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Elizabeth Banks: “Celebrities are normally genetically predisposed to being thin people”

157946271 - Elizabeth Banks: "Celebrities are normally genetically predisposed to being thin people"

On why regular women should not compare themselves with celebrities:

“I like to believe that if I had carried my own baby, I would have bounced back. But who knows? And by the way, it’s such a horrible — women should not be expected to bounce back … it’s a, I think, a true disservice what’s going on right now with all these celebrity moms … first of all, I just want to remind people that celebrities generally are genetically superior human beings on a certain level anyway … they’re mostly thin, you know, they got trainers, they work out, they’ve got money, they’ve got the ability, you know, and they are normally genetically predisposed to being thin people anyway, so like these women who are holding up, you know, certain people as their benchmark after they’ve had a child, like just go be with your kid for a minute … don’t get to the gym right away. It’s alright. This is not how it’s supposed to be, everybody. Calm down.”

… says Elizabeth, who had 2 children via surrogate.


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  • Kate…

    Umm scratch out celebrities and put instead models and athletes and then this statement MIGHT be true. Most actresses and singers are “bigger” when they first start then lose weight as soon as they get more famous. Teen stars like Christina and Britney are the exception because they were tiny when they first started.

    • jenn

      yeah, she must mean models?? i hope! because models are usually naturally super thin. but not celebs! look at jessica simpson, drew barrymore, hilary duff, and the list goes on. were any of these celebs super thin before or after their pregnancies? no. maybe gisele can pull it off. but celebs, not so genetically blessed, sorry.

      • IY

        Oh, and everyone you mentioned (Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff) became famous when they were quite thin.

    • IY

      When someone speaks generally about a large group of people there will always be exceptions. I think she means that people who are on TV, those who are famous, for the most part are quite attractive. And the media has always preferred thinner people (not necessarily skinny, but lean). Of course, there are people who don’t necessarily look that way and I can only imagine how much talent and effort it took them to get where they are. But most of the time, having a pretty face and a decent body is enough to get you out there. Even the part of “the ugly friend” is often played by people you’d find attractive in real life.

  • misscheeks


    • cloud9

      i just, you know, like, dropped a few IQ points. Not solely based on the banality of her comment but her inability to convince me that most actresses aren’t stupid (they aren’t I KNOW). She’s giving actors a bad name. Ew, never thought she was so verbally challenged. You know, like.

  • shaun

    this is probably one of the stupidest comments of all time. im sorry but is there a celebrity gene i didnt know about. X/Y/C possibly???? and about half these women in hollywood, probably more like 65 percen, arent naturally thin. they are driving themselves crazy to get thin. thanks in part to other useless people like tracy anderson, who i think promotes a very unheathly life-style, and the word vomit she spits out, she should be embarassed

    • artemis

      Agree! When I read what she said I was like ‘bi*ch, you say what?’ O_O even if some are naturally skinny, it doesn’t make them superior, only luckier to not have to work hard or something.

      • jamie

        lol i agree, this woman is silly..and if anything i give more credit to the people who work their butts off to stay thin, not the self proclaimed skinny fats like kristen stewart. Doesnt make them superior or healthier, if anythign it will catch up to them later in life

      • lc

        I agree! What a dolt. “Superior”? What gene carries the “superiority’ gene?? Mindy Kaling, Adele, Rosie O’Donnell, Melissa McCarthy, and etc. etc. must have missed it. They are celebrities too, right??

        • Clarissa

          i think she didn’t mean the genetic part seriously, it’s just what all celebrities say when they lose weight…

        • googlyeyes

          But I love Mindy Kaling and Melisa McCarthy! I think they have become celebrities because of their talent more so than looks where as some actresses get cast solely because of they are thin and pretty (ehm Megan Fox and Elizabeth Banks herself)…. although same could be said for Melissa (in the opposite sense) she always plays up her “fat” image.

    • JaneParker

      +1… Plus, if she’s so genetically superior and knew her body would bounce back, why did she use a surrogate? Not that convinced, uh, Miss Banks? Anyway, her stupidity doesn’t even deserve a comment. She may be genetically superior on a physical level, but her brain sure looks underdeveloped. And by the way, who is she? The name rings a bell but she’s not that known where I’m from, that’s for sure.

      • CameronJames

        I don’t know why most people here sound so offensive. I think she was just being sarcastic. At least that’s how I read it.

        • jemima

          I did, too lmao

      • Aafje

        She probably used a surrogate because she couldn’t get pregnant…

  • Jill

    Word vomit.

    • Dee

      …or verbal Verbal diarrhea !

  • panama

    here comes the backlash in 3….2…1!

  • Laila

    i have no words for her comment. it just screams stupidity.
    i am really shocked by her allegations. that’s why it is good to think before actually speaking – as Epictecus once said:
    “First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.”

