Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff – Spotted in Her Pajamas

hilary-duff-spotted-in-her-pajamas - Hilary Duff - Spotted in Her Pajamas

Good morning, Hilary!

Hilary definitely gained some weight in the past months, she’s probably around her highest weight, but she appears to be comfortable with her body… otherwise she wouldn’t wear tight bandage dresses that reveal her figure or super comfortable (maybe too comfortable?) clothes, like on this occasion.

One more picture after the jump!


hilary-duff-spotted-in-her-pajamas-2 - Hilary Duff - Spotted in Her Pajamas

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  • Lizzie

    Her legs are still thin. I think it’s really just her arms. She really is a healthy girl, she’s always going to the gym. I love her

    • DT

      Maybe they’re thin compared to Jabba The Hutt.

      • Michelle

        Fire your current Therapist moron.

        • anna

          Haha that’s funny:)

        • DT

          Imagine if I’d wind up with yours……. what a catastrophe
          And…… get a sense of humor…….

          • DT

            That is so tasteless… you should be banned for such a comment.
            But now we know how much class you really have….. micrometer anyone??

          • DT

            OOOOps and learn the difference between your and you’re….

          • Ramie

            why are you talking to yourself?

          • DT

            Significantly more interesting than talking to you… but guess what,,, you responded …..

  • Betsy

    she is HEALTHY. dear god. people also need to remember that the camera adds at LEAST 10 pounds. she looks great here, but i’m sure she looks absolutely amazing in “real life.”

    also, is it just me or does this look like shes doing the “walk of shame”? haha…i just noticed that shes wearing the same earrings as she was in that green bandage dress, and it looks like her hair was probably in an updo the night before…

  • sequined

    sooo true, betsy! 😀

  • S

    I always find it equally hilarious, frustrating, and upsetting how people seem to think a girl is automatically healthy just because she isn’t underweight. You don’t know anything about her mental, emotional, or phsyical health. All you know is that she isn’t rail thin.

    • Kristy

      Very good point, who knows what’s going on in her life. I’m hardly overawed by how “healthy” she looks.

    • mjb352

      what people mean is that she is at a healthy weight. being underweight (BMI under 18.5) is unhealthy, and being overweight (BMI over 24.9) is also unhealthy. You can tell by looking at her that her BMI is in the healthy range.

      I don’t know about leaving the house looking like that though….Not saying that you need a full face of make up on, but at least brush your hair and put some real pants on…

      • Kristy

        I kind of think BMI is a bit of a relic of the past…after all it doesn’t take into account fat on the “inside” and muscle mass. I’m a “healthy” weight by bmi standards but I would bet my life that my body percentage isn’t healthy.

      • Sierra

        You are right about the healthy weight thing,
        she’s not over or underweight.
        But BMIs are shit. Muscle weighs more than fat,
        and they don’t take that into account.

        But being rail thin isn’t healthy,
        nor is being the size of a house. 😀

        • Ela

          Here here to your and Kristy’s comments about BMI. Can you believe doctors still judge people by this?! Its a fossil

          • Sierra

            I know, its probally cause its the simplest.
            I know my BMI, but not my %body fat or anything like that.

    • Samantha

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. You couldn’t be more right.

  • S

    um, I meant physical. Not phsyical. lol typos~

  • koala

    i bet she looks great in real life! the camera adds weight. i’m glad she is comfortable with her weight

  • Jimmy

    I think she looks like a normal person.

    • Kristy

      I agree, in “real life” she looks a like a normal girl, shame that in the land of celeb she’s put under the microscope at every oppurtunity.

  • Liz

    she doesnt look “healthy” she looks overweight.. see when I think of healthy I think of muscles, tone,vitamins, salmon brown rice vegetable diet wit tons of water.. this all flushes out your system and makes you appear to be HEALTHY fit THIN. looks like Hilarys been overdoing the fat/carb intake and not excersizing as much as she needs.. also find it hilarious.. that two times she been photographed leaving the gym.. therefore she “works out” and is therefore “healthy” two times at the gym will do absolutely nothing for anyones appearance…

    • Instant

      She’s not overweight. You don’t need to be thin to be healthy.

      • DT

        Hey Instant, she is so large and puffy and she looks in such poor health…. she even looks so unhappy.
        Liz is right…. she should visit a Vitamin store and learn about nutrition… and work out 3 – 5 xs a week with a trainer…. she could set a better example for her fans.

        • Instant

          STFU And get some help.

