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Gisele Bündchen Talks Baby Weight

Gisele-Bündchen-Skinny-Mom-to-Be - Gisele Bündchen Talks Baby Weight

People Magazine has the scoop:

The supermodel also reveals that she didn’t take her pregnancy as an excuse to indulge in junk food.

“I kept myself in good shape during the whole pregnancy, eating healthily, meditating, and doing exercises,” says Bündchen, who did yoga and kung-fu until November. “I put on a little weight, but kept using almost the same clothes, with small adjustments on the stomach.”

Of course keeping fit since the baby arrived has been a challenge.

“I still haven’t had time to go back to doing exercise. In the first few months, everything turns around the baby. But little by little you recover your form,” she says. “What helps me is the fact that I didn’t put much weight on, and that I had a natural birth and am breast-feeding.”

She really didn’t gain much at all!

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  • Melina

    well done 🙂

  • Sidney

    I can’t imagine wearing the same clothes with only small adjustments, but everything she says makes sense.

    • Sidney

      though i’m not sure if a natural birth has anything to do with recovering your form..?

      • Mahala

        Well, you can still move around and not worry about stitches.

      • gen

        Yea, with a C-section you can’t exercise for a while after giving birth, and also, breast-feeding helps women lose weight because it burns so many calories I guess.

    • mel

      A natural birth is the natural process, so the body is designed to jump back quickly in order to care for the baby. The hormones produced during/after a natural birth that control contractions and milk production, oxytocin, allow the body to heal quicker and therefore regain natural shape more efficiently, than a c-section, where the body is put through extra stress, and those hormones released during contractions through birth are not released as quick.

  • Katie

    It’s true, C-sections are harder to loose weight from.

  • suzushii

    How irresponsible.
    You’re SUPPOSE to gain AT LEAST 20-30 pounds (which are mostly baby weight, extra boob, extra blood, placenta, the liquid the baby swims in, and about 5-10 pounds essential fat deposts you’re suppose to burn by breast feeding).

    More if you’re underweight. If she really didn’t gain much (whatever that means) then she’s a freaking idiot.

    • K.

      she didn’t said how much weight she gained, gain just a little weight in pregnancy may be gain just 20,21,22 pounds.

      • suzushii

        I said IF.

        • cusi

          agree with you suzushii.. she could lose it after giving birth easily like it does many times for example Heidi Klum..

          • Sidney

            I agree, but i think she just meant she didn’t gain much extra weight, when you distract all the weight that just comes from the baby, the fluids etc.

    • ann

      She wouldn’t be alone if she’d alluding to not gaining much weight (less than 20 lbs). Madonna bragged once she only gained 10 pounds with one of her kids and worked out 4 hours a day. A lot women in hollywood try to keep the weight gain down. Honestly, they could just not have kids in the first place if they are worried about their body. Makes more sense to me.

      Either way women can’t win. If you don’t gain ebough weight your irresponsible, if you gain too much you are a slob. If you lose it too fast your selfish, if it takes you ages to lose it’s you are lazy.

      • suzushii

        Yes you can win. You can gain the recommended weight your doctor tells you by eating the diet your doctor recommends to you. It’s also bad to gain too much (barring medical reasons for it, or extreme water retention). It’s not even a specific weight, it’s a range, and a comfortable one. And it depends on your pre-pregnancy weight. Overweight people need to gain less. Underweight women have to gain 40-50 pounds.

        As for losing, once again, lose at the doctor’s recommended speed. If you’re losing too fast, eat more. If you’re not losing at all, see if you’re overestimating your calories or just wait until you stop breast feeding.

        It’s common sense.

        • ann

          My point is that is does not matter what women do. Someone is going to complain. Maybe instead of preaching about what others should be doing you should worry about your life.

          • suzushii

            Wow, the irony…it BURNS

        • Casey

          Suzushii, she’s a millionaire. I’m sure she’s been to the best of gynos and has taken their advice on what is the best way to stay healthy and not put on unnecessary weight, and have a healthy baby.

          She had a healthy baby as far as we know. Therefore she had enough weight gain.

          Also, I’ve never heard that underweight women had to gain 50 pounds. No one has to gain 50 pounds for pregnancy. Maybe unhealthy underweight women need to gain weight, but they need to do that BEFORE they get pregnant. Gaining 50 pounds for a baby is unnecessary.

