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Drew Barrymore on Baby Weight: “Screw these impossible expectations”

FFN_g_50954726 - Drew Barrymore on Baby Weight: "Screw these impossible expectations"

On not losing the baby weight yet:

‘It takes time. Screw these impossible expectations. I’m doing it very healthy and sensibly. You gotta be nice to yourself.

‘What kind of parent are you going to be if you’re to be berating yourself in the mirror?

‘I want to instill in her that when she’s happy on the inside she’ll be the most beautiful on the outside. I have to live by that same mantra and it’s a lot easier because I get to eat.’

… says 37 year-old Drew, who welcomed her daughter Olive in September 2012.


FFN_g_50966103 - Drew Barrymore on Baby Weight: "Screw these impossible expectations" FFN_g_50971861 - Drew Barrymore on Baby Weight: "Screw these impossible expectations"

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  • Hazal

    I fully agree with her!
    Btw: Her baby’s name is Olive? Seriously? Is that a common name in America?

    • girl21

      Yes, it is a name? I am from Australia and I know it from various books and also the famous girlfriend of Popeye the sailor man is called olive 🙂

      • Hazal

        No, the name of Popeye’s girlfriend is Olivia 😀

        • Lux

          No her name was Olive Oyl.

          • Kelly-Ann

            Exactly Lux. I love the name Olive, it´s unusual but not ridiculous like some Hollywood baby names. It´s cute!

        • nekatek

          That was a fail haha. ‘Olivia.’ Definitely Olive Oyl.

          • Margery

            Hmmm… In Germany her name is Olivia

    • Powwow

      Olive is a cute name, I’m English and I don’t think its that unusual here.

    • serena

      @Hazal it’s funny you said that because your name is a color and Olive is a similar color. Hazel is a brownish-green and Olive is a dull green too.

      • Hazal

        Ok, then sorry girls! Obviously, there are some cultural misunderstandings 😀
        First of all: I’m not a native speaker of English. I’ve never heard the name Olive before. I just know the olive from the olive tree 🙂 But you’re right that there is also the colour which is called olive. Didn’t think about that!
        Concerning Olive from Popeye: here in Germany she’s called Olivia. That’s why I was confused when you told me that her name is Olive 🙂
        And about my name: it’s Arabic and the meaning is “leaves” as the leaves falling from trees. So, it doesn’t have the same meaning as the English word hazel. In Turkey, where my parents come from, ‘Hazal’ is a very common name.

        • Anonymous

          I just wanted to throw it out there that its wonderful to see someone not get offended, offensive, defensive, or worked up over a misunderstanding (Olive vs. Olivia) or a light though accidental offense (assuming Hazal and Hazel were interchangeable). If more people on the internet responded with such a nice attitude, it would be a nicer place to visit. 🙂

    • areby

      I’ve never known anyone named Olive but I think it’s cute…. and also there was an animated tv movie called “Olive the Other Reindeer” and I believe Drew was the voice of Olive – so perhaps she took some inspiration from that?

      • palo

        The girl in little miss sunshine’s name is Olive.

  • Beans

    I want her 90s-model-names shirt!

    • Kelly-Ann

      Me too!

  • Eline

    She seems so happy! I absolutely love her, and agree on her. She looks great to me though.

    • JaneParker

      Me too, I love her! And she seems to be one of the few “real” celebs out there. She’s a bit of a mess, but I believe everyone is, some are just better at hiding it. And maybe it’s because I like her so much, but I think she’s really pretty!

  • Emeline

    On the other hand, it’s not like she’s a model…

  • Annee

    A while back, at the entrance of a gym, there was a picture of a very thin and beautiful woman. The caption was “This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?”

    The story goes, a woman (of clothing size unknown) answered the following way:

    “Dear people, whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, seals, curious humans), they are sexually active and raise their children with great tenderness.
    They entertain like crazy with dolphins and eat lots of prawns. They swim all day and travel to fantastic places like Patagonia, the Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia.
    They sing incredibly well and sometimes even are on cds. They are impressive and dearly loved animals, which everyone defend and admires.

    Mermaids do not exist.

    But if they existed, they would line up to see a psychologist because of a problem of split personality: woman or fish?
    They would have no sex life and could not bear children.
    Yes, they would be lovely, but lonely and sad.
    And, who wants a girl that smells like fish by his side?

    Without a doubt, I’d rather be a whale.

