Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff in Tight Black Pants

FFN_g_509970531 - Hilary Duff in Tight Black Pants

New mom Hilary Duff is photographed constantly – here she is this past week running some errands while wearing tight black pants and a casual top.

Various sources claim that Hilary has been opting for a bigger pout lately – what do you all think?

FFN_g_509970481 - Hilary Duff in Tight Black Pants

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FFN_g_509970471 - Hilary Duff in Tight Black Pants  FFN_g_509970511 - Hilary Duff in Tight Black Pants FFN_g_509970521 - Hilary Duff in Tight Black Pants  FFN_g_509970541 - Hilary Duff in Tight Black Pants FFN_g_509970561 - Hilary Duff in Tight Black Pants

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  • Lise-Marie


  • sia

    she looks great!! if only she had a waist shed look perfect for her body

  • Andi

    shes so cute! not nearly as fresh faced as she used to be, but whataya expect? shes a lot older now! im still a fan of hers

  • sia

    shes got such a pretty face the whether shes skinny or like this she still looks charming imo

    • Tally

      id almost call her skinny right now, look at that shot of her from the side! Her arms (&lips) just look puffy but she even has a thigh gap goin on go her!!!

      • ginx

        Really? That’s no thigh gap and she’s nowhere near skinny.

        I like her at a higher weight though, I think it suits her and I like her legs in this pictures. I’d love to see her slim her arms a bit but she looks sweet regardless.

  • Tinkerbell

    she’s glowing, a really beautiful young mom.. her figure has become quite good too, seems like she’s lost weight gradually, in a healthy, moderate way – kudos to her 🙂 the only thing on her body I don’t like is her arms, but I guess she cannot change that..

  • Mia

    I think she’s been getting lip injections for years, and while I’m not a fan of the procedure, they do suit her face quite nicely.

  • Nat Shermans

    Did she do something to her cheeks?

  • MissMarilyn

    I loooove her. Her face honestly looks awesome at every weight she’s been at, and she’s definitely lost weight!

  • Marie

    Fake lips who make me think like she has a duck face!!! Erkkk… Too bad, she did not need it, she was so pretty before 🙁

  • Rose

    We basically have the same legs…
    She’s lost some weight so good for her for doing it so gradually. She looks good even though I’m not too sure about those lips…

    • artemis

      I like her legs
      her lips do seem bigger than usual, she didn’t need it

  • Katya

    Omg she lost so much weight on her legs. They look amazing

  • Eline

    She looks absolutely fantastic! She seems so happy, good for her!

    I dont like the outfit though.. If I were payed millions I would definetly come up with a more inspiring outfit than this 😉

    • serena

      Is she getting paid millions though? She’s most famous for Lizzie McGuire, which ended like 10 years ago, and I think she was on a few episodes of Gossiping Girls years ago. I’m sure she’s loaded though lol. But honestly even if I had millions I’d still be in jeans most days 🙂

  • lc

    She looks great. She lost the weight on her own time, which is awesome.

    • Tinkerbell

      That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking 😀

  • Lauren Carter

    Love Hilary! She looks great (weight wise) but her injectibles need time to “settle”. Anyone else wondering why she’s stopped on the side of the freeway for a “photo-op”?

  • Casey

    No, I don’t think that’s lip injections.

    Based on how her cheeks look, I think she is just experiencing water retention. I know not everyone has this, but my face is the same way. When I’m bloated, my lips get bigger and my cheeks look different.

    I wish the lips would stay that way but sadly, no. 😛

    • serena

      Idk if it’s due to pressure, but when I wake up in the morning, my lips are swollen and my nose is bulbous – they both get thinner throughout the day. Hilary could be bloated here, her lips and face look puffy.

      • Ash

        My lips and nose are swollen in the am too – its my allergies though.

  • Jacky Daniels

    she is so cute.

  • LC

    In the 6th pic she’s rocking the Leo Dicaprio’s walk http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/070/279/leostrutoriginal.jpg LOL
    She looks stunning by the way, I’ve always found her beautiful, no matter her size

    • annabeatrice

      Hahaha you’re right!!

  • Neri

    Am I the only one thinking MAJOR botox alert…?!?! She looks Megan Fox puffy!

