Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff on Set

hilary-duff-on-set - Hilary Duff on Set

… on the Gossip Girl set, that is.

She looks really pretty (and happy)!

Plus points for not going orange like 90% of Hollywood.

Do you love the dress on Hilary? How about the jeans?

hilary-duff-on-set-2 - Hilary Duff on Set

Check out 2 more after the jump!

hilary-duff-on-set-4 - Hilary Duff on Set

hilary-duff-on-set-3 - Hilary Duff on Set

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  • Peaches

    I love her dress – very pretty 🙂

  • k8t

    she is very pretty and she has a nice body. inshape but not skinny, her body is very maintainable and sweet looking. i hate the gym bunny look on women

  • k8t

    the only thing that lets her down is the arms. they could use just a little toning. light weights would do it

  • Desire

    She is so cute and looks really happy

  • shoegirl

    Omg she’s soooo pretty! She looks gorgeous at any weight, lucky girl!

  • Elena

    I like the second outfit better on her.

  • I love Hillary, she looks kinda weird in the first picture. Maybe it’s just the angle of the camera. She still looks great. Can’t wait to Gossip Girl comes on with the new season.

  • Amy

    She looks a bit matronly, even her bangles look a bit tight! But, she’s pretty so whatever.

  • Jeanne

    Ankle straps–what are the costumers thinking?! One of the most obviously hard-to-pull-off items. It’s like they’re either clueless at dressing women for their body types, or they’re secretly gleeful and out to get her.

    Hilary is a beautiful girl.

    • Sidney

      i think most of her costumes have been somewhat unflattering. it’s like the GG stylists only know what is in and how to make thin girls look fab, not taking in to consideration that if you’ve got some curves and/or fat, you have to choose your clothes a bit more carefully.

      • Sidney

        that sounded like Hilary was fat, noooo. i meant thin as in tall and skinny models 😀 anyways the cast is doing a great job trying to pull off some of the more demanding tenues.

        • Kira

          I completely agree with you! The GG stylist drives me nuts… The things s/he does to beautiful people!

      • Jeanne

        Amen to that! I agree. (And I know what you’re saying–there are many more body types than just “thin” or “fat.”) It’s like they don’t understand how to play up a woman’s best features, and work with her shape.

  • Serafiina

    she has such a pretty face! And I love the dress! nice legs also.

    • Meg

      I totally agree, she’s stunning. And I´d like to add her gorgeous hair.

  • Maryna

    Love the dress on her, very feminine

  • anna

    she may not have the best body but girl is too cute

  • SM

    I love the second outfit on her, cute!

  • KG

    I always love Hilary’s body! Very nice thighs!

  • Flori

    she is sooooo cute! love her

  • Alyssa

    OMG, how pretty is she??? It’s almost unbearable

  • Miranda

    that’s a cute dress but I’m not sure I like it on her. She looks good in the 2nd pic!

  • Liz

    I hate her Veneers. . reminds me off horse teeth! shes a talented, pretty girl.. but I would slim down if I were her

    • anya

      why should she do that. She gets alot of work, her natural frame is not skinny and I have never seen her look this happy as she does now. And she’s got a gorgeous boyfriend. She has everything, and if it doesn’t bother her than I don’t think it should bother us.t

      • Kristy

        Liz didn’t say “she should” slim down, she said she “would” slim down if it were her. As would I.

        • Miaca

          I agree that her natural frame is not thin (like most well-known models etc.) and this is likely her ideal weight/shape. However, if I were in her industry, I would probably suffer to stay trim in order to advance my career.

    • chantalia

      I would want to lose weight as well.

      So what type of body does she have? She’s really wide in the shoulders and big arms.. and in the photo when she’s wearing jeans her hips look quite narrow. I think she should stick to dresses.

      • anya

        she’s a v shape

  • tulona

    I’ve always been a fan of Hilary’s. She looks great here and I think she is so much better looking at this size than she was at a size zero.

    • Ada

      I don´t think the dress does her any justice BUT she definitely looks a lot better than at size 0

  • nabile

    love her on the second photo minus the shoes, i can´t understand how can she look soo great in an old boy tshirt, I can steal my brother tshirts and is not going to look like this one

  • Anna

    I saw her last night in the ghost whisperer and she looked awesome!

  • ladyredlocks

    That dress looks brutal on her!!! Wow.

  • Ellie

    She went through a very skinny phase but now she clearly seems like she’s found peace with her natural size and shape. That can’t be easy in Hollywood.

    To be honest I prefer a slimmer look, but if I had to chose between being smaller and a healthy body image I’d pick the latter in a heartbeat.

    • molly

      totally agree with everything you said.

  • pipi

    Pretty face but the body I wouldnt want. I wouldnt be happy with such a figure. just my opnion. but I admit my face isnt as pretty as hers 🙂 (which also doesnt mean i’m ugly) 😉

  • Matilda

    She looks GORGEOUS! Especially in the last pic 🙂

  • ibaby

    she looks beautiful! and to those that say she should slim down…she HAS done that before and it didn’t suit her. her face became all hollow and sickly looking and she didn’t glow like she does now. her body suits her, and i’m glad she’s back to normal again 🙂