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Adriana Lima Shares More Diet & Workout Info

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A while ago, Adriana Lima told us that she went on a liquid diet, followed by a protein diet to lose the baby weight. That sounded pretty strict, so it’s good to know that these days, Adriana also incorporates occasional treats in her diet (but continues to work out hard):

On eating candy:

I need the energy. I work out a lot, I work out every day. I do jumping rope and boxing. Per day, I use 1000 calories. So I do need to eat a lot and have all that protein, all the shakes, in my system. And I need a little candy! Now it’s gonna get more intense. I go there every day for an hour and a half!

On her gym routine:

AL: I do jumping rope, I do shadowboxing. I do boxing. I do a little abs, and little squats. I don’t use any weights at all. Everything I do is with the body, your own weight. The only thing I may use is a jumping rope.

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  • maddie

    she looks good….i love jumping rope too!

  • Karolina

    Wow, 1000 calories is very little, especially when you work out too!

    • Karolina

      Oops, I think I misunderstood… She’ll use the 1000 while working out… Sorry, I am Dutch ;-D

      • Eeva

        Zo klinkt het net alsof wij allemaal dom zijn.

        • EllaLaLa

          Ik denk het niet. (P.S. I’m not Dutch and I don’t think so. :P)

  • Erica

    That’s an awful lot of time working out each day! Is she an athlete or something? And why do models so often tell us that they eat candy or junk food sometimes?! A little sugar and fat never made anyone overweight – especially when they work out so much! They don’t really need to tell us – it’s as if they think it’s really quite momentous to indulge a little!

    I am not a fan of her body, really, and I think she would look better if she did those work outs three times a week rather than each day. Maybe she can be a little curvier by working out a little less and eating a little more freely – then she would look more like they want her, and photoshop her, to look anyway! I just don’t like the really toned look – and although she is not as skinny and hard bodied as Alessandra and many of the other VS models – I feel she is going down that road if she continues to be so diet and fitness obsessed.

    She’s losing all softness and I personally find softness far sexier and more beautiful than hardness – in women, that is – the opposite is so for men!

    • AlexD

      of course to each their own, but lately the toned look seems to be in. my guess is celebrities have to be lighter/skinnier/more toned than us normal people because remember camera adds a few lbs. When im not rather skinny and toned in person and let myself get a little “soft” i look plain chubby in pictures. and these people make money off of being photographed

      • southerngumdrops

        i agree with you about a little looking like a lot in photos. i’m always posed in photos with friends and even though i’m small (5’8 and 138) i can look like a freakin’ cow sometimes in photos! it’s ridiculous how much the camera adds.

        and anyone who’s ever seen celebs in person knows this. i always thought lauren conrad was “normal sized” until i met her at a book signing…she’s SO unbelievably tiny it’s insane!

        i’d hate to think the kind of comments i’d garner if i was photographed as much as celebs are 🙁

    • Calro

      If you read the whole interview, she is eating a cup of candy during and the interviewer asks her about it. She didn’t even bring it up.

      • Erica

        Well that’s different if she didn’t bring it up herself – I hadn’t read the whole interview. But it’s just as bad really – only the onus is now on the writer! I just get tired of people making such a big deal out of eating chocolate or fries sometimes. Like the title of that article. ‘Sneaking’ implies something that’s a bit shameful or against the rule – but if you work out as much as she does and probably eat as strict a diet as she does, you deserve a little chocolate without it being made a big deal of, don’t you think?

        • Calro

          Yeah, a lot of times I think in these interviews, the interviewer brings up the diet, and looks and such, but then words it in a way to make the star look more narcissistic than they actually are.

    • Jamie

      ita….train every single day and dont do more than 40 minutes on the bike!

    • padme

      I was actually surprised it was only an hour & a half. I know lots of regular people that spend that much time at the gym. Not something I would do though lol. I always figured they’d spend more like 3-4 hours a day since their whole job is just to look good.

  • Alex

    you have to run 2-3 h every day to burn 1000 cal…. now isn`t that a little crazy????
    is that healthy?

    • AlexD

      I burn 500-600 cals daily at the gym by doing 200 on treadmill and the rest of the eliptical. then i get home and sometimes run or do jump rope.the gym part takes me about an hour but i hardly feel it and if i do any less of it I feel like I did nothing at all. Its really not as extreme as it sounds. and it works! i lost 30 lbs 🙂

      • Monique

        Awesome! Good for you! 🙂

    • Try telling a group of marathon runners that they’re not “healthy” because they run for several hours a day.

