Alessandra Ambrosio, Hilary Duff, Who Can Pull It Off?

Tight Leather Pants Look Better on… Alessandra Ambrosio VS Hilary Duff!

FP_6058058_Duff_HillaryHaylie_PER_111310 - Tight Leather Pants Look Better on... Alessandra Ambrosio VS Hilary Duff!

Alessandra and Hilary were in the mood for tight leather pants this weekend – these girls are definitely different and both hot, but who wears this item best?

Tight Leather Pants Look Better on… Alessandra Ambrosio VS Hilary Duff!

2 separate pictures next!

FP_6058142_Duff_HillaryHaylie_PER_111310 - Tight Leather Pants Look Better on... Alessandra Ambrosio VS Hilary Duff!

FP_6056765_Duff_HillaryHaylie_PER_111310 - Tight Leather Pants Look Better on... Alessandra Ambrosio VS Hilary Duff!

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  • kelli

    neither. if alessandra had on hilary’s shoes, she would look fantastic, but i’m just not getting the ones she’s wearing. looks like her pants never stop. hilary would look better if she wore a more fitted top. their bodies look great. just don’t really think leather pants look good on anyone.

    • Leah

      completely agree with what you said about their outfits, neither of them really work. i do think leather pants can work though, and i love them as a look even though i’d never actually wear them. these two outfits just fall flat

  • Erica

    Leather pants are really hard to pull off – maybe Jim Morrison could do it, but not many others can! Alessandra is not at all my favourite body type, but she has the thin, long legs to look good in leather pants (but the shoes ruin it, as kelli said above).
    Hilary’s legs look shorter and thicker than they really are – leather pants just do not suit legs like hers.
    Best to leave them to the bikers, rockstars and long-legged models!

  • Priscila

    They are both pretty ladies, but I love the way Alessandra look here.

  • Casey

    Alessandra wins it here. Overall the outfit just looks better on her.

  • Vanessa T

    Hilary definitely looks more comfortable and natural in it.

  • apricotmuffins

    I actually prefer hilary a whole lot more – I think she looks great in them! You don’t have to have super skinny legs to look good in skinny leg trousers. I prefer more muscular looking legs because the shape is nicer.

    Alessandra looks a bit to spidery for me.

  • Deli

    I think Alessandra did! She is starting to get too skinny but she still looks good!

    PS: How do they get in there???

  • ellentjie

    I think Hilary looks better because I like the colour of the leather pants, or wet-look leggings if they’re not leather because Alessandra’s are a bit too patent black for me they’re bordering on some sort of sex latex outfit

  • goldfish

    alessandra’s leather pants looks like balmain, which i love! (i want!) but yes i like the shoes on hilary more, but the pants look best on alessandra..

  • Victoria

    Hilary looks like shes having fun with it while the other looks like she will jack you up if you look at her the wrong way lmao! Other than that it’s hard to say because both ladies are wearing completely different styles….I like Hilary though just because she is so cute and almost always has a nice big smile.

  • mia

    Hilary! I like the matte black better.

  • maddie

    ale of course….to me thinner legs will always look better in fitted pants….they just looks better….i cannot stand the sight of thighs rubbing together….disgusting

    • Hilary’s thighs aren’t rubbing together, if that’s what you’re implying

      • lc

        They kind of look like they are…

    • argh i know. the thought of thighs rubbing together makes me feel so uncomfortable. i’ve said it before and someone had a go at me about it. i’m assuming their thighs rubbed together.

      • Alex

        That’s sort of obnoxious . . . My thighs do rub together. I have no problem if the thought of thighs rubbing together makes you uncomfortable – that’s your own personal preference. However, it is quite rude to just assume someone has thighs that rub just because they called you out on it. Not all skinny girls are terrified of being fat, and not all skinny girls would hesitate to call someone out if they were being a bit insensitive.

    • Ellen

      How would you feel if I said something like “I hate the sight of skinny legs that don’t touch”? Really now…

      • Ellen

        Oh yeah…and then proceeded to call skinny legs disgusting.

