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Ashlee Simpson Lost All the Baby Weight (And Then Some?)


ashlee-simpson-lost-all-the-baby-weight-and-then-some1 - Ashlee Simpson Lost All the Baby Weight (And Then Some?)

For Ashlee Simpson, the baby weight loss process is complete, as seen in the above pics – on the left, Ashlee before her pregnancy (or possibly a few days pregnant) and on the right, Ashlee yesterday.

Does she look slimmer now? Her skinny arms and face might indicate that she’s even thinner these days.

And for an accurate opinion, check out 2 extra pics after the jump!

ashlee-simpson-lost-all-the-baby-weight-and-then-some-2 - Ashlee Simpson Lost All the Baby Weight (And Then Some?)

ashlee-simpson-lost-all-the-baby-weight-and-then-some-3 - Ashlee Simpson Lost All the Baby Weight (And Then Some?)

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  • kat

    boring! NEXT!!!!!

    • VG

      BITCH! NEXT!!!!!

      • toobz

        i dont like her either? but that dress is hot.

  • KJ

    i read that she was pregnant again and i thought to myself, “really? at that weight?”

  • rachael

    Wow…… I don’t know if it’s related to her weight loss or not but she gained some serious dark circles!!!!
    More seriously, she looks tired and worn off.

    • Miranda

      Yeah, she does. I think that may give us a clue of some things she’s doing to lose all that weight so quickly.. She’d gained a nice amount during pregnancy, and it’s like it just disappeared overnight. She looks good, though.

    • T.D.P

      yes she does, I wonder if it has to due with lack of sleep because she’s a mommy now? maybe a mix of bad eating habits and motherhood? hmmm…. not sure….

      • red

        do you really think celebs take care of their own children???

        • mdw

          Sure do! When its convenient 😉

  • LauraLoo

    She looks great

  • Elena

    Well, I really like this girl even since “Pieces of me”… Now she’s all grown up and she’s still cute. Love her hair and it seems she’s pretty happy with her actual weight.

  • Lilly

    Well, any more weight loss and she’ll start looking like Lohan, right now she definitely looks slimmer but at this weight, it kind of works. So long as she doesn’t lose more.

  • slitt

    it’s a shame that these days motherhood seems to be more about how quickly u can get the baby weight off than anything else. almost like getting the weight off quickly makes her a better mother

    • Sammie

      so true…but thats hollywood for u…i guess if u remain fat ur a bad mother…..

  • jennah

    she looks really tired or her face just looks really weird

  • ckmj787

    maybe she can share her secret with her fat sister…

    • kb

      that was hilarious.

      • anonymous

        That was ignorant. And asinine.

        • Rebekah

          Dear ‘anonymous’,

          Cool, thanks for using the word asinine.
          You weirdo.

          • anonymous

            And your point is…?

    • sassy

      Sorry I think it is funny too!!!!!!

      • anonymous

        What’s so funny about it?

        • Ramie

          It’s funny because Jessica needs to lose weight.

          • anonymous

            Uh, no she doesn’t. And even if she did, that still doesn’t make it funny. It’s still ignorant and asinine.

          • Vera

            Maybe Jessica could stand to lose a few pounds, but it just wasn’t funny to me either, and I for one don’t even get offended at that type of remark.

    • SkinnyByAugust

      …because her sister isn’t already getting enough “tips” from everyone and their dog.

      • anon.

        No it’s not. It’s funny. She does.

      • Juliette

        I agree. Jessica is hardly fat. She just wore a hideous outfit.

        • red

          the clothes she wears are for much skinnier people.

          she should dress appropriately!

    • kayla

      thats funny and true…..

      • anon.

        I agree! I think it’s hilarious and true. She really does.

        • anonymous

          And I think you both are ignorant.

  • kb

    she looks great. her legs look awesome. no idea what her stomach looks like. she could be using something to hold it in. but she lost the weight a hell of a lot faster than i lost mine. awesome for her for wanting to get rid of it as soon as possible instead of making excuses about it.

  • HippoBanana

    She looks fabulous, she always has done IMO.
    I love the last pic with Pete loooking at her like ‘damn thats my wife’

    • Elena

      Yeah, that’s funny! 😀 And he should be proud!

  • kris

    Considering she just got cast in the new Melrose Place I’m sure that prompted the get rid of the baby fat operation…but she does look good!

  • britmel

    WOW. sexxxy!

  • jenni

    umm, i think she does look skinny, but she’s lost that youthful appearance she used to have. her shape has definitely changed too…not good.

  • Fabulous

    she looks great but a bit hungry, don’t you think?? haha.
    just stay that weight, no more losing weight or else she’ll look like la Lohan!

  • She is lovely!

  • Kae

    I read that she was on the IV diet after she had her baby. It’s probably a rumor but it could explain how she lost the weight so fast. I heard the same thing about Jessica Alba.

    She looks good but she shouldn’t lose any more weight.

  • jjj

    Wow, she looks great. Good job, we’re behind ya!

  • cusi

    she said that her sister is not fat,that she is looking very good.. but obviosly she doesn’t think so at all.. because se try veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hard not to be like her sister even if after given a birth she has all the rights to look heavier..

    but ok.. i like how she looks

  • Saseira

    She looks great. Thin, but in no way too thin or anywhere near too thin. And yes, her sister is fat and needs to lose weight. If you don’t think so, you’re an idiot.

    • jasmin

      Yeah, she looks Great!

  • -Name-

    I like her better with more curves:(

  • roena

    She looks great, she is not worryingly thin…good for her! She seems to be at a happy place in her life right now