  • Beans

    haha oh golly we got a bright one here! “Genetically superior human beings” my a**. What the hell? A celebrity gene…wow…I mean come on woman!! I’m in so much disbelief over her silly word vomit! I mean does she seriously believe this? Maybe all that peroxide is seeping into her skull and into her brain!

    • Mia

      no kidding! I kind of get what she’s trying to say, at least I think I can sort of decipher her “genetically superior” babble, but who the f does she think she is? Last time I checked, we all share the same human DNA. I would be very careful of using the word superior if I were her, considering she is barely able to put together a coherent sentence. But really, who cares? Clearly being “naturally” thin makes one superior.

      On a more academic level, I am so sick of the deterministic thinking that is so pervasive in people’s thinking about genes. Genes do not CAUSE behavior or phenomena. That thinking is SO antiquated. Most embryologists today agree that the effect of genes CANNOT be separated from the effect of the environment, because the two forces are transactional. There is so much evidence that shows that the environment can shape one’s genes and affect expression that it seems futile to ignore it.

      • annabanana

        yes! agree on the gene topic. our genes have changed due to our diets, advent of agriculture, etc. Its all very fascinating 🙂

        • Serena

          Nature vs. nurture argument at its finest!

          • Mia

            The point is that the nature versus nurture argument is bunk. It is a false dichotomy. It is nature THROUGH nurture. The two forces work in tandem. Right now we are in a scientific era of deterministic theories, meaning we are constantly looking to settle these false dichotomies, but meta-theories constantly change.

          • annabanana

            and it has been taken a step farther in the discovery that nurture SHAPES our nature… our environment actually changes our DNA.

  • Laura

    “celebrities generally are genetically superior human beings on a certain level anyway”

    WTF! oh no! Elizabeth Banks, I liked you so much before, and now I’ve lost all respect for you!

    • Rachel

      …That’s exactly what I thought when I read this quote. Holy shit.

      She seemed to want to backtrack though by immediately tacking on that celebrities have trainers and such. So, are they genetically superior or do they have time and money? I vote the latter.

      Btw, it seems like she gives awful interviews. I remember not long ago she was talking about her weight and how she didn’t want to tell people how much she weighed because it’s far too little. I was kind of confused because though she’s skinny, she doesn’t look THAT skinny.

      • G Girl

        I’ve also heard her say that she’s a supporting actress in a leading ladies body! This woman has a very inflated view of herself.

    • Raquel100

      I know!! I’m in shock right now!!! is she kidding?? on drugs maybe? Celebs struggle to stay thin just like the rest of us! That includes models! Wait – and no non celeb people have the thin gene??

  • Polska Blondynka

    Well she is right on a few parts. Celebs have all the money in the world so it is easy for them to be in shape. They have nannies, cooks, housekeeping — they don’t have to worry about it themselves.

  • Debbs

    Oh jeez…

  • Hazal

    No, Elizabeth. I don’t consider ANY celebrity being genetically superior to me. They are superior to us “regular” people because most of them have slimmee bodies? Okaaaay…

    • Hazal


  • Robin

    Oh calm down a bit, things like this are said in the comments on this website quite often. It is true that celebrities have more possibilities and that most of them are naturally thin – because hollywood wants those people. She only meant to say that you don’t have to feel bad about yourself if you don’t look like Alessandra after giving birth, and that people shouldn’t compare themselves with celebrities. I think that’s a really good quote…

  • Jacky Daniels

    umm.. celebrities are genetically superior human beings?? lol is this b*tch for real..? is she some arrogant stand up comedian like chelsea handler or is she just that stupid?

    • La la la la

      actually she kind of does play that character on 30 rock… kind of an arrogant funny girl… so in the back of my mind i was wondering if she’s joking. but honestly it doesn’t sound like it. i dunno its hard to take that kind of talk seriously!

  • lucy

    what she says makes sense. she doesn’t mean that becoming a celebrity gives you good genes, but that people generally HAVE good genes IN ORDER to become a celebrity. yes they work hard at their bodies, but unless you are genetically predisposed to be thin you’re never going to look like kate bosworth. it’s survival of the fittest – the people who end up becoming famous ARE those with good bodies, pretty faces, good health, etc.

    • justme

      …exactly. She’s right, maybe more blunt than necessary, but getting to the top of the celebrity pile requires a certain degree of natural good looks (augmented with the best training and products money can buy), a heck of a lot of persistence, more talent than you might expect, and really great connections.

    • Ysatis

      Anybody can look like Kate Bosworth if they starve themselves.

      • Pixie

        I agree Ysatis!!

      • bretzel

        yeah right… lol

    • Elle (P.)

