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Jennifer Garner Is a Size 0 Now

FP_4380640_Golden_Globes_FP_0117101 - Jennifer Garner Is a Size 0 Now

Life & Style has the scoop:

When a slim Jennifer Garner stepped onto the stage recently at the Golden Globes in LA, the Versace-clad mom of two drew plenty of oohs and aahs. But her streamlined silhouette was a new look for the 37-year-old star, who was once famous for the super-muscular physique she showed off in action-hero roles.

“She’s a size 0 now,” an insider says about Jen, who has two daughters, Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 13 months, with hubby Ben Affleck. “She used to be a size 6.”

That means after having her second child, Jen dropped the baby weight and more – which was tough to do the first time, she’s said.

“I just wasn’t that motivated,” Jen said about taking time to lose the weight after Violet’s birth. Then I got on the treadmill, stopped stuffing my face and lost the weight. I cut out croissants, bagels and muffins – all the good stuff – and went back to having
a salad once a day and protein.”

See more pictures of thinner Jennifer after the jump!

FP_4335997_Garner_Jennifer_GUD_010910 - Jennifer Garner Is a Size 0 Now

FP_4379266_Garner_Affleck_EXCL_POD_011610 - Jennifer Garner Is a Size 0 Now

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  • jjj

    Good for her! She looks great!

  • Hazal

    never ever she’s a size 0. yes she’s quite thin but she’s too tall to be size zero.

    • jenna

      umm, tall people can be size 0

      • monica

        true, but she doesn’t have a small bone structure ive met her she’s probably a size 2, if she was a 0 she would be really bony and scary looking.

        • shaun

          she is really bony and scary looking…..her and jessica biel should have never lost their old physiques

          • AmandaJoy

            she is not really bony and scary looking i agree
            that she is not a size 0. Tori spelling shes a size 0!

        • I think she looks more like a size 2 too.

          • Joy

            Why does it really matter what size she wears? People get so caught up on “sizes.” Celebrities are SO much smaller in person, I am a 4 and definitely way bigger than she is. I have also been a size 0 before and I am 5’7” which I am pretty sure is around the same height as Jen. Also, I think Tori Spelling would be drowning in a size 0…people forget that may be the last size in clothing but it doesn’t mean it fits these skinny people perfectly or that they don’t have their clothes altered and taken in. The point is, Jen has definitely lost more weight than necessary after given birth to her 2nd child. It’s sad to see beautiful, healthy women slowly withering away. Hopefully, it is just because she is very busy balancing her family life and work life so she has not been taking care of herself. I hope she tunes in soon and takes better care of herself. Spreading yourself too thin and stress will lead to weight loss or in other cases weight gain.

    • Julchen

      can anybody tell me, what’s a US size 0 in Austria,Germany?

      Thank you

      • Kaiser

        I’m not quite sure, but it should be a 32.

        Greetings from Munich 😉

        • Julchen

          @kaiser thanks! I was never sure about this, because they say even Jennifer Aniston wears size 0/2… maybe I’m wrong but I can’t believe that! She’s slim and toned,no doubt, but definitely no size 0 in my opinion!

          to Jennifer Garner… she’s no size 0!

          greets from Austria 🙂

    • L

      Well if you have small hips and a small booty it’s easy. Im 5.7″ and have 30 inch hips and a small butt am a healthy 118 pounds and a size 0. Sorry for talking about myself, I hate it and know others do but just wanted to state a point.

  • char

    She doesn’t look quite size 0, but certainly looking thinner! She looked better before

  • That’s a not a size 0. That’s a size 2 or 4. I don’t know what she looked like before, but she looks alright right now, shouldn’t lose anymore if that’s what she’s doing.

  • Alias

    I loooooovveeee Jennifer Garner, my favorite show was “Alias” back in the day. She will always have a place in my heart. I think she looks quite good, she looks gorgeous in fact! Size 0, size 4, size 6 – who cares she looks GREAT!

    • Karina

      i agree! and you posted the best comment!

      who cares what size she is – she is amazing 😀

  • machmalow

    she looks really good, and her dress on the first pic is GORGEOUS :p

  • Uma

    Did she actually say she only had a salad a day? Please tell me i got it wrong, ’cause if not i do wonder what the heck are we discussing here. I never liked her, she’s right there with Jessica Biel: I just don’t get their appeal and find their faces quite harsh. Being thin helps neither of them, on the contrary. But if she’s happy, who am i to judge.