  • AnnieC

    What a shame that such a young girl has already started down the plastic surgery route. I guess it’s to be expected. After all, she’s already had breast implants and some horrible veneers. It will be interesting to see what she’ll look like at age 40 if she’s already doing injectables in her twenties.

  • Her bod looks great now, but her cheeks and eyes are SO puffy?! Must be some botox and restylane/radiesse going on

  • Taur

    Her lips are so weird especially in the second pic. Doesn’t even look like her it looks like she’s definitely had something done :/

  • Raquel100

    NOOOO!! They are TOO puffy! Hilary is so beautiful/adorable – I hope she doesn’t jump on the plastic surgery bandwagon! Especially since she is only 25!

  • Zoe

    Her legs & bum in the 4th pic <3 😀 She's a pretty lady- ha ha 🙂

  • jamie

    what did she do to her face :/
    never been a huge fan of her figure but she looks great and i commend her on the weight loss

  • Leyla

    They did a before and after, she definitely did lip injections http://www.cirugiasdeestrellas.com/2013/01/hilary-duff-tuvo-cirugia-plastica.html

  • Pixie

    Very pretty. She looks like she’s lost more too,looking great!!

  • Polska Blondynka

    She’s a natural beauty. Can someone tell me what she uses to get her skin to glow, like allllll the time?

  • ingie

    Looks so much better then Victoria!

  • vanessa

    even though she is matured she is still so adorable. what is her height?

    • Randi

      I’d say between 5’2 and 5’4.

  • Sidney

    Clearly injections imo. Either that or her lips sure get really swollen sometimes. Not because they’re big but because they’re smooth, without any lines at all. Exactly the kind of stretched out skin you get with injections. Meh, not a fan of the look, but the up side to lip injections is the results usually aren’t permanent. Hope she gets of them at some point.. Other than that she looks good.

  • rahh

    i really don’t think she’s had injections. a lot of people will now say she has cause the idea has been put in their heads and cause they’ve read it they’ll believe it. if you look at other recent pics of her she doesnt look as puffy.
    Just cause she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she’s not going to have a bad day. She might be bloated like someone said before or she could even have a cold. My face swells like crazy when i get a cold. =/

  • Snip

    Oh my gosh, she is really adorable. She looks sweet and happy.

  • serena

    Her legs look much thinner now, but her arms are always thick. I think it must be her proportions – her arms are very short, they barely go past her hips. And you can’t really spot reduce fat.

    • Anastasia.

      lol I just noticed it, she looks like a T-Rex. Matthew McConaughy has the same problem, his hands are freakishly short.

      • ca

        Lol. Am I the only one who just dropped their hands to their side to check their proportions? Seriously though, she’s a beautiful girl 🙂

        • Anastasia.

          lol! No I did the same thing, that’s when I really realised just how short her arms are.

    • idontknowyouyoudontknowme

      She does! Never noticed before, I always thought she had quite nice proportions for such a petite(longer legs, short torso).

  • JaneParker

    The lips were the first thing I noticed. I can’t blame her if she had something done, I’m a sucker for plump lips myself and if one day they find a way to make them fuller while looking natural I’ll sure be saving some money for it. I don’t think we’re there yet. She looks great smiling, but when she’s not smiling she looks like she was punched on the mouth, like most people who take collagen injections or whatever it is they do. I like her body, I think she doesn’t need to lose more than maybe 5 pounds and work on arm definition, her arms were always her soft spot, just like mine, and they’re a challenge. Mine either look too fat in relation to the rest of the body or start to look too muscled when I work out more, it’s a freaking nightmare.

  • Winnie

    the second picture is terrifying. seriously, my heart skipped a beat and i almost screamed out loud, it was that unexpected…good lord.

  • em

    what is the fascination with her? she hasn’t had a career since she left disney. it is quite funny how in western countries, plastic surgery makes people less attractive. but in asian countries, it’s almost impossible to tell when someone had something done. because over there, they actually try to enhance their beauty instead of getting something done because it’s a fad. duck lips haven’t been popular in years.

    • serena

      Lol you’ve got to be kidding…where I live, in NYC we have a ton of Asians and when they come back from their summer vacation in Korea with rounder eyes and noses that are high and thin rather than flat/wide, it’s not exactly subtle 😉 Hilary is actually a good example of subtle surgery – she had a nose job in her teens, but I never hear people mention it. It looks natural.