      • Erica

        No one’s saying it’s not healthy to run for hours a day if you’re an athlete – it’s just unnecessary and somewhat extreme if you’re not! Marathon runners, as far as I know, are not touted to be healthier than normally fit people.
        And have you seen marathon runners bodies? They are not what you’d generally want to see modelling lingerie – they are all muscle, sinew and bone – no visible fat at all and not very sexy, imo!

    • Mia

      I think that’s only true if you’re a slow runner…I run about 8 miles/hour, and every mile burns about 100 calories…so every hour-long run burns close to 800 calories, and that doesn’t even include all the other activities that happen during a normal day – walking to meetings, stairs, etc.

    • wohoofiona

      Over exersizing IS unhealthy for women. No as much so for men. Its just the way we are designed. 2-3 hours a day every day sounds like to much but having preformed a medical exam I really can’t say. Make sure you take in a lot of dairy products don’t go for low fat. You need the calcium and tye vit D for bones and joins so eat the full fat versions to increase the conctration of theses vitamins and minerals.

      • janeri0

        she said in previous interviews that she constantly consults doctors and nutritionists, so i really doubt she’s lacking anything.

        • wohoofiona

          i was repying to one of the other commenters not to audrina’s comment..

          just because she consults Dr’s and nutritionists doesn’t mean she takes their advice or eats the amount they suggest.

          She also said she went on a “juice fast” after giving birth. I like to meet the professional that she suggest that.

    • Casey

      It is healthy if you make sure to compensate for it…meaning you eat more, and eat more protein. Otherwise you’ll be forcing your body to work more than it has the resources to.

      One thing I like about Adriana is that whatever she does, she always seems to be taking doctors’ and dietitians’ advice, and mentions that as well. As opposed to celebrities and their (fill in the blank) cleanses and other nonsense.

    • amazon

      i don’t know. You read so many different evaluations of how many calories you burn doing certain activities. when I lived in australia i went to a gym and the machine there said that in a half hour of running I was burning up to 400 calories. but to be honest I don’t think it was correct. It just seemed too high. I’ve never heard it meaasured at that rate since.

    • kate

      i can burn 700 calories on the elliptical in an hour, i know things like kickboxing and boxing burn 600 in an hour, so its possible to burn about 1000 in an hour and a half in a day. fast swimming can burn up to 1000 in an hour (like, really really fast and most people couldn’t keep up that pace)

      it is healthy i guess, michael phelps burns like 10 000 in a day when he’s training?

  • she is so pretty but the pic on this post is so unfair to Adriana!!

  • I wonder why she doesn’t incorporate weights..

    • Monique

      leaner muscles without weights. Models don’t really want to have bulges of muscles- not that it will always do that, but using your body as your weight will definitely give you a more leaner body tone while also not looking as harsh
      small weights are okay though, like 3-5lbs

      • Kate1st

        As if she’s suddenly going to massively bulk up doing weight training….this is such a myth. Unless you are on steroids, it takes YEARS to add significant mass.

        • Serafiina

          I know, I dont usually even feel like working my muscles when I dont use weight.. If I do muscle training without extraweight, I need to repeat the move hundreds times to really feel it. But then again, I want to have some muscles. I still think it would be more worthwhile than harmful to Adriana to include some weights to her training programme, especially to give more curve to her butt and legs. Not that she doesnt look great now.

          • Exactly, To me it feels pointless if there are no weights involved. It would benefit her significantly if she used weights.I believe.

        • Kimberly

          Agreed. I gain muscle mass very quickly but I must admit that I think women look better with muscle tone. I personally think it would do her good to incorporate weights into her workout. It won’t turn her into The Incredible Hulk!

        • Chloe

          definitely disagree. it is now a myth that training with weights does NOT make you bulk up. i think it varies between individuals. for me, whenever i train with weights, i’ll bulk up. of course, not like a fitness model, but like madonna kind-of muscles which i do not want at all.

    • Casey

      She probably doesn’t want to bulk up. I personally feel like it would be good for her to incorporate some weight training in her routine because, not in these pics but in others, her legs seem disproportionately slim compared to the rest of her. She could use a little more thighs and calves.

  • The worst photo of her,she is always mesmerizingly beautiful.Eventhough the way she does sport rather insane even for a model who makes money out of her body,I can see her point.she gained a lot during the gestation thus she is working out madly to get her old figure back.After all she is getting older and she knows it’s gonna get even harder with time so she is keeping it strict.

  • BRE

    As a trainer, I don’t buy she burns 1,000 calories daily especially with boxing, if she did, her arms would be more cut than that as she is so thin (unless she is undereating by a great amount)

    • Mia

      I kind of agree with you..although she works out a lot her workouts don’t sound super intense…so she is probably overestimating the amount of calories she burns and she is probably also overestimating the number of calories she is consuming.