    • SZE

      “A salad ONCE a day”. So she probably had something else for lunch and then a salad for dinner. I think it’s alright if you make one of your meals each day be a salad. It doesn’t mean you’re only going to have lettuce with tomatoes and cucumber. Some salads also have tuna, cheese, ham, eggs, avocado or chicken in them, so your not neccesarily depriving your body from the nutrients it needs. It certainly does not mean she’s only having vegetables.

    • Alias

      I think what she means is she is back to eating a salad in place of one of her meals, instead of a higher calorie meal. It’s like the whole “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, in her case she is back on “a salad a day”. Jen has always been about fitness, she would never simply eat a salad a day and nothing else.

      • Uma

        Hope you guys are right; it’s just a bit confusing, paranoic me got it as if she said she eat a salad once a day and that’s it. Which would be just not ok.

        SZE: i know what a salad is and what it contains and how one meal being a salad is great for you; i was just intrigued whether that’s all she had.

      • Sam

        How do you know what she would NEVER do?

        • Alias

          Well I didn’t know that part of my comment would be taken so literal, but what I meant was that Jen has always been a fitness girl, she always has evident muscles, even in the photos above you can see she is ripped. Yes lately she has leaned out a bit, she looks to be eating really really clean now.

          I guess what I mean was, Jen has always been one of those down to earth celebs, watch any interview of her’s and she is a smart woman, likeable, humble – she’s no idiot who would only eat a salad a day and nothing else. Plus even if that were true, she would be scrawnier than scrawny, I mean it’s pretty evident she eats, LOOK at her body!

  • lc

    She doesn’t look like a size 0. Her hips look a little too wide, she’s thin, yes, but Idk about zero.

    • Uma

      She is very up and down, her hips appear quite small to me tbh. There is not much difference between her hips and her waist and she is not thick waisted…

    • Alias

      Yeah she is definitely not a size 0, Jen has never had a waist she is more of a rectangle shape. Who knows why this article was made up in the first place, weird.

      • lc

        I know, right? She doesn’t have a tiny waist, and she is kind rectangular, but I just don’t see zero! Her hips don’t look that small to me, I think she just doesn’t have a waist. I think 2, 4, maybe?

      • fabby

        maybe she’s 0 bottom ’cause she has narrow hips but not top because she appears wider

        • lc

          Well, somehow her hips just don’t look narrow enough to be a zero to me. But I’m not her, so who knows.

          • Alias

            lc I definitely agree with you. I think that anyone who thinks she is a 0 has never actually seen a pair of 0’s in person, let alone try them on. I occasionally fit into 2’s and my sister wears 0’s. They are TINY, it’s laughable to say Jen is a 0, truly it is.

            Honestly though, who cares what size she is, she looks really glowing and gorgeous!

  • K.

    I really don’t like the way she looks… too thin, looks very fragil, like, if you touch her, she breaks. It is the same feeling I have when I see Victoria Beckham. I think Jennifer is very pretty and cute, but I liked her better before.

  • too skinny

  • angelwing_0486

    I disagree with some of you. I think she does look like a 0. I guess just because when her figure was muscular, she looked like a 4 to me, and when her figure was softer, she looked like a 6 to me. That’s just my opinion, as far as appearances.

    I actually love her, and she seems very stable and obviously an active figure with her kids. I know first hand, you lose inches fast with toddlers, so it makes sense. I don’t find her size alarming, really, because muscles will bulk you up and having babies will leave you with layers of fat, so I guess it seems normal, to me, for her to shrink after the different transformations throughout the years.

  • jennah

    shes a size 4. her hips and body will never get smaller than that. she can loose all the weight she wants but its impossible for her to go down to a 0. i dont buy this report

  • Mizzy

    so when she was stuffing her face and not exercising, she was a giant size six (sarcasm) – she is one lucky lady.

    But in seriousness, this is exactly what’s wrong with hollywood’s standards – this is making it seem like only an extremely unhealthy and lazy person could ever swell up to a size six, as if that is an unhealthy size.

    I know a lot people on this site will argue that there is nothing wrong with watching everything you eat and exercising religiously, because it’s physically healthy. but I believe mental health is equally important, and someone who is totally obsessed with their weight cannot be happy – I just don’t see how its possible.

    Personally I used to be obsessed with being a size 2, and then the worst happened when I was diagnosed with a genetic kidney disease. For those of don’t know about CKD, your kidneys increase in size and there is no longer a way to maintain a flat stomach! Now I still eat healthy (but not obessessively so) and exercise 4 days week, and I am a much happier size 4!