      • Ellen

        And honestly, I’m not trying to pick a fight. I read somewhere else you said you were trying to be nicer with your comments… and I feel like this wasn’t one of those times…

      • Your legs don’t have to be particularly skinny to not touch, it just depends on how they’re shaped. @Alex oh please be quiet, I was obviously making a joke in the last part. Lighten up

        • Futon Fighter

          Do you use these posts to imply how thin you are because you’ve got no one to point it out in real life?

          It just seems that the majority of your comments have this kind of tangential agenda. I’m never quite sure what your point is other than to impress on everybody that can read that you’re skinny/don’t like fat.

          Unfortunately you don’t seem to care about how obnoxious you come off. Or is *that* the point?

          • Casey

            Why is it obnoxious that deanna implies she’s thin since she’s thin? Should she refrain from ever mentioning it since she had the fortune of being thin?

            Personally, I think you’re finding it obnoxious because you have a personal issue with it, because I haven’t seen deanna do it all the time, and when she does it, it does pertains to the topic.

            Should it also be obnoxious when people say they’re tall, or when they say they’re curvy, because those are also good qualities to possess?

            I remember on these threads this one girl who said she liked (insert some model)’s body because it reminded her of her own and everyone flipped out over how “vain” and “conceited” she is. I think some people really need to focus on becoming more comfortable with themselves so that other’s confidence won’t affect you so negatively.

          • @ Futon Fighter. I just read your comment and though to myself “what…the…heck..”
            I have nothing else to say in regards to it because you are WAY off

          • @ Casey, yes I agree with your comment :S I don’t understand how someone would think I’m being obnoxious because I’ve stated i’m thin because it fits in with the topic :S and I couldn’t believe people were calling that woman conceited for saying her body was similar to the celebrities. It never even crossed my mind that she was ‘conceited’ or ‘vain’. I think the people who say things like that, and what Futon Fighter said, have a lot of insecurities.

          • Casey

            Yeah seriously. I think it might have actually been another Ale post and this girl said she liked Ale because her body was similar, and people went off on her for bragging, and I was just like, are you serious? And the funny thing is, a lot of those people were the ones saying Ale’s body wasn’t that great, which made it even more confusing…

          • padme

            Haha I totally remember that post. I was one of the ones criticizing her because she said, “she’s so hot, she looks just like me”. Or something to that effect. It’s great to be confident, but that’s just conceited. I think it was a Megan Fox post?

    • apricotmuffins

      well you’ll just have to go through life being thoroughly disgusted then, because its normal and healthy for thighs to touch on a lot of women.

      • padme

        Most women’s thighs touch, unless they’re super skinny or have bowed legs. If anything is gross it’s thighs that don’t touch because that is what’s abnormal. Though personally, I wouldn’t say either way is disgusting lol.

        • no…mine don’t and i’m not super skinny nor do i have bowed definitely depends on the shape of the leg. i don’t think it’s disgusting, i think it just looks uncomfortable and like it would get sweaty and chafe but that’s just an opinion. it’s not really that big a deal yet seems to have sparked a lot of controversy LOL.

          • Chelsea

            Probably sparked controversy because you just made a lot of women feel “disgusting”.
            Entitled to your opinion.

          • lc

            OMG everybody LIGHTEN UP!!!! I think Deanna’s comment was in no way rude, she was not personally calling anyone out for their thighs. Even if mine did touch/rub, which they don’t, I STILL would not be offended. I don’t think she was trying to be rude. Seriously.

        • Casey

          Actually, the biggest determiner of whether or not your thighs will touch is not weight or bowleggednes, it’s your hip bone. How wide your hip bone is and how your leg bones meet your hip bones will determine whether or not your thighs touch.

          I’ve seen women at my height (5’4) who are probably like a size 8, maybe even size 10 (pear shaped), whose thighs don’t touch. On the contrary, I’ve seen women who are size 0, with seriously legs as skinny as Nadine Cole’s, and their thighs touch.

          I can understand saying you don’t like thighs touching, or even that thighs that don’t touch look better (because that’s your personal opinion of which bone structure is superior), but don’t you think saying it’s “disgusting” is a little over-the-top? It’s like saying someone’s skin color is disgusting, so why is it okay to say this about body shape?