      I would never consider Kate Bosworth (ugh!) to be “one of the fittest”, or a representative of the “beautiful, naturally thin race of genetically superior celebrities”… At least, give us a worthwhile example, please.
      So all individuals who are not “naturally slim” should be barred from becoming celebrities (because they are SO not worthy of it) and all naturally slim people would deserve to take their rightful place?
      That sounds so bright.

  • c

    People need to learn to not take things said so literally. Jeepers.

    • Winnie

      I agree. It sounds like she’s joking. she’s making a ridiculous statement to counter the fact that it’s ridiculous for people who don’t have the same resources as celebrities to compare themselves to them…

  • Teiku

    Looks ok. Sounds stupid.

  • Megan

    I agree with c here… calm the eff down everyone. Take a big breath.

  • Casey

    I’m surprised at all of the backlash. I actually agree with her.

    Maybe not the “genetically superior” part, but I agree with her that celebrities are generally smaller framed and tend to be thinner than the average person.

    She is also saying that on top of that, celebrities have access to a lot of amenities like trainers, so that the average mother shouldn’t compare herself to celebrities and try to lose baby weight just as fast, as it’s not supposed to come off that fast.

    I don’t see what’s so bad about her comment, aside from the lack of articulation (and I can see how genetically superior thing might turn some people off).

    But then again, she’s not saying that she has to work for her thinness and be extremely restrictive, therefore, she can’t be telling the truth. Everyone knows celebrities are only being honest when they’re telling everyone how miserable their lives are being thin.

    • Debbs

      Clearly it is the “genetically superior” that people are taking issue with. The rest of her comment is whatever.

      • Rachel

        Precisely. She’s right about celebrities having access to the tools to be thin, but she prefaces that with the obnoxious and flawed notion that celebrities are genetically superior.

        Most celebrities don’t start out as slender as they are. Jennifer Aniston, for instance, was once borderline chubby. Furthermore, even if a celebrity has always been skinny doesn’t mean it’s because she’s genetically predisposed to being thin. It’s not like you have to be a celebrity to be conscious about your body and work hard for it to look good. Frankly, the slenderness of most people in Hollywood can only be attributed to several factors (none of which are genetics): healthy eating, exercising and/or eating disorders.

        I suppose anyone who believes Elizabeth Bank’s BS about genetic superiority also believes that all celebrities are aging gracefully the natural way and that their improved body or facial features are simply the result of maturing.

        • Cal

          Love this comment. 100 percent truth.

    • lc

      “Maybe not the “genetically superior” part, but I agree with her that celebrities are generally smaller framed and tend to be thinner than the average person.”

      No offense Casey, because your arguments are usually very legit, but that one was just kind of crazy. That’s kind of like saying that most Asian people tend to smarter than the average person, or that people in the South tend to be fatter than the average person. Where’s the logic/scientific basis for it? Look at Adele, Melissa McCarthy, Demi Lovato, Mindy Kaling, Queen Latifah, etc. Celebs come in all shapes and sizes, I don’t really think that they “tend” to have a certain body type. That’s a little silly imo.

      • Casey


        Unlike being born into an ethnicity or a location (which one has no control over) , there is an active selection process to becoming an actress. Certain traits are selected over others.

        There ARE overweight celebrities, but in proportion to the general population? The % of actors who are overweight or even just on the higher end of normal is much lower than the general population. And the overweight celebrities are mostly there to play stereotypical/typecast roles.

        So I do agree with her that celebrities tend to be thinner. I think it’s equivalent to saying that doctors are smarter than the average person…they are, because that’s what their job selects for. Same with acting.

        Sidenote – I put as much thought into this comment as most of my others that you like. If you disagree with me, that’s okay. But please don’t call my comment crazy or insinuate that I didn’t put thought into it just because it happens to be one of the few times that we disagree. I like most of your comments too, but there are a few times that I disagree with you, and I don’t single out those comments and say they’re crazy.

        • lc

          Lol, sorry I didn’t mean crazy like you’re a psycho or something 😉 Just like, whoa! crazy. If that makes sense. I didn’t want to say, “sounds stupid” or “sounds ridiculous”, I thought that might be more rude or offensive. Just an offhand remark. That’s why I made sure to say “no offense”. No offense, really! You are def. not crazy. Wasn’t trying to be rude. Just trying to emphasize how shocked at the comment I was.

          And, I must say I still do disagree. Celebrities “tend” to be thinner, because, like you said, it is about SELECTION (by other people), not some weird predisposed birthright. From what I gathered from Elizabeth’s statement, she made it sound like people have this thin gene that makes them thin, which makes them superior, which in turn makes them a celebrity. Uh, I don’t think so.

          Perhaps she did mean to word it the way you did; and she is just too much of an airhead to express herself properly, but that was how *I* (and many others) took it.