    • Taylor

      If you don’t mind me asking, what are the symptoms (and what were yours)? I had an ultrasound a few years ago and they noted one of my kidneys was enlarged. :/

      • Mizzy

        actually, i went in for an ultrasound because I was having really bad stomache aches and they found that both my kidneys were significantly enlarged. Other than that I had no symptoms besides a slightly elevated blood pressure (which was odd considering my fitness level). When I got the ultrasound they saw thousands of cysts on my kidneys which is really scary.

        • lala

          Oh my gosh that is so scary! I am glad to hear you are doing okay now!
          I looked it up online and it says high blood pressure or diabetes can cause it, is that what happened in your case?
          I bet CKD will become more common with all the cases of HBP and diabetes today..

          • Mizzy

            actually the disease I have is genetic, you can’t get it unless you have the genetic marker for it and it is also unpreventable, meaning that despite the fact that I am of normal weight, run 25 miles a week and have a healthy diet my kidneys will continue to fail.. In my case it was a genetic mutation as neither one of my parents have it (the disease I have is called polycystic kidney disease…CKD is just a general term for chronic kidney disease). There are many different types of kidney disease though, and some of them may be caused by poor health rather than the other way around.

        • Taylor

          Thank you so much for this information. I will be sure to mention this to my doctor when I go in for my check-up. I hope you are doing and feeling much better now!

        • liza

          sorry to hear that…i hope u get better

  • Jenna

    Why is it when someone starves themselves so they look too thin people applaud them like they have achieved something great?

    She has lost an excessive amount of weight for vanity, not because she wanted to get healthy. Who is she kidding? I thought she was more sensible and down to earth than this and it sends out the wrong message to all the people who used to respect her for not conforming to the whole skinny Hollywood ideal.

    And who actually believes she looks better or healthier as a size zero than in her Alias days? She was never big then either but at least she didn’t look like a hospital patient.

    • lc

      Yeah, I never thought she was for this “super skinny” look, either. This definitely surprises me. Then again, it’s Hollywood, so is this what they will all look like eventually, even previously “healthy” ones? Kinda scary.

    • felicity

      totally agree. i use to worship her when she did alias because she was such a healthy, fit role model for me. but she doensn’t have a good look now and its sad to see her conforming to the emaciated look

  • ann

    Meh, here comes all the judgment. The better she looks, the more gigs she gets. I don’t blame her for doing what she does.

  • Hellonhighheels

    I thought she looked way hotter in her alias days with more muscle and an obviously healthy figure. This look does nothing for her.

  • Natasha O.

    I always thought she was kind of ugly and never understood all the hype she got Alias was a cool show but come on!!!!! Nevertheless no I don’t think she looks worst now that she lost weight but I never thought that she was one of those actresses that was kind of obsessed with the way she looked and achieving that hanger with a head look but hey to each their own. I’m just kind of confused as to why if she was a slim and healthy size 6 why does she wanna be a size 0 a size 6,8 or even ten isn’t big! SMH

  • Lauren

    skin and bones.

  • Lily

    I think she could definitely be a size 0 or small 2, she looks very small in photos and a size 4 or 6 would look bigger. Doutzen is considered “curvy” but is probably a size 4, so if someone looks teeny tiny like Jen they are probably a 0!

    • dom

      no way is doutzen a 4.
      she’s a little taller than me and her lower body is a lot bigger (although her upper body is a little smaller) and i’m a 4/6 (aus 10/12). she’s probably about a 8/10 (on the bottom), depending on brand.

      jennifer looks like a 2. but then maybe vanity sizing in the US is worse than i thought and she is a 0?

      apparently her stylist is rachel zoe. not totally sure though. perhaps that’s why she lost more weight.. but she looks healthy so whatever.

      • Lily

        No way is Doutzen bigger than a size 6! Lara Stone is a 4 (& considered 2 sizes bigger than most models) and she & Doutzen are the same size. Just look bigger next to 00 Alessandra & Miranda. She wouldn’t be a working fashion model if she was *really* that big.

  • purpur

    i’ve never, ever thought she was good looking at all. she is so manly. but she looks even worse this way. in the dress its not so bad; it makes her look a little more delicate and thereby feminine. but in the jeans pics she looks frail and old and masculine. and i also hope she didn’t mean she eat ONE thing a day, that being a salad. hopefully, she meant she replaces a meal like pasta with salad.

  • Ramie

    not TOO skinny…sheesh. the dress and the jeans look great on her at this size.

