Hilary Swank

Bikini Treat: Hilary Swank!

Bikini-Treat-Hilary-Swank - Bikini Treat: Hilary Swank!

Because Mischa Barton decided to keep her high-waisted daisy dukes on, we deserve another bikini treat today: Hilary Swank!

The 36 year-old actress and her super fit body were spotted while enjoying some time in the sun in Hawaii.

How do you like Hilary’s bikini figure?

More if you take a look after the jump!

Bikini-Treat-Hilary-Swank-2 - Bikini Treat: Hilary Swank!

Bikini-Treat-Hilary-Swank-3 - Bikini Treat: Hilary Swank!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Casey

    Amazing body~

  • Eve

    she’s extremely fit!!! Great muscle tone! Although her abs are clearly defined she still has some curve to her, that’s what i call some hard work at the gym and a great body to show

  • Noor

    Wow I’m impressed! I didn’t expect her to have a body like that… For some reason I thought that she was an inverted v shape so this fabulous feminine slim and curvy body comes as a big surprise! Good for her!

  • b

    WOW! I agree, Eve.

  • Eve

    very defined body. she’s still got some curve and not to overwhelming (like kelly ripa). that’s what i call some good hard working out and a great body to show. Just don’t over due it like ripa

  • Eve

    overwhelming refering to to much muscle

  • Annie

    She looks absolutely fantastic! Maybe she can get Mischa to lay down her weed and ciggies and join her for a workout?

  • anabel

    WOOOOW!!! LOVE her body!!! I’m definitely a fan of atheletic bodies, and her’s is in such great shape (oh and nicely proportioned as well, just a bit thin), she actually makes me wanna work out now! 😀

    • haha i know right? i feel like working out now too!!

      • Dan

        How often do u workout Charlotte?

  • Anon

    This is my ideal body.

  • Lana

    im so friggin jealous. shes always been very thin but she clearly works hard to maintain this because her body looks better than ever

  • shell

    She looks good. She’s very toned, but not too much, and she still has a slight curve to her waist/hips.

  • mEEE

    Man she has let herself go…..j/k!

    I thinks its great that despite being super-fit and toned, she has still maintained a very feminine and curvy physique. Take note, Madonna; it can be done!!

  • Sidney

    I always thought her body was more masculine than that. I could sort of relate to her in my mind, she wasn’t the most feminine but could at least look lean and fit. There goes that illusion 🙂 Well she’s not the curviest but has a nice feminine shape still.

    • Leah

      i was surprised too, i’ve never really considered her pretty of feminine (she’s not ugly or anything, just not really my type), and i guess i thought of her body in the same way, but clearly i was wrong

  • kate1st

    Woah momma!

  • MNG

    wow, she’s very toned, looks great
    @ versus, I can’t figure out my body type, can you help me out? (you don’t have to if it’s to much trouble of course!)
    my measurements from top to bottom are
    88 cm/ 34.6 in
    73 cm/ 28.7 in
    103cm / 40.6 in
    I’ve got long lims I think (I’m 170 cm/ 5 ft 7 tall, but my legs are 95 cm /37.4 in (from hip bone to floor)
    by measurements I’d say I’m a pear, but My shoulders are slightly wider than my hips, so I don’t know If that’s correct..

    • Sara

      You could be a skittle, if you carry weight in your thighs. Skittles are less dramatic/more hourglass than typical pears.

      • MNG

        I store fat on my hip,s bum and thighs (I’m skinny on top)

        • mell

          You similar to me. Except my measurements are:
          And i’m 5’5
          And my hips are as wide as my shoulders. So I’m a bit confuse as well. Cuz when i gain i gain on my hips, bum and thighs but lose first on my thighs and lower abdominal. And i also don’t have skinny arms as i believe most pears do. So I also have no idea what i am. But i think you could be a skittle i think Leighton Meester is a skittle in my opinion.
          Here is a link of body shapes, see if it helps:

          • amazon

            i know a lot of girls who would class themselves as pears, and I would agree with them, but they have pudgy arms. I on the other hand would say i am closest (I think) to a vase or hourglass but have always carried very little weight on my arms. they’re my skinniest body part. so basically i have no idea what shape i am 🙂

          • mell

            Amazon it seems that a lot of us are confused about our body shape 🙂

          • MNG

            @ mell, I guess it’s ’cause even people with the same body shape aren’t all the same

          • Ray

            Hm, i’m not really sure of my body shape… my measurements are 31-22.5-30 and I’m 5″1 inches tall. I’d say my body is ok-proportioned, except i’ve got bow legs which looks really weird…

          • You guys could be a combination between 2 body types, with basic body type pear. It is very similar to how I am. I know I am a pear basically, but when putting weight on (and more so since I’ve developed muscles on my shoulders through exercise) I resemble more a skittle/an hourglass.