    At a time when the media tells us that only thin is beautiful, I prefer to eat ice cream with my kids, to have dinner with my husband, to eat and drink and have fun with my friends.

    We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn’t enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
    We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.
    Every time I see my curves in the mirror, I tell myself: “How amazing am I ?! “

    • Nat Shermans

      Whales are so huge their weight will crush them unless they’re underwater.
      I get your point but I’d still rather NOT be a heart attack risk.

      Also, this part is really dumb.
      “We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn’t enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.
      We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.”

      • Annee

        Haha Nat,
        I get your point. Although I don’t fully agree with the story myself ( I found it on FB) it sends a clear message which I wanted to share with the people on this blog, because it certainly sends a beautiful message.

        And yes, being and eating healthy is still very important! But not over-obsessing about it. Being skinny and everything that comes with that, made me very miserable and alone. And I think we sometimes (at least; I do) forget that when we look at for example Candice or any other perfect model,.

        And in this case I found Drew’s remark very reasonable. The main priority after giving birth, should be your kid, and not your weight.

        • Casey

          I actually think it sends a horrible message.

          It’s taking people being bitchy about people being thin, and repackaging it towards thin people.

          If the story truly wanted to send a good message, it would promote for a wider body acceptance, and the building of self-esteems for multiple body types.

          As of right now it’s encouraging belittling another body type to make your own feel better.

          • annemarie

            I agree. That story promotes bashing thinner women.

          • blaire

            I agree that thin bashing is not the answer, I myself have dealt with being trapped in body image…and am now free of it.
            I work at a gym, eat healthy because that is how I feel my best physically, and I am small. I am thin, and yet I think I am kind, empathetic and loving towards my family. Just because you are concious of the space your body takes up, and enjoy being your healthiest possible, doesnt mean you are bitchy and lonely and whatever else you think thin people are. and that is not just “in my opinion” it is a fact.

          • solaxia

            My gosh people! The woman that answered is not after a freaking poetry award! She is not writing a freaking psychology thesis…she is responding to an ad (which probably hit close to home for her) in a poetic way.

            This could still be applied to all people of all walks of life. She is responding to an advert that put mermaids up against whales! People who are thin and closer to this ‘mermaid’ figure may also see many flaws within themselves. When I was a skinny little thing, there were always things I thought I needed to improve. I still would have been comforted by this piece of writing! In no way would I have thought…yay! I wanna be obese and be a big whale now! In no way would I have thought…skinny women are ugly.

            It’s a piece about self acceptance and not missing life. It’s supposed to be freaking comforting and humorous!

            She was responding to the add that said ‘do you want to be a mermaid or a whale’. She just came up with a beautiful story herself, which is just trying to tell women to LOVE THEMSELVES they don’t have to be thin! I doubt she put that much thought into it to say ‘oh no…people will think I mean women should be a whale. I better not use that word’ or ‘all people should hate thin people…so I will bash mermaids.’

            Seriously? Are we that delusional that thin women have it harder in life!? I’m not saying they NEVER have a hard time…but there are no ads saying ‘come drink all this carb and fat loaded powder to be thick and fat like a whale!’ It’s all about losing weight (for the majority!) You cannot deny that.

            Can we not just appreciate a piece of writing that someone came up with and is proud of and had GOOD INTENTIONS with?!

            I feel sorry for this woman, she probably felt proud about coming up with this story as a message to woman to stop obsessing over body image and love themselves. She COULD STILL BE TALKING TO THIN WOMEN! Thin woman are not immune to all the diet ads and wanting to be thinner/ stay thinner/ be more tanned/ be more wrinkle free/ whatever.

            I think she is a creative woman that was trying to get a nice message across. Not band anyone against others. Sure, there are women who are fat and they are in denial about their health (this also occurs for thin women who eat one meal a day but think that’s healthy). But I think many, who already know they are bigger (which comes with many emotional issues) will feel better about reading this and think that there is no rush, just be healthy (enjoy an icecream or two here and there) and live. Health is what matters!

            She didn’t say sit on your ass 24/7 and eat icecream. She was talking about it in relation to friends and family. Don’t let a diet rule your social life. Just because you aren’t ‘perfect’ enough for the media, doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect enough in your own way.

            Most people (including obese people) know that obesity isn’t healthy. Many don’t seem to know that living on one meal a day also isn’t.