      • lc

        Did she really serena? I don’t necessarily doubt you, I just didn’t know! Can you post some links? And did she have anything else done?

      • MissMarilyn

        I have a Korean friend who says that a lot of asian women (or at least Korean women) get surgery to create a crease on their eyelid and get wider eyes; I don’t think this is “enhancing” their own beauty or subtle at all. Slanted eyes can be equally beautiful as wide eyes and changing the shape of one’s eyes is not enhancing their own beauty… Enhancing your own beauty would be bringing out your natural, attractive features. Changing a natural feature is not enhancing your beauty, nor is it subtle.

        Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with getting a surgery to make one’s eyes wider, if that is what they want to do. I just wouldn’t call it subtle or natural at all. And it’s the most popular type of plastic surgery in Korea. So saying that it’s impossible to tell if someone has had surgery in Asian countries, that’s not true at all….

        Honestly though; Why does everyone make such a big deal about plastic surgery? Their body, their choice. If its personally not something you would do; don’t do it! I don’t plan on ever having plastic surgery but I don’t feel that there’s anything necessarily wrong with it (excluding when people get addicted; because people do get addicted to plastic surgery sometimes). I mean it’s a little sad when someone you think is gorgeous gets surgery and it turns out poorly, but honestly, its not a reason to think less of anyone.

    • MissMarilyn

      Hilary is relevant to this site because she’s a new mom and is one of the few celebrity parents who lose weight slowly instead of dropping it all in a month or two.

      She also has MANY fans who remember her from Lizzie McGuire 🙂

      NOT TO MENTION she is one of the few Disney/teen starlets who turned out normal/hasn’t gone through meltdowns (Like Lindsay, Miley, Britney, etc)

      • Anastasia.

        “Hilary is relevant to this site because she’s a new mom and is one of the few celebrity parents who lose weight slowly instead of dropping it all in a month or two.”

        Not for lack of trying though. This girl was pictured going to the gym right after she gave birth, and there are candids of her pretty much everyday where she going to the gym/working out. The only difference is she can’t shift the weight as fast, so people think she’s taking it slow. I’m sure if Victoria Beckham or Jessica Alba was pictured doing the same thing, people would say that they are obsessed with being thin and are ignoring their babies simply because they are thinner then Hilary.

        • MissMarilyn

          I mean you can still go to the gym while still taking it slow. In fact; normal healthy weight loss is slow but should still include exercise! So I’m sure Hilary was focused on losing weight right after giving birth (who wouldn’t be??!?) but instead of going back to perfect beach body in a month she took things slowly, gave herself time to exercise and eat healthily (I assume) while also giving herself time to enjoy life and her new baby.

          Going to the gym frequently is not really indicative of anything. I go to the gym every day even when I’m not trying to lose weight!! And I imagine I’ll be really excited to go back after pregnancy because you can only do certain exercises while pregnant.

  • Nobsnob

    Did she have lips and cheeks injection?

  • Anastasia.

    That close up makes her look especially horsy. I do wonder if she got lip injections though, and some kind of botox. I still don’t know why this washed up Disney star gets as much publicity as she does.

  • Kimberly K

    She has always been cute and so natural looking.. I will be sad to see another one bite the botox/filler dust..

  • Tam

    Wow! She’s lost a lot of weight! She looks great!

  • Aafje

    I dunno of she had work done…shes awfully puffy around the eyes if she just got injections. Maybe her faces is bloated or having allergy problems (my eyes puff up similarly when I’m around cats too much)

  • Teiku

    She lookls great, but that pout needs to go.

  • anoymous

    I think Hilary has one of the most beuatiful faces n Hollywood. She’s a natural beauty and she’s cute. Whether or not she has people’s ideal figure, she still looks healthy. She’s likeable and a good rolemodel too.

  • Hannah

    She’s looking amazing right now! At least she lost her baby weight slowly and didn’t do anything drastic 🙂

  • SARA

    Her arms are so gross it makes me sick.

    • misscheeks


    • MissMarilyn

      you must have a very weak stomach; feeling sick when you see anything that has any bit of fat on it? tough. my sympathy goes out towards you.

  • chloec

    How much do you think she weighs here?