Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff in Workout Clothes

hilary-duff-in-workout-clothes - Hilary Duff in Workout Clothes

Here’s Hilary Duff in her workout clothes, clothes that are tight enough to let us inspect Hilary’s current size and shape.

Hilary’s Body Shape: Even though she doesn’t have particularly large breasts, Hilary is positively a V shape (or reversed triangle / cornet) because she’s got pretty broad shoulders and she always gains weight in her top half first: face, neck, shoulders, upper arms. Even though she’s slim, her collar bones are rarely visible because of her shape.

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hilary-duff-in-workout-clothes-2 - Hilary Duff in Workout Clothes

hilary-duff-in-workout-clothes-3 - Hilary Duff in Workout Clothes

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • jess

    She’s looking pretty perfect to me! Do Want!!!

  • pia

    i think she’s fine 🙂
    it’s just that she have fat arms… just that!

  • skigirly

    I dont think her arms are fat. I think she is very pretty and has a great fresh faced girl next door kinda look:)

  • Gosia

    Definitely a weight gain.

  • Michelle

    She looks healthy. She gained some weight but who cares she still looks great. At least she works out and keeps herself heatlhy. She gains in her upper body and i gain in lower body…everybody gains diffrently….she still looks great to me

  • D33D33

    she looks just like a pretty normal girl

  • e

    Definitely a different body-shape, IMO. From the waist down, she looks very slim and in-shape, but her arms and shoulders just look chubby. I’d agree with the reversed-triangle shape.

  • Linda

    She looks great and she’s definitely a cornet, makes total sense.

  • Instant

    I think her arms are muscular, not fat or chubby.

  • jessie bear

    i think her and hayden have a simliar body shape.
    i love hilary, always have. i think she beautiful

  • runner_girl

    I think she is a good weight here. And good for her for working out and not starving herself.

  • Natasha

    her body is just perfect. I always loved hilary because she`s such a beautiful girl..

  • mena

    i d0 have the same b0dy type-reversed triangLe
    i f0und it is hard t0 reduce fats ar0und arms and sh0uLders,
    eventh0 i d0 w0rk-0ut t0 burn fats and extremeLy engaged in diet pr0gram..
    but if 0ver-d0 it,
    my L0wer b0dy wiLL L00ks s0 thin and pretty ODD!!

  • I’d give anything to eat her

  • annie.786

    i think hilary is perfect now…her body is like it was when she was 16…she has the perfect shape now rather than before in 2007 she looked like she was anorexic…
    hilary duff is a beautiful girl and she has the perfect normal body now and she should stay this way because its a healthy state… and she looks perfectly healthy and normal…not chubby or fat…she looks chubby compared to the other movie stars who are abnormally and unhealthily stick skinny which is bad for u and it gives an impression to the women aroubd the world that they are fat even when they are perfect!
    love ya girl………..

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