          • Casey

            Oh ok that makes sense. 🙂

            Idk, I still think that celebrities do tend to be thinner than the average person, and at least half of the reason why is that they don’t have genes that predispose one to be overweight (and some may even have genes that make them “naturally thin”, which I do believe exists).

            I also think that’s what she was trying to say, albeit very poorly. Her whole comment sounds very inarticulate, so I think her “superior” comment was just misspoken. I can understand people being turned off by it but I think a lot of people are also taking it out of context and exaggerating it.

          • lc

            Yes, no offense at all 😀

            However, I still think that celebrities are a type of people just like the rest of us. They come in all shapes and sizes, from Kate Hudson to Alexa Chung to Jenna Ushkovitz to Ginnifer Goodwin to Oprah. Many happen to be thinner, because they diet and have the resources to stay thin. I don’t think there is something in their genetic makeup that predisposes them to a life of thinness and/or celebrity. Talent agents look for talent, looks maybe, and maybe figures. But any slightly overweight person who becomes famous can get thin. Or maybe none of that is true, and they were in the right place at the right time.

            True, I do think they tend to be thinner, maybe because they can achieve it. Not because many already are, or are somehow predisposed to it, the idea of that is a little out there for me. Maybe I am taking her comment wrong, but that is how I interpreted it.

        • Elle (P.)

          Casey, if I may ask, where do you live?
          Because I disagree with the part of your argument stating that “celebrities are slimmer than the average person”. I come from France. Although national weight trends have been going upward for the past, say, 15 years (according to some official statistics, I did not actually check that myself), I do not consider the average person to be bigger than the average celebrity. I agree with your argument, however, when applied to Britain, where I live. Again, it depends on what celebrity, what average person, location etc.
          I am with @lc on this.

    • Liv

      I agree, the only thing insulting about her article was the over use of the word like. I think a lot of people are genetically predisposed to be slimmer than they think it’s just all the bad foods out there people eat. Celebrities don’t get to do that. I’m pretty sure if everyone else ate vegetables and steamed fish every night they’d be pretty thin too.
      I do agree on the baby front as well. Hollywood is all about looks and looking good on camera. It comes with their career so they don’t get the luxury to sit around not working for as long as they please without fear or becomming irrelevant.

  • I kind of get what she’s saying – at least that it can *seem* like celebs are genetically superior – most are above average in the looks department, anyway. But many celebs start out looking much more ordinary and then with the pressure, etc, become thinner and maybe get surgery or the right hair and make-up people to put them out there at their best all the time.

    I like Elizabeth – she has great comic timing and is pretty – but her comment here is very easy to read in the wrong way! She is right that women should not get bogged down by how they look too soon after birth – and all these celebs and their ‘I lost 50lbs of baby weight in three months’ are not helping new mothers feel good about themselves or focus on what’s really important.

  • dana

    You all are really funny.

    She’s just saying that celebrities generally make it in the business because they have the look- basically because they’re thin. If they’re not thin then they’re supremely talented (ie Kelly Clarkson). Then when they become famous and acquire all their money they have more opportunities available to lose and maintain weight. She’s telling normal moms not to feel pressure to reach an unattainable goal. She’s telling middle class women that they don’t have to try and finance a rolls royce like the celebrities do.

    Lay off and stop picking apart words.

    • Mia

      Picking apart words? She said, and I quote:”celebrities generally are genetically superior human beings”. Maybe instead of us calming down, she should think more carefully about what she wants to say? That fact that those words even touched her lips (and while SOBER) is very telling IMO.

      • Raquel100

        I totally agree!!!

      • Casey

        She did also say, “on a certain level” which a lot of people are ignoring.

        She’s not saying celebrities are superior overall genetically, just in terms of thinness, they do tend to have genes that help them out. You know how it’s possible to be naturally thin? And you know how it’s possible to be naturally larger/chubbier? She’s just saying most celebrities tend to be the former rather than the latter.

        She’s ONLY speaking in the context of thinness; she’s not saying celebrities are superior, she’s not saying celebrities are overall genetically superior…that’s taking her words OUT OF context.

        • Mia

          Actually, given her poor sentence structure it’s not clear what she meant when she said “on a certain level…”. She may have been talking about thinness, and she may have been talking about other things. To assume she was talking about thinness IS, by definition, reading between the lines.
          Either way, it shows a poor understanding of how genes work. In terms of intelligence (and command of the English language) she is definitely not superior.

          • Casey

            At the very least, that interpretation coincides with the context of the discussion, whereas the claim “OMG SHE THINKS CELEBRITIES ARE SUPERIOR SHE’S AN IDIOT SHE CAN’T EVEN SPEAK WELL” does not even have context to back it up.

  • siennagold

    Celebrities are NORMALLY genetically predisposed to being thin people? That is a stupid statement. Most celebrities are thin because they have the money to order calorie restricted meal delivery service. They can afford to hire personal trainers and they have the money to afford the help of medical science.