          • DT

            Gee whiz,,,, even when I try to be civilized with you, you are just sooo bitchy. That tells me you probably need a trainer at least 5 – 6 timers a week, and some veges, fish oils, fresh pure water, brown rice and something for constipation.

        • Instant

          “Gee whiz,,,, even when I try to be civilized with you, you are just sooo bitchy.”


          • Michelle

            “Gee whiz,,,, even when I try to be civilized with you, you are just sooo bitchy

            DT, you really shouldn’t have skipped your 3rd grade Grammar Classes. I know school must have been really hard on you. All of those Fat Jokes. I know..I know…You are NOT fat, just BIG BONED..LOL The pointing and laughing. Having NO friends. Things were tough for you. And BTW who the hell says Gee Whiz anymore? LOL

            “That tells me you probably need a trainer at least 5 – 6 timers a week, and some veges, fish oils, fresh pure water, brown rice and something for constipation”

            “timers a week”….This shows me that you are STILL a lonely uneducated person who spends WAY to much time on the computer. Time to turn off the computer and step outside into the REAL world. And while you are out in the REAL world, get yourself a personal fitness trainer, a psychiatrist, a nutritionist, and a GED. LOL….And LOL at **…Yes DT is a ****…LOL

          • Elizabeth

            Lol, I don’t like to personally attack any of the members of this site, but seriously DT.. If you spend so much time at the gym and the vitamin store and preparing extra healthy meals, on top of your normal life, I find it quite funny that you have so much spare time to SIT ON YOUR ASS and answer everyone’s comments on EVERY post about a celeb that isn’t stick thin.
            So seriously, find what’s missing in your life, whether it’s a boyfriend, friends or a job, because obviously a normal person with a healthy amount of responsibilities and pastimes does NOT have so much free time.

          • DT

            I just got in from going to the gym, having lunch with friends, hanging at the beach for an hour, and shopping for a new pair of floppies…. and I see you both have been playing tag team and dreaming up boring posts instead of following your own advice. Thank you Elizabeth for the bit of protection, but Michele would be quite envious of my cute little ass.

          • s.

            Thanks for your day’s itinerary, DT. I’m glad you had fun shopping for “floppies”

            You’re “arrogance” seems to be a cover for some low self-esteem issues.

            I’m not envious of anyone who uses the word floppies and refers to their own ass as “enviously cute”.

            You are SUCH A LOSER haha, thanks for the laughs though!!!!

          • DT

            Now what is an S ? It seems one of you keeps changing their Name….. there simply could not be so many plebes on one site… oh and stop breathing so hard thinking about my ass…

          • s.

            lol actually, you’ll notice that I comment on this site regularly, and I can assure you I am not Elizabeth or any of the other girls who think you’re laughable.

            Perhaps you’re in denial about the number of people who find you ridiculous and very stupid.

          • s.

            you may have a cute ass, but I can’t say the same about your personality.

          • DT

            It’s nice to know you represent everyone. I guess there was a vote that I missed, while reading the tag team messages….Remember…. one friend is worth many acquaintances.

          • Michelle

            you were sooo busy at the beach, working out, and buying flip flops(LOL) that you had enough time to write 4 comments…LOL…You just proved my point DT. Get a LIFE. LOL

          • DT

            reading your mindless posts = 12 seconds
            4 comments to someone with your depth and obvious intellectual capacity= 80 seconds
            reading your silly retorts = Priceless

          • s.

            quoting a mastercard commercial as an insult = big fat loser.

          • DT

            Gee you missed again…. I customized it just for your pea brain. Hey….. I guess there is one part of you …that’s little.

          • s.

            trying to call me fat, another original… real creative thinking there too. I can send you photos of myself if you like, seeing as how that’s how you measure whether or not a woman is worth anything, but unlike yourself dear DT, I don’t rely on my petite frame to defend what I have to say. I have a personality for that.

            teehee and “pea brain” makes me giggle rather than offends me. good shot though. I applaud you for keeping at it!

          • DT

            Finally…… change I can believe in…. I am glad to see you are giggling …. that is what this is about….. state your comments and have a little fun too. Bravo !!
            I actually would like to see your photos. I get the feeling you are probably cute. I do not know how to do that here with some measure of safety for emails……

          • s.

            haha alright alright we all had our fun. now i just feel bad.

            lets just leave it at this: some people prefer a thinner, more athletic body type. some people prefer a curvier one. my opinion is there is no need to be cruel about any of your own preferences.

            thank you, and good night!!!

