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Halle Berry – With and Without Clothes

FP_5422295_Berry_Halle_MAC_071810 - Halle Berry - With and Without Clothes

Above: Halle (44) taking her daughter Nahla to the circus and looking cute in denim.

Below: Halle and her fabulous bikini figure while walking on the beach in Malibu.

halle-bikini - Halle Berry - With and Without Clothes

How do you like hot mom Halle on these occasions?

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • INSAAAANELY hot 🙂 gorgeous woman!

    • marge

      Like button needed!

    • Cathy

      So true and I’ll add that little Nahla is just as insanely cute as her momma is beautiful.

      That is one of the cutest little girls I have seen in a while.

    • Chillwaves

      She is so friggin Hot…Her Body is Killer. Perfection.

      • Below: Halle and her fabulous bikini figure while walking on the beach in Malibu.

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  • artemis

    i like her boobs 😀

  • She’s gotta be the hottest Hollywood mom. Very nice boobs and stomach.

  • saz

    I cannot believe she is 44. FOURTY FOUR! Her body is to die for and her skin is just gorgeous. Not many can pull off such short hair but she looks stunning.

    • LaCandy

      I’m going crazy, you gotta be kidding me! How can a 44-year old woman look sooooo perfectly!?!? I envy her soooo much! And omg that girl must be the cutest little girl out there! Love them both!

  • She’s perfection. And I believe this is her natural shape so she probably doesn’t work too hard on it!
    This woman is just absolutely gorgeous, perfect body, beautiful glowing face. I’m jealous 🙂

    • seriously..

      “She probably doesn’t work too hard” … most deluded statement ever

    • Chillwaves

      Actually she works very hard for it. She is always at the Gym. But she does seem to go about the healthy way. Love her body no lie.

  • MaryBeth

    She looks great. I would have never thought she was in her mid fourties.

  • Purplebunny

    Looking Great! Wow!

  • kriszta

    OMG!!! amazing!

  • ash

    Halle always looks fantastic.

  • Mizzy

    i think she has the best body in hollywood! it’s absolute perfection.

  • jordan

    i like her long hair better but i bet the short hair is much easier. either way she’s beautiful.. my body is nowhere near that awesome and i’m 23 years younger, so good for her.. her daughter’s beautiful too

  • Katy

    so perfect still! Oh my god I want to be her

  • Freedom

    She looks great, I’m glad she never caught on to the hollywood craze of deitinwhen your older. the older you get the more body fat% you need. As in, have you seen older or mature women who diet how scragaly their neck looks? or how bony their chest plate looks?or how guant their face and hollow their cheeks look? Madonna or sarah Jessica Parker is the perfect example of this. the to younger you are the more fat you have in your facial strucutre, which is a good thing that keeps you looking younger and less wrinkled longer.

  • Trisia

    she is HOT!
    one of the only short-haired woman that i think really pulls it off

  • lizzy

    can i please look like this at her age after i’ve had a beautiful baby girl with a HOT model man?

  • Essence

    If her daughter grows up to have a body like her moms, she’s gonna have every right to be conceited lol

  • Bets

    1. Nahla is the prettiest little girl I’ve ever seen. I mean, she doesn’t even look real! I guess that’s what you get when you have completely gorgeous parents. Can you say genetic lottery?

    2. Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women I can think of. Her face and body are to die for. She is a healthy woman with a woman’s body (in my opinion). She is shapely and lean at the same time. Perfection!

    • shell

      Agreed! As well as a hot, toned yet still feminine body, she has a super pretty face. Plenty of celebrities have a good body, but their faces aren’t so nice.

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    y o u c a n f i n d m a n y c h e a p a n d f a s h i o n g o o d s
    y o u m u s t no t m i s s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chrissy

      stop, please that’s annoying

  • shell

    44, wow! lol. I always thought that Halle was an hourglass shape, but her waist (which is amazing, might i add!) looks quite long, it seems to finish where her torso meets her legs. And i thought hourglasses had short waists? I was thinking, maybe Halle is a vase? I mean, she has big boobs, small, long waist, hips equal to shoulders, slim legs…. She seems to fit the vase profile. What do you think Versus?

    But, regardless of what shape she is, Halle looks fantastic! If i can be as toned as her when i’m 44, i’ll die happy! =D

    • Versus

      Trinny and Susannah classify Halle as a skittle. Skittles and vases are pretty close, the difference being that skittles are just a bit bigger on the bottom and they have thicker thighs.

  • Sidney

    Yeah now she is a woman i look at with envy. There are dozens of hot women in the entertainment industry, but she’s just so gorgeous it seems unfairly far of my own looks 😀 And Nahla is a very pretty little girl.

  • size0??

    simply perfect!!!!

  • Princess

    Oh…my….God,she`s sooooo sexy and that body is to die for.Her daughter is so cute and her eyes are very beautiful

  • leslie

    Her daughter is so gorgeous! Great genes!

  • Kimberly

    Killer body!

  • kk

    Her and her daughter look so gorgeous together! What a cute pair 🙂

  • What an amazingly perfect body!! And love that she’s rocking the short hair again, gorgeous!!

  • jenp

    Wow, I would’ve been thrilled to look like her at 16, let alone when I get to my 40’s.

  • boy, either pic and Halle is one hot momma. nice!

  • gabrielle

    hot hot hot hot hot hot!!!!!!!! love her body, amazing, stunning, gorgeous, you’re just beautiful, halle!!!

  • this is a fabulous body for a woman in her twenties and when she’s twice that age her figure is a jaw dropping perfection

    • betsy

      umm this is jaw dropping perfection for a woman in her 20s! i am 22 and i can honestly say that halle looks better than at LEAST 90% of the girls my age.