  • MissMarilyn

    genetically superior? ick i didnt know people were still pushing that. cant we all agree social darwinism is a bad thing…?

    otherwise her comment would have been a good one. pity.

  • C

    Haha, no. If that were true, why are so many of them on such ridiculous diets? I admit I work out a lot (but I definitely don’t have my own personal trainer), but I also eat A LOT albeit usually healthfully! I would never eat like some of those celebrities, but I have a hard stomach, tiny waist (which is the genetic part for me), and slender, toned legs/arms.

  • Pixie

    LOL!! What an idiotic statement….the genetic part, I mean.

  • victoria

    i know her comment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but i feel like she was trying to say that out of all the people who try to become famous, it’s only the better looking ones + ones with better bodies that make it.

    If that’s not the point she was trying to make then I have no idea what was.

    • Mary

      I interpreted it the same way too…. but God!! that came out really wrong . I think what annoyed me most was the number of times she said “you know”… she must be a very uneducated person (not because of the “you know” thing but because of that stupid comment)

  • Daisy

    Isn’t she being sarcastic? That is how I was taking it.

    • Laurel

      that’s how i took it too. i seriously doubt she is being serious.

      • Laurel

        at least i really hope she isn’t serious

    • Sofia

      That’s what I thought. But everybody’s getting their panties up in a bunch… as if she was actually being serious LOL

  • Sasha

    “I just want to remind people that celebrities generally are genetically superior human beings on a certain level anyway” No comment. She’s not really bright, “YOU KNOW”

  • MissJane

    I think everyone who is getting offended is probably a little too insecure to see that she is right… “genetically superior on a certain level” I think that level she is referring to is the physical human physique that is most accepted by the norms of modern western society.

    Clearly her statement could have been better articulated and also take into account the different kinds of plastic surgery that celebrities get, but that’s a whole different blog for me to leave comment on…

    • MissMarilyn

      …. like 70% of the kids in my school are attractive enough “to be celebrities”. And the majority of them are smart too. Definitely smarter than Ms. Banks is coming off as.

      Not all celebrities are actually THAT attractive. If you had thousands of dollars to spend on hair, makeup, stylists, a personal trainer and a personal chef, almost ANYONE could be attractive enough to be a celebrity.

      • Raquel100

        YUP! And you forgot to add a biggie… plastic surgery!! There are A LOT of good looking people out there!!

      • Anna

        The female celeb spends around $300,000 on such maintenance.

      • solaxia

        MissMarilyn – well said! Totally agree. I think it’s more an insecure person who would think that celebrities are genetically superior. I’m not even picking on this woman’s comment, because I don’t care of she is being serious or not.

        But it’s not like celebrities are just hand picked out of the WHOLE WORLD. Adding to what you said… It also takes a pinch of narcissism to chase the dream…then a dash of great PR to let the world know that ‘this (insert celeb ‘it’ girls name) is the hottest chick in the whole world!’ , then top it with a bit of photoshop and voila! You have a celebrity ;o) Not to mention the ‘ideal’ changes a lot over the years…the media has a large influence on us, and the way we think, and what we think is attractive…whether people like to think that or not.

        @versus – I think I love you! I’m so happy that now if I forget to type in my name and email and press ‘submit’, I can press back, and my comment is still there!!! Woo! No more re-typing my essays =oD

    • Winnie

      i guess we all interpret things in different ways, because i saw that as her taking a jab at all these obsessively thin celebrities who CLAIM to eat whatever they want and still be “naturally thin”.

  • Observer

    dumb as rocks, probably worse, assuming she wasn’t being sarcastic but so many actresses are stupid anyway. she’s linking genetics and socio-economical situation as the same. it’s all fine to say celebs who make it are better looking & that is genetics, but the majority of them considered top notch would’ve looked VERY different if not for some small but VERY significant plastic surgery…Jolie, Kidman, H Berry, even Bundchen, lots more and they rely on techniques and people to keep them that way…others must do it themselves without the benefit of radical intervention.
    And she contradicted herself when she said their genetics make it easier but then talked about easier access to trainers etc who do the work FOR THEM, which is really why they can maintain their health & physique.
    That’s their secret, not genetics and it isn’t as if majority of non celebs are physically inferior; celebs are a minority and I’m sure everyone here knows lots of people who are on par with the fame wh0res.I know I do.