          • swissmiss

            I agree with solaxia. I didn’t get any bitchy vibe from this story at all. I think it simply adresses regular women like you and me. I eat clean, I work out, I have a fit and healthy body and I STILL obsess about my flaws-especially my weight. I feel guilty when I eat “bad food” (e.g. because I was invited at a friends house) or when I skip my work out because I’d rather hang out with someone. And I think this is exactly what this woman means. Don’t go crazy about chasing an ideal, that will make you feel miserable in the process. It is not meant as an excuse to overeat, more like to accept your body, with all flaws that come along with it – not matter if you are thin or normal. That it is ok to relax sometimes and give yourself a break.

        • serena

          I understand that the message is supposed to be positive and about loving your body. I just think the analogy of whale/mermaid is really bad. “Whale” is often used as a derogatory term for women who are huge, and mermaid doesn’t really have any connotations about body image, and then the way the analogy plays out is weird and awkward. If I had to choose I’d rather be a dolphin; slender, playful, and smart 😉

          • Winnie

            don’t be a dolphin. they are devious and evil. trust me…the atrocities–i can’t…it’s terrifying. i probably sound crazy as hell but dolphins are scary.

          • misscheeks

            Ha I know they’re not necessarily sea creatures but I’d rather be an otter or a honey badger! xD

          • neutra

            Hell yeah dolphins are scary! I’ve never been quite the same person since finding out Flipper is actually one mean mofo.

    • jamie

      umm no. women and people in general are fat because overeating and lack of movement.. I have no problem with indulging with friends and family but I also watch what I eat and go to the gym to maintain a healthy weight to avoid the million different risks that go along with being even just 15 pounds overweight. Whats more rewarding, sitting around eating ice cream and looking at your fatness in the mirror or actually running a half marathon or doing something good for your body.

      I also cant stand how every fat chick calls herself curvy…sorry, but fat rolls do not = curves

      • Lisa

        All true, but I think Drew knows that. She’s only saying that you shouldn’t feel like shit if you aren’t -10 lbs two seconds after the kid is born. I’m lucky enough to have a mom who didn’t have weight issues or self esteem problems to pass on to me, but she’s just warning against being openly critical and passing that down.

        • jamie

          i completely agree with your comment, and although I have never been pregnant I would not expect to bounce back the way Alessandra Ambrosio did and sure wouldnt expect the majority of women to either. I was commenting on the Annee’s ridiculous rant about mermaids and whales and trying to justify being fat.

          • Kimberly

            And you are just as bad with your “every fat chick calls herself curvy” bit. Did it ever occur to you that many fat people actually call themselves fat? I have several girlfriends who are very aware of their weight issues and don’t sugarcoat it. Some people have a hard time losing the weight and they admit to it.

          • jamie

            @Kimberly…just as bad as what? I was simply responding to a riduculous pro-fat rant. I never said fat people dont know they are fat, but that majority of chubby/overweight women call themselves curvy, when they have no assemblance of curves whatsoever. Sofia Vergara or Barbara Palvin are Curvy.

            I don’t have any fat friends but if I did I would tell them to do something about it instead of just accepting they are that way and promoting fat acceptance…thats the beef I have. No one is born fat. Asides from the small population with thyroid or hormone disorders its hard to sympathize with lazy people who have the ability to change but refuse…forget hollywood pressuing women to be thin, the REAL world is on the other end of the spectrum, promoting being big and beautiful, which is much scarrier.

          • Kimberly

            You are completely missing the point. Nevermind.

        • Annee

          @ Jamie

          I think you should re-read the story! Because you take it all out of context. And I don’t see a pro-fat rant at all. That’s just your take on it!

          As someone else commented before; the overweight people I know, are VERY aware of it and they don’t like it. So I don’t understand your whole fat=curvy-nonsense.

          Second, the story is about a woman who saw an ad that gave her to options!
          1- be a mermaid OR otherwise you will be 2- a whale!
          Which is, in my opinion, quite an insult!

          And this was her respond; she wasn’t offended but she took it creatively and thought about it.
          Our society gives us the idea that we have to be mermaids, but would it be so bad to be the whale?? SHE MADE A JOKE ABOUT THE AD! SHE DIDN”T INSULT SKINNY WOMEN.
          But I understand you’re quite sensitive around this topic, and I respect that, but you shouldn’t read to much in to it… And DON’t take it too literally.

    • I liked where this story was going at first – of course mermaids do not exist and whales are wonderful, beautiful animals and it’s stupid to use those terms in regards to women. But the last part is a let-down.