    • Kate1st

      She probably undereats for the amount of exercise she does and therefore has lost lean tissue. I mean a 5ft10 woman weighing less than 120lb without much definition certainly won’t have much muscle mass.

    • Kimberly

      I totally agree with you. I think she’s overestimating. Most people do.

    • Sheridan

      I think she can burn 1000 calories a day. If I work out intensely for 1.5 hours I burn around 900 calories and that’s measured with a heart rate monitor. So seeing as she uses a jump rope 1000 calories seems likely.

  • i dont believe a word this woman says, since she published her “real” diet plan a few weeks ago.

  • Daniel

    This pic just make my opinion about her “beauty” even more strong. That’s a runway pic. she doesn’t wear a push-up bra and suddenly her awesome beauty (I never thought she looked really good, beut, that’s just me) appears just average… She’s no stunner there. No curves like they try to make us believe… just another regular skinny model… Miss the time where women like Cindy Crawford could model…

    • AlexD

      im surprised by her waist-hip ratio lately, I guess the pregnancy really did make her torso wider. ah, sucks. thats it im adopting! (joke joke, no angry baby loving replies please 🙂 )

      • Calro

        Doesn’t do that to everyone. She didn’t have a tiny torso to begin with.

      • Casey

        I actually think her hips got wider after the baby while her waist stayed the same and so she has an even better WHR now than before.

        From 2006, for comparison:

        • agreed.She never really had a waist definition,at least now she has wider hips.

        • snoops

          agreed she has never been “curvy” IMHO especially not in the waist-hip area. Very few of the VS models have curvy waist-hip ratio its all about the big hair and the push-up bras 😛

  • uwaga

    yeah normally youre supposed to work out and have resting days. but it depends on what you are trying to do.

    shes a model i dont think most people here are top advisors to models and athletes so we have to trust that she knows what shes doing

    • Calro

      No, I’m sorry but this is just a wrong way to think. Especially with all the models who have died from Anorexia these past few years.

  • vi

    jeez if it takes burning 1000 calories a day to get her body i think i’ll just stay the way i am thanks

    • kia

      it is a f running 2 hours but..every day of the week!

  • She

    I used to jump a rope but it gaved me a lot of cellulite when I left jumping

  • Polly

    I loved jumproping, I did it all summer plus running. And how quick it defines her leg muscles is amazing. I can’t do it now, too cold outside! She seems obsessed with keeping track of food and exercise, what a fun job.

  • prefers to be plush

    This photo clearly shows what the posed photos do not: she has no waist or hips. That works for modeling clothes I guess, because the designers of womens clothes appear to prefer designing for men’s bodies, but is it “sexy”? I like to cover up the photos from the breasts upwards, if the rest of the body looks male then it’s not sexy. A woman should not look like a man, IMO.

    • Casey

      A lot of women are built like that, and cannot do something about it, so you can tell nature your comment about women not needing to be built like men. What fault is it of Adriana that she looks like that? So we shouldn’t refer to her as a woman anymore?

      I think it’s great that women like Adriana or Angelina are found sexy despite not having that build .

      I don’t think the bottom half of her body looks like that of a male’s, it looks like a woman’s, just not the bombshell-y woman with a super tiny waist and big hips that we are constantly told is the ideal (and part of it may be instinctual but that’s debatable).

      • mystic

        Eh aren’t we constantly being told that these ladies are the ideal?? seems like it to me.

      • snoops

        agreed – the reality is the majority of women are not built with a natural curve to the waist – look on the beach and you will see. Even the much-worshipped christina hendricks doesnt have a curvy waist.

    • Calro

      What? Women that don’t have small waists, look like men? No.

  • Lisa

    This reminds me, I want to try boxing. It looks like so much fun!

  • She really bothers me. I don’t like her at all for some reason.

  • mel

    Jumping rope is actually the best way to get the long/lean/toned look – I remember Doutzen talking about it in Vogue a couple of years ago. But I accidentally sprained my ankle while jumping rope with my trainer a whiel ago, so I’ve never tried it again … maybe it’s time to pick it back up though! It looks like the exercise is paying off for Adriana.

    • Kate1st

      Jump rope HIIT kicks @ss!

  • Ysatis

    She’d have a better body if she did 30 minutes of weight lifting 3 times a week and 20 minutes of HIIT twice a week. Working out is good, but working out efficiently and inteligently is better. Just saying.

    • Kate1st

      Agreed 100%.

    • Kimberly

      Yes! I agree with you completely. She is not being efficient with her workouts. Her current workout exposes to a higher risk of injury.

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