          • suzushii

            Oh man, I gotta stop posting here, it’s making it seem like I’m so wrapped up emotionally in this conversation (kinda bored actually, but it’s a topic I recently read about, and you can’t beat facts)

            ….anyways, you’re right, it’s not 50 pounds. It’s 30-40 pounds, for underweight women. And by underweight, I mean medically underweight (BMI below 18.5). Normal weight women it’s 20-35. Overweight – 20 or so, and obese 15 pounds. This is all in medical textbooks, not something I pulled out of my behind :P.

            And YES these are what you’re suppose to gain DURING the pregnancy. Of course it would be ideal if you got to normal weight before you got preg, but plans don’t always work out 😛

          • Hellonhighheels

            Yeah, nice fantasy world. Have you heard of pregorexia? It’s pretty much the new thing. Everyone wants the cute bump, but they don’t want the rest of what pregnancy has to offer. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or if you have the best doctors. If you are so obsessed with not getting fat while pregnant, you wont. And a doctor, no matter how good or expensive, can’t force feed you.

            For a normal woman within a healthy weight range, the ACOG recommends a gain of 25-35 lbs… for underweight, it is a 40 lb MINIMUM recommendation. We know damn well she didn’t gain 40 lbs. And yes, even if your weight gain is insufficient (hyperemisis -severe morning sickness-for example), your baby may be perfectly healthy, or it may not be. Low birth weight babies are at a HUGE disadvantage, and often have terrible problems with lung development, as well as suffer from mental retardation issues or worst case, death. Why are you even going to take that gamble if you honestly give a shit about your child? As for Giselle, Do you think any of us will ever know? Probably not. We know what she wants us to hear. Regardless, not gaining a sufficient amount is selfish, irresponsible and shows greater concern with yourself than for your child.

            And Jane below- are you familiar with OBGYN standards at all? Have you even had a child? Saying something like “extra fat on your thighs doesn’t help the baby anyway” i’m guessing not, however, actually, it does. You need to gain a sufficient amount of fat stores throughout your body (part of the reason women usually gain in the butt thigh areas even while not pregnant, and then more so during gestation/hormonal periods) Those fat stores help provide insurance for nursing mothers. It takes a lot of calories to grow a child, it takes a lot of calories to recover from birth and loss of blood during delivery, and it takes even more calories to begin producing and maintaining a milk supply. If you do not have sufficient nutrition or enough fat to begin with, you’re basically giving your baby a very low quality milk, if you are even able to produce a sufficient amount in the first place.

            So if gaining weight isn’t something you can handle, and be mature about, don’t bother having kids at all. I mean geez, wait til you see what they do to your tits. :-O

          • Casey

            If a woman was so underweight as to affect her pregnancy (low body fat, anemia…etc), she has to gain weight whether or not she is having a baby. If an underweight but healthy woman gained 40 pounds, her baby would not be any healthier than if she gained 25, but she would be putting a great burden on her already burdened body. A baby is less than 5 pounds throughout most of pregnancy. It really doesn’t need 20 pounds of stored fat.

            I feel like people take this issue so seriously sometimes. Is it because a lot of women gain weight after pregnancy and cannot lose it again, that it bothers them so much that there are women out there who don’t gain much weight or lose it easily?

            I feel like people almost want to invalidate people like Gisele’s pregnancy, and make it “unhealthy” and “wrong” and “selfish” so that everyone is forced to gain 30+ pounds during pregnancy. That way those who do, don’t feel alone or pressured.

            But doing that just puts pressure on others. All women are different. It’s not bad if someone gained weight and it’s not bad if someone didn’t. What matters is that healthy babies are being born, and in most cases, they are.

          • Hellonhighheels

            Casey- you are making it obvious that you have no clue as to what you are talking about. It’s probably best if you just quit while you’re ahead. Part of the reason we have these standards in place now is to prevent what still happens regularly in third world countries, and what has happened in our own country even less than 50 years ago! Yes, you can get pregnant and have a healthy child even in a 3rd world country with little or no medical intervention, severe malnourishment, etc..but look at the mortality rates. We have these standards in place to give the mother AND child the best chance possible.

            Yes, intelligent, educated women DO take this issue seriously. Any woman that wants to have a child SHOULD. Taking medical advancements and spitting in the face of science due to an obsession with vanity is just SAD.

            So before you go assuming that every woman is “just jealous” or must be fat and didn’t lose their baby weight, think again.

            One more thing- most women with a 30 lb weight gain will only average about an extra 7-8 lbs of fat. (That by the way, helps with a quality milk supply.) When a woman gains weight during pregnancy, the highest percentages of where the weight comes from is actually increased fluids throughout your body. Amniotic fluid, increased blood volume, retained water, etc—all of that weighs more than your child, or that nasty, pesky, evil fat.

