Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff ‘s Dark and Tight Outfit

Hilary-Duff - Hilary Duff 's Dark and Tight Outfit

Hilary Duff made an appearance at the Kentucky Derby Prelude Party in Los Angeles last night, where she wore a form-fitting outfit paired with over-the-knee boots, edgy gloves and sleek ombre locks.

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Hilary-Duff-3 - Hilary Duff 's Dark and Tight Outfit

Hilary-Duff-2 - Hilary Duff 's Dark and Tight Outfit

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  • Hazal

    I hate her style, but she is BEAUTUFUL!!!

    • Hazal

      Oops, I meant BEAUTIFUL 🙂

  • celine

    someone went through kim kardashians closet..

    hill is way more beautiful than kim but she doesnt have the ahem, chest to fill this outfit out..

    • mel

      She does have a chest, I actually think she loooks a lot nicer in it than Kim would because Kim’s large chest would look a little too vulgar in such a tight shirt imo.

      • Does having big boobs and putting them in a tight top, automatically equall vulgar?so we are not allowed to wear it just because of the so fore mentioned big chest?
        BTW:I think Hillary looks extremely beautiful, but I´m not really a fan of the ombre hair fade.

      • mel

        Well, if you had DD cups and put them in a semi-see-through, super tight top like this one, yes, I think it would look a bit vulgar. It’s not that big boobs are vulgar by themselves, but I think it’s true that people who have them need to dress a little more carefully, otherwise they might come off as a little overt. That’s why they say actresses with smaller chests are the only ones who can pull off really revealing/plunging necklines, because with big cleavage, it would be too much. It’s just my opinion though.

  • Nik

    She looks really good here 🙂 Not a fan of here, but i must say she looks stunning. And this looks like a perfect weight for her imo.

  • she looks AMAZING.
    she’s found a good medium for her weight, although i preferred her skinner, it’s not worth it if you’re unhealthy.

  • lizzy

    WOW!!! she looks fantastic, super sexy ;]

    not my favorite but the outfit is flattering. LOVE the hair and her confidence!

  • Lux

    Wow, she looks really good. OTK boots are harder for short girls to pull off but she rocked it! I’m not really liking this ombre hair trend. It just looks like trashy chicks who get lazy with their color maintenance.

  • Lux

    Oh and BTW she’s not wearing gloves. That’s a McQueen clutch. And I would kill for it.

    • Leah

      she’s wearing a glove (singular) in the first picture. not sure where the other one went, maybe she was in the process of taking them off?

  • Kate

    I love her! She always looks so gorgeous and healthy and confident! She looks great! I just wish she would dye her hair brown again, it looked so good and she’s clearly a natural brunette. I’ve seen her trying all sorts of different blonde styles in the past year and she’s alwats got dark roots!

  • Rebecca

    She looks good – like she’s lost some weight, but it could just be the outfit not sure :\

  • the shirt looks too tight her boobs look weird ,and the boots make her legs look short blah

  • Ooookkkk

    Looks like she lost weight again. My only thing is I don’t like how long her face has been looking…her entire face shape used to be so much more attractive. I noticed more of the difference when she got those awful veneers a while back. She’s looked different ever since. Besides that, I’ve always found her to be really pretty.

    • Anne

      ya… idk why but i really dont ilke this girl her face reminds me of a horse and idk,,, bleh

    • snoops

      I like the long/oval face shape, like liv tyler, that chick from new 90210 whatever her name is, hilary duff, etc, gorgeous!

  • Ooookkkk

    I’m also not feeling the ombré hair. She should go all blonde or all brown, she looks beautiful both ways, but not both at the same time!

  • Ellie

    The clothes and hair are so ew. Don’t like the body, boots or makeup either. I do kinda like the clutch though!

  • Katy

    Hot! I love her body and style here, go hilary!

  • Ninian

    She looks great! I love her! =D

  • flossy

    She does look great but this outfit is a bloody mess all the different textures that don’t work together and just because they’re all black doesn’t mean they match. But she’s a stunning girl.

  • holly

    I like it minus the turtle neck lol I don’t usually like when women get their lips pumped but I actually like here.

  • LOVE this outfit, Not so much the boots though, I think only tall women can really pull them off.

  • NikNak

    I think she gets more beautiful with age and I don’t really see anything wrong with the outfit- it just doesn’t really flatter her body shape (apple most sources say)

    • Flaky

      Flatter her body type? WTF ?
      Can you please tell me what is wrong with her in this picture?

    • Kimberly

      ??? She’s an inverted triangle, not an apple. Her shoulders are wider than her hips.

  • Flaky

    Wauuuuuu…she’s stunning.

  • She looks good because she’s cute, but I hate this look.
    I don’t like the hair.
    I can’t get the texture of the skirt, so the colors look messy, and I can’t even decide wether the piece is supposed to be high-waisted or not.
    And the boots look fine in the picture, but who knows what it does for her size in reality.
    And I’ve been thinking an all-black look often looks boring, which is the case here, in my opinion. Dude, if she’d change the skirt, it really could work. The turtleneck works fine with her.

  • catc

    LOVE her outfit omfg

  • mel

    Her legs look a bit too short/shapely to pull of those boots, otherwise I love the outfit.

  • Kate1st

    She looks fab here, perfect weight, size, oufit, hair, makeup. And her face looks really pretty!

  • the Duffster is back!

  • K Justice

    I think she looks really hot. I see no reason why these boots don’t work on her. I’ve been told over and over again I look like her, so I’m partial. 🙂

  • Princess

    I like altough she look flat from her chest but it`s a sexy outfit and her face is so beautiful

  • Serafiina

    She has a beautiful face,without make-up too. I like her. She seems really nice and down-to-earth.

  • fenotte

    She looks fabulous here, perfect figure, gorgeous face and beautiful outfit

  • Lisa

    great figure, nice clothes minus the turtle neck, but the hair is not nice at all, im not feeling the half blond half brown thing she has goin on, it just look tacky.

  • Kt

    i think she looks great!
    But then she is insanely pretty imo so its hard for her to looks terrible

  • She looks so fantastic! The outfit is flattering but she’s also lost some weight. She always looks classy/sexy instead of trasy/sexy.

  • Emily

    She looks great! I remember when she was starved looking. Now she’s a bit smaller than in her Lizzie McGuire days but looks healthy.

  • Ellie

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! I love her body, I would kill to have a body like that. I think her curves are gorgeous, she has a beautiful face, and she really rocked this outfit!

  • Dani

    I like her a lot,she’s very beautiful,also her glove and the boots are nice.What I don’t like is the skirt and the belt.

  • Not a fan of hill but that outfit is stunning and i think this is the perfect weight for her.. she looks gorgeous! Just not a fan of the “fading” har color.

  • cass

    has she made anytime something with her lips? they look different. (plastic surgurey?) i loved it how she looked, including her lips! 🙁