Holly Madison Gives Tips on How to Look Slim After Giving Birth


Holly Madison, who wants to lose 40 pounds in 6 weeks, showed up on the red carpet at Cirque Du Soleil’s World Water Day celebration on Friday, just 3 weeks after giving birth – and she offered a few tips on how to look as slim as possible post-birth:

How do I hide my leftover preggo belly for the red carpet? Combine all my favorite slimming tips: a high waist, a flared skirt and a wide belt. Put those elements in your outfit (Spanx don’t hurt either!) and the pounds disappear for the night!’

… says Holly.


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7 thoughts on “Holly Madison Gives Tips on How to Look Slim After Giving Birth”

    • I know, right?

      Pfffft, heaven FORBID a post pregnancy woman ACTUALLY look like a post pregnancy woman.. The nerve of it all!!

      • Yes, how dare she ever look like she had a baby 🙂

        I’m so glad I’m not a celebrity…I gained 42lbs while preggo and at 7 months pp I’m working on the last 6lbs. If I was in Hollywood I’d be ashamed that I still had weight to go!

        Doesn’t it seem in the last few years there is more of a scramble then ever to lose the baby weight. When did this start and why?

        • i think it’s just another way for women to make other women feel bad about themselves. Now it’s not enough to have a healthy baby and a healthy newborn. No no, one must be back to their pre-pregnancy weight in no time flat.

  1. Chill out Holly. I’ve always really had a soft spot for her and I hope she doesn’t get too worried about losing weight quickly (which she seems to be if she wants to loose 40 pounds in 6 weeks). She looks great here.

  2. This one again? She never had 40 pounds of FAT to lose in six weeks. Most of that weight was the baby, the placenta, increased blood volume, increased size of the uterus, etc. You lose that naturally in the first few weeks after birth. She probably has less than 10 pounds to lose.

  3. She never had a lot of weight to lose. I would hardly see the difference! I actually prefer her with more meat anyway, than when she got skinnier and looked thin with big fake boobs. Her body suits more weight (imo) when she is still petite but filled out and even with a bit of belly, her b❆❆bs look better. I liked her when she was in that pink swimsuit a few years back saying how she had gained or whatever.

    Anyway, I have a soft spot for her and I think she is cute. I like this dress on her!

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