      It is possible to be a happy, fulfilled woman who enjoys company and food and still not be truly fat (and by truly fat I mean getting towards obese, not just a few pounds heavier than ‘ideal’). I don’t agree with fat-shaming or trying to guilt women into starving themselves to look ‘beach-ready’ or whatever – but I also think it’s bad to gloss over the very real potential health effects of being very overweight or obese. Accepting yourself is good – but part of that self-love and acceptance also needs to mean taking care of your health so you and your loved ones can continue to enjoy life and all it’s pleasures (which include exercise and good food) for as long and as fully as possible. I mean, trying to say that you are fat because your wisdom and knowledge has overflowed into fat cells is stupid to say the least!

      • Lex

        Totally agree. And WHY do people keep making it sound like it has to be a choice? It’s perfectly possibly to eat ice cream, enjoy dinner with family, and enjoy life without being a whale!
        I worry about the message this sends to people that it’s impossible to be a slim or a normal weight and eat. Which is rubbish!

        • I think this is because for many overweight people, they often don’t feel they are being extreme in their eating habits compared to others. I’m overweight, and I used to think that way – but I’ve eventually realised that although I don’t eat junk food more often than any of the slim people I knew (substantially less often in some cases), I do just eat more overall (and more often) – good and bad food. Anyway, becoming and staying fat is a complex, vicious circle aided by the wrong genetics, physical inactivity and dietary upbringing, but I do understand where that defensive reaction comes from – you hear some very slim people talk about food in the most dispassionate way and sometimes their diets do sound devoid of joy! Look at Giuliana Rancic or most of the thin women in Hollywood and their no-gluten, no-dairy, no-white carb, kale-and-soup-heavy diets! It doesn’t sound like fun to most people – fat or thin (or in between, which hardly ever gets mentioned fairly either – mermaid or whale?)!

          I could also turn this around and ask why do people have to assume that anyone overweight stuffs their face all the time? I have heard that a lot. In film fat people are often portrayed as keeping candy bars in their handbags, eating leftover pizza secretly at 2am or being obsessive and whiny about eating and getting hungry. There’s a lot of stereotyping in the world and both the anti-skinny and anti-fat camps use it. It’s best to aim for the in between where you can be moderate about things – but no one seems to want to talk about that, it’s either very lean or very fat and they both require a certain extremity in lifestyle for the majority of people!

          • Lex

            Agree, but on the other hand people shouldn’t look to Hollywood people for anything ‘typical’. I’m sure eating disorders abound, not because of the necessity to stay slim, but because of stress and maybe wanting to stay extremely thin. Who wants to look like GR.
            Very overweight people in my experience tend to eat LESS than normal weight people, and are that way because of a complex reason. Who eats the most? Athletes. And one’s appetite is also quite individual. The ‘set point’ can be changed, but I think a very big change in lifestyle would only occasion that.

      • MissMarilyn

        agree!! And also, no reason to bash thinner ladies.

      • solaxia

        I like the story!!! I think people are taking it way too literally! Look, sure there is some skinny bashing in the world. yes, it’s bad…however seriously people…thin is in and it’s here to stay. Most women in the media are thin. People are more likely to bash someone for being overweight than skinny. We have fad diets galore…in order to be skinny. Yes, there will always be the few thin women that want to gain weight. The majority, don’t.

        I think the moral of the story is – stop spending all of your time, effort, and money on trying to be something that isn’t going to make you happy in the long run! Yes, be fit and happy in order to live a full life, but don’t WASTE life and all the precious moments in it, on aiming to be skinny (and basically a fantasy illusion, because even when people are thin they will find something else ‘wrong with them’ such as their legs aren’t long enough..whr isn’t right).

        LIVE your life.

        They are not saying women should be whales! They are not saying that is healthy. They are using it as a metaphor. Some women may say things bad about themselves when they look in the mirror and gain weight, such as ‘my gosh I am a whale…or a hippo…or the size of a house’. I have done that to myself! Lucky you if you don’t understand it because you haven’t been through it yourself.

        No one is saying ‘go out there. Get as fat as you can and become a ‘whale’ literally so that you have heart disease’. It’s supposed to be a ‘love yourself’ message (which should include being healthy with food and exercise) but don’t go crazy and miss life because you are trying to be a fantasy picture (that isn’t real) or focussing on a number on the scale.

