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An Extremely Fit Kelly Ripa in a Bikini

an-extremely-fit-kally-ripa-in-a-bikini - An Extremely Fit Kelly Ripa in a Bikini

Oh Wow. This girl’s got muscles! Check out those arms! That stomach! And those legs!

Good for her for keeping in shape (although I don’t think that she NEEDS to be THIS muscular… plus, it doesn’t flatter her cleavage), but what do YOU say? Are you a fan of this kind of figure or do you prefer a softer look?

an-extremely-fit-kally-ripa-in-a-bikini-2 - An Extremely Fit Kelly Ripa in a Bikini

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an-extremely-fit-kally-ripa-in-a-bikini-3 - An Extremely Fit Kelly Ripa in a Bikini

an-extremely-fit-kally-ripa-in-a-bikini-4 - An Extremely Fit Kelly Ripa in a Bikini

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  • kb

    wow. she’s a little too fit for my taste, but i admire that she hasn’t had a boob job. it makes flat-chested people like me feel better about myself.

    • sugarman

      She’s too thin and short to be this muscular in my humble opinion. I think men will always prefer curvy and soft oppose to a muscular (or very fit) build – even if that means a little fat here-and-there.

      Just one man’s opinion!

  • she looks so fit I think women at the age of 40s and 50s should look like this I mean its better to look so fit than so fat

    • toobz


      • BlackEssence

        Me too

        • how old is she?

          • Versus

            She’s 38.

  • may

    i like her arms and legs. I don’t really like her stomach and chest area. I also think it’s cool she hasn’t gotten a boob job, but i don’t like that she has pecks.

  • Vanessa

    I think she looks kind of gross. Her arms and legs look great, but her chest is disgusting. It’s sooo boney. Even if your boobs are on the smaller side, you shouldn’t be able to see the chest bone that badly. I’m glad she hasn’t had a boob job, but it looks like she has pecs.

  • BlackEssence

    Damn Kelly.

    *shutting down computer to go do some sit-ups*

    • Browngurl

      Ahhh yeah I am right behind you!

      Mark has some strong genetics because his kids look just like hmm!

  • Angies

    I like how her legs look in the first picture.
    However, she’s too fit, not that she doesn’t look good.
    I don’t really like her stomach or chest though.

  • sara

    I WOULDDD KILL 2 look like that but u probably would have 2 have a nutritionist a chef, a personal trainer and free time….wich average ppl DONT HAVE..! maybe her legs are a little too muscular 2 my taste everything else is fine!

  • Kae

    I love her toned body but I’m more of a fan of a fit women who has some curves. But this is how her body is, she doesn’t have much body fat and she’s super petite. You go girl!

  • Erin

    I think she looks fantastic, although I think she would look even better if she gained 5 lbs. She’s had 3 kids, and looks better than a lot of women who have had none.

    • sassy

      Yeah, I agree as someone who works out a lot I have no problem with the amount of muscle she has, she just would look better with a slightly higher percentage of body fat. Her bodyfat is sooooo low that it shows every muscle. I think a little less lean would be more my taste. But hey, maybe that isn’t Kelly’s taste and it is her body. I definitely give her props for attaining these low levels of bodyfat!

      • Sue

        I agree with you in giving her props for attaining her super low level of bodyfat. I work out a lot too and although I have as little bodfat as Kelly (YAY!) but I have thinner smaller muscles.. And youre so right that it’s only what we want for ourselves that’s important. We each have to be happy with our own bodies.

    • Susan

      I totally agree with you. I love that she is fit and she looks strong but alittle more weight would soften her just a bit.

  • mjb352

    its interesting that everyone is so in awe of her body, when in reality it is extremely unhealthy for a woman to have such a low body fat percentage. I guarantee she suffers from ammenorreah. she kind of looks like she has body dysmorphic disorder….

    • Jessica

      agreed! looks scary to me and she would look great if she had 5 lbs added, she looked so scary running on her show, showing people her workout, like an anorexic twig.

  • Alyssa

    HA ha – too fit?

    Wow, I wonder if we should run an intervention for Olympic athletes

    “Excuse me miss, could I talk to you for a second? I think you’re a little too fit. It’s unhealthy. Maybe you should take up some pilates classes to try and get rid of those unsightly muscles. Pass it on to Amanda Beard…”

    She’s fit, he body is string, and her breasts are small – yeah, she probably know that.