            I’m also not even going to touch the remark about how a baby is under 5 lbs throughout most of the pregnancy. That…well, lets just say i’m speechless. (and THAT is very rare.)

      • Lynn

        I agree with you. Each day I get more and more sick of women hating on women. I’d like to see women starting to win =)

        I think there are a lot of ways to do it right, and Gisele looked great pregnant, and it sounds like she had a healthy birth and baby!

      • gen

        I completely agree with you. Everything you said.

    • Jane

      There’s a difference between becoming heavier during pregnancy and becoming fatter. Clearly she got heavier – since she carried a baby to full term, she gained all that weight that you mention – amniotic fluid, placenta, baby, etc.

      Since she didn’t become thinner during her pregnancy, she ate enough to maintain her weight and to support the baby’s growth. And if she’s breastfeeding now, then she ate enough to support breast milk production. So she’s all set, and I don’t think you have any grounds to call her a “freaking idiot.”

      Also, keep in mind that during a pregnancy, what the baby needs most is nutrients – and those are found in vegetables and fruits, not in ice cream and other fattening foods. People who think they’re doing their baby a favor by gaining extra weight aren’t – extra fat on your thighs does not help the baby in any way.

  • Calro

    It IS possible to gain little weight and have a healthy pregnancy. I didn’t gain much weight but it seemed like the baby sucked fat out of my body for it’s own growth so for a period I actually lost weight before I started gaining.

    • suzushii

      Look I’m not saying if you gain 10 pounds, the baby will be born visibly sick. And like I said above, different weight recommendations are for different pre-pregnancy weights (obese women only have to gain a minimum of 15 pounds). BUT we’re talking increased risks, from an online source:

      “Poor weight gain during pregnancy is associated with prematurity, low birth weight, and small for gestational age.”

      If you google low birth weight, you’ll see links to pretty much every illness out there. So yeah. If you don’t gain on purpose, well, it’s your choice.

    • ashley

      My mother only got up to 120 pounds when she had me and I was a healthy baby, slightly underweight but healthy. She ate whatever she wanted and exercised. Some women just aren’t meant to put on that much weight, especially if you’re already very naturally skinny.

  • Clarissa

    Wow, I didn’t know so many people on here could tell exactly how much weight she gained for the baby. Also, I didn’t know they had access to her records and knew EXACTLY what her doctor told her. Everyone gains weight differently during pregnancy, and most women in America actually gain far too much weight. You only need to eat 100-300 extra calories a day while pregnant, not “eat for 2.” Chances are she gained enough, and even if she didn’t, you don’t really know so stop preaching!

    • Hellonhighheels

      100 calories? And what medical school do you go to? Minimum extra starting at around 14 weeks is 300 calories. And that is what even an obese woman should be consuming. That’s roughly a banana and a glass of milk.

      • Clarissa

        Wow, what medical school do you go to? I said 100-300, which depends on the woman. Of course there are exceptions, but that is the general rule… It doesn’t actually take but so many extra calories, the point is not to gain fat/weight, it is to give the baby nutrients – the weight gain itself SHOULD just be the baby, placenta, blood, breast tissue (not fat), amniotic fluid, and water retention. Granted, yes women should gain a little fat, but that 300ish calories should do it, especially if they find it to be hard to be particularly active, as many do. Oh and another thing, the extra calories are generally only needed in the last few months of pregnancy, unless of course the woman is underweight.

        Please find me a medical journal or even a website that shows that obese women should be eating 300 extra calories a day, and normal or underweight women should eat more, because everything legitimate I’ve ever seen says about 300.

      • Clarissa

        actually, I went ahead and looked at a few… The ADA recommends 300 extra/day, the National Academy of Sciences says 150 in the first trimester and 350 in the 3rd (in between in the 2nd), and ACOG also says 300. Meanwhile, breastfeeding, which burns more calories, only requires 500 according to the International Journal of Childbirth Education. So again, please tell me where any medical professionals recommend more than that?

        Oh and btw, if you must know, its MCV.

        • Hellonhighheels

          Sure you do, hun.

          • Clarissa

            lol, I like how you ignore the info at hand. I don’t’ need to prove anything personal to you, my point in this comment is to say that you clearly neglect to admit that you were wrong in the calorie recommendations. It’s fine, as this is the internet and clearly you’re just a little butthurt about being wrong, but if you aren’t going to comment on the actual topic, why bother responding? I hate when people perpetuate medical myths, this is serious and women have a right to know the truth, not what you think the truth should be.