        Geeez, calm down people! Let a little love trickle into the lives and hearts of those that love metaphors like this. It’s about self acceptance. I don’t think the purpose is to set curvy and skinny women up against each other. It’s about showing the ‘normal/ every day women’ (who could actually already be thin and gorgeous, but just doesn’t see it in herself) than life is to be lived, and to just be the best she can, love that and LIVE!

        • solaxia

          Oh I just spent all that time writing my first comment…then I couldn’t see it, so I wrote it again.

          I think the story is a bit tongue in cheek. Like, when you see the stories about people getting old and the ‘advantages’ you have over young people. Like, your tits hanging on the floor so you can mop with them or whatever…obviously that’s not ideal. It’s just making light of a situation…but not in the way that accepts it to actually be ‘right’. Just a way to say ‘EFF you!’ to the media and their impossible standards (whether you are fat or skinny) because even someone like Kim Kardashian is touted as unhealthy and ‘fat’ when she really just isn’t! (to look at I mean, I dont know her actual health status, nor do we know a VS models health status)

          • Annee

            Thanks Solaxia!

            you wrote exactly what I ment when I posted this story… but many people on this blog seem to take it to literally.

            I don’t think the story is bashing thinner woman at all!! It only tries to give the reader a wider perspective on what is important in life. Family, friends, love…. And how obsessing about being skinny, losing weight and dieting, can stand in the way of that.
            AND NOOOO that doesn’t mean that you just should start eating everything!!! But that is not even what the story said!
            So maybe some people should me more open-minded and less critical.
            And as I said; I don’t agree fully with the story myself. SOme passages are a bit over the top, but still. I like it!

          • I also don’t think that story was meant to bash thin women – I think it was meant to bash the widespread obsession with being thin and also bolster the confidence of heavier women. I liked it until the end really – the whole thing about ‘we’re not fat, our wisdom has overflowed onto our bodies’ was a bit too much! It seemed a little too ‘fat is best’ to me – but I could well be taking it too literally. As I said, I don’t see the skinny-bashing some do, but I do see a slightly pro-fat bias, that I think is a bit unnecessary. Overall though, if you don’t take it seriously – it’s funny and definitely about self-acceptance.

    • serena

      Lol it’s funny you posted that because Drew Barrymore did a movie about whales last year.

    • Cal

      This reeks of insecurity. removed*

    • annemarie

      Being an obese “whale” is the farthest one can get from being “curvy”.

    • lc

      Mermaids can not bear children…then how do they (I know they don’t exist but) live? Lol

      • serena

        When I was a kid I loved “The Little Mermaid” and routinely asked my mom this. She said they lay eggs!

        • lc

          Lol! Of course, like fish 😀

      • misscheeks

        😮 lc that’s a really good question! lmao damn you for making me google “how do mermaids reproduce”…lol there’s some really sick crap out there!

        • lc

          Really?? LOL they’ll put anything on the Internet I guess! XD

  • jenna

    Crazy to see Claire Danes 1 month post-baby versus Drew at 5 months post-baby. Just goes to show that every woman is unique and has VERY different bodies!

  • heathers

    I have always loved her and I think her outlook is healthy and extremely normal.

  • jamie

    I like her personality but find her very unnatractive. im sure she will lose the weight in time.

  • IY

    I actually feel sorry for all the pregnant women around the world, or the ones that have recently given birth. Seeing all those models walk on the runway in underwear just 2 months after giving birth and looking just as skinny as they were last year is making people believe this is normal. Even more, it makes some people believe that if you don’t snap back in shape you are just using your pregnancy as an excuse. It is so sad and although I believe women should do whatever they can to feel good in their bodies and be the healthiest they can be, drastic weightloss and calorie restriction isn’t healthy, especially right after giving birth. Besides, most new moms I know don’t have the time to sleep, let alone leave their baby for a few hours every day to spend at the gym. Bottom line is, yours and your baby’s health and spending those precious moments with your newborn are far more important than being skinny. At least in my opinion.

    • Anna

      I gained 22lbs during my pregancy and lost it right away after 1 month but my stomach never been the same(had a c-section). That was 10 years ago and even with regular exercise and eating healthy, I am fairly petite at 5’1 108lbs still my stomach is never the same, it has some loose skin. The thing I don’t understand is all of celebrities stomachs seems to snap back right away and become super hard abs. Maybe is because they have a natural birth? but I think women will have remains of what pregnancy does to their body including saggy breasts, loose tummy, etc but it seems that they are superior beings that suffer from none of that or they have plastic surgery and lie about it.