    But she is very sexy and her hunk of a husband thinks so too – he’s an intelligent man who isnt swayed by the ‘poor, waif women’ beauty ideal.

    Id kill to have her body.. and her man (yum!)

    • Instant

      Well, considering a woman needs a higher fat percentage than a man so that her body functions as a female’s body should, I can see where people are coming from when they say she’s “too fit”.

    • Kae

      Actually, there is something called the Female Athlete Triad – anorexia, amenorrhea and osteoporosis and it’s quite common in women who are this fit. Not saying that Kelly has this but it is a problem for many female athletes, even Olympic level athletes. Just sayin…

  • halle

    wayyy jealous

  • Mrs.L.

    She looks too masculine too me…ya know kind of a woman body-builder thing goin on…women need a certain percentage of fat on there bodies, and there is nothing womanly goin on here for me either. She seems to have no waist…
    Don’t care for the look.

  • sara

    wow. she’s definitely fit– but i don’t like it. AT ALL. too buff.

    • Elena


  • Michelle

    Of course It’s good to be fit and healthy but damn this may be a little overboard. There is a thing as being “too fit” when it consists of overdoing excersise and diet on both extremes. If people are excersising hours and hours a day and not consuming enough food…then obviouslly that is not healthy and not fit. I would not want this body…I like a womanly body and not a 15 year old boy(who lifts weights) body. lol

  • S

    Not attractive, imo.

  • anya

    I love her but that is just unattractive. She obviously looks amazing for her age but that is just to toned.

  • Nivii

    she looks good for a woman w/ 3 kids.

  • jam

    she is fit. and fab might i add.
    im glad she’d sporting this look
    rather than the skeletal look we see so often.
    she looks great and if this makes her happy then so be it.

    way to go.

  • Molly

    Notice in the picture where she is walking up the stairs, her daughter has a bigger arm than she does! I think she is very fit, but it’s pretty creepy that her young children are almost larger than she is.

  • anabel

    ewww….sry but that chest area..!? while she is definitely fit, which I respect (I’m into fitness myself), she clearly overdoes it. no fat at all on her body…really unhealthy and simply bad looking.

  • Amy

    I think Kelly looks great here. She has a shape similar to mine (long torso and muscular legs). Unlike hourglass women with a larger bust I think this body type needs to be a bit more lean so the tummy doesn’t stick out as much as the tiny boobs do and the body doesn’t start looking like a flabby boy. When you naturally don’t have much waist or chest ya gotta work with what ya got and make it look it’s best. Kelly is definitely doing that and in my opinion she looks great.

  • Sammie

    looks good after 3 kids.but way too muscular.liek a woman’s head on a man’s body..

  • Tina

    she must work out A LOT to achieve this. but good on her, i mean she looks fit and healthy.

  • Betsy

    wtf is she training for a body body building competition?

    she looks gross. check out her rib/stomach area in the first picture. i’d be shocked if she didn’t have a problem.

  • ms_benes

    I love her body, not super thin from starvation but super fit, good for her!

  • Victoria

    Look at the second picture, now scroll down until you see only her abdomen and legs. Does she not look like a male triathlon competitor, or what?

    • Betsy

      right on. she looks like a man for sure.

  • jennifer

    I dont understand when people say she is healthy or too fit, or like a bodybuilder, i think she looks more likea skeleton, look at her ribs sticking out and her chest (i can see every bone in her chest). It is obviusly she goes to gym, but if we can see her muscles, it is NOT because she is healthy, it is because she is so skinny that all her muscles and bones are visible, in conclusion she is a skeleton, she looks kinda malnourished.

  • emma

    personally, I find her a bit too skinny but she looks AMAZING for someone who’s had 3 kids.

  • ddfd

    I bet she looks amazing from the back.

  • Folcran

    Absolutely gorgeous and perfect !

  • Sidra

    Have you noticed MEN never say she’s hot? It’s only women, who think that if slim is good, emaciated is better. She has a husband who is trapped, so she only cares about impressing other women….that’s why she starves and overexercises herself. I honestly thought she was in her late 40s, surprised to hear she is just 38.

  • Whatsamatau

    Kelly Ripa is one of the sexiest women alive! Thank you Kelly for caring enough about your fans to occasionally show us just how super hot your body really is!

  • Amanda

    She’s in fantastic shape and she’s comfortable with herself. I think she looks great!