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Hilary Duff – Too Big for Gossip Girl?

hilary-duff-too-big-for-gossip-girl - Hilary Duff - Too Big for Gossip Girl?

Hilary Duff will play Olivia Burke on Gossip Girl (3 rd season), a movie star in search of a college experience at New York University.

But wait, there’s a tiny problem! Apparently, Hilary is a little too thick for the role and the producers want her to lose some weight to “fit in”.

A source revealed to Star Magazine the following:

‘She’s too big. It won’t look right with the other girls. Hilary is fuming. She’s feeling insecure.’

What do you think about this?

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  • Emmily

    Sad and stupid! 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Whole heartedly agree.

      • Micaela

        i know right.

        and they wonder why people kill themselves to stay thin
        cause its pressure for not being good enough basically.

        its complete BS.

  • Reese

    Pitty, but i get it. Her weight might easily draw attention, making it a charasteristic of that role, when it’s not meant to be that way. (in movies and shows every lauhgter, every clothing and furniture has a purpose in making the image of a person or the atmosphere stronger in some ways, or taking the story further) What’s sad is that a few pounds over ?ideal? does get attention, at least i strongly believe it would in a show like that. Some more laid back shows, or with a wider range of personas, are able to cast different people without a certain charasteristic of the actor becoming a huge factor, merely a small detail. GG is meant to be superficial, even if the peops have hearts in the end. I don’t know what Hilary is supposed to play, but she could be the kick-ass gorgeous independent type with her body 🙂 (again, in THAT show would a body like Hilary’s make you either the odd one out or the brave and cool)

    • dewi

      Indeed, GG is meant to be a guilty-pleasure for young girls to fantasize about becoming/looking like. They are not in the business of portraying real problems, with real people.. and as such, they are a hit-show with the younger generation.

      It comes with the job when you’re an actor or an actress — you will be asked to alter your appearance to suit the role.

      While Hilary looks young and pretty, she’s in a business where her weight does matter. She can choose to either deal with it professionally or let it harm her emotionally. It is in my experience that it takes a mature individual to take responsibility for the path they’ve chosen for themselves.

  • tulona

    Hilary is beautiful and one of the few down-to-earth and healthy starlets in Hollywood. I think the producers of Gossip Girl are so wrong to ask her to lose weight. It’s not like Charlize Theron gaining weight for ‘Monster’. Those kind of hard-core roles require actors to gain or lose weight. I doubt playing a character in ‘Gossip Girl’ requires that kind of change.

  • BlackEssence

    Okay, I will say this Duff has certainly put on a bit of pounds…but I didn’t like her whens he was overly skinny either. Gosh, must be hard for them: too big..too small.

    In regards to Gossip Girl, didn’t one of the girls complain that the show was the drive for an eating disorder (was it Gossip Girls?)?

    • el.V

      or was it 90210?

    • Jen

      I think you mean The Hills

      • Leigh

        It was 90210 and The Hills 🙂
        Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup in 90210 got told to put on weight by the producer apparently, because they lost weight and looked too skinny.
        Stephanie Pratt claimed working with the skinny girls on The Hills made her bulimic.

  • jennah

    that sounds ridiculous because blake lively looks to be about a size4 and leighton meester a 2 so hilary whose likely a 4/6 to be criticized is ridiculous

    • may

      lately she’s been looking bigger than a 4/6
      i agree it’s wrong of them to ask her to lose weight if she was already at this weight when they hired her, but if they gave her the part and then she gained weight then i think they have a right to ask her to lose it.

    • Trace

      Yes, but you have to remember that Blake is 5′ 10″, Hilary is only 5′ 2″. A size 4/6 looks a lot smaller on a girl as tall as Blake.

  • nabile

    its was the hillls show, and I do think she gaigned weight but she still looks amazing but I prefer her minus 3 kilos, I hate her when she was soo flesh and bones, I like her like 4 months ago something like that and yeah the girl in gg are soo slim but the look healthy

  • anon

    Saying that it only matters in relation to the other characters is putting it nicely.