  • gen

    She had a natural birth and a healthy baby, so I don’t understand any justification in criticizing her weight gain. Plus, I’m willing to believe that she is genetically a fairly slim woman (that she supplements with healthy eating and frequent workouts) so it’s not like when Britney Spears got pregnant and the floodgates broke.

  • Alias

    Gisele did kung fu to stay in shape furing her pregnancy? I think I love her. Kung fu is my life passion!!! How cool, wow. She normally never fascinates me, aside from her bangin’ bod – I never thought she was pretty.

  • She’s a model and I guess she wants to get back to work really soon, that’s why she took a good care of herself during pregnancy. I think it’s easier to follow a healthy and balanced diet when you’re pregnant than struggle to lose lots of weight in a short period after giving birth. One doesn’t need to eat for two when pregnant as it is usually mistakenly thought. Baby takes everything he needs from his mother, so as long as she’s not starving herself, everything is fine.

    • Cheryl

      I agree – I looked up info on all of this stuff because of all of the debate going on. According to the website WedMD, where I got most of my information, a woman needs 100-300 extra calories a day while pregnant. Someone mentioned this already, but I just wanted to mention that my research confirmed it. Also. according to what I read, it is recommended that underweight women gain 28-40 lbs during pregnancy. Apparently, if a woman is not eating enough, it is the mother who will have health consequences rather than the baby. As someone mentioned, the baby takes what it needs from the mother, and if there are not enough calories and nutrients, the mother will end up deficient and sick rather than the baby.

      • Clarissa

        This, exactly this. People need to stop pretending they know what every single pregnant woman needs to do and look at the facts. Fact is, most medical professionals recommend 100-300 extra calories a day, and this is backed by recent research. All of what you just said is backed by research, but people tend to ignore facts and stick to what THEY think, or what they were told who knows how long ago, and this is the reason that so many people are so confused on what is actually healthy. But hopefully women are listening to their medical providers, not strangers on Skinny VS Curvy!

  • Natasha O

    Stop hating people she’s damned if she didn’t gain a billion pounds but when people do gain alot of weight like Adriana Lima people are quick to say she looks like a pig! Nevertheless I’m sure she gained enough weight the recommended amount. She doesn’t seem like she’s so self absorbed that she would gain the least amount of weight also I’m sure Tom Brady wouldn’t stand for it. Also for the other who are probably gonna say look at this picture I think she was anywhere from 4-6 months into her pregnancy it’s a little old! And it’s not because Versus was being lazy it’s just that there wasn’t alot of Giselle preggers sightings she wasn’t out and about alot.

  • Jane

    I have plenty of thin friends who aren’t models, hollywood stars, or dieters – they’re just naturally thin. The ones who got pregnant looked exactly like Gisele – skinny body with a big tight belly. They ate healthy and they ate enough – they just didn’t use pregnancy as an excuse to binge on every unhealthy fattening food out there. They all had healthy babies. And, after they give birth, it didn’t take them long to look exactly the same way as they had before they got pregnant.

    • chris

      THANK YOU!!! exactly the same with my friends/women in my family. too many people are making too big a deal about pregnancy, baby weight etc. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

  • As if anyone wants to hear about a supermodel’s minimal baby weight gain. Isn’t she just perfect! Hell, the birth didn’t even hurt her angelic body!

  • Madison

    There are some real idiots on here! We won’t all gain the same weight.

    Casey – when you have your PHD in medicine, then go preaching your gospel about what women should/shouldn’t gain during pregnancy.

    Have the majority of you even had babies? I’m on no 2 and know a lot more about weight gain/loss due to necessity not just random googling. Some of us will put on more than is recommended and some of us less. Some days you want to eat loads, other days you eat hardly anything. When your stomach is up under your boobs you’ll know what I mean.

    In this country (UK) they have changed the guidelines to 17 – 28. I put on more than that with no 1 and lost it all 6 months later. These are recommendations; the pregnancy police will not get you if you put on more or less. Gisele is a supermodel, a naturally thin woman who no doubt paid for the best medical care and looked after herself so gained minimal weight. I have a friend who gained <15lbs during the whole pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy 7lb baby.

    And you are supposed to add fat to your thighs, hips etc to make the milk to nourish said child. I hate to rant but the comments on this post are ridiculous and unhealthy. Have your own babies before you hate on Gisele or preach about what women should or shouldn’t do.

  • Rebeca

    All i know is that if i had a baby i woul definitely gain the minimal amount of weight because i would rather DIE!!!!! than be fat sooo