          For the most part, people have little control over whether or not their thighs touch. Sure, if you’re obese, your thighs are going to touch no matter what your hip bones are like, and you can do something about that. But Hilary is no way obese. She’s average sized, and if her thighs touch, then it’s surely due to her bone structure. It’s not like she has massive thighs or something.

          • Pie

            While I don’t think Hilary has “massive” thighs, she does have large thighs, as well as large arms. Nothing she can do about it unless she were to become scary-skinny again (Which I personally prefer, although the fact that she was obviously unhealthy put me off)

            I agree 100% that thighs rubbing together grosses me out. Saying that is no different than saying “It grosses me out when people have rolls sitting atop one another” – It’s just a certain thing some people don’t like, and if anyone gets offended by the comments on this site they should grow a thicker skin, because NEWSFLASH some people don’t think you have the body of a Goddess. Some people don’t think I have the body of a Goddess, some people don’t think Hilary has the body of a Goddess – Get over it.

            While I can’t say for sure Hilary’s thighs rub together, it certainly looks like it to me.

            IMO, there are two people who can pull off leather pants: Jim Morrisson and Kate Moss. Anyone else is setting themselves up for criticism.

        • mel

          Having thighs that don’t touch isn’t abnormal, and neither is having thighs that do touch. But you can be very skinny and still have touching thighs. Like Kristin Cavallari, for example.

  • Anna

    Leather pants look good no one, it’s dead skin. Yuck.

  • Elle

    To me Ale looks better, because she is taller and thinner and lets get real those pants are basically sprayed on, but like many people have said I am not a fan of her outfit. The pants are too shiny and the never ending shoes are kinda funny looking. I will say I don’t think I have seen Hilary look prettier though. Her face is stunning!

  • Nina

    I always find it unbelievable that people think Alessandra’s legs are long. They are actually quite short for someone her height. I think people equate tall with long legs.I’m 5’8″ and although I don’t think my legs are as short as Alessandra, they’re definitely not long in comparison to my body. I think my proportions are similar to Rosie’s. My friend who is 5’4″ish has longer legs in comparison to her body than I do yet she is so jealous of my “long” legs. Little does she know she’s the lucky one.

    • mel

      Yeah, they are short for her height, but she is skinny, so it looks OK. At the same time, women with shorter legs have longer torsos, which (in my opinion), look better. At the same time, I love long legs, but they usually accompany shorter torsos. So you win and lose either way.

  • vivi

    its a little unfair on poor hilary to get faced off with a lingerie model. that said, hilary would look great if it werent for the 2 toned hair

  • MNG

    Hilary wins!
    I like the shape of her legs better =)

  • I genuinely think that Hilary looks better. Even though leather pants are always a loser, her’s are nice than Ale’s and I prefer the shape of her legs in them.

    I think the problem I have with Ale’s outfit is that it reminds me of Russell Brand

    • vivi

      LOL, now that you mention it I could totally see him wearing that outfit! (complete with the faux fur vest)

    • Ashes

      Ha! Now that you said it I totally see Ale’s outfit’s resemblance to almost anything in Brand’s closet.

      • Aisling

        Hahaha! And I totallly agree with your comment too. Hillary wins because I think tighter pants look better in someone with curvier hips.

  • burckybear

    Both gorgeous

  • burckybear

    What have they been in>?

  • Sidney

    I like Hilary’s look and absolutely love Ale’s pants, but not the outfit as a whole. Hilary wins this one to me for the ensemble.

  • ladyb0sss

    they both have their ups i guess one looks like a good casual outfit (hilary) while one i think looks more edgy ithink. and for that reason i prefer alessandras because i like the look. although can never pull of the fur vest. wish i could.

  • snoops

    alessandras look is YUCK! The combination of patent leather (right there that is gross to me) studs (on the belt or maybe it is the pants I dont know) bare skin showing on her midriff and black patent boots which mean you cant even tell where the pants end and the boots begin – ugh! The whole thing is just so ‘random trashy chick in a dive bar’. The fact she is wearing black nail polish and has a black leather handbag and that weird top – all these are just the gross frosting on the gross cake.