  • Alyssa

    And we wonder why young girls have EDs…
    I dont watch the show for a good reason
    a) because im not 14
    b) because its vapid and stupid with terrible actors
    c) because the message they intend to send

  • anna

    LOL @ Alyssa
    well f them, she is my girl and she is cute cute cute! I suposse she would look better minus few pounds but that really isn’t necesery.I can’t imagine what kind of pressure must she feels, all of them actually…

  • vkat

    Why don’t the producers of Gossip Girl just find a skinny girl to suit the role, not vice versa.

    • Toulalan, 15

      yeahh indeed :s

      i hate it when they wanna hire someone who they think doesnt fit for the role and than start making their life difficult

      • Nkeon

        a typical tactic they use to draw more attention to the show. They want to make they have millions of viewers at the edge of their seats waiting to see what Hilary decided to do about her weight.

        This situation is just ridiculous. I know actors often lose/gain weight for roles to get the essence of the character but in this case it’s not necessary just stupid ideas about body image.

        Hilary Duff in my eyes is a good size and does not need to lose weight. How unrealistic to expect all the characters to look the same? If anything she’ll bring some diversity. You don’t need a slim girl to make a show successful. Kate Winslet’s curvy frame was enough to make Titanic a success and despite all the slim models around America Fererra is the most admired in Ugly Betty!

  • ms_benes

    She’s bigger than a size four, that’s for sure.
    Why not have a chubby Gossip Girl in the crowd? Real life groupings of girls always have at least one, usually more.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I guess if they want a chubby gossip girl, they should find a chubby girl for the role.

      • GLo

        Hilary IS the chubby girl in GG

  • Nicolle

    She doesn’t seem eaten up by “Hollywood” ideals.
    She should get out of the business now, she has made enough money.

    Also, the stress of having to be thin to work might be getting to her and causing her to overeat (emotional eating). It’s rather ironic, but I have been there many times.

  • Elizabeth

    I agree that they shouldn’t have hired her if they didn’t think she’d ‘fit in’. That’s just idiotic, asking her to be part of the cast and then saying ‘oh by the way, you’re too fat to look right with the other actresses’.
    Anyways, if she does cave into the pressure and loses a bit of weight, I really hope she stops after a couple of pounds.

  • Faby

    they are all big in my opinion

  • Michele

    Changing her appearance to what the producers want is her JOB. She is being paid. They didn’t say anything was wrong with her weight in real life – They are just saying it will take away from the character in the SHOW. She is becoming the character, and apparently the character is thinner. I think it’s fine.

    • Maryna

      I agree. Alot of actors have had to lose/gain weight to fit into a certain role, so why is it so wrong of them to want her to lose some weight? They didn’t say she should be a size zero, and honestly, as I have said on previous posts, I think that she looked prettier when she was a bit skinnier. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the anorexic look, but she is far from it, so I don’t think that losing 5kg will do her any harm. She has such a gorgeous face, and if she has a body to go with it, she’ll be all that and more.

    • Uma

      I also agree. Come on, they made Scarlet lose weight, and she was definitely way smaller than Hilary, so no fuss about it. If she doesn’t want to lose the weight, ok, they’ll find someone else who fits and that’s that. We all make efforts for our jobs, don’t we? Actors have to make them too, even though it sometimes appears as they are superficial and wrong. And moreover, if we talked about some skinny, celebrity and they would ask her to lose even more weight, yes, that would be wrong. But get real now, Hillary is just getting bigger, she is not even average anymore (not where i come from at least.)

    • kayleigh83

      totally agree… people take it sooo personally, it’s not like this is someone commenting on her weight personally. it’s a CHARACTER. nobody flipped their lid when Christian Bale was asked to lose a ton of weight for his current role.

      and if we’re being honest, if the news about this hadn’t come out, but hilary HAD lost some weight (not to scary skinny territory but some) and then been on the show… everyone here would be all “yaaay hilary you look great, good for you for losing the weight!!”


    • Nkeon

      True, actors often have to alter their appearance for a role; it’s part of their job.
      I think the issue here is that it doesn’t really seem necessary for her to lose weight to suit her character. Gossip Girl is about rich pretty girls in New York after all, they can come in all shapes and sizes but the show seem to want her to be thinner because they feel girls look better this way.