      • Sidney

        Every body is different though and maybe some models have that type of bodies, elastic skin etc. Also at least with my mom, with her 1 pregnancy she bounced back immediately, but the 2 and 3 definitely left some marks, the usual loose skin on the tummy etc.And maybe some models use make-up and tummy tucks? I hvae no idea i’m just weighing options 🙂

      • Nobsnob

        Most models get tummy tuck and/or other surgery operations to snap back to a thight and flawless stomach.
        Adri didn’t do it for her second child: though she looked fantastic on the runway (VS fashion show) you could see she still had some baby fat around the waist and her navel was not tight (btn I admire her for that because what would have been easier than to have a tummy tuck and pretend it was all sport and great genetic?).

      • CK

        I’m no expert but in my opinion it’s about the elasticity of you skin, some of it depends on genetics but a lot on lifestyle – the kind of weight and shape, activity level you were before and during pregnancy and of course your diet.you need to drink enough liquids (not sugary stuff of course), eat watery foods (fruits, some veggies) and lean protein, and in general eat clean. also help your skin from the outside, exfoliation, and most imp moisturizing (i use Vitamin E oil instead lotion sometimes for my all-time dry skin, also i’ve heard some women use it dur. pregnancy to prevent loose skin and stretch marks) – all this during and after pregnancy. However i think a very big role plays the fact that aside clean diet which helps loose fat most of them get back to working out the moment their Doc allows ’em (maybe even earlier, who knows) and building lean muscle helps support skin. A lot of people loosing weight through changes in diet only (without changes in activity level) end up having much more loose skin then the ones that approach the problem from both sides – diet + working out if you also do it slowly (i.e. pound-two of fat per week) so that your skin has time to “adapt” – you get even better results. Considering that most of models/celebs are skinny to start with (lots of them don’t even gain much dur pregnancy-so not much to lose) and constantly lead the clean(-ISH) diet+regular workouts (i.e. more muscle burn more than fat+ your skin is toned) they do manage to escape the loose skin thing or at least prevent some of it.
        or and i’ve also heard lots of women use bandages after giving birth, you’re supposed to wear it all day but for how long i don’t know.
        sorry for the essay)

  • Brenda

    I honestly just LOVE her guts! she is awesome, down-to-earth and normal. good for her, screw the system!

    • La la la la

      yeaa! preach drew, preach! ha

  • I love Drew – she just seems so sweet and honest. I agree with her here – she’s right not to give into stupid, superficial expectations of how a woman should look after pregnancy. As long as she is happy in herself, she’s doing better than most people – and probably better than all the ones who are so quick to judge a woman’s post-baby body.

    • solaxia

      I live Drew too! Plus I’ve always thought she was stunning! These aren’t the best choices of clothes to show off her beauty, but she doesn’t seem the type to always want to be noticed for her looks. She is gorgeous imo. Have always thought her face was striking, warm and sexy. Her eyes have light in them too, which i think is rare…I think Minka Kelly has that too but not many other celebs do. Plus I love Drew’s hair and skin. I always forget to say she is one of the most beautiful celebs in my eyes, but I think that’s because she isn’t one dimensional. Like, I think Mila Kunis is gorgeous (and she is funny) but Drew has that extra substance, so I think I just don’t ‘objectify’ her beauty so much.

  • Lisa

    I like her, because unlike most celebrities, this isn’t all she talks about. My 90s crush on her is still strong <3

  • annemarie

    I like her personality, she seems genuinely nice and down-to-earth, and I like her as an actress too.

  • Pixie

    Luv her, and completely agree with her too!! She seems to be very down to earth and genuine, and she’s a talented actress….which seems to be lacking lately in la la land.

  • katy

    LOVE her and her comment. Go Drew!

  • lc

    She sure did gain quite a bit.

  • Nobsnob

    What else to say, those are sensible and wise words!! 😀

  • Megan

    very down to earth

  • KC

    I had no idea she was ever even pregnant.

  • Puppe

    What is this ? Really, now people that want to be thin and healthy, even if quick or not, are the bad guys ? I guess this is Hollywood, like in movies, police men are stupid all, lawyers are pure evil and infractors are usually not only innocent but also hero.

    I understand, for many of us is hard to loose the baby weight and even more dont even care if they do, but why think that those that do not want to go on in those loose cloths are obsessed ?

    I hope maybe i understand wrong and is not this the ideea…

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