    • Nika


  • LauraDee

    ok, I get both sides… she shouldn’t have thrown in the “genetically superior” part it’s not true, but I see she meant the naturally thin people are the ones who become celebrities, she just said it backwards, because she isn’t very bright. Just by reading this we should all realize she isn’t the smartest person so lets not take her so seriously, she doesn’t know what she is talking about 🙂

    • Raquel100


  • Ozzgee

    Ohh come on! Weight is not related with genes!! Eye color, skin color etc is genes! But even the height is not 100% genes! Considering being underweight is due to superior genes is not only wrong but it is ignorant! This kind of woman comes forward and says “I eat and never gain weight, it is my fast metabolism” and I say shut the front door! There is no single person in the world who eats a lot and never gains weight without working out (after a certain age). I know it is a lie because I was considered one them (fast metabolism)! But when I hit 25 I started to gain and I thankfully I have realized the fact that I am only another normal person and started to eat better and then it was possible to maintain my weight. But believe me if I was eating the junk food when I was eating at the age of 15, I would be really fat now. This “fast metabolism” is just a lie to give some over weight people an easy explanation and some under weight people the cool attitude of saying “I don’t do anything to look this good. It is god given. I am superior”. Please please don’t believe this s*it!

    • C

      If you’ve examined any of the latest research, you would know that weight is related to genes (though not 100% obvi). the interplay between genotype and environment produces phenotype (or the expression of genes).

      But, no, I don’t think these celebrities are superior, since they’re usually on ridiculous diets.

      • Ozzgee

        Is it proven or is it just another theory? Please share if it is proven but I highly doubt that it is! And I don’t believe it because I haven’t seen a single person who eats lots of food and never gains weight! This is physically and logically impossible! Maybe -maybe- there is a slight tendancy to gain more easily, lose easily but I refuse to believe that one can eat hamburgers everyday and look like a model! So no superior genes or anything! I believe we are all equal in that area!

        • Jay

          simply not true.. metabolic processes determine how many calories your body burns each day, and such processes are regulated by genes. people have vastly different metabolic rates, which means some people in fact CAN eat a ton of calories and gain no weight. a girl from my high school tried desperately to gain weight.. she even went to a nutritionist who put her on a 3000 calorie per day diet (luckyyyy), but she was still underweight after many months. so yeah, it happens. log into pubmed and read the literature if you need scientific proof.

    • Emmelie

      Agree:) so tired of hearing skinny people say that they eat sooo much and never gain. Well, if you don’t gain you don’t eat enough. Unless something is wrong with your system.

    • Em

      Agree:) so tired of hearing skinny people say that they eat sooo much and never gain. Well, if you don’t gain you don’t eat enough. Unless something is wrong with your system.

  • D.

    It is kind of funny how nobody on this site seems to notice the irony in her words “genetically predisposed people”….

    • Kimberly

      Oh no, I saw that immediately. She’s obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    • A girl

      Sorry, I missed the irony. What is it?

  • Splenda

    I am going to go with the idea that her comments about “genetic superiority” were meant to be funny.

    If not, well, in the Darwinian sense, I would have to say that Ms. Banks must be genetically inferior. After all “survival of the fittest” has little to do with who is fastest or strongest, but rather it relates to who has the best chance of continuing the species. Ms Banks was unable to maintain a pregnancy and was forced to rely on a surrogate to carry on her own genetic line. If not for modern medicine, those “superior genes” would have hit a dead end with her failure to reproduce.

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think this makes her any less of a mother. There are many routes to motherhood. I know plenty of women who have suffered with infertility. I know women who became mothers through adoption, fertility meds, IUI, IVF, donor eggs, donor sperm, and gestational surrogates. Pregnancy is only nine months of motherhood…what matters most is the years that follow.

    • Jay

      hahah love this comment! so true.

  • ceeohcee

    After 38 years, this is explanation, this is what you have to say? – tisk. tisk.
    i think the “super gene she is discussing is photoshop”

  • Cal

    Oh please, almost no celebs these days are what I would call gorgeous. There’s Charlize and Angelina. The rest of them are plain and put way too much effort. Actresses aren’t as thin as they have a reputation to, and they almost all talk about their diets and exercises routines. Anybody would be slim with that kind if effort. Genetically superior I think not.

    • Mary

      I agree with you. they have the time a nd the money and it’s their job to loog good. But some of them even with all the clothes and make up are plain, let alone without it

    • Emmelie

      Just look at mila kunis when she’s not dolled up, not a pretty sight.

    • Em

      Just look at mila kunis when she’s not dolled up, not a pretty sight.

  • Winnie

    assuming she’s not always a complete idiot and the way the rest of her quote was worded, i’d say her “genetically superior” comment was said in jest. i thought more people may have caught on instead of getting immediately offended and defensive.

    • Sofia

      I agree. Anyone who takes offense either doesn’t get sarcasm or is very insecure with themselves.

  • Maggie

    Oh my, she´s so stupid – no offence, I just really had to spill that. This lady has probably no clue about genetics, the fact you have to pay for the trainers to stay fit and be practically forced to lose weight in order to keep your job has nothing to do with your genes at all. How would you explain some celebrities just snap from time to time and gain weight easily? Because they are normal people who put on flesh just that simply.