      It seems these days that model and celeb standards have become everyday standards. I don’t think it’s that bad that the fashion industry only uses thin tall models because i understand its to make sure that the clothes stand out also to make sure models are more distinguishable to make money; fair dos. I guess actresses also stay thin to stand out from everyday women and that’s okay by me as well.

      But when you have ordinary people calling Hilary Duff chubby, though she’s nowhere near so, and shows like Gossip Girl only willing to portray thin girls, purely because they think this is all that looks good, that’s when the you know that the message has become mis-construed…

  • jeanie

    that is some f*cked up sh*t. she is a beautiful girl who looks perfectly normal and healthy. NOT FAT AT ALL. wtf..she looks like any other normal/healthy college girl why does she have to starve back down to some olf fuckwad of a producers ideal of a ‘college girl’. its so sad. well just like mischa…one more eating disorder relapse in the making. i hope that poor girl can be strong enough to make it through and tell them to fuck off.

  • JES

    I think she could stand to lose a few pounds nothing crazy, but approximately 11 pounds. She looks a bit puffed and since she has a V shape, her curves are slight hence making her look bigger (huskier) with extra weight compared to a more curvaceous woman. I think she has a attractive face though.

  • jess

    She could do with losing a few kilos. I don’t think she looks good stick thin, but right now she looks a bit frumpy. Everything she seems to be wearing covers her right up, which suggests to me she isn’t too happy with weight either.

    Also, i’d just like to repost what Michele wrote because it’s so true- “Changing her appearance to what the producers want is her JOB. She is being paid. They didn’t say anything was wrong with her weight in real life – They are just saying it will take away from the character in the SHOW. She is becoming the character, and apparently the character is thinner. “

  • it’sjustme

    Well i think that if she have to lose something for a movie role it would be not more then 7-10 lb.
    This because i seriously don’t think that an actress should starve herself to get a movie role!
    If H.D. would loose more than 7 lb she would look skinny because,guys,this woman is TINY! She’s about 5’1” i guess and she seems “bigger” because of her bone structure and she can never change it unless she decides to not eat for years!
    I hope Hilary decides to loose this little weight in a reasonable way…

  • oana

    i saw some pictures with hilary in swims on a cover of a magazine and she looked great. how come that she gained so much weight?? you have to face the fact that hilary is bigger and bigger with every skinnyvscurvy photo .. just look into the archive. she was not that big few months ago..

  • Claudine

    are you serious? Ok so she may have put on some poundage in recent months but thats way out of order. To ask someone who used to have an eating disorder to lose weight is one on the worst things you can do to them.

    I predict that we see her go down to her lowest weight bracket very shortly due to this.

  • Ellie

    I remember the way the original cast of 90210 looked…Donna was the only noticeably skinny one..the other girls (even the guest stars) looked normal. In fact, you weren’t really aware of their bodies. Just their overall appearance and, of course, fashion. This wouldn’t be an issue if she was guest-starring on that show.
    Everything has changed so quickly since then..it really is unfortunate for her. And for the generation of teens who are growing up with Gossip Girl and the New 90210 as the influential tv shows.
    It just keeps getting worse.

  • bella

    the girls on GG arent even that thin, they have nice bodies though. i agree with them though, when i first heard hilary was going to be on the show i was like what?? her body definetely isnt as great as others like lively and meester. she needs to lose probably 15 pounds.

  • anya

    It’s insane. Like michelle trachtenberg has a nicer body than hilary. But I wonder if she needs to loose the weight because the person she is playing is written as thinner or does she need to loose weight because they think she’s to big to be on tv in general. Because if it’s to play a certain person, then fair enough, they ask alot of people to either gain or loose weight, but if it’s because she’s too big to be on tv in general, then I think it’s a disgrace.

  • misha

    If she’s feeling insecure as they said, she might go back to her all eating disorder thing habits, i mean once you got one, you got one.

  • es

    Nooooooo 🙁 she´s good the way she is right now. I think it´s really sad and insane.