    • Uma

      Well excuse us if jeans hanging off and completely flat butt is not our ideal beauty. ‘Sheeesh’

  • gen

    She looks gorgeous. Really, really beautiful. I’ve only ever seen her in Juno, but I thought she was surprisingly good in it. And beautiful. Oh so beautiful.

  • anna

    Her stylist used to be Rachel Zoe but I don’t know it anymore. She looks too thin from my point of view, she looked better when she wasn’t so skinny (her face looked much more better) but anyway I don’t think she’s an 0. The same one as Victoria Beckham? She’s likely to be a 2.

  • Sidney

    I pretty much agree with most posts here – to me she looks very thin for her frame, but she doesn’t look a size 0. I could be wrong, some ppl just look tiny when photographed, others appear larger, but i never thought of her as a small-framed woman, so in my mind she’d be way scrawnier if she was to reach size 0. But so often ppl say celebs look incredibly irl, so yeah, idk. Anyway i think she looks great, and still quite muscular, not just thin, though i too liked her body the best during Alias.

    • Sidney

      *incredibly small

  • Trish

    I’m 5’8, which I think Jennifer is too, and I have a similar shape to her. I lost weight awhile ago, I was able to fit into a 2 in some brands, and she looks smaller than I was. However, I had lost a lot of my curves. I think with her height and body shape, she looks better with a little more weight on her. I’m back up to a 6 now, and although I’d like to lose about 5 lbs, I feel like I look more feminine now, and I’ve been told I look better at this size.

  • steph

    Normally if a star catches the size 0 disease I feel kind of deflated because one, it’s normally unhealthy, two, a lot of them can’t be the slender and look good- they normally look emaciated. If she is a size 0 and it’s not being exaggerated, then she holds it really well- probably because she’s tall. She looks really beautiful, she always does.

  • Dr. Truth

    She looks fantastic- fit and lean like she used to be. My guess is that her “size 6” was more unnatural than her size 0 is now.
    She admitted that she was stuffing her face and not working out so that was her body just responding to what she was feeding it.

    Like me- I was a size 2/4 throughout my 20s because I was disciplined in my eating and religious in my working out. After 30, I spent less time in the gym and more time drinking wine/beer and eating crappy foods- no wonder I haven’t been a size 4 since then! Just like Jennifer, I know if I went back to my old, healthy lifestyle I would fit into my skinny jeans again.
    It’s not rocket science, afterall 🙂

    • Alias

      Awesome, good for you for staying in shape!! Women like you who stay in shape even in their 30’s is what inspires me!

      • Dr. Truth

        Girl..thanks for the compliment but I’ve certainly got a long way to go to get back to my ‘ideal shape”. It’s not a lot of weight on the scale but it’s just a matter of changing the bad habits into better ones. I still exercise regularly but that doesn’t really matter if you’re not eating a clean diet. i’m working on it!

        • Alias

          Totally know what you mean, it’s a long, hard road but the journey is sooo worth it! The cool thing is that it’s a life long journey so there is always room for improvement, I admire people who are willing to do the hard work. At least you are working towards your goal, everyday you can get a little closer and one day you will look in the mirror and go “Dammnnnnn I look good!” haha!!

  • Suzy

    Too thin. She looks gaunt.

  • suzushii

    When your neck is so skinny it looks like you have an Adam’s apple (but it’s your throat)… you’re too f*** skinny.

    Her cheeks are so sunken it, it gave her an grey googly eyed alien look: http://www.alienvideo.net/0702/img/alien_greys.jpg compare to second picture.

  • maggie

    she is totally a size 0. atleast. all the talk about her being too tall, etc to be a 0 is not true. I used to be very atheletic and never thought I could be a zero, then eating disorders took a toll. I was barely fitting into a size 25 jeans. they would hang off me. so i totally believe she is a 0!

    she looked soo much better at a heavier weight. this is just not attractive.

  • Hydrangea

    I won’t fault a SOUL on this earth for eating healthier. Yes, throw out the muffins and pick up some healthy food. ^_^ Just make sure you’re eating ENOUGH healthy food to sustain you.

  • ali

    Poor ben affleck, he went from sexy jlo to this scrawny thing. I’m sorry but I just don’t see men finding this attractive.

  • FF

    With all of these varying opinions on how she looks I think it’s simple case of if she’s happy with herself doesn’t matter if other people hate it.

    She should make herself happy. I’m sure all of the criticism about her not losing the baby weight after that movie of hers helped. People should be less mean, or at least consider what happens when they aren’t.

  • Beckers!

    I think she looks terrible. I know that is harsh but she looks so washed out.