          • kate1st

            “Hm, i’m not really sure of my body shape… my measurements are 31-22.5-30 and I’m 5″1 inches tall. I’d say my body is ok-proportioned, except i’ve got bow legs which looks really weird…”

            Hmmm, vase or inverted triangle perhaps. Not sure because you say the hips are only 30″ but if that was measured on the hip bone this doesn’t count, it should be the biggest part of your butt. So you could either be a vase or maybe a pear if the hips (butt) are say 33″ or more.

      • BlackMagicWoman

        Woah, now im confused ! am i pear or skittle ?! my measurements are
        36 -29 -39 so i’ve always though i was pear but like MNG, my shoulders are also slightly wider than my hips. I also carry weight in my thighs but besides that im well distributed, so i’m a skittle !? since you Sara said that : Skittles are less dramatic/more hourglass than typical pears !!

    • Versus

      I agree that your measurements indicate pear – even if your shoulders are slightly wider, you can look like a pear, especially if your hips are curvy and if you have a low waist.

      • mell

        Versus can you tell me an example of a person with high and low waist. Because in my opinion i have high waist but i am not sure.

        • Versus

          High-waist: women who are ‘top heavy’ because their torso is short – for example, Catherine Zeta Jones, whose waist is close to her bust.

          Low-waist: women who are ‘bottom heavy’, because their torso is more elongated and the waist falls a bit lower – for example, Rachel Bilson.

          • kate1st

            But what about a bottom heavy woman with a high waist, would that be a bell shape?

      • MNG

        okay, thanks a lot!

  • JEN

    Agreed this is my ideal too! Wish I looked like this for sure! Nice!!!!!

  • elysie

    I’ve always loved her. I love the really muscular look. I’ve always been jealous of women that have her shape and tone.

  • formerly Sam

    This is indeed a treat! This woman is fit! And she’s not even at her best form, hot damn!!
    Go Hilary!!

  • eeamazon

    i read a quote from her the other day, it went something like – everytime i am about to eat something I stop and ask myself what benefit am i gong to get from eating this, for my body or my life?
    thats dedication.

    • Chillwaves

      unfortunately I asked myself this question as I was about to munch on some cinnabuns and the “benefit” I said to myself was that it was going to make me happyyyyy for about an hour and so I ate. 🙁

  • Susan

    Awesome! she looks great
    36? Yay, Hilary!

  • mamacass

    Her body to me looks similar to Gisele Bundchen’s. Except Hilary wins because she has a more defined waist, more nicely shaped curve at the hips, and a prettier face! She should take Gisele’s on the victoria’s secret runway!

    • mamacass

      *meant to say take Gisele’s place in that last part

  • brin

    whats her body type

  • Nay

    Love her athletic bod!!!! I really like seeing females who obviously work at being physically fit because this is positive inspiration for me.

  • artemis

    wow she looks soooo good hourglassy but not flabby
    lol i saw some other pics on a site with her running and in those she had horrible cellulite but here she’s fine so wtf…

    • suzushii

      You can’t judge people on how their flesh looks when running. Try taking a movie of yourself running, and with the light coming down at an angle on your thighs, like almost shaving them. Even if you don’t have cellulite, it will look like you do.

  • eve

    sure…take note Madonna she´s exactly the mixture between fit and sexy!

  • Katy

    she is my new exercise inspiration, looking amazing!

  • Trisia

    she looks great!
    ive always been a fan

  • Essence

    She is waaay to muscular for my likings. Especially on her shoulders. She looks like she could lift a car LOL. And Idk but i think her legs could be a bit bigger. Sorry everyone I know you love her body but I’m just not feeling it.

  • jenP

    Wow, she looks reeeeally healthy and toned. I used to think her boobs were fake too. They look real here.


    That takes major workout dedication! Smoking body!

  • madeleine

    she has an awesome shape

  • j

    her body is absolutely amazing! i just want to say that i was almost surprised that she seems to have implants, but then again…it seems like almost every celebrity has implants nowadays.

  • Lisa

    Her body and especially face look like that of a man. Sorry, I don’t have a “click” with her.

  • gray

    I always thought her face was amazing and now that I see her bod…… Wow….. a lucky girl with unique facial features and a toned killer body. Luv her.

  • Jessie

    She has a impressed body shape.Skinny but has feminine curve.

  • Cleo

    Very nice body. I really dislike her tough. She’s unatractive, ugly and misses the Waw factor.

  • Now that is a body! Honesty, one of the best bodies I’ve seen here recently. And she is 36! Girls half her age don’t look that good… She clearly works hard for her body; regular workouts and healthy eating can make wonders!

  • Sonya

    And people speculate about Gaga, geez.

  • Sabine

    Does anyone know her stats?
    What’s her body shape?
    And I don’t think she has implants!

    Also, I’d like to ask the same question as kate1st, with an addition:
    “But what about a bottom heavy woman with a high waist [and slender arms], would that be a bell shape?”

  • jjj

    She certainly is very fit.

  • What a rockin little bod! I really bothers me when people call her ugly, I think shes fantastic!