  • mandy

    I’m sorry but its part of her job to be asked to gain or lose weight for roles. Almost every actor has had to change appearances once or twice for a role. If she doesn’t want to do it, then she can quit. I’m sure there are a hundred other girls willing to lose 5 or 10 lbs for the part.
    I don’t see anyone bashing the directors of Bridget Jones Diary for asking Renee Z to gain weight. What’s the difference?

  • Karina

    I honestly think this is some made up rumor. I understand that the other main girls of GG has ideal body types that Hollywood loves. But we’ve seen Michelle tratchenburg (sp?) play bad ass bitch georgina on GG, and we all know that she doesn’t have that perfect body type that Blake, Leighton, or jessica have. michelle hasn’t seem to look any skinnier from her pre-gg days to her post. in fact, i’d say she’s become a little curvier – def not in a negative way.

  • Kelli

    I don’t see why shows like this can’t portray real women of all sizes…there is not one size of sexy, or one size of a college girl or one shape of feminity. I just think all television shows could be more open to show the beauty in all shapes and sizes. Ahhh…a refreshing thought.

    As far as the Bridget Jones Diary comment, I do see your point but I also believe that Renee Z knew she would have to gain weight for the part BEFORE she accepted where it sounds that Hilary was asked to lose the weight AFTER accepting the part on GG. I could be wrong;)

  • Kelli

    I want to ask all of you this…

    If television and media portrayed let’s say a size 6 or 8 as “the sexiest”, as they once did, and the size 6 or 8 was the girl who was considered the “beautiful one who always gets what she wants”, would it change societies perception of beauty to a healthier size or will society always find the stick thin girls more appealing because it’s a more unachieveable body type and we are more destined to want what we cannot have???

  • Ashley

    she can’t be much bigger (if at all) than michelle trachtenberg, who also has a role on the show. i think she looks good and would fit in just fine.

  • Kira

    Her role is apparently that of a movie star looking for a college experience, and I assume that her fluffy persona that she likes to play suited the role, but they want her to be thinner like she was back when she was getting larger roles (even if they were tweeny chick flicks). Its part of her job, and I don’t understand the fuss… She’s a beautiful girl (I’m a big fan and have been since her awesome Lizzie McGuire days!), but it won’t kill her to lose some weight, she won’t even be scary skinny if she does.

    If she doesn’t like it, well, she doesn’t have to take the job. There are other actresses out there. Its not really a big deal…

  • suzy

    that is ridiculous! she looks healthy and fabulous, and i think we need a normal sized “breath of fresh air”

  • look like pig( ewww(

  • pink

    There are no excuses for this.. it is simply WRONG. We live in a world who as MADE eating desorders, and everything like this is making it WORSE! It makes me so angry, what about all girls who are insecure about theri weight and see that she has to lose weight? I’ve had problems with my body my whole life. I know how it is.

  • GLo

    I hate how hilary duff looks in GG…she is a pig!! she has bigger arms than Pen Badgley….she’s disscuusssting….eew. And please don’t get me wrong i like curves..i like JLo, Beyonce, Shakira but Hilary come on…she is making no effort…she is just a big girl that cannot stops eating fatty foods…that reflects the bad discipline she has and the lack of character….she NEEDS to work out so she can look fit…right now she has the arms and the back of a sumo wrestler….she is huge with no form at all….

    • skirmute

      Please, check your sight.
      For God’s sake, stop calling her fat!

    • Fluffykins

      I don’t watch the show, I have no idea who Pen Badgley is, so I looked him on on IMdB. In the photo gallery for him, they have pictures of him and Hilary together. Her arms don’t look that big, and especially no where near masculine size, and if his arms really are smaller than hers, than maybe the fault lies with him, not with her 😛 But from what I’ve seen in the pictures, it’s Pen’s arms that are bigger than Hilary’s, not the other way around.

      I know it’s late to comment, but I didn’t see this until I clicked on Susan’s comment below in the “Recent Comments” section of this website 😛

  • Susan

    wait too big where? Her legs are just as skinny as leighton meesters. It’s just her upper body that is very strongly built

  • loling

    LOL what a fat cow, no one wants to hire a fat asses, they hire skinny actresses cuz they look good not cuz they’re big fat asses like every “normal” girl in america