    Outfits asside – I waaaay prefer hilary’s legs in any kind of skinny pants, be it denim, leather, or leggings. IMO looking good in “skinny” pants is much more about the shape of the leg than the size of them. Hilary has nice shaped legs, alessandra IMHO doesnt have very nicely shaped legs.

  • Lol @ the implication that Hilary could ever look better than Ale. Not trying to offend anyone, I’m in a playful mood. Jus’ sayin.

  • rebecca judes

    the Ambrosio girl (whoever she is)

  • K Britt

    Omg is this seriously even a comparison? Obviously Ambrosio. Way better body.

  • vanessa

    I think Hilary looks the best overall I also like her body at this weight especially her legs.

  • Katy

    Hilary because she has nicer legs and looks way more classy. Alessandro has toothpick legs, which I don’t like and her outfit scream trash with cash.

    • Joy

      Agree on that!plus Hilary is more beautiful overall 🙂

  • lc

    Alessandra all the way.

  • bbkdsgnr

    I think comparing a 5′ 3″ girl to a vs model (esp in leather pants) is not fair! it’s like apples and oranges 🙂
    and if you are as skinny as alessandra anything looks good on you!! even though she doesn’t have long legs ( for a super model ) because she’s that skinny they look great in pants.
    Don’t like her choice of shoes though.

  • Nay

    I don’t always like her but I think Ale looks like a rockstar here she looks amazing and totallt kicks hillary’s but !!

  • Calro

    I think they both pull it off very well.

    • its559mes

      I think so too 🙂

  • Kate

    I wish Hilary would dye her hair brown! She looked soooo pretty with dark hair and she always has dark roots anyway.

  • Ale looks pretty here. I don’t like her body in lingerie/bikinis but she looks good in clothes.

  • asdfkjh

    its not a fair contest. one is a VS supermodel and the other is Lizzie McGuire. Like comparing apples and oranges…or in this case, perhaps an apple and a banana.

  • mel

    Aaah I love Alessandra! She just looks so edgy, fierce, and drop-dead gorgeous! Hilary looks good too but she pales in comparison to Alessandra.

    • lc

      I agree 100% about Alessandra!!!!! She just has this edge, fierceness like you said. And, she is drop-dead gorgeous.

      • mel

        Yeah, if you dissect her features she isn’t really the most conventionally pretty or proportionate model, but for some reason she is just so striking – she always grabs my attention first.

        • lc

          Exactly, that’s why she catches mine too. Her bone structure, eyes, straight nose, very striking and symmetrical. Some people don’t get the androgynous thing, but I think it’s cool. Like Irina Shayk. Conventionally pretty models are usually quite boring.

          • Calro

            Yeah, I love Ale’s look and style too. She’s like a canvas and can have many looks depending on her makeup and clothing as well.

  • Laura

    Alesandra looks like a rock star, too hot!

  • Sims

    Alessandra! I still love Hil though but I just like Al better in the pants!

  • Melisa

    Alessandra wins…very edgy. Hilary is a cute girl but the combination of oversized top and ‘thick’ scarf make her look shorter and heavier !

  • Futon Fighter

    Alessandra’s legs with Hilary Duff’s top:
    I like what Alessandra’s wearing from the waist down and what Hilary is wearing from the waist up.

    Combine the two and I’d have a winner.

  • siennagold

    I think tight leather pants looks better on tall women with slim legs.

  • Sara

    Hilary is looking so good these days, she seems so happy and full of life!

  • jjj

    It would have to be Alessandra. You need thin legs to pull off that look, Hillary really doesn’t have the body type for it.

  • prefers to be plush

    Ambrosio looks like a tranny. (Likewise Elisabetta Canalias, they look like brothers.) If you prefer man bodies on women, then Ambrosio will look better to you. If you prefer woman bodies on women, then Duff will look better to you.

  • Mike

    Ambrosio looks better ! The other Girl has too fat legs…