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Alessandra Ambrosio Is the New Skinny & Hot Mom

alessandra-ambrosio-is-the-new-skinny-hot-mom - Alessandra Ambrosio Is the New Skinny & Hot Mom

Here’s a double vision of Alessandra Ambrosio, as in the Victoria’s Secret supermodel gave birth 2 months ago – and who was looking yesterday like the super slender, fit and toned supermodel above.

Apparently, Alessandra (who’s 5’10”) went from 112 lbs (her usual weight) to 140 lbs (after pregnancy) and now she’s… pretty close to her original weight.

Say your thoughts!

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  • musko

    Nothing special. Just average looking…NEXT!!

  • anya

    I never understood how she can a model, and foremost at Victorias Secret model. She is not long, she is skinny but not long/lean like Gisele,Adriana and Miranda, and she has the shorstest legs you could ever find in someone who is a runway model!

  • freedom

    I agree with Anay,with the short legs part. hey i never noticed that before
    I looked her weight up on the bmi caculator ( cuz i’m bored and have no life :P)and she is surprisingly underweight by alot, she weighted 112 lbs at her height. her bmi is 16 and anything under 18.5 is considered underweight.
    Its surprising because she looks real healthy and everything. yet she looks bigger than some of the victoria secret models at normal weight. overall she looks good.
    so it shows how screwed up our bmi system is. that we can’t acurately judge under weight and overweight ppl. if thatis “underweight” thn ioimust be underweight too:p …or maybe its the clothes?

    • iry

      the proper way to determine the ideal weight for a certain height is to take into consideration the gender and the body type:p
      there is a formula for that…but I’m to lazy to look it up now, I must admit

      • sara

        that is just useless to know how much someone should weigth u have 2 know lots of things, u have to measure them find out their contexture, habits and lots of stuff u cant just use that BMI is completelly useless…just to give u an example according 2 that maichel jordan is overweigth…probably because muscles weigth more than fat…thats just some indicator but cant tell if a person its healthy with it…

  • Charlene

    her legs are decent, cankle free, not short at all but a little bony. Ale needs to gain some weight! The poor girl must be under a lot of pressure. Good on her for going to the gym though, everyone needs exercise.
    And i would NOT have guessed that she just had a baby. Lucky girl. Looks so flawless.

  • Eva

    Ehm, 5″10 and 112 lbs? That would make her BMI 16.1. Bullshit!

  • anya

    Yes her legs are short, if you are a model. Look at Gisele, Adriana, Miranda, heidi, Tyra, Karolina’s legs, then YES they are short!!

  • Tamsyn

    My goodness, leave the poor woman alone! Short legs, untoned, non-lean torso… wtf?! Talk about ‘tall poppy syndrome’. She’s a beautiful lady, that has inspired many woman to be fit and healthy. I don’t think that she’s ever advocated eating disorders, so back off on the weight comments please. Jealousy is a curse, in case you haven’t heard. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t KILL for a body like Ale’s. AND, I think that she’s amazing to have had a baby – putting on the extra pounds unashamedly – and then bounce back to her pre-pregnancy physique so soon. I think that a lot of new mothers use that as a crutch – “I just had a baby, I’m supposed to be fat for a while”. Bullshit. Stop overanalysing others, and choose to focus your attention on shaping up yourself, you big fat tubbers!!!

  • stella

    I wouldn’t kill for a body like that. She looks ok, but to be 112 lbs. at 5’10” just doesn’t sound good to me.

  • Tamsyn

    I do agree – that is very tiny. But nature wouldn’t allow someone unnaturally thin to conceive a child. I should know – I’m 5’9″ and got down to 105 lbs… ammenoria. She must have very light bones.

  • stella

    Women that are under weight can get pregnant, it is just very difficult, or they use fertility treatments. By BMI, she is about 16 lbs. under, that’s not a huge amount, and she doesn’t look ill at the slim weight she is, I’m just saying that the height/weight just doesn’t sound good, not necessarily scary unhealthy bad, just not good.


  • stevie

    i love allesondra shes like the pretties women on each, she is my idle and i look at her every single night. She is absolutly the best looking victoria secret model

  • She is so hott. I actually like her better with aq little weight because she is reqally curvy and stillvery thin (for all you fat haters). But man is she hot. She didn’t by and mighty butter from me though

  • Anais

    Alessandra is ridiculously beautiful- for the girl who said its impossible for her BMI to be 16%, take a look at most models. It obviously is not impossible. Take Kate Moss for example, she is the poster child for cocaine chic, and you don’t recieve that title for being anything above 16%. As for those of you going on about her legs- I can only imagine what you must look like. Jealousy is not becoming upon anyone, but if taking jabs at an attractive person makes you feel better about your own short comings, than by all means ladies, continue.

  • Alessandra Ambrosio is so a nice looking. What do you think about she?

  • adaas

    She’s a beautiful girl but I have to say….as someone who is also 5’10, the least I ever weighed was 135 and everyone told me I looked WAY too skinny, because I was! I was at the very lowest end of “healthy” for my height, nearly underweight. I looked my best at about 145-150. It just puts into perspective how skinny these girls are, they are photoshopped to look like “women” because they have no curves and look more like “girls”. Ale is gorgeous, I’ve always thought so, but I think it’s sad that even VS models weigh so little. Once again, this coming from a tall and naturally thin girl.

  • c88

    that gives her bmi 20,9 :S not 16!

  • height

    she IS not 5’10”, people…geez. She’s 5’8” at MOST. None of you clearly knows modeling agencies lie about heights.

  • Daniela

    the only tall girl of vs girl is Oluchi Onweagha around 6’0 and karolina k 5’10 or 5’11 mostly oluchi towers them seach google there is a pic where standing next to them is appears so tall.
    gisele is 5’9
    marisa 5’4-5’5,
    alessandra around 5’6
    and the rest are around 5’7 or so……

    • jenna

      if you check the requirements to be a Victoria’s secret model, the minimum height is 5’8″

  • Isabela

    You are so jealous, gosh! This woman is beyond perfect. I’m a model, and trust me, she doens’t have short legs, or she isn’s skinny..you just fell the need to critisaze cause you don’t have a life. And you wish to look like her.