face is so pretty^^