  • Cam

    She’s just seem sad to me. She had two child via surrogate mothers because she didn’t want to put any weight. Not wanting to be bliss by motherhood for fear of putting weight is just seem sad. I know that other celebrity have use surrogate mothers like Sarah Jessica Parker for her twins and Nicole Kidman for her second daughter Faith, but I think that in all those cases science is use for wrong issues, esthetics issues. They must have so much pressure to be thin. (sorry for the spelling i’m french)

    • Bee

      Having her children by surrogate wasn’t because she didn’t wish to gain weight. She and her husband struggled for years with fertility/infertility and she is unable to carry her own child.

  • CC

    I’m surprised by her lack of eloquence since she graduated magna cum laude from University of Pennsylvania. In any case, I understand Elizabet Bank’s sentiment despite her being a little inarticulate. But I don’t agree with the blanket statement about how celebrities are “genetically predisposed” to thinness because it makes celebrities sound like a separate echelon of humans.

  • Nika

    On a positive note, I must admit that I agree that celebrity moms are doing a disservice to other moms out there and that non-celebrity women shouldn’t aim to lose the weight as quickly as celebrities do.

    It’s just that overall, her comment seems immature and absurd. It makes people not want to take her seriously (b/c of the implied tone) and therefore they disregard all of it despite whatever value it might contain.
    I have my issues with her ‘genetically superior’ comment but that was covered by others.

    When she goes on to talk about how celebrities have money and can afford personal trainers and can work hard for their bodies- it seems like such a contradiction. If they were any more superior than the rest of us, they wouldn’t need to work that hard and go to such extremes for their bodies to be thin and toned.`
    Further, it’s the implication that super thin bodies are better that really bothers me.

    With the exception of a minority, celebrities are in fact thin- but honestly, no thinner or better looking than most out there (eg. myself and MANY others I see on a daily basis). The industry forces them to look a certain way, their job requires it- and that is why most of them become so thin, even when they have a perfectly good size to begin with. If they dislike any features, there’s plastic surgery, botox etc.
    Some start off overweight and gradually become smaller (Jennifer Hudson).
    I think it’s less about genetics and more about expectation to look a certain way.

    Either way, the quote is quite incoherent and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. She might have been confused and/or misinformed thus unable to state her opinion in a clear, diplomatic manner.

  • me

    “celebrities generally are genetically superior human beings on a certain level anyway”

    hehe.. the poor thing.. I guess you have to tell yourself something

  • Essiral

    That’s why that people is paid to act or to perform instead of thinking. Surely ,most of them don’t become superstars due to their brightness and great logical thinking…
    They are paid to be a body and a face, not something else.
    And people who follow them can’t learn much from those inspired comments….
    Really, the more I read the more I’m amazed with people who whorships “stars”.

    • Tricia

      Seriously, that’s all they worship- an image.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Is this sarcasm?

  • Jo

    BULLSHIT. Perhaps they have the means to work out and the money to support that but they are definitely not genetically superior to any of us. They are celebrities for their talents, not their bodies.

  • Another Kate

    My boss is tiny and one of the most beautiful woman I’ve known. She wears bikini’s. She looks great. She’s had children. She’s in her 30’ss. Her looks are important to her. Alas, she looks good.

  • lc

    Such a ridiculous woman. I taker her comment seriously because she already came across as stupid to me.

  • binks

    Honestly, I don’t think this was satire or sarcasm…smh…Most celebrities are better seen and not heard… And if celebrities has this so called super gene then why the personal trainers, personal chefs/nutritionist, wacky diets trends, nearly starving themselves, beauty/plastic surgery procedures, etc. if they are so beautiful and are predisposed to a certain body type. Truth is that a lot of celebrities looked super average/regular before all the hype and smoke and mirrors of Hollywood. Hell she looks average to me…shrugs. There is no genetic predisposal but incentives because it is THEIR JOB/LIVIHOOD to look a certain way (even when it is not their natural look) for no more no less

    • lc

      Agree %100 binks.

  • Nobsnob

    I won’t comment on what she said since some commenters already said it all…
    But on another subject, don’t you think she looks a lot like Rachel Mc Adams? I used to mix them up.

  • char

    LMAO, obviously theyre naturally ‘predisposed’ to being stupid as well.

  • Hh

    Wow…um…she’s not too bright. That’s all I have to say.

  • Annelise

    oh my god this is absolutely ridiculous. perhaps it is word vomit; nevertheless she is glorifying celebrities to an utterly unreasonable extent. what is she thinking? seriously. they definitely are not superior. certainly i don’t know celebrities but i would bet my life that i myself know and know of many people who are far more intelligent and worthwhile. i agree that celebrity women shouldn’t be expected to bounce back, but her related comments make no sense. and because you have a trainer and you eat healthy does not mean you’re genetically predisposed to being thin. it means exactly what she said: one has a trainer and eats healthy. because of the societal pressure. perhaps she thinks she’s perfect. she just went down quite a few points in my book.