          • s.

            and yes. im adorable. i also giggle easily.
            teeheeeheeee 😀

        • Kae

          “change I can believe in….” Well Dt, at least you’re using a Barack Obama quote so I’ll give you some points there. Not to be political, but thanks for the laugh. That was truly funny.

          • Michelle

            Has anyone else noticed that DT has made like 20 comments on here? LOL …That’s sooo sad. I actually feel sorry for her. While people like me are working, exercising, spending time with friends, and living life you are commenting on here ALL DAY. This is your life. This is all you have going for you. LOL I can expect at least 10 comments from you after i write this. I have to get going because unlike you…I have things to do. LOL

          • DT

            Except for this wanna be LOL LOL Michelle’s sour note comment, this has been a fun string. I am now closing out this string for me… see you on another one.

          • Marco

            DT = Dumb Tramp

  • Leanna

    Not very flattering pics.

    At least we know celebs are human after all.

  • Michelle_DD

    what is funny is how she showed up her 105 pounds body 3 years ago on Shape magazine and told us how much happy she was and the whole “i love my body now” bullsh*t.

    yeah right… sorry, but celebs are annoying with their not so healthy lifestyle.

  • priceless

    she needs to trade in the jammies for some workout clothes and get on an elipitical…shes going downhill eww.

  • londonchicka

    im quite slim but like hiliary i have chubby arms and have to be extra carfeul at the gym cos too much toning will have me looking like Brook, so i can relate to hiliary, in comparison i have slim legs and a small waist, when i hear gils complaining about their pear shape body i can help but feel jelouse lol

  • chacha

    Yes she gained some weight, but she still looks fabulous!! not everyone has a skinny frame!! at least she doesn’t look like kirstie alley!! that’s fat!!
    Hillary is NOT FAT!!

  • kb

    wow. she seems to gain so much in very little time. she’ll probably get back down once these comments get to her.

  • Kae

    Yes, these pictures serve as evidence that Hillary has gained weight in recent days. It’s quite unfortunate that some individuals who frequent this site assume that she is unhealthy or not taking care of herself. Weight gain can be a sign of many different things, even a change in workout routine. So Hillary’s body doesn’t conform to their standards of beauty and health, what a shocker? It’s not as if they actually know what this woman’s workout routine or diet entails. The truth is, we all know nothing about her habits. If she IS working out and eating properly and she feels comfortable with her body, that’s what really matters.

    • Instant

      PMS, that could explain her weight gain. I know I fluctuate an average of 5-10lbs. sometimes.

      • Kae

        Yes, there could be several things going on here. If she changed her workout, she could be experiencing some muscle hypertrophy. A mesomorphic body type will do that if there is an increase in weight lifting or anaerobic exercise. That’s actually my guess and it’s quite plausible.

  • Lala

    she’s happy the way she is bc she’s in love. and when most girls are in love they start to get more and more comfortable with their bodies and self esteem. also when she was in her very thin days she was with nicole richie’s bf and he said he prefers the “twiggy” looking skinny girls. that must of also put preasure on her to lose weight. but now she’s happy:)

  • Brielee

    In the real world I think people would kill to look like that, I think in Hollywood they might me more critical about her, but overall I don’t think she needs to change she’s a good role model for girls. Also Kelly Clarkson and Raven Symone would be in that same category.

  • rachael

    she’s not any more over weight than for ex. Beyoncé has been, she just doesn’t have the body type that looks feminine and curvy when she gains. I’m pretty much the same body type and height, and have been from 100 to 130 pounds, it seems like first ppl are thinking i’m maybe a bit on the big side(friends/family, who of course can be honest, eh..) then, after a couple of weeks i get those: OMG u look so skinny u R’nt developing an anorexia R U? jeesh, let me be,( and as all of u obviously do:) )let hilary be, u haters. Happy to see some loving going on on this site too though

    • anya

      When in the world has Beyoncé been overweight?

      • rachael

        sry, that was unclearly written, i meant over beyoncés weight, or BMI/clothing size since Hilary is much shorter, as in, bé has been really curvy, a bigger size, NOT overweight, at some times, and she has always looked good, imo. now she seems to be shrinking again tho..

        • anya

          oh okay sorry for that and thanks for clearing it up.

  • Kaia

    who cares they are pjs, but I hate how she wears scarves to distract from her arms, it doesn’t work, try sleeves