  • Oh yeah

    I really think she was speaking sarcastically.

  • Natalia

    idk…sarcasm? joking? delsuional? insecurity? what

    • Candy

      all of the above

  • Anastasia.

    Those genes must have bypassed Oprah and Melissa McCarthy then.

    • Candy

      Yep. And apparently they bypassed her too because I remember her talking about kale and exercise and considering she’s at an average not skinny weight with the effort id consider her “inferior”

  • retrobanana

    i never ever can remember who this woman is whenever she is in something…so at least she caugfht my atention with this comment because her looks, acting, body, face, hair everything is so forgettable…

  • Raquel100

    Funny. She doesn’t look very attractive at all to me anymore. I used to think she was pretty. Anyway, she just made herself so unappealing. No X factor, as someone said above, totally unforgettable. Oh, her “celeb supergene” must not be working when she speaks.

  • Aafje

    Maybe she meant genetically gifted and not genetically superior. I don’t really think being pretty makes your superior as a person. I would consider geniuses MAYBE genetically superior, but at the same time genius also often is paired with mental disorders.
    Hopefully she was joking.

    • MissMarilyn

      Even if someone is a genius I wouldn’t call them genetically superior. Maybe genetically superior in that one aspect but there is so much going on in the human psyche that I don’t think one super trait is going to make someone genetically superior. Because even if someone is a genius, they have to have some personality flaw. Maybe they’re awkward. Maybe they’re quick to anger. Maybe they’re really unattractive or uncharismatic or rude or have a severe health issue or etc. And everyone around them is “genetically superior” in those senses.

      So when we find the perfect person who is a genius, beautiful, in perfect health, a perfect, flawless personality, and REALLY good at everything then maybe we can call them genetically superior. But that person does not exist haha

      • lc

        Perfect comment, MissMarilyn.

      • Aafje

        lol thats why i only said maybe.

  • Monika

    compared to other “genetically superior” actresses Ms. Banks is quite inferior. Her features are far from striking. She looks like an B listed actress instead of a leading lady. Anyway, the genetic superiority is quite ridiculous… are celebrities famous because that it inherited in their genes? If that was the case than every celebrities parents would be striking and famous as well. And what about Ms. Banks’ costar in that porno movie, Seth Rogan? He must be genetically superior as well:)
    As for thinness, no one can eat unlimited amount of junk food , not exercise and still look slim and tones ( unless they have some disordered metabolism) …It’s all about lifestyle choices.

  • Soph

    The presumption she makes that thin people are ‘superior’ is so stupid. She sounds like she is really unintelligent. I would hate to be really thin naturally because then I wouldn’t be able to choose what weight I want to be.

    More celebrity crap that glorifies thin people. Yawn. Next.

  • TheAndrea

    “Evil isn’t the real threat to the world. Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against Stupid. That might actually make a difference.”
    ― Jim Butcher, Vignette

  • Layne

    Banks, say what?! If not for all the inferior people who make your “job” possible YOU WOULDN’T HAVE THE AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU HAVE. In my opinion Ms. Banks has a rather unfortunate face, she’s not a great actress (not that it takes much these days), and her comments have just solidified my already marred opinion of her. She just screwed herself out of a lot of fans.

    • Elle (P.)

      You couldn’t have put it better!

  • Yeah Right

    Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. If these people are so naturally skinny, then why does a new actress share her tearful struggle with anorexia or bulimia every week?

    “Genetically superior” makes me think of the Nazis. An actress’ quote in an interview about having a baby… reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally no reason to give a quote that makes people think of Hitler, LOL.

  • clara

    she has a point, but she still sounds “superior”. being thin only means .. being thin,,, nothing superior in that. obviously you are thin, but you are not very smart miss banks

  • Puppe

    !!! !!!!! idiotic is underestimation, i feel sorry for such women and for people that look up to them, happy to see most of you are disturbed by such a low attitude from a supposed ”profesional mature woman”..

  • Hey thank you so much for taking the time and effort
    to put this post together.. very appreciated

  • humanmanga

    I think she’s being sarcastically funny, but it’s not translating very well; it’s interesting that being thin iswhat is now regarded as “genetically superior” where it once used to be the opposite~ this is a sign of the times and people’s reactions speak volumes about our current value systems.

  • anonymous

    Petty woman, but I do not get that quote :/

  • ellentjie

    I think a more accurate comment by her would be that celebrities have the time and the money to afford a trainer and four hours a day to work out and a personal chef to cook them a low-calorie diet and that is why they have the capability to lose the weight.

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